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FAQ on the functionality of the modules Xposed | Lists of modules compatible with specific firmware

Before installing modules for Xposed, make a nandroid backup in order to protect the device from flashing and data loss! All that you bet, you bet only at your own peril and risk!

Theme rules:
  1. The topic is intended only for publishing ready-made modules for Xposed . Any questions and discussions are prohibited and punishable. Discussion of the work of Xposed and modules is in profile topic . If you have a question / comment to any post, write it to the author in QMS. Thanks for the published modules express your reputation in accordance with pp 5.1-5.2 forum rules .
  2. All new modules are published in this topic STRICTLY on a ready-made template. Non-template publications are deleted without warning. Screenshots need to be hidden under the spoiler. How to hide under the spoiler from the PC and in the mobile version of the forum / in office forum client / in the informal. customer
  3. Procedure before publishing a new module:
    - Usingalphabetical catalog and search by topic Attached Image(top right of the page or bottom left), be sure to check if this module has not been published here before.How to use searchIf this module is already published here in the same version, refrain from publication - all duplicates will be deleted. If the module has not yet been published, arrange your post on the template adopted in the topic (see. Below).
    - If you are publishing a new (updated) version of the module andNOT the author of the post with the previous version, then next to the module name, be sure to specify: “update” and give a link to the post with the previous version of the module.
    - If you are publishing a new (updated) version of the module andare the author of the post with the previous version, just update (reload) the content in that post and create a message in the subject with information about the update and a link to your post with the module.
    - Determine the minimum required version of Android for APK conveniently using type utilitiesAPK Checker / App Detective / APK-Infoetc.
Template for publishing the module in the subject (copy the code, paste it into your post and add the necessary information)
[size = 3] [color = blue] [b] Full module name [/ b] [/ color] [/ size]
[size = 2] [b] version: [/ b] [/ size] Version number, release date

[b] Developer: [/ b] we specify the name (nickname) of the author
[b] Google Play: [/ b] we indicate the link to the module page on Google Play (if there is one)
[b] Xda: [/ b] indicate the subject of the module on XDA (if there is one)
[b] Repository: [/ b] we specify the module page in the Xposed repository (if any)
[b] Link to the original post: [/ b] (if you are publishing a new version of the module and are not the author of a post with a previous version; otherwise, remove this line from the template)
[b] Technical requirements: [/ b] specify the required version of Android; specify the required firmware or device brand, if there is such a restriction; indicate whether there is support for the Russian language ...
[b] Job description, functionality: [/ b] indicate the main functions performed by the module, as well as the features of working with the module, if any

[spoiler = [b] Screenshots [/ b]] pictures [/ spoiler] [spoiler = [b] What's new [/ b]] CHANGELOG (if you are posting a new (updated) version of the module; otherwise, remove this line from the template) [/ spoiler]
[b] [color = blue] [size = 2] Download: [/ size] [/ color] [/ b] apk-file itself
What does the template look like
Full module name
version:Version number, release date

Developer:specify the name (nickname) of the author
Google Play:specify a link to the module page on Google Play (if any)
Xda:we indicate the theme of the module on XDA (if there is one)
Repository:specify the module page in the repository Xposed (if any)
Link to the original post:(if you are publishing a new version of the module and are not the author of a post with a previous version; otherwise, remove this line from the template)
Technical requirements:specify the required version of Android; specify the required firmware or device brand, if there is such a restriction; indicate whether there is support for the Russian language ...
Job description, functionality:indicate the main functions performed by the module, as well as the features of working with the module, if any

What's new
CHANGELOG (if you are posting a new (updated) version of the module; otherwise, remove this line from the template)

Modules with separate forum threads
Alphabetical Module Catalog

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Rep: (4109)
Alphabetical Module Catalog



  1. Samsung Auto-Brightness Fix for Lollipop mod 1.0

  2. Samsung Camera Any Gallery Fix 0.2

  3. Sberbank Unroot 1.0

  4. SbUnroot v1.0

  5. ScanDPI 1.1 Rus

  6. Scoop 1.6.0 | 1.6.0 Rus

  7. Screen Filter 1.5.2

  8. Screenshot Hider 1.0.1

  9. Sense 6 Lockscreen Mods 10.5 + Rus

  10. Sensible Android Auto: Xposed 1.8.8

  11. Sensor Disabler 2.1.3 + Rus 2.0.1 | 2.0.1 Rus

  12. Serajr Blurred System UI 1.9 | 1.9 Rus

  13. Serajr Blurred System UI (LP) 1.1.2 | v1.1.1

  14. Serajr Xperia ™ Home X (N) 1.1.0 Rus + Black Mod | 1.0.0 [MM] + Rus

  15. Serajr Xperia ™ Xposedv1.3.0 [LP], [MM], [N], [O] Rus / Black || Rus / Black ➜ 2.2.3 [LP] + 1.1.5 [MM] + 1.1.0 [N] || 1.7 Rus [LP] + 2.2.3 Rus || 2.2.3 (Android 5.1.1 only) dark || 3.4.1 + Rus [KK] || 3.4.1 Rus for Android 4.2+

  16. Serial Number Changer v2.1 | v2.0 Rus

  17. Settings Editor 2.13.3 Pro | 1.5 Pro Rus

  18. Settings Injector 1.2.0

  19. SIM Number Changer 1.2

  20. SIM Selector 1.0.2 | v1.0.1

  21. SkyOlin Helper (Multi Window) 2.5 | v2.4 Rus

  22. Smart Alarm Icon 1.2

  23. Smart Booster 4.8

  24. Smart Network 1.8.0 | v1.8.0 Rus

  25. Smooth System Progress Bars 1.5.0 | 1.4.7 Rus

  26. SMS Xposed 1.4.1

  27. SnapIntercept 1.0.1

  28. SoundCloud Downloader 1.5.7
    Past versions

  29. Spotify Music Mod Xposed

  30. Statusbar brightness slider 1.0

  31. Status Bar Cleanup [LP-MM]v1.2 Rus
    Past versions

  32. Status Bar [Text] 4.4

  33. Statusbar Battery Icon Xposed 1.0.112

  34. Statusbar Download Progress 3.6 | v3.6 Rus
    Past versions

  35. Statusbar Headset Icon 1.1.3

  36. Statusbar Icon Hider 1.0 + Rus

  37. StatusBarSleep [GB-MM] 1.02 Extended

  38. StatusbarVolume 1.3 Full | v1.3 Rus

  39. Surrogate 1.1 beta5 | v1.1 beta2

  40. SystemUI Icons 1.5

  41. SwiftkeyXthemes 1.14 beta | 1.1 beta Rus

  42. SwipeBack 2.0.0

  43. Swype Tweaks 1.5.1


  1. XBackground 1.0 + Rus

  2. XBatteries 1.1

  3. XbatteryThemer 1.2 | 1.2 Rus

  4. XBridge 1.2 + Rus

  5. XCallRecordingSettings 1.0.10 + Rus | v1.0 Rus

  6. Xdebuggable 1.1

  7. X Firewall 4.3.1 + Rus | v4.3.0

  8. XHangouts 2.16

  9. XInsta 2.1.0
    Past versions

  10. XInstaller 5.0

  11. XInternalSD 4.8

  12. xKindleMod 3.7.15

  13. XLDrawer 2.0

  14. X Messenger Privacy 2.6.3 | v2.5.6

  15. xMiFit-MAF v4.2 | xMiFit 3.4 beta

  16. X MoreTimeText 1.4.5

  17. XNotifications 2.6.6 Pro + Key 1.1 | 2.6.4 Pro + Rus

  18. Xperia Camera Enhancements [LP] 0.8

  19. Xperia / AOSP NavBar Buttons 5.3 | 4.1 Rus

  20. Xperia Phone Vibrator 3.13

  21. Xperia theme 3.0

  22. Xperia V / T / TX Mods 1.2 + Smiley Replacer 1.3

  23. XGPM 1.12.1

  24. Xposed Additions3.6.5 Pro | 3.6.3 Pro | 3.6.3 Pro Rus

  25. Xposed battery module themes 1.0

  26. Xposed Call Blocker 1.1.1 Full | 1.1.1 Full Rus

  27. Xposed edge Pro v5.2.3
    Past versions

  28. Xposed Gesture Navigation 1.2.1

  29. XposedGmsCoreUnifiedNlp 1.0.4 beta

  30. Xposed LED Control 1.2 | v1.2 Rus

  31. Xposed Media Scanner Optimizer 1.4.0 | v1.4.0 Rus | 1.4.0 Rus - Material Mod

  32. xposedNavigationBar 2.3.2 | v1.2.0

  33. XposedNavitel 1.0

  34. Xposed Torch 2.3.0 | 2.3.0 Rus

  35. Xposed Yandex Maps 1.2

  36. XprivacyLua - v1.23.23 + a way to patch Pro | 0.68 Pro
    Past versions

  37. XQS Background [JB-MM] 1.1.2

  38. XQuietHours 2.0

  39. XQuickSettingsToggles 1.0 | 1.0 Rus

  40. XRecorder (Xperia auto call recorder) 2.1.4 | v1.2

  41. xRenamer 1.1

  42. X Screen Stabilizer 1.6

  43. XShazamLite 0.38

  44. Xstana - Navbars & Statusbars2.4.9 Unlocked
    Past versions

  45. XSupeRadio 1.0

  46. xSystemUI 1.0

  47. Xtended NavBar 1.0.5

  48. XTextList 2.0.1 | 2.0.1 Rus

  49. XToast 2.2 | 2.2 Rus

  50. XTouchWiz 1.1.2 | 1.1.0 Rus

  51. XUpDown 0.01

  52. XUtilities 1.5.6 beta + Rus

  53. XVolume SkipTrack 1.0, XButtonActions 1.0 | XButtonActions 1.0 Rus


  1. ZeroTransfer 3.7.4 + Patched | 3.7.4 Patched Rus

  2. Zeus Contextual Expanded Status Header1.5.1 | 1.5.1 Rus | 1.4.1 beta1

  3. Zoom for Instagram2.5.4 Pro | 2.5.4 + Key 1.3 | 2.5 + Key 1.1

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Rep: (188)
Tweakbox 1.4.0

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...ks-collection-t1629653
Number of bars for signal strength indicator (Samsung only)
Background color. Looks weird actually because most apps aren't made for this.
Clock color
Toggle "switch input method" notification while typing text
CRT (see below for requirements - it might not work for you)
CRT off effect
CRT on effect
CRT landscape detection
Levels for critical / low battery warning
Disable Samsung's "100% charged, unplug me now" notification
Vibrate on Call Wait
Increasing Ringer Volume
Call Recording (see below for requirements)
Built-in SIP
Unplugging from USB / AC
Choose long HOME key behavior (do nothing, classical / icon-only, new / thumbnails). Just sets a switch, the implementation has to exist in the ROM.
Up / down key, ported from here (only when screen is off)

Attached fileXposedTweakbox_1.4.0.apk(67.92 KB)


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Rep: (631)
Enable Call Recording v. 1.0.1

Repository:http: //repo.xposed.inf...er.enablecallrecording

Includes the ability to record calls from the in-call phone interface

Download: Attached fileEnableCallRecordingxposed2_1357557894_3065.apk (34.21 KB)


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Rep: (253)
NottachXposed v12

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...owthread.php? t = 2285074

