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Sony Xperia C3 / C3 Dual - Firmware

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Sony Xperia C3 / C3 Dual - Firmware
PictureD2533, D2502 Dual
Description | Discussion | Modification and decorations | Firmware

Important information
Version Difference:
D2502 - A phone with two slots for Sim cards.
D2533 - A phone with one slot for a SIM card.

If you have a bootloader (bootloader) open, in no case do not update by OTA (air), otherwise you will get a "brick". To update by OTA (air), close the bootloader (bootloader) !!!

Attention, an unlocked bootloader, if it is found in the service center, can serve as a reason for refusing warranty service! Check it out -The refusal of warranty due to unlocking the bootloader is illegal!
If for some reason you installed the firmware from D2533 to D2502, do not panic, the device will be functional, just one of the SIM cards may fail, as the firmware is for one. And vice versa!

KitKat 4.4.2 -D2502_19.2.1.A.0.72_EN
Lollipop 5.0.2 -D2502_19.3.A.0.472_EN
Lollipop 5.1.1 -D2502_19.4.A.0.182_EN
ForD2533 :
KitKat 4.4.2 -D2533_19.2.A.0.391_EN
KitKat 4.4.2 -D2533_19.2.1.A.0.72_EN
Lollipop 5.0.2 -D2533_19.3.A.0.472_EN
Lollipop 5.1.1 -D2533_19.4.A.0.182_EN

Lollipop 5.0 PreRoot -D2502_19.3.A.0.470_EN_PreRoot(firmware via Recovery)
Lollipop 5.0.2 PreRoot -D2502_19.3.A.0.472_PreRoot(firmware via Recovery)
Lollipop 5.1.1 PreRoot -PreRoot firmware 19.4.A.0.182 (Lollipop 5.1.1) with DualRecovery(firmware via Recovery) (frompetul )
Lollipop 5.1.1 PreRoot -PreRoot firmware 19.4.A.0.182 (Lollipop 5.1.1) with DualRecovery(firmware via Recovery) (fromirbis1977 )
Lollipop 5.1.1 PreRoot +LTE - PreRoot firmware 19.4.A.0.182 (Lollipop 5.1.1)with activated LTE
ForD2533 :
KitKat 4.4.2_PreRoot -PreRoot firmware 19.2.1.A.0.72_RU
Lollipop 5.0 PreRoot -D2533_19.0.A.0.470_PreRoot(firmware via Recovery)
Lollipop 5.1.1_PreRoot -PreRoot firmware 19.4.A.0.182 (Lollipop 5.1.1) with DualRecovery(firmware via Recovery) (frompetul )
Lollipop 5.1.1_PreRoot -PreRoot firmware 19.4.A.0.182 (Lollipop 5.1.1) with DualRecovery(firmware via Recovery) (fromirbis1977 )

Deodex (official)
KitKat 4.4.2_Deodex -D2502_19.2.1.A.0.72_RU_deodex(installation instructions included)
ForD2533 :
KitKat 4.4.2_Deodex -D2533_19.2.1.A.0.72_RU_deodex(installation instructions included)
KitKat 4.4.2_Deodex -19.2.A.391_RU_deodex

DEODEX patches for firmwareonly 5.1.1
ForD2533 and D2502 Dual :
DEODEX patch for stock firmware 5.1.1 (19.4.A.0.182) (port from Sony Xperia Z2); does not work - Bluetooth, Radio
DEODEX patch of stock firmware 5.1.1 (19.4.A.0.182) (port from Sony Xperia Z1)



All kernels are installed only if you have Bootloader unlocked (bootloader) !!!
KitKat 4.4.2 -Kernel with Recovery for KitKat firmware
Lollipop 5.0.2 -Kernel with Recovery_ 19.3.A.0.472
Lollipop 5.0.2 -Kernel with Recovery and unprotected_ 19.3.A.0.472
Lollipop 5.0.2 -Kernel with Recovery for Lollipop 5.0.2
Lollipop 5.1.1 -Kernel with Recovery_19.4.A.0.182


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Rep: (117)
Editing build.prop

To access this file, you mustRoot rights . There is build.prop itself in the system folder. By editing this file, you can slightly increase the productivity and comfort of working with the device.
Attention!!! Changing any system files must be done with caution, and always back up in advance, just in case.
In general, strictly following the instructions, you are unlikely to disrupt the performance of your Android device.
I recommend using to edit the fileNotepad ++. If there are no lines described below in your build.prop, you can add them at the end of the file. Instead of an asterisk (*) we put the desired value.

