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installed operating system: Win 8 64
CPU:Intel Core i5-4200U
Screen size: 11.6 inches
Screen Resolution: 1920x1080
Screen type: touch, capacitive, multi-speed, IPS
Hard disk size: 128 GB
Memory Type: DDR3L
Maximum memory size: 8
Number of memory slots: 1
Graphics Controller Chipset: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Video Memory Type: SMA
Hard Drive Type: SSD
Hard Disk Interface: mSATA
Optical drive: no DVD
Device for reading flash cards: ✔
Secure Digital Support: ✔
Wi-Fi: ✔
Wi-Fi standard: 802.11n
Bluetooth: ✔
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
LTE: ✘
WiMAX: ✘
SIM support: no
Built-in network card: ✔
Max. LAN adapter speed: 1000
Battery capacity: 3800 mAh
Number of battery cells: 3
Length: 302.6 mm
Width: 196.1 mm
Thickness: 19.8 mm
Weight: 1.16 kg
Other: microphone, speakers, front camera
Additional Information:
The world of tablets is constantly changing and this gadget is a vivid example of what we will use in a year or a couple of years.
Laptops are a thing of the past due to the heavy weight and inconvenience of transportation, and they were replaced by tablets. That's just on ordinary tablets it’s very uncomfortable even to type text, not to edit large arrays of documents or spreadsheets, and you won’t open databases on a tablet without a remote desktop. Everything rests on the operating system and the method of entering information into a tablet computer - Android and iOS, although they have a huge set of applications, for example, they can’t cope with the necessary tasks in the work of the programmer. And without the presence of a physical keyboard, typing is very inconvenient, often there are false clicks, which are unacceptable in some areas. So - do tablets always remain toys for students bored in pairs, and nothing more? No, MSI thinks completely differently and recently the company showed the market a new device that allows both to relax and to work fully.

If Apple takes the first place in the tablet market about processors, then Intel with the fourth-generation Intel Haswell, the fourth-generation Core, can be called the same favorite in the notebook market, since the performance of this company's product is much greater than any competitor. It is the latest version of the processor installed in this device. Intel Core i5 is installed here, although it is not yet known which model. The new processor has enough power to run any application, from regular text editors to code compilers or video editors. Depending on the configuration, there are also from 2 to 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of mSATA drive for storing content, programs and OS. The filling is quite decent even for a laptop, and given that this is either a tablet or a laptop ...

Although the gadget is a laptop, but thanks to the touch display it can also be called a tablet. The gadget got Windows 8.1 (not everyone will be happy with this), as well as USB 3.0 ports and a webcam, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi modules. It will be very pleasant to work with all this, considering that the 11.6-inch display has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. With all this stuffing and, no doubt, a steep display, the device weighs only 1.2 kilograms.

The device received an interesting design - this is a slider, not a clamshell, as in the usual ultrabooks. If you just need to watch a movie on your lap or play some kind of game like Angry Birds, then you can pick up the gadget in your hands and play. When the time comes to work, you can decompose the gadget into a laptop and use a physical keyboard, connect a mouse and other peripherals. In this case, when folded, the gadget is difficult to distinguish from an ordinary tablet, unless the device is slightly thicker than its fellow tablets. Stylish white color with a thin keyboard and soft transitions looks unrealistically beautiful.

Although the gadget is a laptop, but thanks to the touch screen it can also be called a tablet. The gadget received Windows 8.1 (not everyone will be happy with this), as well as USB 3.0 ports and a webcam, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi modules. It will be very pleasant to work with all this, given that the 11.6-inch display has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. With all this stuffing and, without a doubt, a cool display, the device weighs only 1.2 kilograms and has a thickness of 20 millimeters. We did not find anything special in the device, but these buns are enough with the head.

Devices of this type will soon become very popular when people get used to new devices. Laptops in their usual form are already becoming obsolete, and tablets are increasingly pushing them out of the market due to the bulkiness and complexity of transportation. The new gadget from MSI will show how compact gadgets are better than their older brothers. Although the price, of course, does not please - $ 1,200 for a minimum configuration is very expensive. The reason for the high price was that the gadget is almost one of a kind, and the filling is not cheap.

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Hello to all the owners of this wonderful machine! Just the other day I became the owner of this device. What can I say, while everything is very, very like. Compact, convenient, cool mechanism of trasformation (like Sonya). I was very pleased with the screen, bright, contrast, IPS matrix. Of course, gloss brings its own fly in the ointment, but since the screen is touch-sensitive and covered with scratch-resistant glass, gloss cannot be avoided. It is not yet clear what kind of glass brand, gorilla or not, it is written just a scratch-resistant protective glass. And in general, on the Internet, there is not much detailed detailed information on this transformer. Therefore, I suggest users to share new info on the device here. The machine is fast enough for its class and size, it is heated very moderately in the vast majority of application scenarios. The built-in card reader was very pleased, the fact is that it is connected via the PCI Express bus, and not via USB 2.0 as in most other devices. Due to this, I have 88/76 sequential read / write speeds on my SunDisk Extra Pro microSDHC card. And this is a limitation of the speed of the card itself, that is, how will the faster ones come out, they will work in our device even faster, since the PCI Express bus capabilities are much more than 88/76.
Unfortunately, the memory organization in s20 is single-channel. The device has one full-format laptop memory slot for SO-DIMMs. Immediately, after the purchase, I replaced the installed 8 gigabyte Kingston memory module with Elpida chips, with the same 8 gigabyte Samsung module and unlocked the bios of the device, set the memory frequency to 2133 MHz instead of the native 1600 MHz. The machine even became faster by sight. In tests 3D Mark 2011 and 3D Mark 06, the stable indicators are 1040 and 5300 points, respectively, which is quite good for the i5 4200U configuration and single-channel memory.
If anyone has questions on the typewriter, ask, if possible, I will try to answer.