The module is designed for s4 I checked on s3 android4.2.2 works well but not everything.
Status bar -
Background color of the status bar
Notification group background color
Notification group header background color
Group background color of the notification window header
Notification group background color
Hide Header No Notifications
Choose a watch color
Clock position
- hide
- right
- Centre
AM / PM style
- hide
- Little
- Big
Choose a date color
Select the application when you click on the clock / date
Remove full battery notification
Hide battery indicator
Select battery text color
Signal levels:
- AT & T
- Global
The number of divisions in the network signals
Hide IME (keyboard) icon in the curtain
Hide show jumping mart stay
Hide alarm clock icon
NFC Icon:
- AT & T
- Global
Hide NFC icon
Delete WiFi notification when connected to network
Remove connection arrows when connecting WiFi
Number of icons in a row in the notification bar
Set the quick background color of the settings tile

Long press the home button (view)
- Disabled
- Only icons
- Sketches of pages
Select an application with a long press of the home button
Include all rotations
Turn on the plug / unplug screen
NFC behavior
- unlocked
- Screen on and locked
- Screen off and locked

Lock screen
Hide text (operator name) on lock screen
Your text on the lock screen (instead of the operator’s name)
The text color on the lock screen (operator name)
Enable screen lock rotation

Enable wallpaper scrolling
Use small characters and a large grid.
Skip track with volume buttons
Work with headphone buttons also

Messaging -
Increase SMS limit
Increase MMS limit
Increase the limit of SMS to MMS conversion
Enable save & restore in messages
Increase MMS size limit
Increase MMS image size limit
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Previous versions:

Attached fileNottachXposed_v12.apk(4.25 MB)
Attached fileNottachXposed_v_5_Translate_Rus_by_Termit901.zip(1.28 MB)


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Rep: (631)
SIM Number Changer 1.2

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...egistered-sim-t2106490

Module to change your number!
Attached Image
Previous versions:

Download: Attached fileSIMNumberChanger-v1.2.apk (25.22 KB)


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Rep: (116)
Attached fileDisableBatteryFullAlert.apk(34k)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileDisableCameraAlerts.apk(160.95 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileDisableCameraAlerts_GalaxyS4.apk(161.23 KB)
Updated 12-Jul-2013
WARNING !!!!!!

This Xposed module for the Galaxy S4 disables the high temperature
after the device
has been stressed (high internal temperature).

Using your device?
it may hold a gun to your face.

For any damage caused
to your device
cause that concided with the install of this modification.

For a day or two,
just be reasonable; if your device is hot
while you’re trying to trouble.

WARNING !!!!!!

Attached fileDitheredHoloBackground.apk(463.22 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileDounleTapAppPicker.apk(9.33 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileEnableCallRecording.apk(34.21 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileEnableCameraOnLockscreen.apk(157.8 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileEnableCarDock.apk(159.79 KB)
Updated 12-Jul-2013
Attached fileGalaxyS4MultipleWidgets.apk(190.17 KB)
updated 14-Jul-2013
Attached fileNoIncreasingRingtone.apk(159.41 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileScrollingLauncherWallpaperxposed.apk(35.24 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileSViewPowerAMP.apk(170.14 KB)
Added 18-Jul-2013
Attached fileUsbStorageUnmoumtterBegone.apk(5.06 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileXposedDeliveryNotifyToast.apk(12.35 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileXposedSysscopeBlaster.apk(10.61 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileXposedTabletUi.apk(8.08 KB)
updated 23-May-2013
Attached fileXposedTweakbox_1.3.2.apk(69.72 KB)
updated 23-May-2013

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Rep: (152)
MoDaCo Toolkit v.30

Program topic:http://www.modaco.com/…-for-xposed-framework/

Attached Image
Modifications currently included are:
Action Launcher Pro + HTC One: Transparent status bar.
Amazon MP3: Force US Locale - Clear data on Amazon MP3 after enabling.
BBC: Skip iPlayer Device Check.
Facebook: Force Home Compatibility: Facebook will be enabled.
Google: Disable Wallet checks - remove region and root checks from Google Wallet.
Google: Play device Play to to to to to to to to to to to, if if if if if if if if if if if if
Google: Prevent app disabling - apps from your region (e.g. Wallet, Sound Search) will not be disabled on startup.
Google Nexus 7: Show Camera in launcher - restore the camera icon to the launcher.
Google Nexus (all): Disable safe volume warning.
Google Nexus (all): Enable multi-user support if unsupported on stock (e.g. Nexus 4).
Google Nexus (all): Enable advanced reboot options - aka EPM, show reboot / recovery / bootloader reboot options on power menu.
Google Nexus (all): show user on power menu - this allows you to switch users using the long-press power menu.
The first one is the stop of the carrier.
HTC One: Disable High Volume Warning - Disable High Volume Warning!
HTC One: Enable ADB with secure lockscreen. DANGER: this is a security risk - handle with care!
HTC One: Enable advanced reboot options - aka EPM, show reboot / recovery / bootloader options reboot options on power menu.
HTC One: Enable button options (for Android 4.1 ROMs only)
HTC One: Volume wake - wake your device with the volume keys!
Hide One Button on the menu bar.
HTC One: Match the battery
HTC One: Rename Flashlight to Torch - for us UK types.
HTC One: Show Blinkfeed icon in launcher - if you are a third party launcher, this provides a simple way to access Blinkfeed. Just remove all the homescreens.
LG G3: Fix Chromecast SystemUI crash when Chromecasting from YouTube
Moto G: Disable operator logo display.
Pebble: Low priority notification (removes persistent icon).
SlingPlayer: Disabled legacy hardware warning when connecting to older Slingboxes.
System: Allow all rotations - rotation will be allowed in all directions, even upside down.
System: device properties - a number of device properties (normally read from build.prop) can be changed on the fly. BOARD, BRAND, DEVICE, MODEL and PRODUCT are included. Want others? Let me know!
System: Disabled forward lock lockback, instead of installing to / mnt / asec, instead of NOTE: Samsung devices.
If you have a hardware menu button.
System buttons enable for system apps.
System: Enable dreams service - enable the dreams screensaver service.
System screen lock
System UI: Custom operator name.
System UI: AM / PM AM / PM on / off clock / AM / PM indicator / AM / PM / AM / PM / AM / PM / AM / PM / AM / PM / AM / PM / AM / PM / AM / PM / AM / PM / AM / PM / AM / PM / AM
I like the battery pack, I like the battery pack, I like the battery pack or the battery percentage.
System UI: Hide the ongoing IME switcher - hide it.
System UI: Show battery percentage - show the battery balance.
System UI: Show navigation bar supported devices.
Tesco Hudl: Disable Tesco button in navigation bar.
Trackball Alert: Easy download link for TBA app and Xposed module.
Wireless: Enable NFC when it launches launch tasks.
Wireless: Enable Face Lock with VPN - VPN (Credential Storage) will be available with Face Lock security.

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
What's new:
New in version 30: New Module: LG G3: Fix Chromecast SystemUI crash when Chromecasting from YouTube

New in version 29: New module: Tesco Hudl: Disable Tesco button in navigation bar.

New in version 28: New module: Moto G: Disable operator logo display.

New in version 27: Bug fix: improvements to the HTC One Volume Wake settings, new module: BBC: Skip iPlayer Device Check.

New in version 26: Improvements: Loss of customization, can be dismissed.

New in version 25: Improvements: Hotfix for issues with volume wake / excessive superuser requests.
Download: Attached filecom.modaco.toolkit.apk (674.12 KB)
v.26 Rus - Attached filecom.modaco.toolkit_26_ru_by_shchelkynchik.apk (685.13 KB)


Unlock key to pro version

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Rep: (308)
Module TranslationTweakBox for Xposed
in Russian

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached fileXposedTweakbox.v.1.4.0.RUS.apk(66.33 KB)

Before installing, remove the old version

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Rep: (308)
XBackground - Replace background with Custom Color or Image

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...owthread.php? t = 2342570

Description: The module puts its image or color in the curtain and in the Phone Settings menu, the background is also displayed in contacts, caller, sms ...

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached fileXBackground.apk(1.53 MB)
Attached fileXBackground.RUS.apk(1.52 MB)
Before installing the rus version, remove the original

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Rep: (2109)
I do not know whether it was or not, I have seen this long ago: blush:
Modified Battery for Xposed
Installation: install the apk as a normal application, activate the Xposed Installer module and reboot the device

Attached Image
Download:Attached fileXposed_green_circle_battery.apk(1.28 MB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached fileGrey_battery_circle.apk(944.32 KB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached filewhite_circle_battery.apk(779.12 KB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached fileBlackbubble_battery.apk(1.73 MB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached fileBlackTitanium_battery.apk(2.02 MB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached filecircle_blue_battery.apk(1.68 MB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached filesigned_Codec.apk(784.57 KB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached fileesk02kbatterytheme-1.apk(1.66 MB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached filesigned_esk02kIndentBattery-1.apk(1.48 MB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached fileBatteryReplacement.apk(1.53 MB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached filesigned_UOTCastawa.apk(1.19 MB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached fileUOTcsd.apk(796.21 KB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached filesigned_UOTCustomHoneycomb.apk(885.52 KB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached fileUOTstyleA-1.apk(927.93 KB)

Attached Image
Download:Attached fileICSbyYouSeeIf.apk(703.84 KB)

Attached Image
Download:® Xposed (Post # 33081060)

Attached Image
Download:В® [FRAMEWORK] Xposed (Post # 24139992)

Circlebluebattery in white color.
Attached Image
Download:Attached filecirclebluebattery_1.1.apk(1.61 MB)


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Rep: (2109)
Xperia V / T / TX Mods v. 1.2 + Smiley Replacer v. 1.3

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...owthread.php? t = 2231834

It may work on devices line Xperia
Attached Image
Attached Image
What's new:
NavBar Height (can be fixed later), Disable Scrolling Cache, Reboot Power Menu (long press on Shutdown), Advanced Reboot Power Menu, Home Launcher Auto Rotate

Attached filexperiavmods_v1_2.apk(310.09 KB)
Attached fileSmiley-Replacer_v1_3.apk(1.08 MB)


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Rep: (308)
Smart Alarm Icon v. 1.2

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...owthread.php? t = 2261471

The module is designed to display the stock alarm icon in the status bar for a certain time before the alarm. The rest of the time, the icon will not be displayed. Setup from XPOSED, has no shortcut.
Example of use:set the alarm to work with Mon on Fri (Sat and Sun holidays) at 7.00, set the display interval at 14 o'clock. At 7 in the morning the alarm clock will work, the icon will disappear for a whole day, and at 21 o'clock (to soothe the soul: huh :) the icon will appear in the status bar and this will show that the alarm is set, on weekends the line will also be “clean”.
Attached Image
Attached Image
What's new:
- Samsung ROMs now fully supported

1.1 (392 dloads)
- Preferences now include "show never" (slider left) and "show always" (slider right)
- Removed "active" checkbox (now configured with slider)

1.0 (86 dloads)
- Initial release

Attached fileSmartAlarmIcon_1.2.apk(171.97 KB)
Attached fileSmart.AlarmIcon.v.1.2.RUS.apk(171.01 KB)
Before installing the rus version, remove the original

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Rep: (2109)

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...owthread.php? t = 2363953

Description : New module for Xposed Framework from the author XBackground, which allows you to change the style, transparency, etc. of the status bar
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

>>>Download : Attached filemobi.xperiacle.xposed.mod.xquicktoggles-1.apk (2.49 MB)

Russian version :Modification of software and decorations for Samsung Galaxy Note II (Samsung N7100) (Post # 23533024)

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Rep: (2109)
Xposed Full Screen Call Picture v. 1.0

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel…-call-picture-t2359614
Repository:http: //repo.xposed.inf...fullscreencallpicture

For Android 4.1. +
Not working with:
- sense
- Touchwiz

Description : Lightweight module for displaying a contact image on full screen
Attached Image

Download: Attached filero.brucelee.xposed.fullscreencallpicture-1.apk (37.37 KB)


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Rep: (2021)
Kalambik89 @ 08/02/2013, 17:52*
Who wants to can help with the description of mods in Russian.

