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Pixelmator | [IPhone] [iPad] image editor

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Version: 2.4.4
Catalog: Office programs
Last update of the program in the header:26.02.2019

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Short description:

Pixelmator for iPad is a powerful image editor, where you can find everything you need to create, edit and enhance your images. It allows you to work on Macs and iPads without switching to it — and even transfer files easily for use in Adobe Photoshop.

Pixelmator uses all the resources of the latest iOS and gives you a fast and powerful tool for changing and improving images, sketching and drawing, creating stunning effects and surprisingly easy creation of complex creations. And when your work is ready, Pixelmator will help you show it to your friends and acquaintances and celebrate your success with them.

Creative tools
• Get started with dozens of stylish templates.
• Enhance your photos with effects, frames or create great collages.
• Add a word, phrase or caption.
• Make the text a work of art with advanced text settings.
• Easily add, create, combine and edit forms.
• Apply shadows, fills, and strokes effortlessly.

Powerful, complete graphics editor
• Draw in a pixelmator just like on a canvas.
• Choose from a variety of realistic and stylized brushes of all sizes and shapes.
• Use different brush sizes and change the opacity of the stroke.

Professional-grade color correction tools
• Radically improve mediocre photos with a single click or swipe.
• Choose from eight different sets of color correction options.
• Change levels, curves, brightness, contrast and more.
• Remove shades and set the correct white balance.
• Use convenient intuitive interface.

Editing tools
• Wash off wrinkles and mask scratches.
• Remove flaws from photos, remove or move objects on the canvas.
• Lighten, darken, blur or sharpen certain areas.
• Get rid of the red-eye effect in one click.
• Distort, transform - or subtly enhance images to get a completely unexpected effect.

Magic effects
• Offers you to experiment with dozens of exciting effects.
• Gives your images a stunning retro look with a Light leak filter.
• Gives you full control over image colors with tone and saturation settings.
• Gives you the ability to create charming photos of days gone by with vintage effects.
• Liven up your photos with bokeh lights.
• Turn images into perfectly balanced black and white photos.
• Use some great effects for amazing results.
• Combine several different effects to create unique and strikingly simple works of art.

Layer Styles
• Instantly change the appearance of images, text and forms in the process of creation.
• Convenient and reversible changes in layer styles: shadows, strokes, gradient fills, and more.
• Change layer styles until you get the look you want.

• Open and save images in formats PSD, JPEG, PNG, PDF and many others.
• Open and save Photoshop images with layers.
• Send images directly to Photos.
• Store images on iCloud Drive and access them from other applications.

iCloud and sending to friends
• Set up iCloud for automatic storage of edited images and easily transfer your creations to any device.
• You can not save documents manually due to autosave.
• Email photos directly from Pixelmator.
• Post images on social networks Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

Designed specifically for the iPad
Pixelmator is carefully thought out and made from scratch specifically for iOS 8 and iPad. Designed to take full advantage of the features and technologies of iOS 8. Designed to work as efficiently as possible with the 64-bit architecture, ARC, Grand Central Dispatch, OpenGL ES, Core Image and Core Animation, so you get incredible performance and responsiveness.

Languages:Russian , Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English, Spanish, Italian, Korean, German, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, French
Developer: UAB Pixelmator Team
Compatibility: Is required iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Homepage: http://www.pixelmator.com/ipad/
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/pixelmator/id924695435

