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Discussion Cube i7 / Cube i7 Stylus пїЅ
tabletpc on Intel Core M-5Y10 | Windows 10 | 11.6 "/ 10.6" IPS screen
Description Stylus | Purchase and accessories | Linux on Cube i7 Stylus | Cube i7 remix | Cube i7 book | Windows 10 пїЅ | Windows 8.1 пїЅ | Ubuntu linux пїЅ | Change the axis of the laptop пїЅ | Ambulance tablet owners пїЅ | Search programs пїЅ | Antivirus software пїЅ | Games пїЅ | Selection and Comparison

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OS:Windows 8.1 / Ubuntu Kylin
Digit capacity:64 bit

Processor / chipset
Title:Intel Core M-5Y10c
Number of cores / threads:2/4
Frequency:0.8-1.0 GHz
Turbo-boost:1.5 / 2.0 GHz (boost is always the maximum, becauseThrottling doesn't matter)

Video processor
Title:Intel HD Graphics 5300
Frequency:300-800 MHz
DirectX / OpenGL support:11.2/4.3

Volume:4 GB
Type of:built-in, DDR3 1600 MHz,dual channel
Availability of memory expansion slots:not

Internal:SSD 64/128 GB (M2), replaceable
External:microSDXC,64GB card works; USB OTG

Dimensions:11.6 ", 1920x1080 (10.6" in the Stylus version)
Screen Type:TFT IPS, glossy
Brightness:~ 350 nits
Touch screen:capacitive, multi-touch up to 10 touches
Number of pixels per inch (PPI):~190
Wacom Stylus Support:only in the Stylus version

Wireless connection
Wi-Fi support:there is Wi-Fi 802.11bgn
Bluetooth support:have Bluetooth 4.0
Mobile connection:in the Stylus version - absent; 3G / LTE (in the version with 64GB, only 3G, in the version with 128 GB - 3G / LTE,feedback on communication quality)

Rear camera:there is 5M
Front-camera:there, 2M

Built-in speakers:there is a stereo
Built-in microphone:there is

Automatic screen orientation:there is
Sensors:accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, light sensor
Dock station:there is a keyboard (a photo, more photos, the inside of the keyboard) on magnetic latches with 2x USB2.0 ports

USB connection to computer:there is (???)
Connecting external devices via USB:there is, microUSB-OTG 3.0 (dual adapterincluded) + 2x USB 2.0 in the dock
TV / monitor connection:microHDMI (in the stylus version of miniHDMI)
Audio / Headphone Out:there is 3.5 mm
Microphone input:there is
Dock connector:there is,pinout, about the soldered 3G model slot inside the POGO connector

Opening hours: ~ 7 h; model Stylus ~ 6h
Battery capacity:5 Ah * (7.4V, 37Wh * H); 4.5 Ah in the Stylus model

Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (L x W x D):297 x 180 x 9.1 mm
Weight:840 g (690 g in the Stylus version)

Additional Information
Body Material:the rear side is metal, the front side is plastic

Known modifications (in the order of their appearance)
1. 11.6 "5Y10c 64Gb 3G Windows
2. 11.6 "5Y10c 128Gb 3G / LTE Windows
3. 11.6 "5Y10c 64Gb 3G Windows / Ubuntu (CM)
4. 11.6 "Z3735F 32Gb 3G Android (Remix)
5. 10.6 "5Y10c 64Gb Windows (Stylus)
6. 11.6 "5Y10c 64Gb 3G / LTE Windows + Android (M)
Cube i7 Stylus Photo
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Reviews / Reviews
    1. Do not connect an external hard drive. What to do?
    Use an external USB hub with power. Description of the problem:About marriage and unpleasant features Cube i7 Stylus
    2. The tablet came from Chinese Windows. How to enable Russian or English interface?
    If with Windows 10, then most likely nothing, because The tablet is shipped Windows 10 CountrySpecificEdition, in which it is tightly wired to boot into the Chinese locale. Attempts to change the interface language will result in a blue screen MUI_NO_VALID_SYSTEM_LANGUAGE. Yes, and check first whether Windows is activated at all?