Yes, you just point your finger at Mod: D translate!
Here you are, the updated ClockColorMod_1.4.7:
Attached filexClockColorMod_1.4.7.RUS.apk(260.96 KB)

Only in Koumiss write!

Post has been editedCyberbob - 02.10.14, 21:58
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Rep: (631)
Master Key multi-fix v. 2.0

This app patches for the master key bugs:
- bug 8219321
- bug 9695860
- bug 9950697

Google Play:https: //play.google.co...masterkeydualfix&hl=en
Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...ix-master-key-t2365294
Repository:http: //repo.xposed.inf...posed.masterkeydualfix

Attached Image
Attached Image
What's new:
2.0 - Fix bug 9950697; additional corrections taken from Android 4.4 (also supports GB, provided you have a working version of Xposed Framework for your ROM)
1.3 - Fixed problems with parsing some original code
1.2 - Added 2 additional zip entry integrity checks that were missing
1.1 - Support for additional devices with modified core libraries (e.g. MTK6589)
1.0 - Initial version
Previous versions:

Download: Attached filetungstwenty.xposed.masterkeydualfix_v6_d06bd0.apk (29.25 KB)


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Rep: (56)
XBatteries v. 1.1 - Switch to a Different Theme in a Snap

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...owthread.php? t = 2375512

Collection of batteries with settings. The kit includes various types of batteries + color settings, etc.
Module installation.
1. Install XPosed
2. Install mod
3. Restart the device
4. Get into the application and configure the modification!
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
What's new:
v. 1.1
- Fixed Icon spacing on statusbar
- Fixed Sensetube theme
- Added option to hide battery icon
- Added option to hide full battery notification alert
- Added option to replace battery color.
Previous versions:
Attached fileXBatteries.apk(16.11 MB)

Download: Attached fileXBatteries.apk (15.98 MB)


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Rep: (350)
Maximize Lockscreen Widgets 1.2.2

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...ts-lockscreen-t2394643
Repository:http: //repo.xposed.inf...mmadag.maximizewidgets

4.2+ devices (No, it won't work on 4.1, or 4.0)

Makes the widgets on the lock screen immediately deployed (relevant for Dashclock)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Previous versions:

Download: Attached filecom.mohammadag.maximizewidgets_v5_819fdf.apk (28.41 KB)


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Rep: (4754)
Advanced Power Menu 9.5.1 / 3.1 Rus

Xda:http: //forum.xda-devel...nu-anti-theft-t2594642
Repository:http: //repo.xposed.inf...sed.advancedrebootmenu

Android 4.4 you need the latest version of Xposed Installer (2.4 Beta 1 or later)

Easy Installation. No flashing required.
Works both for odexed and deodexed ROMs
Quite future proof (should work for Android 4.3 if there is no big framework change from Sony) #
Should work for a lot of devices

Attached file070a0Xhl.png(36.81 KB)
Attached file441VmHJl.png(19.38 KB)
Attached filenrWV9gpl.png(23.92 KB)
Attached filep6S1xmpl.png(28.26 KB)
Attached fileqeDiPbJl.png(38.43 KB)
Attached fileU5FmGTml.png(22.94 KB)
What's new:
App name is changed to "Advanced Power Menu"
Updated app icon
GUI for configuring different options
options to hide / show reboot option and screenshot option
disable reboot confirmation dialogs
option to write full logs
many small, under-the-hood changes.
Add support for 4.0+ devices
Fixed Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese Translations
Changed implementation for rebooting
Upstream changes from GravityBox
New implementation for rebooting into recovery. Reboot wrapper is no longer needed.
Added screenshot function!
Added more than 10 languages ​​(some of them are from GravityBox)
Fixed soft-reboot function
Added drawable resources for xhdpi, hdpi and mdpi
Improved logging system
initial release

Attached filehk.kennethso168.xposed.advancedrebootmenu_v33_2b5ca5.apk(568.29 KB)
Attached fileAdvancedRebootMenu_3.1_rus.apk(289.71 KB)


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Rep: (253)
Modules for Xposed

Modules are better to download from their themes, since many in this post are outdated. Or download here, and then update via the Market or XposedInstaler, or other similar services and programs.

All in one

All Notifications Expanded Attached fileallnotificationsexpanded.apk(51.8 KB)
- Shows all notifications in their extended notification status.4.4
GravityBox JB Attached fileGravityBox_2.3.1.apk(698.64 KB)
- Module for devices running Android 4.2 / 4.3 with special support for MTK6589 devices.
MoDaCo ToolkitAttached filemodaco.toolkit.apk(670.33 KB)
- Collection of various mods of the author.
TweakboxAttached fileXposedTweakbox_1.4.0.apk(67.92 KB)
- A collection of tweaks.
VibeXpert Attached filevibexpert.apk(458.47 KB)
- Provides various settings for Lenovo UI and Vibe UI 4.2.x devices.
XblastToolsAttached fileXblastTools_1.5.5.apk(597.99 KB)
- Change the status bar and notification bar, the color of the clock; clock in the center; 4 options for displaying batteries, changing the color of the Wi-Fi signal and the signal of the mobile network, your operator's name and changing its color in the screen lock and notifications; CRT effect, etc.
Xposed AdditionsAttached fileXposedAdditions-1.0.4.apk(157.68 KB)
- Advanced settings rum.
Xuimod Attached filecom.zst.xposed.xuimod_v1_7fd0ad.apk(60.11 KB)
- A small collection of unique features ported from other Roma + some by the author.4.4

System modules

Always Correct Attached filexposedinputautocorrectalways.apk(265.96 KB)
- Auto-correct text on all keys.
Always Expandable Notifications Attached filealwaysexpandablenotifications.apk(42.95 KB)
- Make notifications always extensible.
AOSP Signal Icons Attached filesignaliconsaosp.apk(35.84 KB)
- Icons in the status bar as on AOSP roms.4.4
Audioprivacy Attached fileaudio.privacy.apk(261.85 KB)
- Remove album art and title artist information from the audio control lock screen and any other RemoteController.
Battery icon modAttached fileUOT-07-02-17-01-1.apk(832.16 KB)
- Change the battery icon in the status bar.
Battery theming- Change the battery icon in the status bar.
Change notification background imageAttached fileNCB1.1.apk(776.24 KB)
- Change the background of the notification panel.
cpu temp in statusbarAttached fileinfo.mzimmermann.xposed.cputempstatusbar_v4_178cde.apk(254.44 KB)
- CPU temperature and status bar.
Dimensions editor Attached filedimenseditor.apk(978.96 KB)
- This mod can edit the sizes of various user interface elements.
Force Stop to Prevent Running Attached fileforcestopgb.apk(8.86 KB)
- Prevent efforts to stop the launch of applications.4.4
Glossy Orb Battery Theme Attached fileSrk_Orb_Battery.apk(1017.53 KB)
- Change the type of battery.
Hide Xposed IME Attached filehidexposedime.apk(274.19 KB)
- Hides the constant input method notification.
Google Play Music Listen Later Attached filegmusiclistenlater.apk(40.46 KB)
- This module allows you to change the default panel, Google Play Music opens in. You can also change the default tab for the My Library panel.
ColorClockChanger Attached fileColorClockChanger.apk(264.47 KB)
- If your phone is fully connected to the Internet, the clock turns green; if there is no Internet connection, the clock restores the original color.
Cool tool Attached fileCoolTool.apk(723.66 KB)
- A system utility that allows you to control various system data in a floating window or directly in the status bar.
EXTC Attached fileextc_miui_ru.apk(687.19 KB)
- translation into Russian MIUI.
Knock code Attached fileknockcode.apk(44.64 KB)
- Adds a lock code unlock method.4.4
Knockoff Attached fileKnockOff.apk(240.76 KB)
- Lock the display by double tap on the status bar.
Lwinrecents Attached filelwinrecents.apk(34.09 KB)
- Allows to show live wallpaper in recent.4.4
MenuBeGone Attached filemenubegone.apk(237.66 KB)
- Replace hardware menu button with task switch. It also causes the device to show (also called an overflow action button) on the screen menu button. The functionality is identical to the galaxy S5.4.4
MinMinLock Attached fileminminlock.apk(759.43 KB)
- MinMinLock is an alternative to locking application software.4.4
Multiple Users for phone Attached filemultiuser.apk(65.17 KB)
- Multiplayer mode.4.4
NavBar soft key themes- Themes for the navigation bar.
networkspeedindicatorAttached filepl.com.android.networkspeedindicator_v2_0f9dbf.apk(21.84 KB)
- network speed in the status bar.
NeverSleep Attached fileneversleep.apk(254.01 KB)
- disable the automatic sleep feature in individual applications.
NotifycleanAttached filenotify score(81.25 KB)
- Configure which applications can create notifications in the upper left corner in the notification area.
Attached filenotify the bank.donator.apk(60.55 KB)
- NotifyClean key.
Performance profile Attached fileperformanceprofile.apk(74.91 KB)
- Profile performance allows you to set a profile for each application, with the following parameters: min. Clock frequency, max. Clock frequency and governor.
Phab7 Attached filePhab7.apk(244.34 KB)
- Switch modes of Phone, Phablet, Tablet on the fly, without rebooting.
Pinnotif Attached filepinnotif.apk(19.98 KB)
- Pin important notices to avoid cleaning them up by accident.
Preference Injector Attached filexposedpreferenceinjector.apk(257.42 KB)
- Implements Xposed modules in the phone settings. It does not work where the settings are divided by points, as in Samsung.
Recent App Cleaner Attached filercleaner.apk(34.47 KB)
- Clean recent apps quickly and easily - Auto clean fresh apps when the screen is off.
ScreenOffAnimation Attached filescreenoffanimation.apk(151.32 KB)
- Custom screen off animation.4.4
Screenshot Delay Remover Attached filescreenshotdelayremover.apk(43.07 KB)
- Remove delay when taking screenshots.
Smart booster Attached filerambooster.apk(3.16 MB)
- Cleaning operatives, accelerating phone robots.
StatusbarVolume Attached fileStatusbarVolume.apk(1.46 MB)
- The volume control panel is shown as an unobtrusive overlay above the system status bar.
SystemSK Attached filesystemsk.apk(35.72 KB)
- Translation of the system into Slovak for Nexus 7 Android
Swipeback Attached fileswipeback.apk(1.43 MB)
- puts on the svayp action of the BACK key from the settings in which part of the screen the sides are left, right, bottom. and the white list of the default program in which it should not work.IMPORTANT:if your coup is not turned on in the launcher, add it to the white list, otherwise a coup on the whole phone will not work.4.4
TD Fuzzer Attached filetdfuzzer.apk(234.18 KB)
- Module to change the initialization data of the device Nitrodesk.
Ultimate Dynamic NavbarAttached fileudn_v21.2_CE.apk(653.94 KB)
- Hides navbar (bottom panel). Allows you to call it by pressing the trigger (triangle) on the left, right or center. You can also call the Navbar with a swipe from the bottom up. You can add more buttons and hang on all buttons (including 3 standard) actions for a long tap.
UnbelovedHosts Attached fileUnbelovedHosts.apk(100.71 KB)
- This application is blocking ads, malware, spam, etc.
Wake gestures Attached filewakegestures.apk(88.05 KB)
- this module allows you to specify the actions that must be performed when the gesture is triggered. Requires a core with service gestures support.new 4.4
WisdomSky XploitAttached fileWisdomSky-Exploit-2-1.apk(289.23 KB)
- Customize the color of your status bar and more.
Xbatteries Attached fileXBatteries.apk(15.98 MB)
- Change the batteries
XBatteryThemer Attached filesigned_XBatteryThemer_v1.2.apk(1.3 MB)
- use battery packs on the fly without rebooting.
XButton Actions Attached fileXButtonActions_v1.apk(65.29 KB)
- reassignment of buttons.
Xdual Statusclock Attached fileXDualStatusclock.apk(227.16 KB)
- Shows the second clock of the selected time zone in the status bar.
XMultiWindow Attached filexmultiwindow.apk(151.94 KB)
- Two working windows in the firmware Omni, MIUI and the like.
XMultiZone StatusBar Clock Attached fileXMultiZoneClock1.1.apk(638.52 KB)
- Shows two clocks from different time zones in the status bar.
Xposed battery tweak- Collection of batteries for XDA.
XposedRecentTasksRAM Attached fileXposedRecentTasksRAM1.1.apk(250.63 KB)
. - shows free operative in recent.
Xposed StatusBar text Attached filexposedstatustext.apk(949.34 KB)
- Set the clock and date in the status bar.
xRenamer Attached filexrenamer.apk(308.83 KB)
- Allows you to rename almost any application. Changed the name is global, which means that it will be shown in everything: select the action in the menu, on the launcher, and so on.4.4
xSuite Attached filexsuite.apk(328.18 KB)
- Changing the name of your application, Changing the icon of your application, Disabling the AudioFocus function.
XVolumeSkipTrack Attached fileXVolumeSkipTrack_v1.apk(232.28 KB)
- switch songs with volume buttons.