debug.sf.hw =
The line responsible for the hardware acceleration of the graphical interface. A value of 1 activates it, and 0, respectively, disables it. You will have to check the possibility of using such a function yourself - in some cases there is a ripple of the image or incorrect display of information on the screen. If the device still supports hardware acceleration, it often significantly improves performance.

wifi.supplicant_scan_interval = ***
Search interval for available wireless (Wi-Fi) networks. The value is measured in seconds. Most Android devices have a default interval of 20 seconds. To save battery, you can safely increase it to 180-200.

pm.sleep_mode = 1
ro.ril.disable.power.collapse = 0
These lines are recommended to add to save battery power. They are responsible for managing the sleep mode.

dalvik.vm.heapsize = * m
The line sets the heap’a size for Dalvik’s. In most firmwares, the maximum amount of memory to be used by the application is quite small, and the program expands this value, increasing performance and stability. However, it is better not to set a high value, since this may entail over-expenditure of system resources and also instability. The best option is considered 32m.

dalvik.vm.execution-mode = int: ***
JIT line. The set jit value turns it on, and fast, respectively, turns it off. JIT technology is designed to increase the performance of a mobile device, but is not supported by all models of smartphones and tablets.

windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec = 60
The line that makes the interface smoother, usually it is not there initially, so we add it ourselves. You can also experiment with different values ​​and choose the optimal, different from 60.

ro.media.enc.jpeg.quality = 100
Adjusts the degree of compression of photos. Accordingly, a value of 100 is maximum quality with minimum compression. Such a simple change can often significantly improve the quality of images, but keep in mind that this increases the size of photos.

ro.media.dec.jpeg.memcap = 8000000
ro.media.enc.hprof.vid.bps = 8000000

The lines that set the upper limit of the recorded audio and video when shooting. Of course, you cannot jump above the hardware capabilities of this or that device, but you can quite reach the “ceiling”

debug.sf.nobootanimation = 1
Turning off the animation when you turn on, which can speed up the inclusion of the device. A value of 0, respectively, is responsible for displaying the animation as usual.

ro.lge.proximity.delay = 25
mot.proximity.delay = 25

These options disable the black window after the completed call, which is sometimes terribly annoying.

net.tcp.buffersize.default = 4096, 87380, 256960, 4096, 16384, 256960
net.tcp.buffersize.wifi = 4096, 87380, 256960, 4096, 16384, 256960
net.tcp.buffersize.umts = 4096, 87380, 256960, 4096, 16384, 256960
net.tcp.buffersize.gprs = 4096, 87380, 256960, 4096, 16384, 256960
net.tcp.buffersize.edge = 4096, 87380, 256960, 4096, 16384, 256960

Lines that set the buffer size for TCP connections. Useful for unstable and slow internet connection.

ro.ril.hsxpa = 2
ro.ril.gprsclass = 10
ro.ril.hep = 1
ro.ril.enable.dtm = 1
ro.ril.hsdpa.category = 10
ro.ril.enable.a53 = 1
ro.ril.enable.3g.prefix = 1
ro.ril.htcmaskw1.bitmask = 4294967295
ro.ril.htcmaskw1 = 14449
ro.ril.hsupa.category = 5

The lines that are recommended to add to improve the reception of the signal 3G, especially if there are interruptions in its work.

A line that prohibits unloading the “launcher” from the device’s memory. A value of 0, respectively, disables the function.

persist.adb.notify = 0
A line that disables the icon in the status bar, announcing the active debugging mode.

ro.config.hw_menu_unlockscreen = false
A parameter that allows you to enable (“true”) or disable (“false”) unlock the screen by double-clicking the “Menu” button.

mot.proximity.delay = 150
Increases sensor responsiveness

ro.max.fling_velocity = 12000
ro.min.fling_velocity = 8000

Scroll acceleration

ro.kernel.android.checkjni = 0
ro.kernel.checkjni = 0

Turn off error checking (speeds up startup)

ro.config.nocheckin = 1
Disable forwarding usage information

dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags = m = v, o = y
Applications run faster and consume less RAM(attention: the parameter exists in the file, you need to fix it, and not write a new one)

persist.sys.use_dithering = 1
Improve image quality at the expense of performance

persist.sys.purgeable_assets = 1
RAM cleaning. Allows you to get more free RAM if necessary

ro.sf.lcd_density = ***
Change screen density. I advise you to set the value to at least 175 and put a third-party launcher.

