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Blackberry passport

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DThe "cap" of the topic in the process of re-registration and filling.

Attached ImageBlackberry passport . Discussion. Black, White, Red, AT&T, Silver Edition.
Quadratisch, praktisch, gut.
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| Description | HDiscussion | User application suites | CNewbie Questions | & Temporary knowledge base (FAQ) for Blackberry 10, sets of native and adapted Android applications |

The current version of the operating system is, software is "Settings" - "Information" - Category "OS".
The Blackberry Passport Firmware topic is not updated, so the instructions and applications for flashing are in the temporary FAQ.

Blackberry Passport Theme Rules
R Blackberry News
Important announcement!
Good news from Blackberry.
Support for infrastructure critical to the functioning of the Blackberry 10 system is officially extended indefinitely after 2019. And even though no one knows what exactly is included in the concept of “critical infrastructure”, you can partially exhale and assume that without calls, mail, the Internet and the work of Android applications, we will not stay for sure. Regarding the closure of Blackberry World, not a word is said in this message - therefore, it is quite possible that the support of the store is also extended.Congratulations to the whole community! Now you can definitely start stocking up on batteries.

Since August 1, the Blackberry Assistant cloud voice support server is disconnected.
Starting August 1, Twitter servers for applications from BBW are disconnected.

Our Commitment to BB10 and Some Changes to BlackBerry Legacy Services

We manufactured our last BB10 and BBOS devices in 2015 and, as the world has seen, our efforts are now growing and evolving as a cybersecurity and software company. In 2017, however, we promised our customers at least two further years of support for BB10 and at least two years of BlackBerry network access for BBOS devices. Today, we can proudly say that we are extending that commitment and will continue to support critical infrastructure and services for BB10 as well as network access for BBOS devices beyond the end of 2019.

It is a testament to the durability of our designs and brand loyalty that there are still millions of people actively using BB10 and BBOS devices — some of which are more than 10 years old.

However, beginning Thursday, August 1, two services on these phones will no longer be accessible to consumers as a result of decisions taken by our third-party partners.

First, Twitter has requested that BlackBerry remove the BBOS and BB10 Twitter apps from BlackBerry World as they are shutting down services that enable these apps to function. Users will no longer be able to download the BBOS and BB10 Twitter apps. For those that wish to continue using the social media platform, they can download alternative apps outside of BBOS or BB10 or use their device's web browser to access the site.

Second, the third-party cloud service that supports the "Full Assistance" functionality in BlackBerry Assistant will also be turned off. Our partnership with the third-party provider that supports "Full Assistance" has ended and they have chosen not to renew it. BlackBerry Assistant will continue to be available, albeit in a more limited function. Users will still be able to make calls, open apps, play music and search their device.

We want to thank our loyal BBOS and BB10 users and appreciate the ongoing support.