Akwayan Attached filebbmthemeengine.apk(465.14 KB)
- To personalize your favorite instant messaging applications.4.4
BBM Keyboard Attached fileBBMKeyboard.apk(269.74 KB)
- change keyboard.
BBM Themes Engine Attached fileBBMThemeEngine.apk(380.18 KB)
- Change some parts related to the BBM application.
BlackHoloBeckround Attached fileBlackHoloBackground.apk(6.19 KB)
- Change the standard gradient of the Holo theme background to completely black.
Burnt toast Attached fileburnttoast.apk(42.32 KB)
- Adds an application icon to pop-up notifications.
Buttered toast Attached filebutteredtoast.apk(38.25 KB)
- Adds the name of the application for any notification.
Clean BBC Weather Widget Attached filecleanbbcweather.apk(672.7 KB)
- Makes BBC Weather widget a completely transparent background, which can look like a much more pleasant overlay on your wallpaper.
Complete Action Plus Mod Attached filecompleteactionplus.apk(275,17 КБ)
- Change the application selection dialog to run a specific function.4.4
CyanLockScreen Attached filecyanlockscreen.apk(284.18 KB)
- Exposed port CyanogenMod LockScreen.
Eggsters Attached fileeggster.apk(1 MB)
- allows you to replace the built-in Easter egg.
EnhancedToast Attached fileEnhancedToast.apk(82.3 KB)
- Blocks unwanted pop-up notifications.
EverythingTweaks Attached fileeverything.apk(80.25 KB)
- Additional settings interface EverythingMe Launcher. Transparent bar, transparent background, themes, icons, etc.4.4
ExpandableVolume Attached filevolumepanel.apk(43.22 KB)
- Extended volume panel for 4.0 and higher.
Ex-themer Attached fileexthemer.apk(1.69 MB)
- Choose from various battery icons, signal bars, notifications, etc. Change the appearance of the switch, progress bar, etc.
Ex themer 2 Attached fileic.lunar.xposed.exthemer.apk(656.7 KB)
- Ex Themer 2 allows you to change the theme of your Android applications on the go without the need to flash or install any additional file.
Flying android Attached fileflyingandroid.apk(36.28 KB)
- After installing this module, you can freely move the activity window.
Force immersive mode Attached fileimmersiveforcer.apk(942.22 KB)
- Allows you to force immersive mode on selected applications.
Full Screen Call Picture Attached fileXposedFullScreenCallPicture1.0.apk(37.37 KB)
- Photo caller full screen.
Holo themer Attached fileholothemer.apk(965.55 KB)
- allows you to force any application to use the Holo theme.
Icon themerAttached fileIconThemer_v1.5.apk(1.04 MB)
- Change icons.
Idiconizer Attached fileIdenticonizer! .Apk(101.48 KB)
- Set identicons for created contacts.
KitKat Music Lockscreen Attached filekitkatmusiclockscreen.apk(273.2 KB)
- Shows the cover of the song on the lock screen.4.4
Landscape forcer Attached filerotationforcer.apk(263.35 KB)
- This mod will force all applications to use the landscape orientation.4.4
Lockscreen Wallpaper Attached filelockscreenwallpaper.apk(35.3 KB)
- Blur or translucency of the lock screen.
NetworkSpeedIndicator Attached filenetworkspeedindicator.apk(234.97 KB)
- Network speed in the status bar.
neXus navbarz Attached filenavbarz.apk(760.07 KB)
- Different NavBar softkeyz styles.
One-Handed Mode for all devices Attached fileonehandmode.apk(246.09 KB)
- This mod move the entire contents of the screen to the specified part of the screen. The goal is to allow you to use a large device on one side.4.4
Phab7 - Attached filePhab7.apk(46.68 KB)
- changes the interface to Phone, Phablet, or Tablet.
Quick access Attached fileQuickAccess.apk(577.44 KB)
- Launch applications from the lock screen without unlocking the screen.4.4
Rainbow bars Attached filerainbowbars.apk(245.03 KB)
- Change the color in the status bar and navigation bar.4.4
Smiley Replacer Attached fileSmileyReplacer_1.3.apk(85.97 KB)
- Smilies in SMS and MMS, packs of smiles in the module branch.
SnapColors Attached fileSnapColors.apk(273.28 KB)
- Add a little color to your signature. Resize text, color, etc.
StatusBarClockInLockscreen Attached filestatusbarclockinlockscreen.apk(33.92 KB)
- The module allows you to show the clock in the status bar on the lock screen.
Statusbar Icon Hider Attached fileSBiconhider.apk(266.18 KB)
- This mod will allow you to enable / disable icons.
Attached fileresxploit-engine-only-1.0.8 (latest) .apk(15.05 KB)

Attached fileResXploit.apk(24.49 KB)

Attached fileResXploitEngine.apk(14,22 KB)
- Android theme in commands through the terminal.
Attached fileresxploit-1.0.8 (latest) .apk(25.89 KB)

Tickertoast Attached filetickertoast.apk(242.5 KB)
- Puts notifications in the status bar.
TintedStatusBar Attached fileTintedStatusBar_BETA4.apk(350.93 KB)
- changes the color of the statusbar depending on the application.
X-Battery Stats Colors Attached filexposed.xbsc.apk(331.67 KB)
- X-Battery Color Statistics XBSC allows you to change the color of your Stats Graph battery in Settings>Battery.
Xposed GEL Settings Attached filexposedgelsettings.apk(55.1 KB)
- Hide the Google search bar, hide applications from the launcher, resize the grid of the desktop and the app drawer, change the size of the icons, change the font size, change the number of Hotseat, remove the tag icon and more ...
XposedOldIcon Attached filexposedoldicon.apk(223.15 KB)
- A new puzzle icon in Xposed Installer v2.6.
XSSID Indicator Attached filexssidindicator.apk(262.5 KB)
- The module adds a WiFi SSID next to the clock in the status bar.
XThemeEngineAttached fileSampleTheme.apk(119.44 KB)
- Theme of your device, similar to T-Mobile, CM10.
them for xtheme engaine- themes for xtheme engaine.

For Android Jelly Bean

Airplane Mode HelperAttached fileAirplaneModeHelperX_10.apk(101.98 KB)
- Management of flight mode.
Altarnate app pickerAttached filepk.qwerty12.alternateapppicker-1.apk(8.77 KB)
- Return the ICS-style selection of applications by default in Jelly Bean.
Doubletap in AppPickerAttached filedoubletap.apk(9.33 KB)
- AppPicker requires two clicks to launch the application: one click on the selected application and one tap on the “Use Once” button, while in ICS one tap was enough. It was developed around Google in JB 4.2.x, adding the "DoubleTap" feature: just click again on the selected application to use it once.
Fitbit sync Attached fileXposedFitbitSync-0.1.2.apk(251.54 KB)
- This Xposed mod allows Bluetooth 4 to sync with Fitbit trackers on all devices running Android 4.3, correcting device detection.
Force Pandora Rich Notification Attached fileforcepandorarichnotification.apk(43k)
- Forced enhanced notification Jelly Bean Pandora.
Maximize widgets on lockscreenAttached fileMaximizeWidgets.apk(157.04 KB)
- Shows lock screen widgets enhanced when the screen is unlocked.
Notification Direct LauncherAttached fileNotificationDirectLauncher_1.00.apk(35.45 KB)
- Avoid keypad lock to display a notification when you start an activity.
Notification ModAttached filecom.labtech.mod.apk(227.84 KB)
- The main purpose of this module is to provide a notification panel in the secured locksreen.
Restore Car Dock mode on Android 4.2Attached fileEnableCarDock.apk(159.79 KB)
- Restore Car Dock mode on Android 4.2.

Enablers & Disablers

AppOpsXposed Attached fileAppOpsXposed.apk(10.17 KB)
- restores AppOps functionality on Android 4.4.2. (for Android 4.3+).4.4
Disable network device checks for Google WalletAttached fileXposedWalletPatcher.apk(174.53 KB)
- Disable network / device checks Google Wallet.
Enable Call RecordingAttached fileenablecallrecording.apk(34.21 KB)
- Record conversations from the line.
Facebook Home EnablerAttached fileFacebookHomeEnabler_v1.apk(6.34 KB)
- Enable Facebook Home on unsupported devices.
HideStorageMountalertAttached fileHideStorageMountAlert-100.apk(28.28 KB)
. - removes mount notification.
Attached fileMichBox_v1.0.apk(220.84 KB)
- Record conversations from the line.
NFC LockScreenOff EnablerAttached fileNfc.apk(417.7 KB)
- Allows you to use NFC when the screen is turned off or at least when the lock screen is turned on.
NFC Unlocking- Unlock device with NFC. (Based on NFC LockscreenOff Enabler).4.4
NoSafeVolumeWarning Attached filenosafevolumewarning.apk(261.57 KB)
- Module hides safe volume warning.4.4
No Wireless Charging Sound Attached filenowirelesschargingsound.apk(5.49 KB)
- Mute sound that plays when wireless charging.4.4
PeerBlock For AndroidBlock unwanted URLs. apk not yet ... will add.
RemoveRestrictedNotificationAttached fileRemoveRestrictedNotification.apk(182,39 КБ)
- Delete Limited Notification.
RemoveUSBStorageWarningAttached fileRemoveUSBStorageWarning.apk(11.25 KB)
- Removes the warning when you turn on USB storage.
Unsafe Volume Attached fileUnsafeVolumeXPosedMod.apk(36.09 KB)
- Turn off the safe multimedia volume when connecting a headset
Workaround for Netflix Attached fileXposedCM10.1NetflixWorkaround.apk(180.25 KB)
- Netflix allows you to work on CM10.1 on Exynos 4 devices.
XHaloFloatingWindow Attached filecom.zst.xposed.halo.floatingwindow_v120_7dd51b.apk(177.98 KB)
- Halo pop up floating window for each rum.4.4
Xposed Call Blocker Attached filexposedcallblocker.apk(384.22 KB)
- Block unwanted calls.4.4
XposedTWCTVPatcher Attached fileXposedTWCTVPatcher.apk(180.09 KB)
- Allow TWC TV to work on root devices and with USB debugging.


