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> Modification and decorations for ZTE V815W | ZTE V815W
31.08.15, 23:28
Zyomich take away from an emergency

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HTC Desire 616 Dual Sim

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The first post, xposed, of course, is to give Sis. Files are better, because everything will be 100% without lags, and after I installed it and GB, I began to lag the scroll in the browser

Posted on 08/31/2015 23:26:

�������������� download

firmware can be using3C Toolbox ProSet and look for the item."System Manager". There will be an item(de) odexation ,everything checked , 100% work

You catch the pros for giving a link to the program, super, I can not so! !! I'm mad at pancakes! And

Posted 08/31/2015 23:28:

Che in the hat for nonsense! This is a theme with decorations and not with the discussion of flashing! Clean it out of the hat

04.09.16, 00:05

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Guys who can lay out a modified system with a curtain of 5 android?
* Akella *
23.10.16, 08:45
SoWa Team

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B00rza @ 09/04/2016, 00:05*
Guys who can lay out a modified system with a curtain of 5 android?

Who would make to start: D. Firmware is enough for the style of 5 ki
Kostik Zverev
20.03.18, 20:26

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How to move the clock in the status bar to the center? And I also want to remove the big letters G and 3G next to the antennas. This type of city is just huge.

Communication is like sex: you also need to make people want to do this with you. All the rest is violence.

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