    In the case of Windows 8.1, everything is a bit more cheerful. The tablet shipped with Windows 8.1 Bing (on a Chinese basis). Russian language is added to the control panel, orlike thisThere are a lot of instructions on the Internet, but NOT everything will be in Russian and this system will be updated to Windows 10 CountrySpecificEdition - Chinese. And, again, check if the system is activated, can it not be worth such an effort ?!
    3. When installing Windows 8.1, the touchscreen does not work. What to do?
    Connect an external keyboard or at least a mouse (it allows you to poke buttons and call the on-screen keyboard). Or rebuild the distribution, which is much more difficult.
    4. How to bring up the boot selection menu from a device without entering the BIOS?
    Connect the keyboard and click on it "F7"
    5. How to enter the BIOS?
    To enter the BIOS,you need to connect the keyboard and click on it "Del"or press "F7" (the boot media menu will appear) and select "Enter Setup"
    6. How to enable support for loading old (non-UEFI) media, they are not even visible?
    <Bios>-Advanced-CSM Configuration-CSM Support-ENABLED -This is an emulation of the usual method of loading.
    7. How to restore the BIOS after the firmware?
    In 99% of the BIOS problems of this tablet model, recovery is successful by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds, whichis a pair of millimeters to the left of the power button. Sometimes the procedure has to be repeated twice. If this does not help, then you have to unsolder the microcircuit and sew through the programmer.
    8. What is a UEFI-shell and what is it for?
    UEFI-shellis a shell for performing basic actions without an operating system. The most common use is to mount a partition and perform simple operations, for example, you can run the BIOS firmware utility.
    9. How to install Android on Cube i7?

To enter the BIOS,you need to connect the keyboard and click on it "Del"or press "F7" (the boot media menu will appear) and select "Enter Setup"
Cube i7 Stylus
Cube i7 11.6 "
ATTENTION! BIOS from Cube i7 Stylus and its modifications NOTfit on the 11.6 "version!
With the American Megatrends logo (C6116_V029R024_Mouse_20150812.bin)

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2016-06-27. Card reader drivers have been added that eliminate its permanent wiring-disconnection:x86, x64
2016-04-21. Added descriptions of modifications from GreenGO21:Part 2. Detailed description of modifications of the Cube i7 Stylus (3G modem, DVB T2 TV tuner and battery replacement)(+ clarification about the drawings)
2016-02-15. Added instruction:Installing Android x86 on Cube i7 Stylus
2015-12-14. Added byDetailed instructions for improving the heat sink and adding two full-sized (!) USB connectors to the design
2015-11-17. Added informationabout the soldered 3G model slot inside the POGO connector, a photothe insides of the original keyboard, about launching Ubuntu 15.04 on the Cube i7 Stylusspoiler with a photo.
2015-11-16. Cube i7 Stylus appearedon devdb.
2015-11-08. Added byTablet power: plug, socket, extra charger
2015-11-04. Added morekeyboard photo
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2015-10-23. Addedreview of the quality of communication of the wireless module 3G / LTE
2015-10-22. Added link toLenovo's Bluetooth driver
2015-10-21. Added spoiler "Instructions">"Improved heat sink", added links to instructions for improving the heat sink (times (full, English), two (simplified, eng.)), adding instructions forMacOS installation
2015-10-20. Filling (keyboard photoHow to enter the BIOS (in the spoiler "BIOS"), added spoiler "Performance in applications" (+1c accounting))
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* Demetrio2000,

I do not have Stylus, and WiFi is turned off.

And there is no difference: including WiFi and mobile network. Still disgusting works.

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Reason for editing: clarification

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* wmedia, need to experiment with wood, I put on the grid by 2016, because the latest WiFi and often falls off in sleep mode the battery sits down, and you need to look under the hood as the antenna is. Where it has dismantled a similar problem. Search by topic look.

