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Sony Xperia Z3 + / Z3 + Dual - Discussion | Smartphone, 5.2 "
Poll on 12/10/2015
Are you satisfied with the smartphone Sony Xperia Z3 + / Z3 + dual
Everything suits me [ 203 ] ** [29,9%]
There are minor shortcomings [ 258 ] ** [38%]
Tolerated, but sometimes annoying [ 128 ] ** [18,85%]
Rings, and it is fine [ 14 ] ** [2,06%]
Not happy, I will change [ 74 ] ** [10,9%]
Do you have problems with overheating Sony Xperia Z3 + / Z3 + dual
there is [ 367 ] ** [54,05%]
Not [ 312 ] ** [45,95%]
Total votes: 679

Rep: (353)
DiscussionSony Xperia Z3 + / Z3 + Dual
PictureSony Xperia Z4, Xperia Z3 +, E6553, E6533
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Reason for editing: Connecting an external USB

Rep: (953)
Sony Xperia Z4 - only the company's flagship in 2015.http: //m.hi-tech.mail....ws/xperia-z4-leak.html

Attached Image
A can such ?!http://www.xperiaz4.com/

Attached Image
Or such: Sony Xperia Z4 receive 6 '' UHD-screen, four GB of RAM, 128GB internal memory 24 and the main-Mn-8 Mn front chamber and a battery 4000 mAh. All this might fit into the body thickness of only 6.9 mm. In this case, the smartphone is protected against water and dust. As for appearance, the design of Xperia Z4 is made of OmniBalance concept principles. How's that for flagship from Sony?

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Rep: (953)
About Z4 linehttp: //m.hi-tech.mail....sony-z4-line-leak.html

Rep: (953)
New photos and information on the Sony Xperia Z4.http://trashbox.ru/top...aciya-o-sony-xperia-z4

Rep: (953)
Officially: Sony will hold a press conference at CES 2015.https: //m.hi-tech.mail...-show-on-ces-2015.htmlhttp://trashbox.ru/top...ropriyatie-na-ces-2015

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Rep: (353)
Z4 will get a 5.2 "display:http: //savagemessiahzine.com/2014/12/08/190092/

Rep: (1014)
http: //xperia-droid.ru...-i-xarakteristiki.html

Rep: (7)
As we would like it to be true, I would buy immediately

Rep: (36)


Post has been editedmax_walkman - 11.01.15, 08:38

Rep: (953)
SONY Xperia Z4 is certified in Japan:
savagemessiahzine.com :

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Rep: (953)
Rumors :http://trashbox.ru/top...redstavlen-na-mwc-2015

Rep: (953)
Sony Xperia Z4 will be shown March 2
February 2, 2015, 17:55

Most of the major announcements MWC 2015 held on March 1, but the Sony, according to the latest information, has decided not to mix his presentation with a bunch of others. Press conference of the company will be held on 2 March. It is expected that the new flagship will be shown there - Sony Xperia Z4. However, some sources say that the company "perezhdot" conference in Barcelona and announces it later. Prior to the presentation of just over a month, so that all will be known very soon.

Rep: (953)
Photo front panel sheds light on the design of Sony Xperia Z4.

Posted 05/02/2015, 6:39:

* Denisjx Here I am still waiting for the replacement of ZL, to the big screen but is compact and yet be without the glass back.! :-D

Post has been editededi.ms - 05.02.15, 06:35

Rep: (953)
Attached Image
Sony Xperia Z4 lighted in Geekbench (characteristics) -
Sony is unlikely to show the Xperia Z4 flagship at the upcoming MWC 2015 in Barcelona (March 2-5). However, the device is already being tested and could be lighted in the benchmark Geekbench. So, yesterday, 9 February, the database has been added to some unannounced Sony smartphone running Android 5.0.2 Lollipop (until devaysakh Xperia is not represented). Under the hood it Snapdragon chipset 810 MSM8994 with a frequency of 1.55 GHz (indicated power "weak" nuclei "strong" have a clock frequency of 2 GHz) and the 3 GB of RAM. Other rumors speak of two screen options (2K, and 1080), the new module, 20.7-megapixel camera and an updated design - will disappear some plugs with no loss of water protection.
It is also planned to release Xperia Z4 Compact and Xperia Z4 Ultra. Perhaps, we have one of these devices. As for the announcement of the leader, then, according to recent data, it will take place in the summer, on the eve of the premiere of the new Bond movie and will play an important role in its marketing support.

Post has been editededi.ms - 10.02.15, 09:58

Rep: (3)
https: //hi-tech.mail.r...a-z4-comes-closer.html

Rep: (341)
Is a new USB Type C or thought?

Attached Image

While there, it seemed

Attached Image

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Rep: (1014)
http: //androidinsider....ut-sony-xperia-z4.html

Rep: (17)

Rep: (953)
SONY Xperia Z4: new official renderings:

Post has been editededi.ms - 17.03.15, 19:18

Rep: (53)
September 2015Inside # 162: Rose Gold for iPhone 6S, ASUS Fonepad 7, Meizu MX4 Supreme with 60 megapixel camera and date OnePlus One

Rep: (1533)
Newsabout the fact that Sony groan over literate cooling proca 810- th ..

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