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iPhone 6 Plus (2014) - Discussion
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Questions that can not be asked (discussed) in the topic:
Characteristics and specifications:
General characteristics
GSM standard 900/1800/1900, 3G, LTE
Support for LTE bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 29
Smartphone type
IOS 8 operating system
Body type classic
Body material aluminum
Mechanical control
SIM card type nano SIM
The number of SIM-cards 1
Weight 172 g
Dimensions (WxHxT) 77.8x158.1x7.1 mm
Screen type color IPS, touch
Type of touch screen multitouch, capacitive
5.5 inch diagonal.
Image size 1080x1920
Number of pixels per inch (PPI) 401
Automatic screen rotation is
Type of melodies polyphonic, MP3-melodies
Vibrate is
Multimedia features
Camera 8 million pixels., Built-in flash
Camera features autofocus, optical stabilization
Face recognition
Video recording is
Max. 1920x1080 video resolution
Max. video frame rate of 60 frames / s
Geo Tagging is
The front camera is, 1.2 million pixels.
Audio MP3, AAC, WAV
Dictaphone is
3.5 mm headphone jack
Interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, USB, NFC
USB charging
Satellite navigation GPS / GLONASS
A-GPS system is
POP / SMTP, HTML protocol support
Modem is
Synchronization with the computer is
Memory and processor
Apple A8 processor
The amount of internal memory 16, 64, 128 GB
No memory card slot
MMS is
Battery type Li-Ion
Non-removable battery
Talk time 24 hours
Standby time 384 h
80 hours listening time
Other features
Speakerphone (built-in speaker)
Voice dialing, voice control
There is an autodial
Light sensors, proximity, gyroscope, compass, barometer, fingerprint reading
Notebook and organizer
Search by book is
Organizer alarm clock, calculator, task scheduler
Additional Information
Features available in three colors: silver, gold, gray; slow-motion mode - 240 frames per second; connector - Lightning; Pay mobile payment system; A8 64-bit processor + M8 coprocessor
Announcement date (gmd) 2014-09-09

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vitexes @ 22.02.2017, 11:57*
* LifePeople, where you lag? I did not notice that at all. Maybe it's after the android so it seems? In what application you have a problem? I want to download and check out

It is possible that after the android quickly. The problem is not in the application and the operating system as a whole. Have something to compare, really lags is, though not always

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* LifePeople, will be reviewed can see. Still, the iPhone display is 5.5 per 27tys cool. I'm just a fool Alcatel Idol 4s for 29990 did not take well to read the forum

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vitexes @ 22.02.2017, 13:18*
* LifePeople, will be reviewed can see. Still, the iPhone display is 5.5 per 27tys cool. I'm just a fool Alcatel Idol 4s for 29990 did not take well to read the forum

Yes, no, better not look closely)) if it is not visible - should be happy and enjoy. Of course, the price, quality and so on - a super device. I took 64 of 30

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Guys, I'm sorry if you are not here, tell me where. I bought a place in Ayklaud and now I want to delete all photos from your phone that they do not take place in the memory, but that they would remain in Ayklaud. How to do it?

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* vitexes
Only if they are in iCloud Drive to add the files (do not know whether it is possible?), but then in the "Photos" gallery they will not be

but when stored in "Picture" can only be donestorage optimization , Ie the phone will uzhatye and small for the volume of photo thumbnails and full-size version will be loaded from iCloud

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* vitexes Using only your phone probably does. Use the optimization of storage. Photos will soon be weightless. So one day in the 16 GB phone stores pictures in Claude occupying more than 40 gigabytes. Plus, the program is usually necessary for life. The truth is still not convenient. Nothing can replace the local memory. Cloud still not yet for storage and for easy synchronization and backup. On the laptop already has a convenient storage features. That's why I buy a place.

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* Alexmosvip,
* timati747,
* A.R.S,
Your posts have been moved to the topic.iPhone 6 PLUS (5.5 ") - Purchase

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* vitexes
Because with such questions should be directed to the topic of the game, and not a subject for a discussion of iPhone 6 Plus.

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as you have the battery leads to the 10.3 beta? tell me guys. and it is better to 10.2.1 or 10.3 beta?

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Good afternoon! Tell me, please, can we using our product through the NSF check the balance of the troika?

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taraev @ 04.03.17, 21:01*
and it is better to 10.2.1 or 10.3 beta?

IMHO - for a normal user (not developer and thrill seekers) no better than "beta" is not set, and dwell in the official software.

When 10.3 comes out, it should be better. If it is not clearly negative reviews - feel free to update your device to 10.3.

Here before you upgrade to iOS 11 would be better to think a little longer :-)

Posted on 05/03/2017, 15:01:

Sprite0829 @ 05.03.17, 13:05*
whether it is possible with the help of our product through the NSF check the balance of the troika?

No, NFC is only for Apple Pay feature. In my view, even more with the jailbreak you can not get from him.

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Do not deviate from the topic of discussion. Deleted offtopic.

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Are there reviews restored 6plus, which is now officially on sale?

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It makes sense to take. Phone the fire for the money on iOS 10 all flies, even compared with the iPhone 7

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* Alexmosvip, comrade, but as a business with autonomy?

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* shark-13 Endurance 6+ and 6s + In a domestic environment the same. I have both devices.

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dima_shef87 @ 11.03.17, 06:48*
Are there reviews restored 6plus, which is now officially on sale?

As I understand it - the phone should not differ visually from the new.

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Good day everyone!
Perhaps my review helps someone decide)
Today, the fourth day of use 6+ Refurbished 64gb. I bought one of their official resellers (do not know whether it is possible to write the store name here) for the 29880. She took him to replace the year-old iPhone 6. Therefore, compare with him. The reason for replacing the 6-foolishly bought 16 gigs of memory and for the year was hammered at all, well, like the screen has more to do not jump on the tablet for surfing or gaming.
In general, the feelings after the usual 6, 6 Plus works as a whole is similar to when scrolling pages are heavy podlagivaniya small as 6, I'm used to it and did not notice. Myths about the fact that it, unlike a simple six lacks gig memory, evil tongues) to run multiple games: dungeon hunter 4 (and similar in requirements), the brakes have not noticed, all smoothly, beautifully, to play on the big screen-one pleasure.
At first it was scary to take recovery, decided to try it, because I took in a normal store, and with a guarantee of no problems. If the marriage will come out-I think the problems with the exchange will not happen.
Full sense of the new device, there is no feeling that he had bought b / ushny at a flea market)
Now on the battery: pleasantly surprised. Holds 1.5 days of normal use mode, am writing this review from it, the remaining 19% charge. Basically: Vayber, VC, surfing, a few games, music, a little navigator, EPL Side. From the last full charge for about 15 minutes on a string hung there from nouta until tuna flooded with music, did not notice how much percent of the charge during this time.
In general, the device - just a bomb, especially considering its price.
All good!
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I bought 2 pieces 6plus 64gb space gray RFB in connected for free% installments for 10 months. The next day, closed loans from banks, came on 27000в‚Ѕ ... Phone happy, in fact it is a new phone!

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* lunixoid
This is the third or fourth question only on the last two pages. Thread read, you are not the first to ask!

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