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* Opaev , Drivers here there is nothing. Read below:

* dim565 Yes, there is no antenna. And it is not soldered connector on the motherboard. About the datasheet - looked bad, because I'm Soldered copper wire to pin the antenna itself realtekovskogo chip - and my headphones made a lot better.

EDIT: Everything will run. Bluetooth headset no longer lose the signal at a distance of about 7 meters (not tested on - it was nowhere to retreat), and the same situation with the column.
How to:. Take a segment of thin flexible copper wire about 15 cm Solder one end to a small circuit board BT + WiFi chip. Put next to the other antennas. Profit! On the WiFi signal did not seem affected.

In the cap, if possible

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* Fanuil,

You can perezalit BIOS?

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* wmedia, stiliusa if I can throw.

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* Opaev No, for 11.6 'old link leads nowhere

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* wmedia, here BIOS dump for i7 (11.6) from ugabugaLV .
P.S Do not forget to backup the original just in case.

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* dim565 , thank. only 2 questions: What is the version of the BIOS, and how to sew it?

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* wmedia, I don’t know the version, but found it in the dump on 2015/01/09 10:43:46 (most likely this is Build Date and time), I didn’t check the performance, I just saved the dump from that message from ugabugaLV because it’s rare. Firmware using the i7 Stylus as an example (I think yours will suit as well).
Disable BIOS write protection (Chipset ->PCH-IO Configuration ->Bios Security Configuration ->BIOS Lock ->Disabled), download the program fptw.exe. To backup:
fptw -d backup.bin

To flash:
fptw.exe -f newbios.bin

After loading, I advise you to make a second backup and compare it with what it was flashed (the hash amount), it should correspond, otherwise, after rebooting, Windows will not boot and you will need a programmer.

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* dim565 And here the problem: I do not have this item in the BIOS

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* xakking
I do not know how you start it, but in my writing 11'6 "processor is not supported"

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SergioFires @ 23.01.19, 08:16*
Since the pressing plate supply runs from 5 to 10 seconds, and only connected to charging. C does not turn off at all.

Anyway it pitaniya..Mne connector so my master four times solder ..
When I was banging the plate end, so soon and work something sletaet.Tam five minutes ..
And the cord so I reworked it, there may be nekontakt.Prosto I do not particularly care to the plate appeal, that such things occur ..

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* G297 , Hello, advise please good repairmen our tablet. Also stopped charging. I do not want to throw it.

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G297 @ 06.03.19, 12:07*
G297, Good day, please advise a good repairman our tablet. Also stopped charging. I do not want him to throw

Alternatively, send me, in the hope of my poryadochnost.Esli SDEKOM the European part, the Buda 400 rubles to Izhevsk back another 400 rubley.Nu and master in the case of successful repair rubles 500.Esli does not work, then just the postage to you ..
That is, the range of approximately 1300 rubles ..

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Cube i7 Stylus ceased to be included (not the red LED lights). good battery (not inflated), the charge is without protection tossed.
I understand the problem in the controller power supply, which is on the motherboard?
Someone found it and changed?

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Interesting question: i7 11.6 can put 2 SSD? There's also 2 NGFF connector, only one of these 3G modem

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Help please with the way windows 10.
Windows numerator completely.
Acronis formatted in SSc.
I can not find anywhere else image windose a cube i7 stylus.
Can anyone have? (
Even in the repair shop can not reset (

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* pentaksid , Microsoft office site
https: // ...-download/windows10ISO
All posed as an ordinary laptop, PC ...
The last time I pulled up all the drivers themselves.
P.s: 64-bit version

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All the same, a good apparatets. 'Officials bought a new battery for $ 30 in Kiev and continue to use, it's almost the 4th year)) and in the tail and mane craving him with disabled throttling and the screen is almost always simply, to understand a thousand different though henna. Old controller left to experiment with non-native banks, maybe it will.

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