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GPRS Alarm notification
Version: 0.5

Last update of the program in the header:16.11.2014

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Many of us are sitting on operator tariff options that provide some kind of traffic during the day. For example, for ~ 120 p per month I get 100 mb per day. Unfortunately, I did not find a counter in the repository that did not report my daily limit to me (basically only monthly), but the system itself does not provide for this in the form that I need, as an option, reset the system counters daily, secondly, it is not convenient, secondly you will forget, in the third sometimes you need to know how much you have pumped in a month ...
In general, this made me write my own notification with blackjack and megabytes ...
The essence of the work is simple ...
1) Does not have its own interface! Specify the desired warning bar in "Settings - connection to the Internet - counters." The switch on "Limit warnings" must NOT be switched ON! but it is better not to include at all .. see screen.
2) Progsince installation (which in turn can lead to some error on the very first day of work, but at 00:00 everything will come up as it should, she does not know how much you have already downloaded today) starts looking at the system readers and comparing traffic values ​​with a given bar. .. as soon as the traffic value exceeds the specified threshold - the program will bypass the notification!
3) The program does not reset and does not require resetting the system counters, although it relies on their readings, so we can safely save the system traffic meter even to terabytes ...
4) The prog counts only DAILY consumption, every night at 00:00 it starts counting over the new one (as well as the operator giving us similar traffic)
5) If you increase the threshold after the counter is triggered, the program will work again when it reaches the new threshold
6) If you reset the system readers to 0, then the program during this day may not notify you because it relies on their readings, but at 00:00 it will find a new point of reference for itself.
7) is considered only mobile traffic
8) After installation, you need to reboot the body so that the demon starts ...
9) the maximum notification delay time is 3 minutes.
10) to complete the work your password for the root should be default -rootme

H / L
Added "link breaker"
Added button to raise the Internet
The button adds a quota of 5 meters.
Each new day quota returns to its original state.

1) Remove the old version
2) restart the phone
3) Install the new version
4) restart the phone

ps If you wish, you can fasten the disconnection of the connection, but for the time being I don’t see the need for it ... maybe over time ... here I’m in the Russian version, the TMO is English.
- add a check on the type of connection. Notifier tears up any communication (including Wi-Fi) if the quota for mobile communication is exceeded.


Russian interface: Yes

DEB: Attached filegprsalarm_0.5_ru_armel.deb (231.13 KB)

Version 0.3

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but it seems to me that he will not help here ... knocked on your PM for advice)))

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Throw me the source, from what you collect

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* Ancelad
tomato? ))

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tomato? ))

Yeah, catch the return

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* zxcvbnm3230 No, everything is in the standard: yes2:

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right now, how does it behave? works?

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* Alexxxl, Now it works perfectly !!! : yes2: It’s not strange, even with the included tweak, auto-brightness is not buggy: rofl: In general, this is the ultimate dream, there is everything you need for productive work. Alexxxl, Thank you so much: thank_you: Gained major, really necessary program to save money :)

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yes nezasht))
so the operating time was lying for a long time .. I wanted to do it as an additional notifier for the clock ... but so far I don’t get my hands apart ...

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minor finishing touches .. so far only english version ...

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waiting for Russian;)

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there they tried through the manifesto to get rid of the use of deve-su, but for now it doesn’t work out that much ... so stay on version 5 for now ...
6th rather experimental ...

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In principle, I am completely satisfied with the fifth, everything works fine ... It’s me, from greed ...

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Essentially, there is nothing much to add ...
except that a separate Guy with the settings .. but so far it does not need anything ...

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Put version 0.5, everything is fine;) Thank you. But the line in the topic header"Switch" Limit warnings "NOT REQUIRED to include! But it is better not to include at all .. see screen."probably still better to fix on -"switch off necessarily"!

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* Deniska621,
Not at all ... Just if you keep it on, you have to reset the counter every time with handles ....

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If still the program distinguished a paid Internet from the provider and free in the metro (cafe), and counted megabytes only from the provider ....: rolleyes:;)
It may be possible to do something, at least according to the principle - it will consider only the Internet that is connected manually or, on the contrary, only an automatic network connection ...!?

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An interesting program, but I do not have enough opportunity to reset the traffic once a week indicating the day, as well as the time to reset the limit ...

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