Blacklist Attached fileblacklist.apk(4.38 MB)
- Block unwanted calls & sms.]4.4
Complete Keyguard Disabler Attached filecompletekeyguarddisabler.apk(260.76 KB)
- The mod uses the KeyguardViewMediator class, so even if you have a PIN / password, the phone will never be blocked.
Good for Enterprise Disable Root Check Attached filegfesecuritypatcher.apk(150.65 KB)
- Turns off root detection. Suitable for an enterprise client that is used by many companies to provide a secure email / calendar environment. Suitable for a corporate server can be configured to block access to devices with root support.4.4
Lightningwall Attached fileLightningWall.apk(147.18 KB)
- Firewall.
Lockdown Attached filelockdown.apk(148.19 KB)
- Create multiple pins to unlock the device. Each PIN can block the applications you select. It can also hide locked apps from the app drawer, so the user will not know they are currently locked.4.4
Lockscreen Disabler Attached filekeyguarddisabler.apk(48.8 KB)
- It is embedded in the lock screen service responsible for entering the password and makes him think that entering the password for unlocking is not required.4.4
MasterKeyMultiFix Attached fileMasterKeyMultiFix-2.0.apk(29.25 KB)
- Universal patch for "Master Key".
Attached fileMaster-KeySecurityPatch.apk(27.86 KB)
- Universal patch for "Master Key".
PeerblockAttached filePeerBlockForAndroid1.03.apk(603.88 KB)
- Block host ads, HTTP / HTTPS traffic, DNS, etc.
Per App Hacking Attached fileperapphacking.apk(235.64 KB)
- Prevent wake blocks, set a proxy for the application, if the application uses org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultHttpClient. In combination with the BootManager and ReceiverStop module, the user can prevent any unwanted background service. The main purpose of this module is usually used, to avoid the discharge of batteries due to a lot of "multipdp" wakelock core.
XLockSecuritySlide Attached filexlocksecurityslide.apk(262.95 KB)
- This module allows you to first shift the slider before you have to enter a pin, password, etc.4.4
Xprivacy Attached fileXprivacy_Pro_V1.9.21.apk(485.45 KB)
- Privacy Manager to prevent application leakage confidentiality of confidential data.
Attached filexprivacy_pro.apk(70.43 KB)
- Key for Xprivacy.