DInformation about the device and operating system, documentation
Screen : 4,5 ", IPS, 1440x1440, 453 ppi, color depth - 24 bits, 10-point touch panel, Corning Gorilla Glass 3,
Battery : 3450 mAh, non-removable, the average time in the combined cycle is 34 hours,
Processor (SoC) : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974-AA - 2 260 MHz (Quad-Core CPUs - 4 cores Krait 400 @ 2.2 GHz),
Graphics processor : Adreno 330 450MHz GPU,
RAM : 3072 MB LPDDR3 800MHz RAM,
Internal memory : 32 GB, memory card slot,
Memory card support : MicroSD, MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC,
Connectors : Micro-USB (with OTG and SlimPort support (HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort 1.1, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI, NFC, BlackBerry universal connector with SlimPort enabled)), 3.5 mm headphone jack,
Power adapter : + 5V DC / 1300mA AC,
Communication standards : 2G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G LTE, VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS, Glonass,
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n at 2.4GHz, 802.11 a / n at 5GHz, 802.11 ac at 5GHz, 4G mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, IEEE 802.11r, IEEE 802.11k Neighbor Reports, Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Server,
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (LE) with the following profiles - Hands free Profile 1.6 (HFP), Object Push Profile 1.1 (OPP), Phone Book Access Profile 1.1.1 (PBAP) Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP 1.2 / AVRCP 1.5 support) , Serial Port Profile 1.1 (SPP), Bluetooth Message Access Profile 1.1 (MAP), Personal Area Network 1.0 (PAN), Remote SIM Access Profile 1.1 (rSAP), Human Interface Device Profile 1.0 (HID), Device ID 1.3, Multi- Profile 1.0 (MPS) [Planned] Low Energy Services, Device Information Service, Immediate Alert Service, Link Loss Service, Tx Power Service, Battery Service, Current Time Service, Next DST Change Service, Low Energy Human Interface Device (HID) [Planned ] Bluetooth Radio Specifications, Single band support: ISM 2.4 GHz, Power Class: Bluetooth Class 1, Transmitting and receiving frequency: 2402 to 2480 MHz,
Camera :
  • rear - 13 megapixels with OIS (optical image stabilizer) and BSI (backside illumination - backlight sensor), aperture - f2.0, 30mm, 5x digital zoom, continuous autofocus, 1080p 60 fps,
  • front - 2 megapixels, fixed focus, aperture - f2.8, 28mm, 3x digital zoom, 720p,
operating system : BlackBerry OS 10,
Sensors : Accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor (Time of Flight (ToF)), light sensor (ALS),
Dimensions :
  • Black, White, Red Edition: 128 x 90.3 x 9.3 mm (9.6 mm in the camera area),
  • Silver Edition: 131.4 x 90.5 x 9.3 mm
SIM card : Nano-SIM, 1.8V and 3.0V,
Weight :
  • Black Edition: 194.4 g,
  • Silver Edition: 205 g.
Modifications and differences
Differences in modifications
Silver Edition by Black Edition :
  • The sound is noticeably sharper, louder, deeper (bass),
  • The weight distribution is “more correct" (whoever held both devices in his hands knows the difference in balance and the effect of the increased lower bar on the set of lower keys),
  • Improved shape (smoother) and key travel (softer and quieter),
  • The camera has been redesigned - other lenses and a stabilizer have been applied, the resulting images are sharper, less jitter,
  • Redesigned power circuit and display controller,
  • Less easily soiled (other materials of the back case),
  • Increased weight, dimensions (on all sides),
  • The screen is "juicier", brighter, the glass is flat,
  • You can chop nuts on the side corners.
Black Edition by Silver Edition :
  • More compact in size
  • More authentic, distinctive design,
  • The cost of spare parts is lower.
Red Edition from Black Edition:
  • The frame is not made of steel, but made of anodized aluminum (black color),
  • Redesigned key travel (softer and quieter) and keyboard material.
Attached Image
Attached Image
SQW100-3 (AT&T)
Attached Image
Attached Image
SQW100-4 (Silver Edition
Attached Image
Attached Image
Element layout
Attached Image
Device reviews
Official Blackberry OS 10.3.3 user manual
& Service
Spare Parts Shops
Battery and analogues
The original battery - Blackberry BAT-58107-003 - 3450 mAh.
Analog - Cameron Sino (X-Longer) CS-BRQ300SL - 3400 mAh.
Cameron Sino (X-Longer) CS-BRQ300SL
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Material at the processing stage
[spoiler = Useful information (irrelevant material)] [spoiler = mini FAQ];
AT: I heard that BlackBerry smartphones useBISconnection. Is this relevant to Passport?
ABOUT: Not. For devices on the OS10 operating system BIS for internet access is optional. Allowed the use of conventional tariff plans that provide mobile operators

AT: And what does the inscription meanSQW100-X ?
ABOUT: This is the code of modifications of the device, differing mainly in appearance. For RF preferred model with the designation SQW100-1 , SQW100-3 , SQW100-4 . The main condition - the device must be unlocked

AT: WhatBBIDand what is it for? ?
ABOUT: This is a smartphone user ID that provides access to all BlackBerry services. It is the similarity of the login and for convenience is listed in the form of mail. Register BBID here

AT: What software is required to connect a smartphone with a computer?
ABOUT: Default need Blackberry link , at the same time the necessary drivers will be installed ( link on the application). Link - is a manager designed to synchronize data, media files, applications and create backups. Also, to expand the functionality of the smartphone has Blackberry blend

AT: What is it likeBlend ?
ABOUT: An application that allows you to work with messages and smartphone content on a computer or tablet. Details and features list here , link to download the application

