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Prestigio MultiPad VISCONTE 3
Microsoft Windows 8.1 with Bing | 10.1 "| INTEL Atom Processor Z3735F | 2Gb
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Characteristics and photos
Operating system: Windows 8
Processor: Intel Atom Z3735F 1830 MHz
Number of cores: 4
Built-in memory: 16 GB
Memory card support: microSDXC, up to 64 GB

Screen: 10.1 ", 1280x800
Widescreen display: yes
Screen Type: TFT IPS, glossy
Touch screen: capacitive, multitouch
Number of pixels per inch (PPI): 149

Wireless connection

Wi-Fi support: yes, Wi-Fi 802.11n
Bluetooth support: yes, Bluetooth 4.0
Work in cell phone mode: yes
Mobile connection: 3G


Rear camera: yes, 5 million pixels.
Front camera: yes, 2 million pixels.


Built-in speaker: yes
Built-in microphone: yes


Automatic screen orientation: yes
Sensors: accelerometer
QWERTY keyboard: optional


USB connection to the computer: no
Connecting external devices via USB: yes, USB Type A
TV / Monitor connection: micro HDMI
Audio / headphone output: yes, 3.5 mm
Dock connector: yes


Standby time: 150 hours
Work time (video): 6 h
Battery capacity: 7000 mAh

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (LxWxD): 259x173x9.7 mm
Weight: 660 g

Additional Information

Complete set: tablet, USB cable, network adapter, instruction
Features: Office 365 Personal included

A photo
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  1. Fast discharge with keyboard connected
    Solution: Update BIOS
  2. The memory card falls off in sleep mode after updating the BIOS
    Partial solution


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Reason for editing: Setting PhoenixOS (android 7.1.1) on the plate.

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What's the point? I Mastech M9803R. Naturally, all the measurements were made correctly.
Facts: at the moment the tablet is disconnected from the keyboard, a charge of 98%. Now 22-40, the tablet without the charger from 12-00.
I am sure that the night will show a positive result.

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Gromozeka29 @ 05.02.2015, 19:35*
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! please tell me a couple of days ago, I bought this miracle device and free memory left now only 2GB. !!! and put the updates only on Windows) to demolish all under the net not hotelosby because rukozhop in computers. and the memory need a little release. And this question-whether the program is not put out of the store on the tablet or not?

The program aims, but it seems to me, if you can install the same or a similar program from another source, preference should be given to the last version. For example, Skype: preset (which - from the store) zadolbal their quirks with login and password and updates. A mounted plow site flawlessly.
As for memory, it seems to have a particular devaysa 16 GB, on a better upgrade is not set, they are really a lot of memory guzzle. Possible to the maximum use microSD card on it is easy to make the folder "Documents", "Music", and so on. E., It is sufficient in the properties of these folders are presented in the box "this computer" in the "location" to change the drive letter to "C : / "to" D: / ". But only when it is necessary to know that the files that are deleted from a flash card are deleted forever, and not in the trash.

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In general, the experiments with energy-saving I finished. The result - the tablet in sleep mode eats about 5% of the battery per day. When you turn off the keyboard and standard settings.
Again without a keyboard with all wireless interfaces in the surf mode, the device works around 10 hours - an excellent result.
But. Disable keyboard software is not possible. Hence - a mechanical opening and installation of the switch on the keyboard, or just under podsovyvaniya contact piece plastic bag. Not very convenient, but effective.
Another option - the purchase of Asus Transpad and alteration of this device to meet specific needs.
Other options, I personally do not see.

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at the expense of the memory realized that her little roughly. but how to remove all tepre not to put these fucking updates? do all the instructions and return to factory settings and re-use or leave the installed updates, and live?

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I measured the keyboard once more consumption of all tezhe ....

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Attached Image
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andrey1mex @ 09.02.2015, 16:18*
keyboard consumption

The one in the photo?

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Gromozeka29 @ 09.02.2015, 13:41*
at the expense of the memory realized that her little roughly. but how to remove all tepre not to put these fucking updates? do all the instructions and return to factory settings and re-use or leave the installed updates, and live?

