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GPRS Alarm notification
Version: 0.5

Last update of the program in the header:16.11.2014

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Many of us are sitting on operator tariff options that provide some kind of traffic during the day. For example, for ~ 120 p per month I get 100 mb per day. Unfortunately, I did not find a counter in the repository that did not report my daily limit to me (basically only monthly), but the system itself does not provide for this in the form that I need, as an option, reset the system counters daily, secondly, it is not convenient, secondly you will forget, in the third sometimes you need to know how much you have pumped in a month ...
In general, this made me write my own notification with blackjack and megabytes ...
The essence of the work is simple ...
1) Does not have its own interface! Specify the desired warning bar in "Settings - connection to the Internet - counters." The switch on "Limit warnings" must NOT be switched ON! but it is better not to include at all .. see screen.
2) Progsince installation (which in turn can lead to some error on the very first day of work, but at 00:00 everything will come up as it should, she does not know how much you have already downloaded today) starts looking at the system readers and comparing traffic values ​​with a given bar. .. as soon as the traffic value exceeds the specified threshold - the program will bypass the notification!
3) The program does not reset and does not require resetting the system counters, although it relies on their readings, so we can safely save the system traffic meter even to terabytes ...
4) The prog counts only DAILY consumption, every night at 00:00 it starts counting over the new one (as well as the operator giving us similar traffic)
5) If you increase the threshold after the counter is triggered, the program will work again when it reaches the new threshold
6) If you reset the system readers to 0, then the program during this day may not notify you because it relies on their readings, but at 00:00 it will find a new point of reference for itself.
7) is considered only mobile traffic
8) After installation, you need to reboot the body so that the demon starts ...
9) the maximum notification delay time is 3 minutes.
10) to complete the work your password for the root should be default -rootme

H / L
Added "link breaker"
Added button to raise the Internet
The button adds a quota of 5 meters.
Each new day quota returns to its original state.

1) Remove the old version
2) restart the phone
3) Install the new version
4) restart the phone

ps If you wish, you can fasten the disconnection of the connection, but for the time being I don’t see the need for it ... maybe over time ... here I’m in the Russian version, the TMO is English.
- add a check on the type of connection. Notifier tears up any communication (including Wi-Fi) if the quota for mobile communication is exceeded.


Russian interface: Yes

DEB: Attached filegprsalarm_0.5_ru_armel.deb (231.13 KB)

Version 0.3

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I did everything: I deleted - I rebooted - I installed - I rebooted, I set a limit of 1mb, it took about three minutes, and about a miracle: D everything you described, the message as in a hat, only in Russian, the neta icon disappeared, and the message icon, red appeared! Nat cut off !!! Something went wrong last time ... Now everything is super, it remains to come up with a reconnection, so that the radio would cut too and there will be a shine :)

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Well, I'll finish it again ... This variant of chopping does not quite fit ... There are already sketches ... Soon to be beta 3

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Oh, cool, new programs, and even from compatriots. Nice damn! Congratulations!

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Yes, what programs are there ... So, trinkets and crutches ...

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new clothes ...

screwed up a hard obrubon Internet ... and he himself now just will not recover))

To restore, use the "Inet enabler" button. This will restore the connection and throw 10 meters to the quota ...

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Attached filegprsalarm_0.3_ru_armel.deb(26.99 KB)

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: Thank_you: take away, later I will write about my impressions :)

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* Alexxxl, I again have a problem o.O apparently a program conflict, I suspect that with the Billboard Standby Screen, the body stopped unblocking, with double tapes or pressing a button, just a black screen and everything ... When you press the screen again with the clock. It only helps to press the button for a long time and restart the device, and so on until the next lock. With previous versions of the program such was not noticed. Otherwise, everything is super, the only one I couldn’t check: when I click on the icon, 10mb is added, and on the next day they will remain, or will I install it first? I have allocated 40mb per day, I set a limit of 35, when it reaches the Internet cuts off, but for example I know that I have 5mb in reserve in my reserve, in this case it will throw another 10 and the next day I will forget if I forget the counter will go to the money: angry: on the simbe I launched the connection manually and carefully checked it. It is probably more logical to simply allow to connect without an additional 10mb or reset the daily to the previously set parameters. Thank :)

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1) with the block is not exactly connected .. Just coincided .. To check the demolition of the notifier, I'm sure nothing will change. The brightness settings did not twist?
2) yes, the traffic is simply added to the quota and remains so, on the whole, the idea of ​​returning to the original quota is interesting, I will attach a new thing to the trail, it is not difficult
3) if the traffic is not sent, then the script will chop it off again within 3 minutes, it is not convenient.

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* Alexxxl, the fact of the matter is that it didn’t coincide ... I haven’t put anything new for a long time and this hasn’t been like that, besides I reinstalled two times with a difference of two hours (I thought it’s crooked again) Maybe the tweaker is still to blame, my auto-backlight is off, In general, I do not know what is to blame, but it is definitely not friendly with the third alarm;)
I'll wait to update: D

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Yes, there is nothing like that in principle! The same script with a couple of new lines ...
But the sudden attacks after the tweaking of the brightness of this happened in bulk!
Return this tweak to default and see - everything will pass))

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0.0.4 beta. Russian.

screwed traffic rollback to its original state at midnight ...
moreover ... if the “switch” is 50 meters, then at midnight it will be 50 meters and it will be taken away from the resulting increased quota.

until all the scenarios drove ... beta.
try ..

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In general, the tweaker was still guilty of the problem with the screen, turned it off and the flight was normal for two days, which is strange in the second version of the problems with it. The last fourth works for me unstable, most likely does not work at all. If I manually set a limit below the preset one, then after a while (2-3 minutes) a message about an increase appears, but it does not work.

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* Shystrij,

on the first day, the program does not know how much traffic you have already pumped "today" until it is installed .. The first midnight field will start to adequately count ...

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* Alexxxl, so I installed it on the eighth, it does not work ... Right now, I have 7MB used, I put the 9MB limit, I go to the 'heavy' site, as a result, 12MB of the message is not used, everything works ... And if now I’ll manually install it 3mb example, the program will work as it should.
P / s prog reinstalled, the body rebooted 08.11.2014
: rolleyes:

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it's not a reboot I think ...
I'll dig it ...
Did the 3rd version work for you normally?

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* Alexxxl, I didn’t play properly with the third one, I then had problems with blocking and I basically tried to find the cause, and then I deleted the alarm, which then became dumb after 5-9 reboots in a row o.O

11/12/2014 did not work ...
11/14/2014 hmm, today earned, and even worked three times on the limit, then no over ... Wonder what your Lord;)

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* Shystrij,

I drove a bunch of scenarios, but so far I have not identified any bugs .. it worked like a clock ....

general recommendations are:
1) take down the notifier
2) reboot
3) install the new versionAttached filegprsalarm_0.5_ru_armel.deb(231.13 KB)

in the new version minor edits, and the increase in traffic by 5 meters total (instead of 10)

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* Shystrij, let me intervene, did you change the password for the root user?

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Yes, an important moment .. I added it to the cap ...
For chopping and hacking the network, the default password is used for the root password, although very few people change it in our time, but the moment is important.

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Um, and make the manifesto? And no password is needed.

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