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Pushno @ 05/30/18, 15:18*
in the file names after vCardSplit triangles with questions,
I fought with this program for a long time. I downloaded more different versions of different authors. It’s also of little use. I don’t understand how people’s brains are sharpened at all, that they write such programs ?!
The file structure is nowhere simpler. It is necessary to select the beginning and end of the section and copy it all to a file. I myself in 10 minutes wrote on VBA a short program (lines of 20) for cutting the file into pieces. Only the file names were made in numbers so that there were no jambs with encodings. The file name does not matter. Contact names are written inside the files.
Pushno @ 05/30/18, 15:18*
So far I have not found the right combination.
And you will not find. He is not there.
Of course, there is a possibility that it all depends on the company, model and firmware version.Symbiansmartphone
I experimented for a long time onNokia N8. Nothing fit.
In the end, he created a new contact on the phone and exported it to a memory card. When viewing, I was convinced that the Russian text encoded in UTF-8 was written as it usually looks in the address bar of the browser. There is probably some standard function for transcoding it, but I did not find it.
Here is an example of a contact saved fromNokia N8
N; ENCODING = QUOTED-PRINTABLE; CHARSET = utf-8: = D0 = A4 = D0 = B0 = D0 = BC = D0 = B8 = D0 = BB = D0 = B8 = D1 = 8F; = D0 = 98 = D0 = BC = D1 = 8F ;;;
TEL; CELL: 921921
TEL: 8208
X-CLASS: private
REV: 20180508T194759Z
In addition, there is still a global mismatch of field names inAndroidandSymbian. As a result, if there is anything else in the contact except the main phone, then when transferring you will get such a mess! .. Some fields disappear, others are out of place, others are cut off ...
I've already tried all kinds of things. Uploaded the contacts database toExcel, changed the names of the fields, etc ... Anyway, somewhere the jambs come out.
Since there are no descriptions, you need to experiment for a long time, create a field correspondence table that is stopudovo suitable for only one modelSymbiansmartphone
In general, he spat and scored.
I suspect that grief counselors copy paste recommendations from foreign sites. And they themselves did not try to port. Or they have all the contacts clogged with Latin letters, and each one has one phone. Or these tips are suitable for one model.

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* Potty
The pot @ 01/03/16, 20:14*
Found a way to copy Google contacts in Symbian smart (for example, E52).
1) Create a account on (I already had it), go into it.
6) Next, we need to configure the smart to automatically synchronize with using Exchange ActiveSync. Instructions here: is an error in the text - you need to specify the address of, and not

Does this contact connection method work now? I have a need to connect to contacts that were on Windows Phone 8.1 ( account) from an old Nokia with Symbian S60.
I specify in the synchronization settings (because as I understand it, all moved there), the account **** as a name and password. Does not sync.
Who knows what parameters you can push there to make it work, or now you can’t configure it on your old phone?

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Pushno @ 05/30/18, 15:18*
If then I save it as ANSI, it turns out: firstly, in the file names after vCardSplit there are triangles with questions, and secondly, he sees krakozyabry on the phone. If you save it in UTF-8, then everything is fine on the computer, but the phone already has other crackers.

If someone else is interested / relevant - I suggest trying to breakmy editor. He knows how to combine and split (open as a file, save as a directory). Well, you can edit contacts along the way. The encoding should match what is written in the CHARSET fields of the file itself. If there are no explicit references to CHARSET, UTF-8 is assumed. (Naturally, verified in Russian names.)

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My option is this.
1. PC (Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird) is the main intermediary -
2. Nokia PC Suite (for Nokia) -
3. MyPhoneExplorer (android)
once a week-month I do synchronization on all devices (I have 3 androids and two Nokia N82 and N8) the same contact books: derisive: everything is clear quickly and without problems
and this option is good for those who don’t want or are afraid that the contacts will merge into the network
more than 1000 contacts in more than 10 years everything is in order
viber telegram update changed numbers
Another small but useful advice, full name write in one field "Last Name"

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