So, turn off all attempts to upgrade the control panel, and you will have happiness. And if you come back to the factory settings, so all will be joy: an experienced, no longer nakosyachit as in pervosti ...

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andrey1mex @ 10.02.2015, 11:21*

Well, talk is necessary to measure the mode when the keyboard is connected to the tablet and its controller is initialized. Intel writes on this subject, that any Soup, connected to the plates with the function of connected standby must have their own energy efficiency, otherwise they will not be certified, because the system will not be able to turn them off to save power. A bit confusing, but it is quite clear - the keyboard itself does not turn off, respectively, the USB-port and can not be disabled.
This problem was b from Dell, but it was immediately decided within two weeks of firing UEFI update for the tablet with a keyboard.
Question - Are able to correct UEFI-Prestigio, connected standby mode in order to work the way it should be? At least for a month? So far, no update UEFI site noticed. And by the way, maybe I'm bad looking - where online Prestigio drivers are to this tablet model?

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wallie @ 10.02.2015, 19:47*
where online Prestigio drivers are to this tablet model?

They are there present. I wrote the online consultants, to which they responded to me, "prestigio contact the service center, they have a driver."

And if you need firewood, references and a description of how to put in thereby thispost

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* gerrard_1892,
No, thank you, I have my backup. Just a professional interest arose - as a second-tier companies provide customer support, and whether or not to buy from them, or better to apply directly to the Chinese manufacturers ...

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wallie @ 10.02.2015, 09:47*
Well, talk is necessary to measure the mode when the keyboard is connected to the tablet and its controller is initialized.

where there is no difference in the measure of Visconti or not I connect to a computer driven on the touchpad and measure consumption - 5 mA, and now you're saying that in the stand bye mode. which is done to save energy, he eats more tobish - 250 milliamps. that I do not see the logic
himself under the dock connector usb is lower with the 5 foot on the detective, his current 0.8 milliamps. every person has measured several times.

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Planted insulating seal - for two and a half days off did not lose any interest charge. Without laying it took up to 10% per day. We must think of something. Itself a keyboard - wireless. But this strip, which is in contact with the tablet, and provides a link with Claudia, and her wireless power.

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r-amateur @ 11.02.2015, 07:58*
Planted insulating seal

Same. If you put the seal or remove the plate - not eating. It should be put in place - eating. I tried to change the consumption parameters in the registry - no difference.

* andrey1mex,
Here a discussion of similar problems at Dell. Approximately the same Pogo pin Keyboard:

Meanwhile, the miracles continue.
In the morning, furious, I soldered normal adapter. Here are the results of measurements, the keyboard is connected to USB-port of the tablet:
Active mode - 4.8 mA
Passive mode (after 30 seconds of inactivity) - 2.4 mA
Sleep - 0.5 mA.

So who eats something ??? Again put it on the run, the keyboard is connected via an adapter to USB, record input current is conducted.

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who can then nakolduyet?
http: //www.hardwarelux...connected-standby.html

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Sleep Study says:
- xHCI-compatible host controller USB (\ _SB.PCI0.XHC1)
99% 0:10:11

This is the main consumer of sleep.

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Type he does not sleep ....

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Well, the first results. The graph shows the consumption of the tablet first falling asleep (0.5 mA), wakes up after a minute (4.8), and then falls asleep keyboard (2,4) immediately tablet wakes up and starts to poll port (4,8). And so on to infinity. For half an hour a 10% no battery. It seems that the connected keyboard from S0 it almost does not go, constantly polling the port.
By the way, maybe it is connected with attempts keyboard sleep?
enclose report

Here is the booth:
Attached Image

And new fun again. Now consumption generally 0, then waking up for a split second, and again a sound sleep, zero consumption. We'll see in a couple of hours of the report. Damn, I do not do anything, and they live their lives.

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And now a bit of intrigue:
Attached Image

As is evident, the duration of the session about a half hour, the USB-controller is still running on all cylinders, but ... there is no CPU usage, all asleep, consumption is zero.
Of course, the keyboard is connected. :)

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http: //www.transformer...-settings-info-23.html
in my case our

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