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Version: 0.0.8

Last update of the program in the header:19.12.2014

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At the moment, the application allows you to use only the basic functionality of the Yandex Music service.
  • Search for artists, albums and tracks.
  • Play tracks.

Russian interface: Yes

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Past versions:

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Reason for editing: Updating the application

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Ohhh! You did it!
Low bow!
Thank ;)

Rep: (31)
Application in its infancy, then it will bring to mind.

Rep: (486)
* anenash,
The basis of the same code Stream? Or what is their invented?

Rep: (31)
* Alexxxl,

Alexxxl @ 20.12.2014, 00:18*
The basis of the same code Stream? Or what is their invented?

Rather, he asked me a vector, as the API has changed.

Rep: (486)
But in general does not quite bad ...
of the disadvantages:
- if the roll in the background and look through smart - start to stutter (I do not know whether or not fixable, but you can live)
- just to finalize the UI, for example to delineate the boundaries (ladies screen later it will be easier.)
- (in my opinion) it would be nice if the song starts to play after tapa on it, rather than extra tapa play button ... but it turns out the old shut down and a new start is necessary even ... (I mean when I do not I listen to the song to the end, but only for a while, and then I want to turn on the other)

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Rep: (31)

Bit corrected application:
  • I changed the form of the album
  • Added track duration
  • The track begins to be played by tap element list;)

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pasipp ah! Now zatestit! ))

Rep: (1)
That's nishtyachok! Thanks!)
Add a new version of the hat, but I do not list Download from the first post.

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I keep experimenting with the interface.

Added carousel albums (it is still not fully adjusted).
If not bad, it replaces the usual list on the carousel.

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* anenash,
zatestit third Nicho ... very well ...
"Carousel" is interesting, gives flavor, but I think it would be good to leave the choice.

Well, duty Wishlist - Chorny the UI)))) By the way the same karuselkah look on it will be interesting))

Well, little idea .. or rather not even a little idea and a very full-time functionality for such prog whether slyapat "playlist" possible? I walked type search, pozhamkal some compositions "add to playlist", and launched it in a way ...

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about! It seems to have found a bug ...
If you listen to the composition to reach them through the "Artists", "Albums" - that everything is OK, but if zhamkayu "Tracks", see the list of all the tracks, but by clicking on any of them - the silence ....

Rep: (31)
Bug corrected.
Inverted topic and the playlist.
New version in the cap.

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Hello! Will there be a program in openrepos?

Rep: (31)
* Henessy,
Perhaps, though it will only work for a few countries.

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* anenash,
where "our" in bulk!)))

Rep: (31)
Laid out onopenrepos.net

Rep: (31)
Skoll added to the track.
Refresh can beopenrepos.net

Rep: (486)
162 downloads already in open-repah ... much more than here;)

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When you lock / unlock the current song is included, first, is it just me?

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* vlastdoloy
vlastdoloy @ 07.01.2015, 22:33*
When you lock / unlock the current song is included, first, is it just me?

Yes, there is such a problem. Cause already found. Soon corrected.

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