Navipilot Droid 2 | Car with GPS [Android OS]
I use the firmware version
v 2.095 [ 22 ] ** [20,75%]
v 2.102 [ 36 ] ** [33,96%]
v 2.127 [ 24 ] ** [22,64%]
Custom firmware [ 22 ] ** [20,75%]
I flash, make changes, modify GU
Often [ 40 ] ** [37,74%]
Several times a month [ 21 ] ** [19,81%]
I also asked for the next update. [ 37 ] ** [34,91%]
Update on the fan and do not climb myself [ 8 ] ** [7,55%]
Total votes: 106

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Navipilot Droid 2 (OS 4.1.1)
Official site|Those. support

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Be sure to familiarize everyone!

The main characteristics of the device
    Navipilot Droid 2 is a continuation of the line of head units from the company Navipilot, compared with the first version has a more powerful hardware, a higher-quality screen 1024ch600, multitouch, large RAM 1 GB, and Android 4.1.1 ...
    Video of the State University
    Tests AnTuTu Benchmark
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  • Main settings:
    • Maximum integration with the standard car interior design and ease of installation (all connectors are made by connector-to-connector / pin-to-pin technology)
    • Touch capacitive screen with a diagonal (depending on model) HD resolution of 1024x600 pixels and 16: 9 format
    • High-performance dual-core Cortex A9 2 x 1.2 GHZ processor
    • DDR3 1 GB RAM, iNAND 4 GB internal memory
    • Android 4.1.1 operating system
    • Built-in GPS with support for any (!) Navigation software (Navitel Navigator, City Guide, Progorod, Shturmann, Yandex Navigator, Yandex Jams, iGO, Google, etc.) with maps of all of Russia, the CIS, Western and Eastern Europe
    • The possibility of laying routes, taking into account the "traffic jams"
    • Ability to self-install more than 1'000'000 different programs presented on Google Play (Android Market)
    • DVD drive with the ability to play DVD / CD / MP3 / MP4
    • Supports HD video playback systems in HD 720P and 1080P
    • FM / AM Radio with 32 radio stations
    • Mode 2 ZONE - "second zone" - watching a DVD on additional monitors simultaneously with the operation of the navigation program
    • Display on-screen information from parking sensors, air conditioning, rear view camera
    • Programmable steering wheel control
    • Two slots for SD cards, support for memory cards up to (unlimited) GB in Fat32
    • 2 USB ports, support for USB 2.0 and external USB HUB
    • Internet connection via USB GPRS / EDGE / 3G modem (supplied)
    • Wireless Wi-Fi connection via USB adapter (supplied)
    • Support speech recognition and voice commands
    • Interfaces presented in the system allow you to extend the functionality of the device (DVR, OBDII, tire pressure sensors, parking sensors, 4G mobile access point, etc.)

  • Equipment
    Head unit, GPRS modem, WiFi receiver, Packing with accessories, Power and connection wires, Installation elements, User manual
  • We transfer the modem to the Only modem mode
  • Official instructions NavipilotDroid 2
  • BugTracker (sending information about an error or problem with the PG)
  • Logging
  • Unlock modem from the box for other operators
  • If the modem does not work in firmware 2.102
  • FAIL error when installing stock firmware
  • How to make a screenshot of the screen
  • System Update / Firmware (MCU)
    Video firmware manual
    Video MCU update instruction
      UPDATE firmware
    1. Copy the contents of the folder with the firmware on the card (grade 8-10) should be like this
      Attached Image

    2. Insert the card into the MAP slot and press RESET.
    3. The firmware starts, at the end of each line should be ________ OK
    4. If appearing something like_____diff , then after the end of the firmware to start the firmware FIRST .
    5. At the end of the line appears _____ pull out the card and reboot the device.
    6. After downloading the device, you can update the MCU, if you do not need to insert the card and delete the update folder and the letou_mcu.bin file from it

      MCU UPDATE Not required for firmware 2.127
    1. If you have just gone through the firmware, and there is no desire to particularly steam, then rename the update folder, for example, to rrupdate (so that when you restart, the head does not start updating the system again) or delete the update folder
    2. Insert into the slot MAP
    3. Go - settings - about system - update mcu press update
    4. The head is overloaded
    5. Again — settings — about the system — update the mcu, click to update
    6. The update line appears - last --- all))
  • How to change the boot image and animation
    • Before flashing, replace the file \ update \ images \ logo.bmp with your
    • The logo has a resolution of 1024x600 32bit in bmp format.
    • Replacing animation, using RootExplorer, add to system / media and reload
  • I want to reduce / increase the volume of the radio, Navi, player ...
    Read herehttp: //forum.gps-club...owtopic=23222&p=284205this line lives in /mnt/config/factory.prop
  • How to replace stock launcher with another example of Nova launcher
    We take We take the apk of the launcher we need, in our example Nova launcher, we copy it with rutexplorer in the system / app
    Attached Image
    Long tap on the icon call
    Attached Image
    set permissions
    Attached Image
    find stock launcher
    Attached Image
    long tap on it cause
    Attached Image
    Remove it, reload and enjoy
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
Modifications and decorations
Firmware and patches
firmware 7.713 -here
Here you can find all the current firmware from NaviPilot -Go to
Firmware 2.245 + GPSFix -here
Patch modification # 1 by NaviPilot
Jamb with the inability to download offline maps in YAN -here

