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Katawa Shoujo | [IPhone], [iPad] Visual novel

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Katawa shoujo
version: 1.3.1
Catalog: Quests

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Last update of the game in the header:30.03.2016

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Short description:
One of the best visual stories, now on iOS

Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel of the bisejo genre produced by Four Leaf Studios (4LS).
The novel is devoted to the history of Hisao, a young man who was diagnosed with "arrhythmia" and sent to Yamaka, a specialized school for children with disabilities. The plot is tied around Hisao's attempts to adapt and come to terms with his new environment, as well as to establish relations with one of the five main characters, each of whom suffers from a form of disability.

Special thanks:4Leaf Studios
Languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, Japanese
Compatibility: iOS 6 and up, iPhone 5 and up, iPad 3 and up
Port Author:HoRRicH

Version 1.3.1

Post has been editedHoRRicH - 30.03.16, 14:04
Reason for editing: Update version

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Will the first minicut pull?

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I put it on 9.3.3 (Ipad Air), it works fine, I did not notice any problems.

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Will it work on an iPad mini with iOS 9.0.2 (JB)?

Rep: (1428)
* AlexXPro,
Hardly, with a gigabyte of an operative only normally works

Rep: (47)
And tell me what kind of bug. In the game, when there is something like a video, it starts to work not on the whole screen, but on the quarter, in the lower left corner. Also, when loading, it wrote some kind of error, if you did not press anything, it crashed, if you select ignore, then the game is loading?

Rep: (1428)
* Papa [BOP],
ignore and the game will go. And on which device was the error with the video?

Rep: (6)
*[b] HoRRicH, [/
Online with a jail? :(

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Let's get alpha?

Rep: (5)
I was able, in part, based on the latest version to get Alpha. But there is a problem with the code.

Rep: (1428)
* Atikin2000,
Wait, what is alpha? And I understood everything. Well, so she was with a lot of bugs she ate herself, and who is really adding it is not clear

Post has been editedHoRRicH - 06.01.17, 16:32

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* HoRRicH, it has already been released, and I already started on the iPad Vidyaha in VK
Started on the basis of 1.3, now download 1.2 and try on it

Post has been editedAtikin2000 - 06.01.17, 17:13

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* HoRRicH, I encountered the problem of not being able to install .ipa 1.2 from the very beginning of the thread. What could be the problem?

UPD. iOS 8.1, Katawa 1.2.1 gives an error about the absence of AppSync during installation via ipa Installer (AppSync Unified is installed from the insanely repo)

UPD 2. Installed 1.2.1. A problem with
AttributeError: "RevertableObject" object has no attribute "main_menu"
stayed ...

Post has been editedAtikin2000 - 06.01.17, 18:45

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Some proofs
Attached Image

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UPD. The problem with the settings, etc. is resolved
renpy.context (). main_menu

replaced by
renpy.context () _ main_menu

But the problem with entering the menu during the game did not dare

Post has been editedAtikin2000 - 06.01.17, 19:41

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* Atikin2000,
the problem is that alpha came out on the old engine (below 6.17), and in 1.3 it was already based on 6.99. In a personal email I already answered about this, as time will look I'll see

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Thank you very much for the port!
I played on iOS 10 using cydia impactor, after 7 days when the game stopped working, saved saves on my computer and reinstalled the game, followed by filling in the saves.
Right now I had to switch to iOS 11 where 32 bit applications do not start, I played enough)
Is it possible to come up with something with support for 64 bits?

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Dark-O-Storm @ 02.17.15, 16:08*
Katawa Shoujo - Visual Novel

Ahahaha, a short story ...: rofl:

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* HoRRicH,
Is the port planned for 11 axis?

Rep: (17)
But how can I save the save from the PC?

Rep: (0)
Is it possible to come up with something with support for 64 bits?

There seems to be a way to change the architecture of the .ipa file from 32-bit to 64 through Xcode, which is on Mac OS.
If there is no poppy, you can try through the virtual box.

/ I wrote to the port author with a request to koumiss, but he still did not answer /

Rep: (1)
I tried it, but then it gives a bunch of errors by code
I hope that the author wakes up)))

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