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Valiant Hearts: The Great War | [IPhone] [iPad] A masterpiece from Ubisoft.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Version: 1.2.61
Catalog: Quests
Last update of the game in the header:11.10.2016

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Short description:
Truly a quality product from Ubisoft.

The heroes, following their loyal dog friend, will try their best to survive amid the horrors of war.
This story, which takes place in a world torn apart, tells of randomly intersected fates and unhappy love.
During the events, which tells Valiant Hearts, the lives of the characters will be inextricably linked. Friendship, love, self-sacrifice and unhappiness - all this awaits heroes who help each other to remain people in the boiling hell around.
This emotion-filled adventure game with a unique atmosphere and design will allow you to make a journey into the past, making the journey from the green forests of the French province to the raw trenches and snow-covered fields.
Go into the thick of things and help your heroes survive the horrors of the First World War, solve puzzles and penetrate the enemy rear ... You will find many comedic, but at the same time touching adventures.
The management concept has been completely rethought and adapted to the mobile format. Now Valiant Hearts has become more accessible!
Once in the laboratory of trenches and trenches, take control of each of the characters and help the young German soldier to return to his beloved!
Send your sensitive four-legged companion forward - making your way past barbed wire fences and craters from shells, he will help you by solving puzzles and distracting enemies. Rely on him in everything: this dog will become your true friend!
Despite the fact that the plot of the game is fictional, it will allow you to visit a number of famous places and watch the most important battles on the Western front - for example, the battles on Marne and Somme!
Valiant Hearts was created by a small but very talented team that includes the main artist and chief sound engineer of such games as Beyond Good & Evil and Peter Jackson’s King Kong, as well as leading level designers Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.

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System requirements:
Attached ImageIs requirediOS 7.0 or later.
Attached ImageCompatible withiPhone 4S / 5 / 5C / 5S, iPod Touch 5, iPad 2/3/4 / mini / mini with Retina / Air.

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Additional Information:
Attached ImageTongue: Russian [+ Voice acting] , English, German, French, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish.
Attached ImageDeveloper: Ubisoft

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PictureDownload: Version 1.2.61
What's New in Version 1.2.61
We try to regularly please you with updates and new features that make the gaming experience even better! Have fun!

Hacking and episodes 2-4 for devices without jail (iOS 9+) fromThe1day
Valiant Hearts The Great War 1.2.61 Repack from The1day

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Reason for editing: Updating the version ...

Rep: (316)
* SUVORike,
468 rubles the final price for the game itself with the AppStore and for all episodes.

Rep: (1)
on pc, the game fully justifies its price at 6.99 (bought on Steam)

Rep: (316)
Appeared in the Russian AppStore.

Rep: (2)
Waiting for a hack (

Rep: (43)
LocallAPStore does not buy episodes: D. We are waiting for a hack or a general account)

Rep: (316)
* koliYSS,
Shared accounts are prohibited.

Rep: (9)
Guys, please upload someone to the torrent, it doesn’t download Yandex.

Rep: (316)
Torrent in a hat.

Rep: (9)
Thank you very much.

Rep: (0)
We are waiting for hacking o.O

Rep: (24)
I can’t even enter the game on ipod touch 5, it throws it on ubisoft montreal.

Rep: (1443)
Hmmm, hacking will most likely resemble a republic, most likely 2 keys in the playlist will need to be changed to your own, now I protest

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Rep: (1443)
well people managed to hack. Now I’ll lay out everything I need and write what and where

Rep: (1443)
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ValiantHearts: The Great War v 1.1.2 + DLC
Attached Image
Now you can download Valiant Hearts: The Great War TOTALLY FREE!
There is never much good! Get a free album with illustrations in addition to the interactive comic book already included in the game! It's time to return to the trenches and trenches!
update 1.0.5
- we are constantly working on improvements
What's New in Version 1.0.4
Download the Valiant Hearts: The Great War game now and get a FREE interactive comic book based on it.
The comic strip Valiant Hearts: Dogs in the Service, which takes place at the very beginning of World War I, tells a moving story about two Dobermans - Walt and his sister Cassie - and their heroic deeds. These dogs, taken into military service and sent to the Western Front, have to overcome the labyrinths of trenches, completing tasks for the delivery of important dispatches and saving the injured soldiers.
"The sensation of reading a comic book is enhanced by:
- Touch navigation
- animated drawings