2G / 3G / 4G Switcher Attached filexorware.network.s2g3g.apk(204.85 KB)
- This is a set of applications that allow the phone to automatically exchange 2G / 3G / 4G network mode based on configuration.
3dot menu modAttached fileXposed3dotMod.apk(153.57 KB)
- Enable 3dot menu buttons in all applications.
4oTV Attached filec4ontv.apk(250.9 KB)
- enable HDMI output on 4oD Channel 4oTV application.
AccountSectionRemove Attached fileaccountsectionremove.apk(13.56 KB)
- Delete account section from stock application settings.
ActivityForceNewTask Attached fileactivityforcenewtask.apk(19.62 KB)
- Applications can start other applications' activities in their tasks. This makes it impossible to switch between them. This module fixes this.
Advanced power menu Attached fileAdvancedPowerMenu.apk(282.81 KB)
- Advanced reboot menu.
All apps in Play StoreAttached filede.robv.android.xposed.mods.playstorefix_v3_90b29b.apk(8.19 KB)
- All applications in the market after changing the density.
Android Phone Vibrator- Vibration of the phone when an outgoing call is connected and the call ends.
Android TunerAttached fileAndroid_Tuner__0.10.apk(8.06 MB)
- Complete control and monitoring of your Android device. All popular applications in one, such as Battery Monitor Widget, System Tuner and Multi Toggle Widget.
App SettingsAttached filede.robv.android.xposed.mods.appsettings_v21_f241ca.apk(79.78 KB)
- Change the overall settings (for example, perceived DPI, rotation behavior, full screen, etc.) for each application basis. - Allows you to choose which applications will start when the system starts.
Ayam Attached fileayam.apk(873.1 KB)
- With this module you can put solar on the taskbar to display as you like.
Boot managerAttached fileBootManager-111.apk(73.62 KB)
- Choose which applications to run at system startup.
Attached filebootmanager_donator.apk(59.94 KB)
- Boot Manager Key.
BTSMSMapFix Attached filebtsmsmapfix.apk(264.87 KB)
- Fixed a problem with some blocks of the Bluetooth car head, which prevents the originator from recognizing SMS names / numbers when using AOSP (or LG) KitKat.4.4
Bubbleupnp Attached fileBubbleUPnP.apk(3.62 MB)
- This module captures audio from most music applications (such as Spotify) for playback on UPnP / DLNA devices, such as XBMC, Xbox 360, PS3, DLNA TVs and more.
BumpUnlimiterAttached fileBumpUnlimiter.apk(34.13 KB)
- Removes the restriction on loading or unloading in 20mb on www.bu.mp.
CastExtender Attached fileallcastxposedmodule.apk(261.98 KB)
- Removes the term of streaming AllCast application.
Chocolate milk Attached filechocolatemilk.apk(255.22 KB)
- Module to enable Milk music to work on any device. This module still requires you to Sideload Milk music on your device. This module also does not bypass the restriction of the country as it is done by an IP address. To get this job in other countries, please connect to a VPN located in the United States.
Chrome new tab Attached filechrome.newtab.apk(33.41 KB)
- Always open a new tab in chrome when clicking on a link in another application.
ColoredNetLoad Attached fileColoredNetLoad.apk(355.88 KB)
- This is a module for Android Xposed that allows you to change the color of the Download / upload display in the status bar.
Crappaininks Attached filecrappalinks.apk(9.37 KB)
- Tapatalk redirects all external links via link.tapatalk.com. This breaks intentional filters (which means you cannot open the Play Store link to the Play Store, GitHub link the GitHub application, etc. You are forced to use a browser) This module removes the crappy link redirection.
CustomShare Attached fileCustomShare.apk(69.54 KB)
- The button "share" shows only selected applications.
Disable Charging Led Attached filedisablechargingled.apk(16.82 KB)
- Allows you to enable or disable the ice-indicator during charging or low charge.
Disable Critical Battery Shutdown Attached filedisablecriticalbatteryshutdown.apk(35.23 KB)
- Turn off automatic shutdown when Android detects a critical battery level.
Disable desk dock Attached filedisabledeskdock.apk(247.63 KB)
- Disable desk dock function on your device.
disable location consentAttached fileDisableLocationConsent.apk(218.41 KB)
- removes the google location license acceptance dialog.
Disable Sprint SystemUI Flag Attached filedisablesprintsystemuiflag.apk(223.74 KB)
- It gets rid of the GPS icon and gives you EVDO / LTE signal icons instead of 3G / 4G.
Dismiss Alarm Tasker Plugin Attached fileDismissAlarmTaskerPlugin.apk(369.02 KB)
- Allows you to set a shortcut signal to highlight named alarm events empty (empty line).4.4
Docomo SIM PatcherAttached fileDocomoSimPatcher20130726.apk(20.12 KB)
- Fix for Docomo MVNO only SIM data "cell standby" battery discharge.
DoubleTapToSleep Attached filedoubletaptosleep.apk(19.36 KB)
- Double tap on the status bar so that the phone goes into sleep mode.
Downloads2SD Attached filedownloads2sd.apk(264.94 KB)
- Redirect to different addresses for an SD card for an external SD card. Apps it works with Chrome.4.4
DXposed Torch Attached filewanam.torch.apk(251.66 KB)
- This is a convenient flashlight through the volume up buttons, it allows you to turn on the flashlight by long pressing the volume up button with the screen off.
Enable SwiftKey Prediction on More FieldsAttached fileswiftkeygoodnessonmorefields.apk(6.05 KB)
- Includes SwiftKey prediction to email address, website ...
Forceenter Attached fileforce.enter.apk(250.88 KB)
- Instead of smiles, there will be an Enter button in the Hangouts.
Fullscreen Youtube with HDMIAttached fileyoutubeallowfullscreenhdmi.apk(185.6 KB)
- Fullscreen Youtube mode via HDMI.
gappscrashfiAttached filenet.tabbal.xposed.gappscrashfix_v1_495327.apk(179.96 KB)
- fixed drop of gaps when changing dpi.
Gesture navigation Attached filegesturenavigation.apk(491.02 KB)
- Manage android navigation with multi-touch gestures, this application will work on top of any applications, and you can completely get rid of the use of soft keys.4.4
google keyboard dictionary deletes Attached filegoogle-keyboard-dictionary-deletes.apk(278.61 KB)
- Removes built-in google keyboard dictionary.
Google Maps SDK Drifting Fix for China Attached filegoogle.maps.rectify.apk(7.91 KB)
- Due to local legislation, the Google Maps SDK is built into the 3rd party application and has significant drift in mainland China. This module tries to correct the drift and make it suitable for use in China.
Google Offline Voice Attached filegoogleofflinevoice.apk(29.13 KB)
- Voice recognition API does not allow applications to choose whether they want to use voice recognition offline or not.
Google Search API Attached filegooglesearchapi.apk(316.59 KB)
- This module adds API to Google Search applications, usually referred to as Google Now, it allows developers to make plugins that respond to the search performed in Google Search. Plugins look in the discussion thread forxda.
GoSMS Xposed module Attached fileGoSMSModule.apk(97.18 KB)
- Advanced settings for GoSMS.
GreenifyAttached fileGreenify®_1.95 + beta + 7.apk(669.75 KB)
- Sleep application.
Donate key GreenifyAttached fileGreenify_ (Donation) _2.1.apk(29.77 KB)
- Greenify Key.
Green youtube Attached fileGreen_Youtube.apk(17.24 KB)
- Music in the background; Hide watermarks; To download a movie.
HandleExternalStorage Attached fileHandleExternalStorage.apk(16.13 KB)
- Allow read and write access to external data carriers for all applications.
HangoutsInRingerStream Attached filehangoutsinringerstream.apk(4.95 KB)
- Allows you to attach the volume of Hangouts notifications to the volume of a call.
hebrew date Attached filehebStatusBar.apk(19.2 KB)
- The module adds a Hebrew date (in Hebrew) in the status bar.
HideBatteryLowalertAttached fileHideBatteryLowAlert-100.apk(16.41 KB)
- Hide the message to charge the battery.
HKThemeManager Attached filethememanager.apk(545.41 KB)
- support and install the CM.
Hotword from resultsAttached filehotwordfromresults.apk(16.26 KB)
- This module allows Xposed ability to initiate voice input into Google search results in a search without touching or modifying Google Search APK in any way. Just say the hotword "Google" and keep searching without touching the device.
Instagram downloaderAttached filecom.mohammadag.xposedinstagramdownloader_v1_f666e8.apk(217.4 KB)
- Upload photos from Instagram.
Intelli3G Attached fileintelli3g.apk(460.37 KB)
- Manage your 3G connection and prevent from losing the battery when you are not using it, which saves the battery.
IrdetoFix Attached fileirdetofix.apk(4.06 KB)
- Fixes crashes of multiple television programs (Optimum, Horizon TV, Viaplay).
KeepchatAttached fileKeepchat-2.0_rc1.apk(67.73 KB)
- Save Snapchats automatically.
KitKat Toast Backport Attached filekitkattoastbackport.apk(120.59 KB)
- Pop-up notifications in Android 4.4, works on 4.0 and above.
LBE Security Master - Translation English Attached filetranslation.apk(756.04 KB)
- Translates LBE Security Master 5.1.xxxx to English.
LBE Security Master - Translation International Attached filelbe51_translation.apk(3.57 MB)
- Translates LBE Security Master 5.1.xxxx into different languages.
LBE Security Master - Translation Vietnamese Attached filetranslation_vi.apk(914.82 KB)
- Translates LBE Security Master 5.1.xxxx into Vietnamese.
LED Control Attached fileLED_Control.apk(45.58 KB)
- Customize LED display for each application.4.4
Attached fileLEDControl_UnlockKey.apk(35k)
- LED Control Key.
Lunarstatus Attached filelunarstatus.apk(266.96 KB)
- Add lunar date to the notification bar.
MagnetOff Attached filemagnetoff.apk(15.09 KB)
- A simple module to turn off the magnetic sensor in sleep mode.
Map Zoom Invert Attached filemapzoominvert.apk(219.91 KB)
- This module, after installation, will intercept the scaling gesture of one finger in Google Maps and invert it, restoring the old behavior: swipe up for zoom, swipe down for zoom out.
MaxdomeXposed Attached filemaxdomeroot.apk(33.94 KB)
- Allows streaming video from maxdome app.
MinMinGuard Attached fileminminguard.apk(544.95 KB)
- Removes ads in selected applications.
More Lockscreen Pattern Attempts Attached fileunlimitedpatternattempts.apk(261.57 KB)
- This module will give you 20 attempts on the lock screen, not 5.
Music2sdAttached fileMusic2SD-1.6.1.apk(407.57 KB)
- Force Google Play Music to store music where you want.
National roaming Attached fileNationalRoaming-0.2.apk(241.15 KB)
- Enable data roaming only in your country, so you do not have to turn off roaming manually when you leave the country.
NikePlusXposed Attached fileNikeRunXposed-1.0.apk(41.78 KB)
- include workout information, currently the information displayed is limited by distance and time.
No Increasing RingtoneAttached filenoincreasingringtone.apk(159.41 KB)
- The module to the Xposed Framework, which allows you to disable the increasing volume of the call.
NovaLauncherSK Attached filenovalaunchersk.apk(96.23 KB)
- Slovak for Nova Launcher application.
OkHttp BackPort Attached filespdy.apk(151.7 KB)
- The OkHttp Library on Square Inc. is designed to improve HTTP data transfer performance.
Overflow mod Attached fileoverflowmod.apk(45.7 KB)
- This module replaces the menu icon.
Pandora patcher Attached filepandorapatcher.apk(252.76 KB)
- Pandora Patcher has the ability to delete ads, skip limit limits, listen to timeouts and provide AVRCP metadata for use with Bluetooth devices such as car stereos and Pebble SmartWatch watches.
PerAppFonts Attached fileperappfonts_v1_40f807.apk(834.48 KB)
- Apply custom fonts based on PerApp.
Physical Button Music Control Attached filePhysicalButtonMusicControl.apk(243.53 KB)
- Music control with volume buttons.
Pictures2SDAttached filePictures2SD_102.apk(89.04 KB)
- Allows the camera to save photos and videos on an external SD card.
Play Store Link in App InfoAttached filepk.qwerty12.playstorelinkinappinfo_v1_c0a7dd.apk(6.62 KB)
- Link to the play market in the dialogue "about the program."
QuickPic2Gallery Attached filequickpic2gallery.apk(262.91 KB)
- This module changes the QuickPic application name in the gallery.
Received SMSesAttached filereceivedsmssenttimesindetails.apk(6.34 KB)
- Only for SMS-messages. It will show the time of sending in addition to the time of receipt of messages in the message box.
Receiver StopAttached fileReceiverStop-101.apk(129.97 KB)
- Prevent apps from receiving broadcasts.
Attached filereceiverstop + donator.apk(60.27 KB)
- Receiver Stop Key.
Receiver Stop Attached fileresOverloader.apk(264.19 KB)
- Basically resOverloader overloads the strings.xml file for any APK (application). The source code is hosted on GitHub for other developers to include other resources.
Ringer & Notification Volume UnlinkAttached fileringerandnotificationvolumeunlink.apk(16.14 KB)
- Separate ringer volume and notification volume controls as they were before ICS.4.4
Rootcloak Attached filerootcloak.apk(268.46 KB)
- Some applications will not work if your phone is rooted. This module allows you to run applications that detect root without disabling root. You choose from a list of installed applications, and using various methods, it will completely hide the signs of root for this application.
RunscopeEverything Attached fileRunscopeEverything.apk(11.36 KB)
- This is the Exposures module, which rewrites all HTTP requests, points to Runscope.
Scalpel - Dev Tool Attached filescalpel.apk(288.32 KB)
- Surgical debug tool to uncover layers under your application.
Scandpi Attached fileScanDPI.apk(17.43 KB)
- ScanDPI is a module for overriding resolution settings in the HP All-In-One Remote using printers in order to achieve a large scanner resolution.new
ScreenMakerSK Attached filescreenmakersk.apk(288.47 KB)
- Translation of ScreenMaker into the Slovak language.
Secure Google Search Attached filesecuregooglevoicesearch.apk(258.43 KB)
- Allows you to use Google search on Lockscreen.
Shake to undo Attached fileshaketoundo.apk(246.44 KB)
- This module adds undo / redo to Android. To use it, shake the device while the text field is in focus.
Shortcut in App Info Attached fileshortcutinappinfo.apk(43.03 KB)
- Tap the app icon in the app info screen to launch it.
SIM Number ChangerAttached fileSIMNumberChanger-v1.1.apk(25.23 KB)
- Change the number of the registered SIM card.
Slovenian Language Fixer Attached fileslolanguagefixer.apk(256.71 KB)
- Fix Slovenian dictionary.
SmartCoverSK Attached filesmartcoversk.apk(278.6 KB)
- SmartCover translation into Slovak.
Smoother indeterminate ProgressBar Attached filesmoothsystemprogressbars.apk(305.92 KB)
- This module replaces the default ProgressBar undefined animation in with a much smoother one.
Smooth Progress Bar Attached filesmoothsystemprogressbars.apk(272.06 KB)
- Replaces the standard progresbar more pleasant.
SMSInRingerStreamAttached fileSMSInRingerStream.apk(4.91 KB)
- Changes SMS audio stream notifications from "notification" to "call".
Snapchat Full Caption Attached filesnapchatfullcaption.apk(776.15 KB)
- The inclusion of this module will allow you to enter an unlimited amount of text in the signature.
Snapshare new Attached filesnapshare.apk(45.64 KB)
- Share images and videos via Snapchat.
SnapshareAttached fileSnapshare-1.2.apk(43.5 KB)
- Share images and videos via Snapchat.
Softkeys fade mod Attached fileSoftkeysFadeMod.apk(21.24 KB)
- Hides soft keys if you do not touch the screen for a while.
SpotifyAVRCP Attached fileSpotifyAVRCP-1.0.0.apk(23.82 KB)
- Transmits track information to a bluetooth headset.
Statusbar Scroll to Top Attached filestatusbarscrolltotop.apk(242.61 KB)
- This module allows you to tap the status bar to scroll to the top of the lists.
StopSwitchDelay Attached filestopswitchdelay.apk(36.7 KB)
- Remove the delay of 5 seconds prevents you from opening applications after pressing the buttons home.
Swap Volume KeysAttached fileSwapVolumeKeys-0.3 (1) .apk(243.68 KB)
- Swap the volume down and volume keys when the device is not in the default orientation mode.
Swype tweaks Attached fileswypetweaks.apk(227.91 KB)
- Use Google Voice Recognition instead of Dragon on Swype keyboard.
Translucent Recent Attached filetranslucent.recent.apk(11.38 KB)
- Always show a translucent decor on the panel construction.
Twidere TranslatorAttached filecom.wedy.twitrans_v3_66be58.apk(43.43 KB)
- Add Japanese translation fix Twidere.
Twitter token patcher Attached filetwitter.token.patcher.apk(31.93 KB)
- No more than 100k limit for Twitter clients.
UnToaster Attached fileuntoaster.apk(67.34 KB)
- this module will block those annoying toasts with patterns or lines (avoid all ^ & $ * -.? ()] {} С \).
UTwitterAPI Attached fileutwitterapi.apk(54.21 KB)
- Universal Twitter interface - Using the Proxy API with Twitter clients, URL format:https: // your-api-proxy /
Ussd blocker Attached fileussdblocker.apk(444.94 KB)
- USSD blocker will block annoying USSD.
ViewInPlay Attached fileViewInPlay.apk(56.13 KB)
- This module adds a “View In Play” button to the recent long press of the pop-up menu and the app information screen, making it easy to view any applications on Google Play.4.4
ViewInPlay new Attached fileviewinplaynew.apk(72.87 KB)
- Ability to view information about the application in the market through recent applications, notifications, pop-up, etc.4.4
Vine downloaderAttached fileVineDownloader.apk(218.09 KB)
- Add "Download", Vine download video, Vine directory.
Voice Control for Plex Home Theater Attached fileVoiceControlForPlexHomeTheater.apk(553.49 KB)
- This mod allows you to use Google Now / Search to trigger playback at Plex Home Theater.
Wakelock terminator Attached fileWakelock_Terminator.apk(270.14 KB)
- Wakelock Terminator, which allows you to block all unwanted wakelock'i.
Wakeup with Volume Up Attached fileXposed_WakeVolUp.apk(4.93 KB)
- wake up the phone with volume buttons.
Waze BT router Attached filewazebtroute.apk(233.99 KB)
- The purpose of this module is to interrupt the radio of your car when an audible warning appears.
Whatsapp Quiet Hours Attached filewhatsappquiethours.apk(273.02 KB)
- This module uses CyanogenMods Silent clock settings in Whatsapp.
WiFiKeyView Attached filewifikeyview.apk(266.72 KB)
- adds an option in the context menu in the Wi-Fi settings to show the password in the dialog box.
Wireless charging Attached filewirelesscharging.apk(259.83 KB)
- Allows you to configure different notifications when wireless charging, Enable or disable the sound of system notifications, Enable or disable short vibrations ...4.4
Xad Attached filexad.apk(242.21 KB)
- This model cuts advertisements from the applications in which it changes (in other words: disables the Google advertising module).
Xposed Lockscreen Background Attached fileXlb.apk(58.79 KB)
- Changing the background in the lockscreen on a solid flowered or custom image.
X Statusbar Lunar Date Attached filexstatusbarlunardate.apk(267.61 KB)
- Moon date in the status bar for those who speak Chinese.
XVoice + Attached filexvoiceplus.apk(304.76 KB)
- Voice input in SMS where it is not.
Xvolume30Attached filede.hansserver.xvolume30_v1_4e87cd.apk(230.96 KB)
- Changes in multimedia volume up to 30 steps.
YourTube Attached fileyourtube.apk(17.27 KB)
- Change the default YouTube panel. Your choice: What to watch out for, My subscriptions, Watch later, custom playlists / subscriptions and Watch channels.4.4
Youtube AdAway Attached fileYoutubeAdAway.1.1.apk(91.76 KB)
- Removes ads on YouTube.