Problems found

  1. PlayMarket does not see many applications, PowerAmp, City Guide, when you try to download Navitel, the market dies. Recommendations - install similar programs from the installation file apk. (cured)
  2. Mass navigation failureNaviPilot DROID2 devicestemporary solutionherefinal decisionsGPS crash problems

Not declared features GU NavipilotDroid 2

Hooked up an old hub, 15 years old
Attached Image
and got this picture
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
What can be especially useful for those who will fasten the camera for the recorder and skype, and will want to have the output at the same time, and the free tail, for the HDD or something else))
Support SDCard of any size NavipilotDroid 2
SO!!! Another pleasantness from the GU-just checked the support of NTFS format with Sdcard slots- Congratulations, we can forget about the restriction of cards by volume and the need to dance, formatting cards larger than 32gb in FAT32-OUR GU SUPPORTS NTFS FORMAT AND MEDIA OF ANY SIZE !!!
Attached Image

Screenshots of the series Under the dome vlc player with sdcard in NTFS
Attached Image
Attached Image
Remote control
Download this appAttached fileCarMediaShareClient_new.rar(1008.57 KB)
, install in the phone, and manage the GU

Be mutually polite! We have to say on the forum "thank"by increasing reputation by clicking on the buttonPicture
If you have less than 15 messages, click on the button.Picture(under reputation) and let us know who helped you, whom to put

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Zabava, it's me

Sash, help the sufferersNavipilot Droid 2 (Post # 33989164)

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Here he is on the photo - the wire that goes to the staff microphone. Gray. You twist off the two wires from him and screw the piece of wire with a small jack. For example, cut off from the staff Pilot's microphone. Nothing complicated - the screen to the screen, the internal wire to the internal wire. Everything. Regular microphone is connected.

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Do not look!
on the picture:
The white plug itself - this is from my car.
Wires in the photo:
1 (white) - Video output from the rear view camera.
2 (gray with orange stripe) - Powered by 6 volts rear view camera.
3 (green with black stripe) - 12 volts when reverse gear is engaged
But what and where to turn between the GU and this plug, I can not enter

It was me guys from Navipilot gave such instructions, that where to screw, but I could not figure it out)

From the car itself, only 4 wires go to Gu, 3 with plugs, the fourth is an antenna. Two of the three plugs cling to the adapter plugs for the navipilot. There remains a third - untapped, in which just the camera, etc. and etc.
And the photo is from the Navipilot installation manual.

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In the meantime, a little updated assembly
Attached Image

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I just talked about the microphone. That which I know for sure and implemented it myself. Find a shielded microphone cable, which on the approach to the head is redone by the Koreans into two separate wiring. I suspected that he was in the photo. Shielded microphone cable look.
And where to stick the wires of the camera - I have not looked yet - it is perfectly convenient for me in the mirror. Here it is.
In any case, until you find a pinout - you will not give fret. Pinout, this is such a picture with inscriptions - that where to poke.
Here, for example, Mohav pinout - all is clear right away.
Find the same for your shark - and happiness will fall on you right there)

Posted on 09/03/2014, 15:21:

Updated and where did you put it?

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Attached Image

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There, in principle, tezhe yayki ...

Rep: (27)
Bababuka @ 09/03/2014, 15:21*
I just talked about the microphone.

The fact of the matter is that I expected to see the same thing, but in a new litter, there is only one shielded cable - an antenna. And there are three more white connectors. Two of which are used by Navipilot. The third is just hanging out. It is in this third connector that the camera with a microphone is involved, but where is xs.
PS on the new sorik camera ONLY on the GU is displayed, unfortunately, the mirror and it suited me (
And I am looking for pinout .... while it is quiet (

Rep: (70)
You have pinout on the last picture, damn, or my skis do not go, or something with asphalt))): rofl:

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Hold pinout:

Rep: (70)
We studied it today, there either I don’t understand what it’s about, or uv does not correctly set the task))

Rep: (0)
Hello! and what would a pilot microphone not have on a regular place? I got a native microphone removed and in its place with a min. put on the hot melt glue)

Rep: (45)
I don’t know what kind of car you have - in Mohave, I wouldn’t open the ceiling for the microphone. And then I doubt that the Chinese are better than the regular. VERY inconspicuous in appearance.

Well with pinout it is easy to handle now.

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And then I doubt the Chinese are better than the regular. VERY inconspicuous in appearance.

I screwed into the ceiling, at least the collective farm, works fine, but the staff, definitely better, I remembered the reviews from the first pilot)) but this one: rofl: Oleg priests: rofl: better than the built-in head .., it’s more convenient, more accurate))

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Where are the news about the maturing firmware?

My regular player does not read the mkv video. They waited for their mom from shopping - their son was harshly presented for the Kruds and Malifisentu family.

And I know where a woman has a dot G. At the end of the word ShoppinG.

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And he will not, vlc rulez))

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MX player seemed more convenient.

Rep: (70)
MX player seemed more convenient.

The sound is worse (((

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And here's another Torque OBD2 is not very friendly to me. It seems normal, but it does not show any errors. Maybe the older version is needed or which KIAvsky plugin?

Rep: (70)
What KIAvsky plugin?

aha scha ssyl ladiesTorque Pro (OBD2 / Car)Kia Adv (OBD) for Torque v1.4.apk (134.94 KB)

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And I have Torque 1.8 - nothing?

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