AT: Do you have an app store like GooglePlay / AppStore?
ABOUT: Yes, it is called AppWorld ( link ). To directly download applications, you need to use the application. BBW which is on the smartphone

AT: Is there any alternative to it, but with free / cracked software?
ABOUT: Native applications are installed / purchased only through BBW -application on the smartphone (sometimes some programs have free / trial options or just analogues from other developers). "Cracked" software for OS10 does not exist, I advise you to respect the work of the developer. The exception is the use of apk-applications that do not require root access on the device

AT: Is there a voice control, an analogue of Siri / Cortana / Google Now?
ABOUT: Yes, and his name Blackberry assistant . Full voice control is not supported. It is only available when using the following languages: English, English (UK), German, Spanish, French, Italian. Information on Assistant here . Activation average key on the end of the device

AT: Is voice input supported (for example in SMS)?
ABOUT: Yes, supported

AT: Does this unit support HD-Voice?
ABOUT: Yes, official support is declared.

AT: Is there a "protection against thieves" in the phone?
ABOUT: Yes, there is an application Protect . Read carefully information about him

AT: Can I sync phone contacts from a google account?
ABOUT: Yes, go to the Accounts>Add accounts>Al. mail, calendar and contacts

AT: And what if my contacts are saved in .vcf format?
ABOUT: Transfer contacts to the device, download from BBW an application that accepts this format and import them

AT: I want the phonebook to display contacts only from the phone’s memory, i.e. without SIM contacts
ABOUT: Come in Contacts - Swipe (movement on the screen) top down >Settings>SIM card contacts

AT: What types of email accounts are supported by the smartphone?
ABOUT: Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, IMAP, POP, CalDAV (Calendars, Contacts), Work Account (BES 10/12)

AT: Where can I find the setting in which I receive a message about the delivery of SMS / MMS?
ABOUT: Text messaging>Three dots>Settings>Text messaging>SMS / MMS confirm delivery

AT: How to quickly see the battery level?
ABOUT: On the desktop, make a swipe down up

AT: How to add a subscriber to the black list?
ABOUT: You can limit subscriber dialing at the following settings: Save the number in Contacts>Edit>Ringtones and notifications>select the desired type of notifications. There are also third-party programs for blocking dialing, etc.

AT: On the keyboard, you can configure a specific action, a la "hot keys"?
ABOUT: Yes, if the OS version is on the device 10.3.x then hotkeys can be used. Setup is done in Quick access and dialing

AT: Does the device have an exit curtain, which gives quick access to the system elements (Wi-Fi, flashlight, notification mode)?
ABOUT: Yes there is. It is activated with a swipe top down , and when any application is launched, then swipe with two fingers simultaneously. You can customize the contents and order of the menu in the Quick Settings

AT: How to quickly find out the date / day of the week?
ABOUT: Slightly pull (1 cm) quick access curtain or svaypnut down up for 2 seconds.

AT: How to find out about missed events (messages, calls, dates) without reaching for the power button?
ABOUT: In idle mode, press the key U . Tap on the event, you can find a brief information about it

AT: How to put a password on the device?
ABOUT: Go to Security>Device password

AT: Is it possible to put a graphic password on a smartphone?
ABOUT: A graphic password is available, but it differs from the usual swipe by the indicated numbers. Go to Settings>Security>Device password>Graphic password and try

AT: Does this device support the OTG function?
ABOUT: Yes, supports

AT: How to transfer the smartphone to drive mode to establish connection with a computer without installing drivers?
ABOUT: Networks and Connections>USB>Drive mode

AT: Is there any hard key to end the call, but it is not always inconvenient to use the sensor?
ABOUT: There is no such key and it is impossible to customize any key on the end call. Alternatively, purchase a case with a magnet and activate the item in the Extended Call Completion Interaction when placed in the case

AT: Is it possible to use a smartphone as an Internet distribution point?
ABOUT: Go online and connect. There are many interesting wireless settings

AT: How to take a snapshot of the desktop / running application?
ABOUT: Clamping the volume buttons at the same time. The snapshot is in the Images folder.