Modules for Samsung

Air command themer Attached fileAirCommandThemer.apk(345.29 KB)
- the ability to customize the S-Pen menu, with a choice of topics. threads to takehere. 4.4
aosp lockskreenAttached fileAOSPLockscreen_1.1.apk(157.72 KB)
. - lokskrin as in aosp roms.
Disable Battery Full alertAttached fileuk.co.villainrom.pulser.disablebatteryfullalert_v1_ab01d7.apk(34k)
- Do not notify about the full charge of the battery.
Disable Clear Defaults DialogAttached filedisablecleardefaultsdialog.apk(214.74 KB)
- This module disables the "Clear Defaults" Instruction Dialog when installing the default application of the application in TouchWiz ROM.
Disable Samsung BlockingMode Notification Attached filedisableblockingmodenotification.apk(234.94 KB)
- This module disables notifications that appear during blocking mode.4.4
Disable Samsung Galaxy Gear Manager Notification Attached filedisablegalaxygearmanagerenotification.apk(246.58 KB)
- Disable Galaxy Gear Manager notification.4.4
Disable Samsung MissedEvent Widget Attached filedisablesamsungmissedeventwidget.apk(240.07 KB)
- This module disables the Samsung widget for missed calls / sms, which shows on the lock screen.
Disable SMS to MMS ConversionAttached fileuk.co.villainrom.pulser.allowlongsms_v1_2d471a.apk(36.26 KB)
- Prohibits the conversion of SMS in mms.
Extended togglesAttached fileSlightlyExtendedToggles.apk(151.48 KB)
- Long press the toggle buttons to open the corresponding setup pages.
Fix talkback issues Attached fileFixTalkbackIssues.apk(219.24 KB)
- You use accessibility options for something like Dynamic Notifications. You browse for Wi-Fi, and you get “Scan finished,” you play the video, and you can't hide the interface.
Higoogle Attached filehigoogle.apk(251.37 KB)
- Opens Google now initially when you say “Hello Galaxy” instead of the S-Voice application on new Samsung phones with “always listening” features.4.4
HoldHomeAttached fileHoldHome.apk(180.62 KB)
- Reassign double tap home long-press search.
Multiple WidgetsAttached fileGalaxyS4MultipleWidgets.apk(190.8 KB)
- Enable support for multiple widgets and cameras on the lock screen.
MultiwindowAttached fileXposedMultiWindow.apk(38.99 KB)
- Enable multi-window feature of all Samsung devices.
Multiwindow Apps ManagerAttached fileXposed_MultiWindow_Apps_Manager.apk(211.4 KB)
- enable applications to use multi-window mode.
NottachXposedAttached fileNottachXposed_v12.apk(4.25 MB)
- Special mods for AT & T Galaxy S4, but works on S3.
S5 SystemUI Theme for Note 3 Attached filesystemui.s5.apk(1.51 MB)
- SystemUI as on S5 for Note 3.4.4
S-View ALL the covers Attached filesviewverificationbypasser.apk(25.22 KB)
- This module bypasses checking and S-View works on 4.4.2 Note 3.4.4
S-View Mods for Note 3 Attached filesviewmodsfornotethree.apk(349.22 KB)
- S-View Mods for NOTE 3 is a set of modifications for S-View.4.4
S-View Music ControlsAttached fileSViewMusicControls_2.6.apk(213.33 KB)
- Allows the SView screen to display songs in Poweramp or Google Play Music, as well as an album cover.
Samsung Data Connection Icon Fix Attached filedataconnectioniconfix.apk(240.3 KB)
- Replaces connection icons for data transfer from a general nature to Samsung TouchWiz ROM, tested on Sprint Galaxy Tab 3, can work on other Samsung devices.
Samsung DVFS Disabler Attached filedvfs.apk(884.77 KB)
- Disable TouchWiz DVFS (Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling), and prevent any table adjustment CPU / GPU through Samsung DVFS assistant.4.4
Samsung Unlock Effect before Security Widget Attached fileunlockeffectbeforesecuritycod.apk(15.17 KB)
- shows the effect before unlocking the device.4.4
Scrolling WallpaperAttached fileuk.co.villainrom.pulser.scrollinglauncherwallpaper_v1_04723d.apk(35.24 KB)
- scroll wallpaper.
Secure Samsung ClipboardAttached filefivebyfourlauncher.apk(35.49 KB)
- When this mod is active, the entire clipboard history is erased, and passwords are not remembered.
Smart Alarm IconAttached fileSmartAlarmIcon_1.2.apk(171.97 KB)
- Change the signal icon in the status bar to be displayed only for a set time before the alarm goes off.
StatusBar Mods - SGS Attached filesbicons.sgs.apk(1.49 MB)
- Replace the status bar of the icon, make the status bar transparent. Originally developed for HTC one devices, it is now ported to Samsung Galaxy S devices (tested by SGS3 and GN2).
Stock Launcher 5x4 ModificationAttached filefivebyfourlauncher.apk(35.49 KB)
- 5x4 main screen grid.
Unlock effect before security widgetAttached fileUnlockEffectBeforeSecurityCode.apk(221.13 KB)
- Show light / ripple / effect circle before unlocking the device.
UsbStorageUnmountterAttached fileusbstorageunmountterbegone.apk(5.06 KB)
- This module disables the bug in S2, S3 and Note 2 when unmounting the otg drive.
Wanam XposedAttached fileWanamXposed.2.0.0.apk(1.78 MB)
- Customize Samsung Android 4.2 with many useful features.
XbackgroundAttached fileXBackground.apk(1.53 MB)
- Replace the background with custom colors or images.
XQuickSettingsToggleAttached fileXQuickSettingsToggles.apk(2.49 MB)
- Customize the colors of the different parts of the switches (including the background, text color, transparency).
xposed hidebattery moduleAttached fileHideBattery.apk(385.59 KB)
- Have a battery charge, without charging the battery by default.
Xposed G-Touchwiz Attached filegertlily.xposed.touchwiz.apk(758.14 KB)
- Remove the "S Finder" and "Q Connect" buttons from notifications on the Galaxy S5 and other Galaxy S5-based roms (eg. Note 2, Galaxy S4).4.4


BlinkFeed Back to TopAttached fileBlinkFeedBackToTop_1.0.apk(160.42 KB)
- Enable the Back button to go to the start in BlinkFeed as the home button for Sense 5.
Disable Sense 6 lockscreen widget Attached filedisablesense6lockscreenwidget.apk(8.07 KB)
- Disable the Sense 6 lock screen widget.4.4
Dot View Mods for HTC One Attached filedotviewmodsforhtcmate.apk(360 KB)
- Mods is a set of modifications for the HTC One (M8).4.4
HTC Car Mode Xposed Attached filehtccarxposed.apk(87.18 KB)
- Advanced settings and hacks for HTC Sense 6.0 Car app.4.4
HTC Gesture Modifier Attached filehtcgesturemodifier.apk(28.27 KB)
- Change on the screen off gestures HTC One (M8).4.4
HTC One Tweaker Attached filehtc.tweaker.apk(833.44 KB)
- tweaker ONLY for HTC One devices.4.4
Sense 5 toolboxAttached fileSense5Toolbox_2.0.apk(1.3 MB)
- Reorder your EQS tile + several mods made for HTC One stock ROM.
Sense 6 Lockscreen Mods Attached filesenselockscreen.apk(649.71 KB)
- Multiple mods for HTC Sense 6 LockScreen.4.4
Sense 6 toolbox Attached filesensetoolbox.apk(1.11 MB)
- Many tweaks for Roma with Sens 6.4.4
Smart Alarm IconAttached fileSmartAlarmIcon_1.2.apk(171.97 KB)
- Change the signal icon in the status bar to be displayed only for a set time before the alarm goes off.
StatusBar ModsAttached fileStatusbarIcons_v2.1.6.apk(1.43 MB)
- Replace the status bar of the icon, make the status bar transparent, switch between AT & T, T-Mobile and Intl. Signal icons, etc.
Status Bar OpacityAttached fileStatusBarOpacity_1.0.apk(160.79 KB)
- Change the opacity of the status bar (when it is transparent in the screen lock or launcher).
Stock Lockscreen Widget Picker for Sense 6 Attached filestocklockscreenwidgetpickerforsense6.apk(43.09 KB)
- Replace HTC screen lock widget palette for stock Android one.4.4
ViperOne (M7 / M8) Attached filedeutschmod_viperone.apk(501.29 KB)
- This module Exposed replaced at startup, English records of selected applications.4.4
Xsense Attached filexsense.apk(1.38 MB)
- This application will allow you to customize HTC Sense Android 4.4 +.


20MP SuperiorAuto Attached fileauto20mp.apk(13.2 KB)
- Use 20MP in SuperiorAuto for Xperia Z1 4.3 (also works on Z 4.3, 12MP).
Adapted Layout with soft keys for Xperia appsAttached fileAdaptedLayout-0.1.apk(541.13 KB)
- This mod will fix the layout for some of the Xperia apps.
Advanced power menuAttached fileAdvancedPowerMenu_v3.0.apk(282.81 KB)
- Extended reboot menu.
fixsony 4.3 bugs Attached filefixsony43bugs.apk(269.82 KB)
- This module fixes some of the errors introduced by Sony after upgrading to 4.3.
GEM Xperia Xposed Attached filegemxperia.apk(282.87 KB)
- Flexible setting launcher and lock screen on Xperia Z 4.3 firmware or derivatives.
GXMod ExtenderAttached filegxmod_extender.apk(123.7 KB)
- Pak tvikov for Sony.
Hide No SIM icon Attached filescreenmute.apk(17.07 KB)
- Hide the No SIM icon in the status bar.Tested with Xperia Z 4.3. Check on others.
Hide Stamina mode iconAttached filecom.wedy.semcphone2_v2_b33811.apk(7.15 KB)
- Delete endurance icon mode in the status bar. Tested on Xperia Z 4.2.2, it can work on all JB Xperia.
Lovins phonebook Attached filelovins.phonebook.apk(273.49 KB)
- Enable Speed ​​Dial on your Xperia phonebook. This module will only work Sony Xperia ROM.4.4
Lovins systemui Attached filelovins.systemui.apk(273.52 KB)
- Show 4G For LTE, like SONY Overlay. This module will only work Sony Xperia ROM.4.4
ReGXM Ex Attached fileregxm.apk(371.56 KB)
- Allows you to add a brightness bar to the NotificationBar.
Screen tweaks Attached filescreentweaks.apk(43.32 KB)
- Various screen tweaks for Sony Xperia Z1C.
SemcPhone Patcher Attached filesemcphoneov.apk(394.13 KB)
- Change some value to SemcPhone.apk.
Serajr xperia Attached fileserajr.xperia.apk(859.59 KB)
- A lot of tweaks for xperiia phones. It works on all stock and based on stock rums.
Settings patcher Attached filesettingsmod.apk(218.49 KB)
- Mod Settings.apk for Xperia: disable charge warning, disable modem alert.
Sony SW2 watchface widgets patch Attached filesw2_watchfaces_patch.apk(246.56 KB)
- position arbitrary position in Sony SW2 widgets.
SystemUI Patcher Attached filesystemuimod.apk(263.82 KB)
- Mod SystemUI.apk for Xperia.
WedyMod-res Attached filewedymod.apk(467.35 KB)
- A set of tweaks for Sony.
Xperia / AOSP NavBar Buttons Attached filexperianavbarbuttons.apk(52.74 KB)
- This Expose module allows you to change the navigation panel buttons on Xperia / AOSP devices.4.4
Xperia conventions tweaks Attached fileConversations.apk(249.92 KB)
- Xposed module for fine tuning SMS / MMS application.4.4
Xperia dialer mods Attached filexperiadialermods.apk(21.94 KB)
- Allows you to record call on Xperia devices.4.4
XperiaFMwoHS Attached filexperiafmwohs.apk(234.49 KB)
- Allows Xperia FM radio to work without a wired headset. Not always a good reception.
Xperia home rotation Attached filexperiahomeflags.apk(25.28 KB)
- Allows Xperia Home rotation and multichannel row labels.4.4
Xperia multiple miniapps Attached filexperiamultimini.apk(27K)
- Implement Xposed Multiple MiniApps mod as describedhere, right hereand programs.
Xperia phone vibratorAttached filexperiaphonevibrator.apk(7.22 KB)
- Vibration of the phone when an outgoing call is connected and ended.
Xperia S status bar toggles remover for JellyBean Attached filexperiasstatusbartogglesremover.apk(34.72 KB)
- Removes switches on the Sony Xperia S from Jellybean from the status bar.
Xperia stamina led Attached filexperiastaminaled.apk(10.86 KB)
- This Exposure module restores the LED functionality of Xperia devices when Endurance mode is enabled.
Xperia Tablet Z 4.2 QuickSettings LinksAttached fileXperiaQS.apk(26.66 KB)
- Access to parameters, by long pressing on QuickSettings items. Designed for the Xperia Z Tablet, but also reportedly works on the Xperia Z and ZR.
Xperia v modsAttached filexperiavmods_v1_2.apk(310.09 KB)
- Various tweaks for Xperia T, TX, TL & V.
Xperia z1 camera tweaxAttached filecom.mohammadag.z1cameratweaks_v1_af72ec.apk(223.97 KB)
- camera tweak in xperia z1.
Xposed DTN disablerAttached fileXposed_DTN_Disabler.apk(238.27 KB)
- Remove popup when you enable / disable mobile data.