- Built-in music and sounds
update 1.0.3
We are constantly working on bugs
update 1.0.2
iOS 8 Support Update
- Bug fix for users who could not download episodes after updating to iOS 8
- Facebook sharing improvements

Attached Image
Attached Image2-4 episode files included
Attached ImageInstallation through iTools to work 2-4 episodes
Attached Image
Attached Image
1) Install repackstrictly through iTools for a working hack. Otherwise, get a game without 2-4 episodes
2) Run the game without the Internet and go to the store, turn on the Internet
on iOS 8.3 the method does not work
Attached Image

Attached Image
Download:Attached Image
1.0.5 Attached Image
1.1.1 Attached Image
1.1.0 Attached Image

Attached Image
P.S. on iOS 7.0.4 it is possible that the game will be in English, use the applangswitcher tweak
Attached Image

For devices without jailbreak:
Verified! For ios 8.3 - 8.4 the method may not work
Attached Image

1) Runifunbox / itools go to the game folder, then library and take it from the archive VH_1.1.1 in folder Library folders Application support and caches and put in Library (agreeing to a replacement). In case of problems with copying the folder Caches , then go into it and replace the contents on the device with the contents of the archive Caches
2) Take the contents of the folderDocuments from the archive and put in Documents games
3) Take from the archive in Preferencescom.ubisoft.valiant-hearts.plist and put in the game folder (IOS_ITF_AppFramework_retail) Library / Preferences
4) Run the game without the Internet and go to the store, turn on the Internet
Attached Image
archive link:Attached Image
Attached Image
P.S. in the store shows that 1 episode 59p, but it is available, I took the game at the very exit and then the concept of paid 1 episode
Hack Archive
1.1.1Attached Image
1.1.0Attached Image
1.0.5Attached Image

Post has been editedHoRRicH - 26.06.15, 20:41
Reason for editing: 1.1.2

Rep: (0)

Posted on 09/04/2014, 03:07:

* HoRRicH,
After installing the game - there is no playlist, it appears only after starting the game and already with my data put down, something is wrong

Post has been editedxxxkiller93 - 04.09.14, 03:07

Rep: (1443)
* xxxkiller93,
plist immediately lies in IOS_ITF_AppFramework_retail / library / Preferences. I checked the repack on 3 devices, so there shouldn’t be any errors of this kind

Post has been editedHoRRicH - 04.09.14, 03:39

Rep: (20)
* HoRRicH, It does not work without a jail. The log in Tulsa does not appear.

Rep: (230)
* HoRRicH, strictly according to the instructions I did, plist, like the one above, did not appear on a friend. I started the game, and closed it, the file appeared, edited it. I started the game without the Internet, I went to the boutiques and I already had a dash, I started the Internet and price tags appeared again.
Threat the game has already been put before the repack, it may have affected that the modem is not. I will try again or wait for advice

Rep: (1443)
* m0t1x
Delete the game without leaving data, or look in iCloud for the availability of game data and clean it. The game has a sync folder with the cloud, and maybe it interferes. STOP, I highlighted quite a lot, you do not need to start the game after installation! Reinstall, without starting the game, you change the data in the playlist and only then start and without Internet to the store menu. I just recently managed to apply a way to populate the contents of the documents / library and other folders right away in the repack and during installation they already lie in the right places. No launches without changing the plist should be done. In this game, a check at startup against a temporary variable key that is generated at the time of installation. Such a hemorrhage is only here and in republique :)

Posted on 09/04/2014, 03:54:

* DevlMax,
Should appear, using the latest version of the tool? All running processes are displayed in the logs, scroll them up

Post has been editedHoRRicH - 04.09.14, 04:02

Rep: (230)
* HoRRicH, Well, I say there was no slab after installation. Like the comrade who wrote above, I confirm his words. As soon as I went further, I launched and closed the game, the file was created, further in the text ...
And icloud is always disconnected from me.

Posted on 09/04/2014, 04:03:

Yes, I noticed data with time at the end of the file. I want to hear those who could install. I’m repeating all the steps again.

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