Sync time | time synchronization with ntp server (harmattan)

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Sync time
Version: 1.0.6

Last update of the program in the header:28.02.2015

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What some have been waiting for so long ...

Synchronizing the system time with the specified ntp server ...

settings are intuitive ...

For software to work, you must haveOPEN MODcore orAegis-hack + opensudo

Installation Instructions:
1) Flash OPEN MOD kernel - details can be viewed in this thread
2) Download the current version and install in any convenient way. In the program settings, select the type: OPEN MOD
For aegis-hack + opensudo
1) Install -Hack for aegis-install | Inception replacement
2) install opendo:
aegis-apt-get install opensudo

when installing open sudo, it will be necessary to set a password, during testing I set a passwordrootme
3) Download the current version and install in any convenient way. In the program settings, select the type: aegis-hack + opensudo (during testing, it was installed from the manager file)

Homepage: Openrepos ,

Russian interface: YES
Download: Version 1.0.6
Past versions
Version 1.0.4
Version 1.0.0 for ownersOPEN MOD Attached filesynctime_1.0.0_armel.deb (194.01 KB)

Version 1.0.2 for ownersaegis-hack and opensudo - download

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Dashed off a new version of the program: version 1.0.6 .. Most likely this version will be final, because All that I wanted I realized.
Attached filesynctime_1.0.6_armel.deb(205.48 KB)

* I kind of decided that there should not be a difference in the second between the server and local time, but it still doesn’t always work ..
* changed the appearance of the settings window
* Added the ability to enable debug output through settings
* Added a pop-up window for selecting connections if the Internet is not turned on (turned on through the settings)
* added Russian interface language (enabled via settings)
* Added links to forums where the program is discussed

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hamsinn Here it would still be automatically synchronized with a given interval it was completely full stuffing: rolleyes:

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* brother rabbit
No, I do not plan to do auto-synchronization, because it required either a constantly hanging service or a launch of something like cron .. And considering that the program itself needs internet connection for synchronization itself, I think this is all a bad idea in terms of increasing battery consumption on the phone.

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Brothers Rabbit @ 02.28.2015, 20:05*
Here, it would automatically synchronize itself with a given interval

what for??? Do your watches "go away" every day?

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Great program, thank you! Everything is working.

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now I started to synchronize time often :) every two days the time runs 2 minutes ahead, it’s not clear why, or I didn’t pay attention before, which is unlikely, it’s not clear

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I managed to find out, after synchronization, the time is successfully synchronized, it is worth rebooting the phone and the time starts to lag again by ~ 2 minutes (presumably this time takes to load)

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And in the settings of the phone is not worth automatic time synchronization? Can it synchronize with the router, or with a mobile operator?

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* nyakze checked, auto-update time is disabled
are there anyone whose time is out of sync? can you try to synchronize, reboot the device and then try to run a check again, will there be a desync?

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For a reboot, my smart runs off for 46 seconds. and only once, the following reboots do not affect.

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but now this is not happening several times.

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Unfortunately, after a reboot, time runs off for more than 2 minutes ahead.

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* Vladimir912 similarly with me

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Already 4 minutes ahead runs off after a reboot. Arithmetic progression is built into the program :-)?

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Of course, I understand that your clock is in a hurry after a reboot, but I don’t understand what my program has to do with it .. it’s more dependent on the battery charge at the time of reboot. Yes, and before the clock you ran away, there was simply nothing to see it on.

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In the header there is two times a link to Did the sources give all the best? For educational purposes I'm interested :)

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Zxcvbnm3230 @ 04/23/2015, 10:48 PM*
In the header there is two times a link to


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and who uses what working ntp servers at the moment, can be in hp?
recently, some problems when synchronizing with the server, which by default

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