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That I went well. :)
Only today this device went to CSN.
The concept is very pleased.
Confirmed 2 known defects:
1) the touchscreen as the only pointing device is a bad idea, you have to look for some miniature bluetooth trackball.
2) The disk is small, the user remains ~ 75 gigs

The idea to finish the volume with an sd-card arose, thanks for the information about the speeds.
Mark's readings are good, it's a pity that they did not remove them before replacing the memory.

There is a request, warm it up with some kind of SuperPi, which will be the steady-state temperature of the processor in the laptop configuration and the tablet configuration.

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Already tried in both configurations, under stress tests heats as much as possible up to 90C and does not grow further. If you take, then run the brand immediately after the acquisition, the result is also interesting.

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It is a pity that they did not remove them before replacing the memory.

From my own experience (I have an Asus T300LA tablet with single-channel RAM too), I can say that an increase in the RAM frequency by 266 MHz on average gives an increase in 3DMark 06 ~ 300-350 parrots, and in 3DMark 11 ~ 60-70, If we estimate, then by default, all other things being equal (if without throttling, both there and there), this device should roughly dial ~ 4600 and 900, respectively.
And here we must not forget, it is important that the video memory in this case is taken from the general system memory (RAM), therefore, with an increase in the frequency of the RAM, the results in 3DMark grow so well.

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Already tried in both configurations, under stress tests heats up to maximum 90C and does not grow further

And there is no difference between laptop / tablet? In the tablet mode, the inlet grille of the CO is closed; according to any, the temperature should increase.
It seems that the SB simply does not cope and then either the frequency is dropped or the processor starts to slow down due to overheating :(

In general, it is strange with 90 degrees, the predecessor in the same design was heated to 73. The tdp processor is only 15 watts

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The frequency does not drop, and nothing is reset. I’m saying that I’ve already tried it. And when you try naturally, you look at the frequency and temperature graph in Intel HTU, when the frequency graph goes smooth, and the temperature graph grows to a certain value, and then it goes even too, which means that the frequency is not reset. Naturally heats up in the tablet position a little faster than in the laptop position. But! In the tablet position, the air intake grille does not overlap tightly, but is simply covered by the screen, while the screen does not press against it, there is a distance between them, and besides the air intake grille itself, there are a lot of places through which air is sucked into it. The case is not sealed. The propeller creates a certain vacuum in the housing, and air from the environment enters the housing from all the slots.

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Someone in the tablet mode, while holding the right edge, got out of the off and on the axilometer and most likely gets out the lock for locking the keyboard from accidental clicks?

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Just tried it. I twisted and crushed in the area of ​​the right side, neither icons nor messages pop up in my area. Only if you start to shift the screen for transformation, then yes the lock icon appears, but this is how it should be. Until the end of the transformation, the clave is blocked from accidental clicks.

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I figured it out, I can see somewhere in my store they lost a button that is in the lower right recess that works like locking the keyboard in the tablet mode, I had to turn on the brain and fix the mini button a little and put it in place) Now, just hurt!) machine apart from this shoal))) If not difficult, you can take a picture of this button closer ???)))

Stylus for him to buy?

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OK. Sfotyu button, as I return from the country. The stylus has not yet been bought, I still do not even know which one is suitable. Specify what place exactly sfotkat.

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It turns out in laptop mode, on the right back side, right behind the screen, a hole or a rectangular hole))) Thank you in advance!)

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Here are pictures of this button.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
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Attached Image

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Any questions:
1) Is the device able to boot from USB?
2) Did anyone ubuntu 14.04 on it?

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1. Yes, the flash drive is quietly loaded.
2. Did not try. But I think there should be no problems.

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Thank you, there was one problem - he disappeared from the sale, at all. :)

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Yes, yes, I am in the day in Novosib last took: happy:

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And I have a question: didn’t anyone think or maybe didn’t find any options to integrate a 3g module there somehow? However, there are some stubs that hint, and an empty space inside (I noticed invideo review). Or, maybe, a version with a cellular module is expected soon from the manufacturer?

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Cool idea. Just how to push it there? :)

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Attached Image
Here modules to install 3g-4g.
The mini pcie port with wifi installed can be used.

Posted on 10/17/2014, 20:58:

Photos more

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* Ravil,
Great! Tell me, did your new Plekstor not interfere with the fit of the battery?

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