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GPRS Alarm notification
Version: 0.5

Last update of the program in the header:16.11.2014

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Many of us are sitting on operator tariff options that provide some kind of traffic during the day. For example, for ~ 120 p per month I get 100 mb per day. Unfortunately, I did not find a counter in the repository that did not report my daily limit to me (basically only monthly), but the system itself does not provide for this in the form that I need, as an option, reset the system counters daily, secondly, it is not convenient, secondly you will forget, in the third sometimes you need to know how much you have pumped in a month ...
In general, this made me write my own notification with blackjack and megabytes ...
The essence of the work is simple ...
1) Does not have its own interface! Specify the desired warning bar in "Settings - connection to the Internet - counters." The switch on "Limit warnings" must NOT be switched ON! but it is better not to include at all .. see screen.
2) Progsince installation (which in turn can lead to some error on the very first day of work, but at 00:00 everything will come up as it should, she does not know how much you have already downloaded today) starts looking at the system readers and comparing traffic values ​​with a given bar. .. as soon as the traffic value exceeds the specified threshold - the program will bypass the notification!
3) The program does not reset and does not require resetting the system counters, although it relies on their readings, so we can safely save the system traffic meter even to terabytes ...
4) The prog counts only DAILY consumption, every night at 00:00 it starts counting over the new one (as well as the operator giving us similar traffic)
5) If you increase the threshold after the counter is triggered, the program will work again when it reaches the new threshold
6) If you reset the system readers to 0, then the program during this day may not notify you because it relies on their readings, but at 00:00 it will find a new point of reference for itself.
7) is considered only mobile traffic
8) After installation, you need to reboot the body so that the demon starts ...
9) the maximum notification delay time is 3 minutes.
10) to complete the work your password for the root should be default -rootme

H / L
Added "link breaker"
Added button to raise the Internet
The button adds a quota of 5 meters.
Each new day quota returns to its original state.

1) Remove the old version
2) restart the phone
3) Install the new version
4) restart the phone

ps If you wish, you can fasten the disconnection of the connection, but for the time being I don’t see the need for it ... maybe over time ... here I’m in the Russian version, the TMO is English.
- add a check on the type of connection. Notifier tears up any communication (including Wi-Fi) if the quota for mobile communication is exceeded.


Russian interface: Yes

DEB: Attached filegprsalarm_0.5_ru_armel.deb (231.13 KB)

Version 0.3

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Prog is very necessary and most importantly long awaited (at least by me). Very much lacking preciselyrupture connections, because the notification is easy to skip / not notice, for example, leaving the download and going to another room ... The author writes that if you want, you can do it: blush: I will wait with impatience when you get to this hand, if you write it down please Update

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If tomorrow is very busy I will not try to portray)))

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I will be very grateful :)

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At mnu traffic is reset to 03:00. And how to be?

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At mnu traffic is reset to 03:00.

are you talking about an operator?

that they have a new day at 3:00 start?

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* Shystrij,

Here you are ... while beta ... drive test ...
For the sake of interest, put there a quota of 2-5 meters there and see if the connection is breaking ...
I have not worked out all the scenarios yet .. there is an idea that the “waffle” will also break if the traffic is exceeded (which is not entirely correct) ...
then it will be necessary to add a couple more checks to the script ... but it is still necessary to test this in general ...

and more ... if the connection itself is set as automatic, then after a while it may rise by itself, but the script will chop it off again within 2-3 minutes ... and this will continue until a new day comes or the quota does not change.

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Thank you very much, took it, test it, then accomplish your goal: thank_you:

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It does not work, or rather it does not work as it should ... I installed it, it worked out the warning stably, just displayed a request to continue the connection or not, and the question was displayed on the whole screen, dimming it, it’s convenient, you don’t miss it, the portrait / landscape presentation works, collapsed and even during the game ... But it does not break, while listening to the Internet radio, the message popped up but the traffic ate ​​until it stopped. When jumping the same. At twelve o'clock they reset to zero, no longer reset, the rest works. I look forward to fixing problems: blush:

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Shystrij @ 10/21/2014, 09:46*
just prompted to continue the connection or not,
But this hour is not a standard warning did you have? \ r \ nu you in the settings of the limits of the warning about the limit on or off?

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I put exactly gprsalarm_0.2_BETA_armel.deb
probyval both so and so. When turned off, just do not work, when enabled, what I wrote above o.O

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* Shystrij,
no no no .. you better turn off the traffic notification message ... this is exactly what you came up with .. it will only disturb us ...

do this ...
suppose .. today you have pumped up 10 meters .... set the threshold two times less, i.e. 5 .. then turn on the 3G internet and watch it ... within 3 minutes it should break ...

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I did so after the previous message, the browser rebooted, as you see I am on the net: rolleyes:. Twice the threshold changed, if you do less, then periodically the message pops up but does not chop off.
P / s after disconnecting the staff, does not notify or disconnect anything.

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and even write me what message text the notifier gives ...

Posted 10/21/2014 2:26 PM

The logic is approximately the same ...

once every 3 minutes a check is in progress ... if the threshold is reached displays a message about it and turns off (well, the internet should be turned off), .. after 3 minutes a check goes again ... if the message on exceeding the threshold has already been reached then the notifier is silent, but just tearing up the connection again ...

If the Internet is set up to connect automatically, then it can “rise” again, but again at the next check it should break off without any questions and notifications ...
Here I personally have it going on now ...

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I realized now it seems to be disconnected, at least it doesn’t check mail, but again, I’m writing without problems ... And the message was on a black screen warning about the reached limit, wrote how many digits and left it anyway to continue or disconnect. But it was with the notification turned on!
P / s As I understand it, with this algorithm, the Internet radio will not be able to hack?, it seems to periodically connect and cache traffic (or something like that)

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what you had on a dark background is a standard system notification ...
But the notifer should have just given you the message "Traffic for today 10 MB - exhausted. Internet disabled" - the "3G" icon in the status bar should disappear. What does not matter what you did at that moment .. climbed in the mail or listened to the radio - it should stop!

again .. if 3g connection is NOT automatic. there should be no problems at all.

If it is automatic, then the program, mail, and even you yourself launching the browser can revive it (connection) ... while you will connect to the Internet as needed in automatic mode, the 3G icon will appear in the status bar .. ... but after 3 minutes the script will chop it off again ...

Posted 10/21/2014 2:48 PM:

in particular, you have ... Mobile connection is automatic?

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The skill is not 3g: blush: I somehow did not think, I have a blue circle in the status bar and 2.5 is written in it ... Is this the whole problem ?! And this message I never had.
P / s it's hard to work with confused customers: yes2:

Connection AUTOMATICALLY (I need for mail and news)

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2g / 3g is not the point ... no difference ... just as a rule, 3J is used ... but ALL connections are torn, so it doesn’t matter ...

so wait ...
you should when you reach the limit pop up a message as on the screen in the header (only in Russian) ...
you do not have this and did not have it?

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Now I’ve done some things ... in general, if the same Internet radio is turned on and if the mobile Internet is turned on automatically, the radio will immediately launch it again ... in general, my algorithm doesn’t completely sink ...
There are still options for chopping off Ineta, but so far I did not want to resort to them ... in general, while picking on ...

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There was no such message exactly, I will wait for the new version;) thanks for the help: thank_you:

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* Shystrij,
step)) let's see why ... even if the Internet does not break .. but the notifier should work and inform you about it ... but it obviously does not work for you ...

1) Remove GPRS alarm
2) install new
3) rebutni body

set a limit of 1 mb ... and wait for the message ...

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