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Install CWM and get ROOT rights. . (For QC 4.4.2)

Download CWM:Yandex(Extract to folder on PC)

Download SuperSU:Yandex(Without removing, we throw on the SD Card)

It can give out that the file was not found, press F5 until it opens.

Getting started installing CWM
1. Turn off the phone, connect to the PC holding the volume up.
2. Click on the zipper in FlashTool
3. Select fastboot mode ->Ok
4. In the right menu "On By DooMLoRD", click "select kernel to flash" ->select the extension * .img --->select boot.img (in the folder where you extracted cwm). We are waiting for the firmware. upon completion, disconnect from the PC.
5. Turn on the phone by holding the volume button up (I went from 4 times).
6. Select Install Zip ->Install zip from storage ->UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.99r3.zip ->Click "Yes install" --->Reboot the body.

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Rep: (141)
Firmware for D 2502 (two SIM cards)


Firmware for D 2533 (one SIM card)




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Rep: (141)
I add a kernel with CWM and a stock kernel for firmware of the same-nameD2533

Kernel with CWM

Stock core

We do everything as on the dual SIM card, only at the end we flash the stock kernel via Flashtool if there are problems on the custom kernel.

And as always, you do everything at your own peril and risk

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Rep: (117)
Making the status bar smaller and the screen larger

Guys who have a third-party launcher can do this without any problems for you. If it’s not worth it, then I advise you to put third-party (my recommendations -NovaLauncher )
We do:
1.Go to the Route Explorer:
2.Looking for the System folder
3. Open build.prop in edit mode
4. We are looking for a string

ro.sf.lcd_density = 240

and change to (If it is not there, then write at the very bottom)
ro.sf.lcd_density = 217

(may be less, but not lower than 190)

5. Confirm the changes and reboot.

Done, here is the result:
[attachment = "5165772: 7qOTU0ml-jI.jpg"] [attachment = "5165773: 8aXlLBMwRCo.jpg"] [attachment = "5165774: Qwgu3GUnSME.jpg"] [attachment = "5165775: Xi38JoKjwkQ.jpg

If you have a standard launcher, you can globally change the structure, and then only backup will help you!

ZY Please: stop_holywar:! there will be questions write

Rep: (117)
For fans to save battery power

How to increase the battery life of the device.
Menu-Settings-System- {For Developers}

- Speed ​​up the work of the GPU (Use 2D hardware acceleration in applications) ->uncheck if standing
- Window: scale ->Disable animation
- Transition: scale ->Disable animation
- Do not save actions (Delete action summary after they are completed) ->put a tick
- Limit of background processes ->No more than 2 processes (however, you can change this value at your discretion. The more background processes, the more RAM will be occupied, however, if you have not noticed problems with memory shortage before, you can leave the default value)

ZY Adapted from personal experience.

Rep: (117)
How to flash through fastboot

Save folderfastboot to the root of your disk [C: \]
Extract from archiveKernel.elf / boot.img
SaveKernel.elf / boot.img to folder with fastboot (near the file fastboot.exe )
Turn off the device
Boot the device in fastboot mode (Volume UP + USB cable connects to computer -> FASTBOOT MODE )
Open command prompt (cmd)
Sure to use the command below to go to the fastboot directory.
cd c: \ fastboot

use the following commands to flash the kernelkernel.elf
fastboot flash boot kernel.elf

You can also use this command to flash the kernel in the format.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img

or this command to flash the system in .img format
fastboot flash system system.img

After flashing, boot into recovery in order to verify that the kernel has been flashed.
Reboot the phone and use.

Kernel filekernel.elf you can rename as you like, for example XSXKernel_v6.elf or Doom.elf or KASpeed.elf and put them all next. At the same time, you should specify the kernel name you need in the command line.

Rep: (117)
Battery calibration

Method 1
1. Discharge the phone to 5-10%.
2. Turn off the body
3. Once (without holding !!!) press the reset button with a needle. A little hole in the lid. Do not confuse with a microphone !!!
4. After 5-10 minutes without turning on the phone, we connect the charging. In this state, leave it for 5-6 hours.
5. Without turning off the charge, turn on the body.
6. Route the Explorer, go to the address / data / system / and delete the file batterystats.bin
7. Overload.
8. When the phone boots up - turn off the charging.

Method 2

1. Discharge the phone to 5-10%.
2. Charge the phone from the laptop to 31-35%
3. Wait until the battery is discharged to 15% and recharge it to 30%.
4. Repeat the process several times.
reviews helps.