Download: Attached filePixelmator_2.4.4.ipa (105.19 MB)
For iOS 10/11
2.4.4 Feb 12 2019
This update adds support for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
• The Pixelmator interface has been optimized for the newest iPad Pro.
• Apple Pencil is now supported.
• Wherever possible, the double-tap gesture.
• The Noise, Hue, Miniaturize, and Hue effects were not working in the Photos extension. Fixed
• The canvas was not properly centered in the app and the Pixelmator Photos extension. Fixed
It was deselect the layer. Fixed
Have you gotten feedback about the update or Pixelmator for iOS in general? We'd love it at [email protected]!
2.4.3 Oct 4 2018
This update makes Pixelmator compatible with iOS 12 and adds a few additional improvements and fixes.
• Added several new aspect ratios to the Crop tool.
• Make it easier to rasterize non-image layers.
• Image thumbnails in iOS for iOS would be displayed as solid gray. Fixed
• When dragging and dropping, it has been increased.
If you have already moved it.
• Undo button to prevent accidentally exiting to the gallery.
• The toolbar has been increased to prevent accidentally hiding it.
The app will be preserved (however, it will need to be saved by iOS).
It is not possible to overwrite the original.
• Using the Distort tools on the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max would create transparent areas in the image. Fixed
• Pixelmator for iOS would sometimes stop responding when opening the gallery while syncing with iCloud. Fixed
• Pixelmator for iOS to quit unexpectedly when creating an app.
Pixelmator for iOS from quitting unexpectedly.
2.4.2 Mar 20 2018
Pixelmator for iOS 2.4.2.
• Newly created Pixelmator files will now appear in the Recents tab of the Files app.
• iPhone X. Fixed.
• The Retouch and Distort tool previews are shown when adjusting the iPhone X. Fixed.
• Pixelmator for iOS would sometimes quit unexpectedly when trying to load user-installed fonts. Fixed
• Previewing incorrectly. Fixed
• Pixelmator for iOS quit unexpectedly. Fixed
• Fixed an issue with grouping and reordering layers for you to quit unexpectedly.
What's new in version 2.4.1
This is an update for iPhone X.
What's new in version 2.3
It makes it possible to make it easy to use it.
• The advanced Quick Selection Tool.
• The Smart Magnetic Selection Tool snaps to you objects.
• Many small, but awesome changes to your experience.
Selection improvements:
• When making selections, you can now tap Invert to invert those selections.
The color of the selection tool is more consistent.
• It’s actually marching around your selections.
• The Color Selection Tool is especially faster (especially on older devices).
• Added a Create New selection mode, which is now the default.
• It’s shown in the selection mode.
• You can now transform selections in the Arrange pane.
Le le off now now now
• Selections, Selection, Rectangle Selection, Selections, Selections, Selections, Selections, Selections, Selections.
• Selection of tools for your selection.
• When you open up the selection tool, it will automatically be active.
Moving a pan pan pan pan pan pan
• Selection Tool now has a subtle animation.
• Selection of tools for your selection of the Selection tools.
• Tapping Undo after transforming a selected area sometimes used to make that area flicker. Fixed
• When using the Selection Tool, it was possible to make really small selections instead of adding points. Fixed
Improvements and bug fixes:
• Use a double finger to tap in.
• The 9:16 aspect ratio is the list of ratios in the crop.
• It doesn’t need to be available.
• If you’re using it, you can’t save it.
If you are not selected, you can’t see it. To move it - first, tap to select it.
If you hold on to your skin, you’ll have to hold it up. start rotating.
• Zoom animations.
Apple Pencil improvements and bug fixes:
• When using the Apple Pencil, the brush size is the pressure-sensitive.
• Selections made using the Apple Pencil Selection Tool are now more accurate.
• The transform handle area is now smaller.
Pixelmator for iPhone improvements:
• The Select and Distort tool are now laid out more symmetrically.
• The selection of the chooser is highlighted more clearly.
• Select the tool chooser.
There is a bunch of different notes and notes for users of pixelmator.com.
What's new in version 2.2.1
• 30 more brushes now support the Apple Pencil feature.
• Distort tools work than before when editing large images.
• Applying multiple effects to large images in the Pixelmator Photos Extension works smoothly.
• Improved stability when opening images.
• The Pixelmator icon of the iPad Pro.
• If you’re a
• Removed the option to flip text.
• Fixed pixelmator Gallery.
What's new in version 2.1
Pixelmator for iOS 2.1 downloads support for iOS 9;
• Pixelmator now works great on the new iOS 9.
It makes it easy for you to use it.
• Open and edit images in stunning 8K resolution.
• Pixelmator image of the exact same place.
It makes it impossible to create a copy.
• Use Spotlight to quickly find your Pixelmator documents.
• Copy image to Clipboard.
• San Francisco is now the new user interface font.
What's new in version 2.0.2
We’ve redefined the Dynamic Touch, it has been added.
• The Repair tool is now up to 5 times faster and even more precise.
It can be used to make up your hair and hair.
• Lots of improvements and more.
Improvements and fixes
• Blur effect your images.
• The Pinch and Bump effects now look even better.
• We’ve fixed the Effects thumbnails of very wide images.
• The popover open.
• The Clone tool now cloning grouped layers.
• Lock on with Alpha on.
• The rhombus shape looks much more crisp.
• Font Size setting. Fixed
• The values ​​of the Color Balance settings used to stay the same after using Undo. Fixed
• Previously, after canceling the color adjustments for the text, shape or grouped layers, you were still able to make it. Fixed
• Removed Undo Image Size after creating a new Custom Image.
• The Replace Photo popover is a high zoom level.
• Into the fit and full-screen views.
• Your canvas now also fits the screen after it has been opened.
• If you can use the label or label, it is easier to swap.
