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Sony Xperia E4 / E4 dual - Discussion | Smartphone, 5 "

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DiscussionSony Xperia E4 / E4 dual
PictureJasmine, E2105, E2115
Description | Dual description | Discussion » | Official firmware »
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Post has been editedNikCher - 22.02.16, 08:42
Reason for editing: Full root of the phone, and even in pictures

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The topic has been moved to the "New items»

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Greetings to all!!!
Who will say something good? How smart in work?
Is it possible to merge the firmware backup from this body? Getting root, etc.? : scare:

Rep: (140)
Smart will be released only at the end of the month ... so we are waiting

Rep: (46)
Sony refused to release the budget devices ...

Rep: (44)
Guys, I’m waiting for the phone for a long time, if anyone knows when 5th line is released on this smart
Tell me

Rep: (140)
Pyaterochka is in doubt, the processor may not be old-fashioned. Although I am a fan of sony, I would choose lenovo k3 and iron is better and lte and 5 andryushche is cheaper

Post has been editedSLAVHLEB - 20.02.15, 10:03

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Sony introduced the 4g version of the smartphone.
Press release.
Added 4g and replaced the processor with a MediaTek MT6732 1.5 GHz Quad Core.

Rep: (0)
Maybe someone knows why under the cover, between the camera and the battery notch?

Rep: (38)
Here is one more video review. In general, the device will find its buyers.
Although...E4g Dual , after watching videos and specifications, for me personally, it looks preferable!

Post has been editedIvazin - 02.03.15, 23:55

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Good day! Who knows why the notch under the lid?

Rep: (264)
Who has a dual version on hand, give a backup of the system and boot.
Thanks in advance.

Rep: (20)
Who has the phone in their hands already have E4, please tell us about it, pros and cons, as in games, smooth operation, etc.

Post has been editedSanek789 - 08.03.15, 20:55

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Took this phone on Friday. Single version, because duals are not needed. After my Xperia E as a breath of fresh air.
The interface is smooth not a hint of hangs, the shell from Sony is just a miracle (I always loved their shell and when it came again to update my phone I could not make a choice towards other devices largely because of the shell .. I can’t imagine myself without it, lol ).
Igor did not test much because well, somehow it is not necessary. But from what test, and this is minecraft, wasp and some kind of runner of which are thousands - everything works without a hint of a hang and starts quickly.
The screen is cool, the viewing angles are excellent.

But then personally, my device showed a broken pixel on the screen, so be careful and check before you buy. By the way, the easiest way to identify the broken pixels is to start the camera and point the camera at something black .. for example, on the side of the phone box (it is completely black). And look carefully at the screen. In my case, a broken pixel on a black background glows with a bright green dot.

In general, now I will try to describe all the pros and cons that I managed to dig for 3 days of use:

-Screen. Good ppi points on the screen are visible only if you bump your nose into the phone, the screen is covered with glass and the finger slides well;
-Battery. I charged fully on Friday and then sat in the internet at night, on Saturday morning all day at work in VC mode + calls, at night before going to bed again the Internet and now it's Sunday and almost 11 pm and the charge remains 29%;
-Okolochka. In some moments it looks better than Androyd 5 (IMHO);
-Performance. Vk, Viber, Vatsapp, Hengauts and other crap working in the background do not cause any hangs .. There is enough memory, and as a result, about 500MB of RAM is eaten with all customers, and this is taking into account that 411 meters are taken from the box;
-Memory. 5gb is available out of the box. For applications with head. You can transfer data to a memory card.
-Wi-Fi. The last phone caught only two or two divisions through two concrete walls, this one catches almost everything.
-Sound. Loud. I use truth only for the alarm clock, but the volume is enough to wake me up in just a couple of seconds.
-Power button. She's so massive, you never miss.
-Camera. There is autofocus and flash. HDR and other toys from Sony, for example AR effects. Video is written in 1080p. On the front camera there is no autofocus.

-Quality camera / snapshots. Noisy. But while maintaining the noise a little smoothed out.
-Dead pixel. But at only in my device. For me, not critical, but I advise everyone to check.
-Volume buttons - they are below the power button and constantly hurt when you take or intercept the phone.
-Equipment. Short yusb! No headphones. Budgetary.

Perhaps so far everything had time to feel with this phone. Overall, satisfied with the purchase. If anything else notice important otpishu.

Post has been editedNyatsuru - 08.03.15, 22:48
Reason for editing:

Rep: (443)
* Nyatsuru,
Can you drain the backup from the body? : shok:

Rep: (1045)
The topic has been moved to subsection “Sony / SonyEricsson»
Since your phone is not on DevDB yet, you cannot add it to the description and select it in the profile.
You need to fill out an application for adding a device to DevDB at this address:http: //savagemessiahzine.com/ devdb / phones / new /

Rep: (20)
* Nyatsuru, Is the photo quality good (sample can be)? As for the headphones, it looked like some of the reviews were
. Broken pixels are most likely in the first batch of some. In how many scored? Can applications be transferred to a removable SD card?

Post has been editedSanek789 - 09.03.15, 14:29

Rep: (38)
Nyatsuru , and you tried to shoot a video? And then judging by to this video, somehow not very.

Rep: (2)
* Maks-Mix.,
And how can this be done?

* Sanek789
There are no headphones for sure. I took it in Yulmart, so I think in Russia they simply do not lie.
Applications can be transferred as with all Xperia phones by "Settings - Applications - Select the desired game / application - Move button to SD card"
Attached Image

* Ivazin
No, well, the quality is clearly not so terrible, it looks like it was squeezed by YouTube itself.

Photo examples
Photos taken in auto mode and with 3Mp quality:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

5Mp. Manual mode:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

It's pretty dark here, but the phone sees well in dark places.
Attached Image

Video : https://yadi.sk/i/xbbIhZVyf9Hwh

Post has been editedNoreg - 19.03.15, 03:02
Reason for editing: Screenshots under the spoiler

Rep: (20)
* Nyatsuru, Just looking in the Yulmart (now it costs 10500 and it was 9200); if Fota in 3 mp - not bad, but in 5 minutes it will be even better.

Rep: (2)
* Sanek789 The second row of photos with a quality of 5MP, there it is signed. And prices are rising. I still have the second price in Yulmart, so I managed to take 9170. Also not unimportant incentive to buy was.

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