Rep: (117)
Booting the phone in Safe Mode:

1. Turn off the phone.
2. Turn on the phone.
3. After the animation with the inscription Sony, before the animation with the inscription Xperia, we simultaneously hold down the “on” and “volume -” buttons. (I have it this way). Hold it until vibration (very long)
4. Release the buttons after vibration.
5. Everything, We are in "Safe Mode".

In this mode, it works like on a computer only system applications and that’s not all. This mode is for if the program was crookedly installed and, it does not allow the phone to start up, delete. Either registered in build.prop, or in other system files, and the animal can not what they want from it.
7-8 times helped me. By the way, try a brick now, maybe it will come to life.

Rep: (141)
List of applications for removal from the system on Android 4.4 (Root is required for removal!)

Main applications
1) AnonymousData.apk - Anonymous data collection.
2) AntHalService.apk - Data exchange service with sports equipment.
3) Backup-wizard.apk - Standard backup program.
4) BackupRestoreConfirmation.apk - Notification from the backup and restore program.
5) Books.apk - Google Books.
6) BrowserProviderProxy.apk - Bookmark sync.
7) Chrome.apk - Google Chrome Browser.
8) CrashMonitorSystem.apk - Monitoring system crashes / errors.
9) device-monitor.apk - Device Monitor from Google.
10) DownloadProviderUi.apk - the "Downloads" application.
11) Drive.apk - Goole Drive Cloud Service.
12) DrmDialogs.apk - Numeric Keys: Dialog Strings.
13) DrmUI.apk -?
14) EnchantedForest.apk - Forest live wallpaper.
15) EnterpriseService.apk - Corporate service.
16) Exchange2.apk - Corporate Email Email.
17) ExternalKeyboardJP.apk - Japanese keyboard.
18) FBCalendarSync.apk - Sync Facebook Calendar.
19) FBMusicLike.apk - Integrating music into Facebook.
20) filecommander.apk - File manager.
21) GenieWidget.apk - Program / Weather and news widget.
22) gmail-reader-service.apk - Service for displaying / reading messages.
23) Gmail2.apk - Gmail email client.
24) GoogleBackupTransport.apk - Saving settings and everything else on Google servers.
25) GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk - Synchronize your calendar with Google service.
26) GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk - Synchronize contacts with the Google service.
27) GoogleFeedback.apk - usage report for Google.
28) GoogleLyricsPlugin.apk - Plugin for searching lyrics of an executable song on the Internet for Walkman.
29) GoogleOneTimeInitializer.apk - Google+ initializer.
30) GooglePartnerSetup - The social function of Google.
31) GoogleTTS.apk - Voice engine from Google.
32) Hangouts.apk - Analogue Google Talk.
33) helpapp.apk - Help.
34) IddAgent.apk - Collection of anonymous statistics.
35) KeyChain.apk - Work certificates and security keys.
36) livewaremanager.apk - Smart Connect Program.
37) Magazines.apk - Google Store.
38) Maps.apk - Google Maps.
39) MediaUploader.apk - Responsible for uploading images to Picasa or Facebook.
40) Music2.apk - Play music.
41) MyXperia.apk - Search for a lost smartphone.
42) OMAClientProvisioning.apk - OTA OS update by air.
43) OmaDownload.apk - OTA downloader.
44) OmaV1AgentDownloadServices.apk - OTA download service and services.
45) OnOffTools.apk - Standard widget switching functions.
46) PicoTts.apk - Text to Speech.
47) PlayGames.apk - Google Games.
48) PlusOne.apk - Google+.
49) POBoxSknMono.apk - Skin for the Japanese keyboard.
50) POBoxSknSelector.apk - Skin for Japanese keyboard.
51) RemoteControlService.apk - Remote access to the phone.
52) RemoteFileAcess.apk - Remote shares.
53) RemoteStorageService.apk - Remote storage.
54) retaildemo.apk - Demonstration.
55) SemcCrashMonitor.apk - Monitoring the "falls".
56) SEMCFacebookProxy.apk - Facebook media downloader.
57) SemcStorageChecker.apk - Check for free space on the internal drive.
58) SemcWarrantyTime.apk - Warranty information.
59) ShareApplication.apk - Distributing applications.
60) ShutDownAnimation.apk - Animation at shutdown.
61) SimpleHome.apk - A simple initial screen.
62) SmartSearch.apk - Quick search.
63) Sneiaccountmanager.apk - Sony Entertainment Network account.
64) socialcast.apk - Addon for Social Live camera (Facebook).
65) SocialEngineCore.apk - Core for social programs.
66) SocialEngineFacebookPlugin.apk - Facebook plugin.
67) SocialEngineFacebookShareFrwkPlugin.apk - Facebook Alert Plugin.
68) SocialEnginePicasaPlugin.apk - Picasa Plugin.
69) SocialEngineTwitterShareFrwkPlugin.apk - Twitter Alert Plugin.
70) sociallife.apk - Sociallife program (analogue of Timescape).
71) SomcMovieCreator.apk - Making movies.
72) SomcMusicSlideshow.apk - SensMe slideshow.
73) SomcPhotoAnalyzer.apk - Face analyzer in photos.
74) SomcPodcast.apk - Podcasts.
75) SOMCTwitterAccount.apk - Twitter account.
76) SonyEntrance.apk - What's New.
77) sonyselect.apk - Sony Select Store.
78) SonySelectWidget.apk - Sony Select Widget.
79) Stk.apk - Menu sim card.
80) Street.apk - Street View.
81) talkback.apk - Special features for people with disabilities.
82) UpdateCenter.apk - Sony software update.
83) usb-mtp-update-wrapper.apk - Search for software updates via the Update Service.
84) Velvet.apk - Google Now.
85) Videos.apk - Google Video.
86) VMwareReady.apk - Virtual cloud for data exchange.
87) WikipediaPlugin.apk - Plugin for searching information about the artist on the Internet for Walkman.
88) xperialounge.apk - Xperia Lounge.
89) YouTube.apk - View videos on YouTube.
90) YouTubeKaraokePlugin.apk - Plugin for searching videos from karaoke on YouTube service for Walkman.
91) YouTubePlugin.apk - Plugin for searching videos on YouTube for Walkman.