• Images copied from Messages and other text-based apps are now pasted properly.
• Pixelmator for iOS created with Pixelmator for iOS.
• Now you can see the Pixelmator document thumbnails in the iCloud Drive Document Picker.
• Once in a while, the saving editable extension is used. We found it.
• Even if you made no changes. Fixed
• The app used to quit unexpectedly when you tried to enter. Not anymore.
• If you’re opening PSD documents with custom fonts.
• You can launch the app.
• Once in a while, the app used to stop responding after running in the background. Not anymore.
• The app would sometimes stop it from the app or via Handoff. We fixed this.
Improvements for Pixelmator for iPad:
• We’ve updated to the latest stylus SDK for a better painting experience.
• Replaced Brush Tool and Eraser Tool; stylus shortcut options with one Toggle Eraser option.
• Fixed an issue with Stylus Shortcuts, which sometimes used to perform two actions at the same time.
• First Writing Style was available but non-selectable. Fixed
Bug fixes.
What's new in version 2.0.1
Pixelmator is now available for iPhone as a universal application (this means that it is free for you since you already bought Pixelmator for iPad).
New opportunities
• Pixelmator is now available on iPhone.
• Warp tools provide the ability to compress, inflate, twist, and distort image areas.
• The “Stamp” tool allows you to duplicate image areas.
ВЂ Исправ New function "Fix Selection" instantly restores selected areas.
What's new in version 1.1
• Unique watercolor painting
• 12 new beautiful artist-designed watercolor brushes
• The new Color Picker
• Use the Grid to Picker the Grid to Pick Colors Even More Precisely.
• Optimized Painting Engine gives you up to 2 times faster painting performance
• Now you can open 16-bit RGB, CMYK and Grayscale Photoshop image previews
• iCloud Drive
Use Alph Alph Alph Alph Alph
• Preview of your brush while adjusting its settings
• Open and edit RAW image previews
• Full support for Adonit Jot Script, Jot Touch 4, Jot Touch, and Pixelpoint styluses
• Enhanced stylus pressure sensitivity with all styluses
Attention to Detail
• Scale images without constraints proportions: Tools>Format>Arrange>Constrain Proportions
• Invert color adjustment preset colors
• Open PDF files from your email or any other app
• See colors with the Eyedropper.
• Adjust slider sensitivity.
• Zoom into your image while still tweaking the effect’s settings
• Rotate text rotation slider: Tools>Format>Arrange
• Toggle between full-screen mode more easily
• Optimized memory use allows to undo much faster while painting
• Cleaner Eyedropper Interface
• Refreshed look of the Gradient Picker
• Auto Save improvements
• Updated Wacom Stylus SDK for even more precise painting
• Memory leak fixes
• Fixed Eyedropper crashes
• Fixed adding layer from photo stream
• Fixed transforming maximum-sized layers
• Paint freely without affecting
• Smoothly transform maximum-sized layers
• The image no longer dims when adjusting the effect’s strengthWhat's new in version 1.0.2
• We’ve made it on the canvas
• You can rotate the slider in Format>Arrange
• A new opacity brush to adjust brush tip opacity
• A new Brush Size slider to adjust the Retouch tool tip size
• Remastered brushes altogether to work better with styluses
EXIF metadata slew of fixes to preserve:
• Image metadata is preserved when using Pixelmator Photo Editing Extension
• Image metadata is preserved when opening and exporting images to the Photo Library
• Image metadata is preserved if iCloud Drive
Photo Editing Extension:
• Remastered Blur effect to work better
• Minimized extension app executable file size to lower memory footprint
• Removed all unnecessary resources so that extension package is even smaller.
• Selection drawing performance
• Sharpen effect performance is reduced
• Sharpen / Soften retouching tools ’intensity is improved
• Selection animation now restores correctly when switching between apps
• Removed irrelevant warning about color profiles when exporting PNG or JPG files to Pixelmator iCloud Drive
• Fixed several minor memory leaks
• Improved app launch stability. Please upgrade to iOS 8.1.1, too. If you are still experiencing any issues, please email us at [email protected]
• Improved compatibility with Pixelmator for Mac shapes
• Improved the Paint Selection tool performance
• Fixed possible crashing issue
• Added Traditional Chinese localization
What's new in version 1.0.1
• The Repair tool is now available on iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad mini.
• Preview brushes updated, and now it is easier to assess the shape of the desired brush.
• Brush settings are enhanced for finer stroke trim.
• Improved localization.

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A good photo editor? Worth buying?

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The latest supported version on iPad mini 1G on iOS 8.4.1 is2.0.2

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Comrades! Help is needed! Is it possible in Pixelmator to split an image intoCMYK, that is, divided into separate channels Cyan, Magenta, Yelloy, Key? I can’t find the Old anywhere, in the program itself when applying the CMYK profile, the image is not divided into colors.

Question on the version for OS X (Pixelmator 3.6, OS X 10.14.2). I apologize that I’m not asking you in that topic, I don’t have the section I need, but maybe someone can help me here. Thank!

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How convenient is it to use? I am looking for something purely for processing photos, perhaps drawing details on them

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Maxipon @ 03/20/2018, 19:51*
Update in the header ...

You can post a new version

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Update in the header ...

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A fairly powerful photo editor, I’ve been using it for a long time, there were no problems with it, almost all the functions are there, but for ios there is no need for a larger version. In addition, there are desktop applications from the developer.

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