AOSP CRT-OFF Animation Disabler Attached fileCRTEffectDisabler.apk(181.98 KB)
- Turns off the animation when the screen is turned on and off.
Bypass Exchange Security Policy Attached fileExchangeBypassForXposed.apk(619.01 KB)
- Does not allow E-mail application to become the administrator of the device for the phone and prevent it from any security restrictions on your device on. PIN / password / remote wipe, etc.4.4
CyanogenMod PieControlls ModAttached filePieControllsXposedMod.apk(847.71 KB)
- Theme CM 10.1 and 10.2 Pie + controls Turn them on to a device without keys.
exhange bypassesAttached fileExchangeBypass-1.1.apk(248.32 KB)
- bypassing Exchange security requirements, such as requiring a PIN code in AOSPish ROM.
iOS7 X Attached filexModule.apk(72.13 KB)
- The module adds the name of the operator and shifts the network and wifi indicators to the left corner.4.4
SMS Xposed- Several mods for google sms app.
XLockYAttached fileXLockY_1.0.apk(470.85 KB)
- Change the lock screen lock icon, glow got the color, lock ring icon, etc.

For LG

G2DisableFullyCharged Attached filexposedg2disablefullycharged.apk(261.9 KB)
- Turns off notifications to start charging and full charging on the LG G2.
G2 skin tweaks Attached fileg2skintweaks.apk(475.52 KB)
- Provides some simple settings for stock LG G2 skin.4.4
G2 XPOSED Attached fileG2_Xposed_Premium.apk(445.75 KB)
- Black status bar, Brightness, Volume notification panel, buttons for switching modes, Replaced menu key with recent applications, Added a menu above the stream for all applications.
LG G2 Fix Plug & Pop FC Mod Attached fileg2fixpopmod.apk(235.05 KB)
- You can see again the bottom animations on your device.
LG Pie Support Attached filelgpiesupport.apk(244.43 KB)
- To hide the navigation bar and use third-party control Pie, like LMT.4.4
Modules for Android Gingerbread (2.3.3), ported

Attached fileAllAppsInPlayStore.apk(591.66 KB)
- Makes all apps available in the Play Store.
Attached fileAndroid + Tuner.apk(8.57 MB)
- The most complete set of tools.
DisableCriticalBatteryShutdown Attached filedisablecriticalbatteryshutdown.apk(35.23 KB)
- Turn off automatic shutdown when Android detects a critical battery level.
DoubleTapToSleep Attached fileDoubleTapToSleep_Gingerbread.apk(19.43 KB)
- Lock double tap on the status bar.
Glossy Orb Battery Theme Attached fileSrk_Orb_Battery_GB.apk(1017.53 KB)
- Changes the type of battery.
Attached fileHideBatteryLowAlert-103.apk(17.57 KB)
- Hide the message to charge the battery.
KitKat Music Lockscreen Attached filekitkatmusiclockscreen.apk(693.42 KB)
- Shows the cover of the song on the lock screen.
Master Key Fix GB Attached filemasterkeyfixgb.apk(8.79 KB)
- Universal patch that removes the vulnerability 8219321, 9695860, 9950697 in Android devices.
Attached fileMasterKeyMultiFix-2.0.apk(29.25 KB)
- Fixes several vulnerabilities, known under the general name of errors (8219321, 9695860 and 9950697).
Noverflow Attached filenoverflow.apk(239.84 KB)
- Remove the "3-point menu" button of the menu from various locations.
Attached fileperapphacking.apk(331.96 KB)
- Allows you to avoid discharging the battery due to a large number of corewalkers.
Physical Button Music Control Attached filePhysicalButtonMusicControl.apk(243.53 KB)
- Music control with volume buttons.
Prevent Running Attached fileforcestopgb.apk(11.89 KB)
- Sleep application.
Attached fileRemoveUSBStorageWarning.apk(11.96 KB)
- Removes the warning when you connect USB Storage.
Attached fileTinted-Status-Bar-GB.apk(134.74 KB)
- Allows you to change the color of the status bar depending on the currently running application.
Twitter token patcher Attached filetwitter.token.patcher.apk(31.93 KB)
- No more than 100k limit for Twitter clients.
Wakelock terminator Attached fileWakelock_Terminator.apk(270.14 KB)
- Wakelock Terminator, which allows you to block all unwanted wakelock.
Attached fileXPrivacy-1.10-20131007.apk(915.87 KB)
- Privacy Manager to prevent the application from leaking sensitive data.
Attached fileXposedAdditions-1.0.4.apk(157.68 KB)
- Reassign buttons, wake up with volume buttons.To switch tracks with volume buttons, do not use the standard player, otherwise it will not work !; Touch buttons only work when the screen is on.
Attached fileXposedAppSettings-1.5-20131015.apk(659.25 KB)
- Change the general settings for applications (eg, DPI, screen orientation, full-screen mode, etc.).
Attached fileXposedInstaller-2.3.1-20131014.apk(1.04 MB)
- Xposed for Android 2.3
Attached filexvolume.apk(232.28 KB)
- 30 steps of volume, works on most firmware.
Attached fileYoutubeAdAway.1.4.apk(50.69 KB)
- Removes ads on Youtube.

For Android KitKat

Chinese T9 Attached filesmartdial.chinese.apk(7.32 KB)
- Add smart dialing support for Chinese T9 to AOSP / Google Dialer app on Android.4.4
Cyber-shot ™ Camera Xposed Attached filecybershot.apk(320.93 KB)
- Settings SONY Camera and the new Google camera.4.4
Enable BATTERY_STATS In KitKat Attached fileEnableBatteryStatsPermission_1.0.apk(14.83 KB)
- fix for proper battery monitoring.4.4
Enable Translucent Decor Attached fileenabletranslucentdecor.apk(41.63 KB)
- translucent status bar and navigation for Nexus 10.4.4
Ex-themer kk Attached filekitkat.exthemer.apk(520.93 KB)
- Choose from various battery icons, signal bars, notifications, etc. Change the appearance of the switch, progress bar, etc.4.4
Fix visibility of multiple non-fullscreen activities Attached filenonfullscreenactivitie.apk(21.17 KB)
- Fix for multi-window graphics (XHaloFloatingWindow, XHaloFloatingWindow or XMultiWindow) in CM11 of January 10, 2014.4.4
Force Translucent KitKat Attached filemilone.xposed.apk(44.91 KB)
- to use the new Kit Kat transparent NavBar and status bar.4.4
Fullscreen CallerID Attached filecleancallcard.apk(38.49 KB)
- Photo caller full screen. Tested on Nexus5.4.4
GoogleCamX Attached filegcx.apk(278.45 KB)
- Changes the Volume up / down buttons to zoom in / out on Googlen camera.4.4
GPSNotification Attached filegpsnotification.apk(250.19 KB)
- Brings JellyBean GPS Back notification.4.4
GravityBox for Android 4.4 Attached fileGravityBox_KitKat_2.8.0.apk(1.27 MB)
- Module for devices running Android 4.4 with many features.4.4
Hide apps Attached filehideappsxposed.apk(297.05 KB)
- Hides applications in standard google launcher.4.4
Immerse me Attached fileimmerseme.apk(270.25 KB)
- This module includes Immersive mode for all KitKat applications. The effect is similar to the enhanced Desktop mode, see.4.4
Immersive mode Attached fileimmersivemodedontpanic.apk(26.21 KB)
- Android shows you a hint when you first start the app in creating an exciting mode.4.4
Jellytoast Attached fileJellyToast.apk(21.74 KB)
- Pop-up notifications like in Jellybean.4.4
Nexus 5 Light Sensor fix Attached filelightsensorfilter.apk(35.62 KB)
- fixes problems with the light sensor in the Nexus 5, which appear under certain lighting conditions.4.4
Nexus SMS Attached filenexussms.apk(26.72 KB)
- Includes SMS feature on Nexus 7 under KitKat.4.4
NFC Card-Emulation Catch Attached filemodifyaidrouting.apk(242.27 KB)
- This module replaces the NFC routing mechanism.4.4
Noverflow Attached filenoverflow.apk(239.54 KB)
- mod to remove nasty menu button.4.4
Ok Google for 3rd party launchers Attached filethirdpartylauncherhotword.apk(46,96 KB)
- Enable "Ok Google" on some third-party launchers.4.4
Show dialpad Attached fileshowdialpad.apk(34.48 KB)
- Automatically appears dial buttons in Google & AOSP Dialer 4.4 (KitKat).4.4
Wanam kit Attached filewanamkit.apk(620,39 КБ)
- Deep tuning android 4.4 Wanam Xposed only for AOSP roms.4.4
Wi-Fi Deep Sleep Attached filewifideepsleep.apk(35.83 KB)
- Prevents Wi-Fi from waking up on the lock screen or Wifi lock application.4.4
XUtilities Attached filexutilities.apk(937.44 KB)
- Utility for KitKat. (Some features may also work on JB).4.4

For Moto X

MotoGSK Attached filemotogsk.apk(580.95 KB)
- translate moto g into Slovak.4.4
Motoguide Attached filemotoguide.apk(32.64 KB)
- In fact, it only removes the Carriel label from the status bar, but plan to add some tweaks to improve this great phone.
Hide carrier Attached fileHideCarrierMotoX.apk(53.21 KB)
- Removes carrier text from the status bar on Moto X devices running KitKat (4.4 +). In addition, it will allow you to enable WiFi Tethering on AT & T.4.4
Moto tether Attached filemotoxtether.apk(44.15 KB)
- Allows wifi tethering on Moto X, Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra running 4.4 on Verizon and AT & T.4.4
OkGoogleNowTriggerIntent Attached fileokgooglenowtriggerintent.apk(309.76 KB)
- This module stops all built-in non-contact control functions
Remove Moto G Second SIM icons Attached fileremovemotogsecondsimicons.apk(42.64 KB)
- Remove the second SIM icon for Moto G.4.4
Twisty switch Attached filetwistyswitch.apk(120.23 KB)
- Control the twist of your Moto X's gestures. Use the twist gesture to start the app of your choice.


This post will not be edited anymore.
Below there is another post, there will be adding new modules.

Also an aroma installer with these mods, but without a description; sorted, as did by the collector:Attached fileall_mods.zip(122.32 MB)

If something went wrong and the body is hanging or does not get it, sew in the recoveryAttached fileXposed-Disabler-CWM.zip(121.25 KB)

* Lomonosov - helped with the description of some modules.
* the_vanya1 - constantly prompts new modules.

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