Other applications

1) ActiveClipper.apk - Small application: taking a screenshot of the screen and editing it.
2) ar-effect.apk - Visual effects for the camera.
3) ArtFilterCamera- Artistic effects for the camera.
4) BlackThemeBlueAccent.apk - Air theme.
5) Calculator.apk - Calculator.
6) ClockWidgets.apk - clock widget.
7) CloudPrint.apk - Wireless Printer.
8) ExperienceFlow2LiveWallpaper.apk - Xperia Live Wallpaper.
9) FaceLock.apk - Unlock through the camera on the face.
10) Galaxy4.apk - Black hole live wallpaper.
11) GreenTheme.apk - Earth Theme.
12) Home.apk - Xperia Desktop (Install another launcher before uninstalling).
13) infoeye.apk - Addon for Info-eye camera.
14) Initial-boot-setup.apk - Initial setup.
15) MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk - Live wallpaper Smoke.
16) MusicWidget.apk - Walkman Widget.
17) NoiceField.apk - Live wallpaper Bubbles.
18) OrangeTheme.apk - Sunny theme.
19) PhaseBeam.apk - Live wallpaper Phase beam.
20) PhotoSlideshow.apk - Slideshow of photos.
21) PhotoTable.apk - Photographic screensavers while charging a device
22) PhotoWidget.apk - Widget photos and videos.
23) PinkTheme.apk - Heat Theme.
24) PrintSpooler.apk - Print spooler.
25) PurpleTheme.apk - Silk theme.
26) RecentCallsWidget.apk - Recent Calls Widget.
27) SemcAlbum.apk - Album.
28) SemcCamera3D.apk - Panoramic overview.
29) SemcEmail.apk - Email client.
30) SemcMetadataCleanup.apk - Download information about music.
31) SemcMusic.apk - Walkman Player.
32) SemcMusicWisualizer.apk - Visualization.
33) SemcPhotoEditor.apk - Photo Editor.
34) SemcTvLauncher.apk - TV Launcher via MHL-HDMI.
35) SemcVideo.apk - Movies.
36) SetupWizard.apk - Setup Wizard.
37) Skin1.apk - Vintage Theme.
38) SmallApp-Calculator.apk - Small application: calculator.
39) SmallApp-Timer.apk - Small application: timer.
40) SmallAppManagerService.apk - Small application manager.
41) SmallAppLauncher.apk - Launcher for small applications.
42) SmallAppWidget.apk - Widgets for small applications.
43) SomcDlna.apk - Devices on Wi-Fi.
44) SomcMirrorLinkManualSwitch.apk - MirrorLink parameters.
45) SomcMirrorLinkServer.apk - MirrorLink service.
46) SomcMirrorLinkSystem.apk - System MirrorLink.
47) SomcNotes.apk - Notes.
48) SomcPlayAnywhere.apk - Wireless Throw.
49) SomcSeamlessTethering.apk - Windows modem mode.
50) SomcScetch.apk - Sketch.
51) SomcWiFiDisplay.apk - Screen dubbing over Wi-Fi.
52) SoundRecoreder.apk - Dictaphone.
53) Tag.apk - NFC tags.
54) textinput-tng.apk - Xperia Keyboard.
55) TimeShiftCamera.apk - Addon for the Timeshift Burst camera.
56) TopContactsWidget.apk - A widget of popular contacts.
57) TouchBlock.apk - Small display lock application.
58) VisualizationWallpapers.apk - Live wallpapers Audiovisualization.
69) WeatherWidget.apk - Weather widget.
60) white-balance.apk - White balance.
61) WirelessControllerManagerService - Dualshock controller.
62) WorldClockWidget.apk - World time widget.
63) XperiaLockScreen.apk - Lock screen.

