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Installation, configuration of IP cameras

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* densen2002 ,

That is another question. No details. Just watch. But because are Dahua NVR, the movement can be detective events. Although how this will work - xs. But in any hardware must be serious.

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Hello! I ask your help, not long ago acquired Xiaomi Xiaobai PTZ CMSXJ16A, but I can not connect it via the Mi Home. In the Russian region, it does not exist, but in China it is, konekt for wifi, its application sees, but pops up a message in English, that the device in the region is not supported by t. To. Included geolocation and application knows where this camera, I see it So. How to cheat the app and make it the camera work?

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kirandy @ 15.02.20, 11:09*
It is better to look or ask here:
Collect bin (dump) for the programmer (Post diassxak # 48082359)

Found sharinghttps: //remont-aud.net..._ds_l120/363-1-0-85110

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Good all the time of day.

I Bought Digma Division 201. And watch it two unpleasant moment.

1. Color Image heavily inundated in the blue range. In night mode downright blue image. Is it possible to somehow fix it?

2. No forced switch day / night modes. Maybe there is somewhere firmware, in which such a switch is present?

Thank you all in advance for your attention.

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