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Q. Which bank to use? Which is better?
A. In any. Money will be credited to a bank account, whether it is a card or just a deposit, the main thing is to fill in all the fields correctly.

Q. How do I fill out a payout profile?
A. Following the example of Sberbank:
All data is on the website of Sberbank, if this is difficult, then contact the office where you have a card or an account and specify THEIR details.
Account Type- Resident
Account holder name - name (in English naturally)
Bank name - Sberbank office 8609/001 (your data)
Bank city - Smolensk (own data)
Address line 1 - 13 Kashena St. (personal data)
Correspondent Account - 30101810000000000632 (your data)
Beneficiary INN - 7707083893 (your data)
Bank BIK - 046614632
For other banks, everything is identical - it was checked on Tinkoff, Rus.standard and VTB - all good!

Q. What are Pending Proceeds, Paid to date and Last Payment?
A. Pending Proceeds - Revenues since the last payment, i.e. statistics of your sales since the last payment to the card.
Last Payment - the last payment to your card.
Paid to date - how many payments are made.

Q. When do payments occur?
A. Usually payments (to a bank account in the United States) come at the end of the second week of the month, numbers 11-13, but sometimes there are delays due to bugs in the small-bosome itself. Focus on getting after the 15th

Q. How much money do I need to collect in order to be paid?
A. It is necessary that an amount of at least $ 200 be accumulated on the account

Q. How do I know if there will be payments in the next month?
A. You can write insupportMicrosoft (in English) and they can ask, is there-if you are in the list of payments.

Q. I have accumulated the required amount, but the payment did not come.
ABOUT . Check if you have filled out PayoutProfile correctly / If everything is ok, please contactsupport

Q. I have lost *** amount in DevCentre. The card did not come, in the center there is no information about the payment. Only the amount of the last payment decreased and that's it. What to do?
A. The amount is listed for payment, i.e. it has already been removed from the "credit", but in fact the payment has not yet passed. The transfer takes a certain time (usually up to 5 banking days). Before the money falls on the card, you will receive a letter from Microsoft with a pdf file about payments

Q. In what currency are payments made? The financial summary contains the USD currency. And what will happen if the payments are in dollars, and the card has an account in UAH, RMB or MNT.
A. Payments are made in the currency of your country (more precisely, your account)

Q. Is tax levied? or need to pay yourself?
A. For developers from the Russian Federation, taxes are not withheld.

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Special thanks for the answerssensbostonandNemo_Crow

ask your questions, the most important ones will also be added to the FAQ

Microsoft Support (in English) - tytskay Attached Image

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I got an answer that they are digging around my question and are not yet ready to give me an answer, but they will definitely try to do it in 3-4 business days :)

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Today, another letter was sent that they are working on a fix and they will inform me. They promise to do it this week.

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Shaw, again? Returned "Financial summary". Interesting for a long time?

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S_K @ 04/28/2015, 05:38*
Shaw, again? Returned "Financial summary". Interesting for a long time?

:) And, curiously, the amountProceeds since last payment It looks as if no payments were made;) However, there’s not much sense from this ...

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Inquired about "NAME MISSING." They promised that in 1-2 days it will resolve. And indeed, today it resolved as if it had not. Neither the name nor the amount. I can only hope that the Compensation Adjustment compensated for them.

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Yes, that's just zeros for payment ... although the Baku thing has long accumulated

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Kalyan_z @ 04/30/2015, 08:58*
that's just for payment are zeros

"it may take up to 60 days, take an interest next month"

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it may take up to 60 days, take an interest next month "

:) I know that) 60 days just passed ... I hope that this is a glitch, if not, then I will write on May 2 in support

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Fuh, T-shirts please ...
The reserved amount was divided in half - half went to payout, half remained reserved, all the rules: happy:

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iii) Beginning June 1, 2015, if the income from the application is less than $ 25 (or its equivalent in local currency) and Microsoft can transfer your payment using SEPA / ACH / PayPal, then Microsoft may transfer the due the amount for the following months until the total debt reaches at least $ 25 (or its equivalent in local currency).

As I understand it, they will send amounts less than $ 200 if the withdrawal to PayPal is configured?

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Swallery @ 05/12/2015, 17:28*

As I understand it, they will send amounts less than $ 200 if the withdrawal to PayPal is configured?

Where did this quote come from?

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0vZ @ 05/13/2015, 09:40*
Where did this quote come from?

from agreement with the developer

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Guys, come on somebody onCurrent profits and payments you have not decreased there Is the reserved amount? I had $ 680 in the morning and now 340

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* JellyRMD, similarly! I sent another email to support (I have a sluggish thread there, I didn’t receive payments in June, although Reserved was $ 872.51). Something Microsoft began to "stir up", I really do not like this situation :( On the other hand, fortunately (or unfortunately) this is not the money to sue them. Unless some quirky lawyer opens a class action against MS (I would love to participate! A more greedy and bureaucratic office than MS still needs to be searched).

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The same situation, 25k rublefff precipitated ... Can I already panic ????

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I contacted a law firm specializing in class actions, told them the issue. They promised to think and say whether it makes sense to institute a lawsuit.

P.S. Imho, Moscow / Russia should also have similar offices. It’s time to somehow limit the small-scale “boundlessness” ...

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And she, they sent money to my account) it turns out they wrote off the money to PayPal

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JellyRMD @ 06/11/2015, 06:17*
And she, they sent money to my account) it turns out they wrote off the money to PayPal

Lucky for you, but I have the same changes in the history of the account, and on the map ... but 25k is not

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But right now, the letter arrived that the payment of 25.860 rubles was sent and will arrive soon ... although the sammari has not yet been displayed in the payment ... we are waiting, the panic is canceled

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They wrote to me that the payment would arrive on the account between the 15th and the 25th, apologized for the bug in the system, and said that they would fix it soon ...

P.S. I wonder why there have never been bugs in my favor? ;)

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