And as always, you do everything at your own peril and risk

Thank you for the listRuckusdj

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Nasdomlan appointed curator of the topic!

Rep: (3)
Good evening. I want to flash two simochnik Chinese s55t 19.2.2.B.0.144. firmware to find out whether 4G or not. Through flash tools.
How true is the expected result? Well, that is, does it make sense to flash, in the hope that there will be 4G?

Rep: (0)
* loop
All the same, it is not clear whether 4G works on your C3 or not? Regarding the work of C3 on firmware .72 rus and the Chinese version, I think there will be no problems, you can try (taking into account the "direct hands" of course). After buying my s55u, I immediately updated by air, turning my phone. in D2502. Only when I installed S55u_19.2.1.A.0.72_R20B_China-LTE I earned 4G, I think if you try to flash the Chinese it is better to use the firmware for s55u, because It uses the FFD communication range to work in 4G, and the S55t is mainly designed to work in the TD Lte range (although it has FFD). On the other hand, it is not yet known whether there will be a significant speed increase in real reception conditions, and in 3G, the normal speed of the Internet. In another thread I posted my measurement results, so compare and try-Message # 424

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Rep: (158)
* andskr2009, Right now I tested 4g. I have a megaphone, the network finds. A 4g.3g.2g megaphone or a 4g megaphone does not want to register. But such a glitch of skill was not critical, and was observed in the 4g modem. Still, the Internet settings do not come through the SIM, the model is not supported. The Internet was manually configured. 3g keeps stable right now it was updated pretty quickly quickly updated 3 applications.

4.7.2. Try to write correctly. Messages that contain grammatical and / or syntax errors can cause a negative reaction of forum participants.

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* Muzikant-tlt, If because of 4g, while unbroken, they tested a little.

Rep: (158)
* Nasdomlan, this one s55t 19.2.2.B.0.144. China, FlashTool got it, in sony c3 updates and it didn’t write to two or one SIM card. I put it on the boom of saints. If there was no difference, you can sew. Right now I’ll check it off.

Rep: (141)
* loop
You’re a little mistaken, these are Customized firmware ..... That is, configured, adapted for such a region, after Customized there comes RU, HK, etc. This is not custom firmware, but for such a region. And I download firmware with thisXperiFirm (Post NFound # 33301009)It is much more convenient and then in flashtool I collect in ftf. And here there is firmware 19.2.A.0.383 which should be rutted without opening the bootloader. I myself can’t test yet

Posted on 02/13/2015, 10:23:

* mad_slash
Link in this post than to see. Like the description of the error;)

And here is the instruction on how to download and build firmwareFlashtool (Post by vladigor # 35098524)Accordingly, if you download through XperiFirm, then collect according to this instruction. XperiFirm gives not only the latest firmware version, but also older versions

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how to download firmware. go to the topicsavagemessiahzine.com>Android>Android - discussion>Sony / SonyEricsson>Sony Xperia t3. there we go into the firmware, select. Creating firmware for the USB flash drive Downloading files from Sony and creating the .ftf package.

Rep: (2)
Getting started installing CWM
1. Turn off the phone, connect to the PC holding the volume up.

and nothing happens.
Butler seem to be unlocked, but I can’t check.
Check the status of the bootloader. Dial in the dialer * # * # 7378423 # * # *
again, nothing happens

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