AT: And how then to do the same, but on the lock screen?
ABOUT: application Music >launch any song>lock screen>press U >hold down the volume buttons

AT: How can I turn off the mobile Internet so that Internet traffic does not flow?
ABOUT: Settings>Networks and Connections>mobile connection>Data services

AT: On the active lock screen got a black screen with a clock, what is it?
ABOUT: The bedside mode was activated, or simply - night hours. Full details on this feature. here

AT: Where to set up to make running applications stop / fall asleep when they are minimized?
ABOUT: Application manager>Go to the Application Permissions menu.>Any application>Run in collapsed mode

AT: How to remove the string from the bottom when running apk-applications? How to change the size of the emulated application?
ABOUT: With the apk application running, make a swipe top down two fingers at the same time and the settings menu will open

AT: Google Play Store can be put on this device?
ABOUT: Yes you can ( link )

AT: Some applications require Google services, where can I get them?
ABOUT: You need to install patched Google Apps ( link ). You can also try patching them with a special Patcher ( link )

AT: What symbol appeared next to the antenna level when an internet connection is active?
ABOUT: This indication means that the device is connected to BlackBerry servers. This is necessary for the operation of services (BlackBerry ID, BBM and Protect)

AT: How to highlight some posts inHub?
ABOUT: Long tap on message - Highlight more

AT: Is there a built-in voice recorder?
ABOUT: application Remember >Voice recorder recording

AT: How can I return the standard wallpaper to my desktop? I can not find it in the files
ABOUT: Screen Settings>Extended>Restore wallpaper service provider

AT: What should I look for when buying a used phone?
ABOUT: First of all - see if the protection system is active. Protect . If you finally purchase this unit, then ask the seller to deactivate it and restore it to the factory settings (this procedure will go even faster if you do firmware autoloader ). If the meeting / sale takes place in person, then you should verify it already in place with the device. BBID account
The rest of the checks are standard: the screen, connectors, the life of the device (battery life), external condition. For more thorough tests on the smartphone pre-installed applicationBBVE (BlackBerry Virual Expert), with which you can test the basic units of the smartphone

[/ spoiler] [spoiler = Energy Saving Tips]
- Use the power saving mode when the smartphone is at rest;
- Turn off Data Services;
- Disable broadcast (HUB>Settings>Broadcast)
- Turn off 4G, if not used, or does not support the operator;
- Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile Internet, if available;
- Use "only 2G", if there is no need for high-speed connection to the mobile network;
- Close unused applications in the Application Manager, especially android applications;
- Prohibit work in the background for android-applications;
- Do not use applications that monitor the battery;
- Turn off the unlock screen swipe function, or use a magnetic case;
- Disable Advanced Interaction;
- Increase the period of checking mail for accounts that do not use push;
- Turn off the automatic loading of images in the mail settings;
- Do not use push notifications in android-applications;
- Ensure that applications using GPS are completely closed
[/ spoiler] [spoiler = Keyboard and Key Tricks]
• A sensor is integrated into the BlackBerry Passport keyboard that facilitates text manipulation - a clear example of the demonstrationhere . Also, using the sensor, you can move between desktops, scroll and scale pages in the browser, as well as move lists in applications

• Beginning with10.3.x , our device has already created some hot keys associated with certain keyboard characters. You can use these hotkeys from the BlackBerry Hub or from the main screen:

A - open Contacts
B - open Browser
C - create Message
D - create a note
K - lock the device
L - open Calendar
M - open the hub
N - open BBM
O - open Settings
P - open Phone
Q - change Profile (transfer to soundless)
R - open the clock
T - create Task
U - open Calculator, in standby mode - screen preview
W - call Voice Mail (can not be changed)

It is also available to change the action associated with the hot key, or create your own hot keys. To do this, go to the Quick access and set

• Keyspace allows you to scroll the contents of web pages in the browser. It also activates the shutter of the running camera.

• Keysloudness also control the camera shutter release. Pressing them simultaneously allows you to take a screenshot of the screen.

• KeysN and P allow you to move between the pictures in the gallery forward and backwards , in the browser, this functionality is partially implemented

• KeysI and O in the gallery give the opportunity bring closer and reduce scale of the picture

• sequential combinationU + Enter can unlock screen
[/ spoiler] [spoiler = Problems and their possible solutions] AT: I constantly lose contact with the interlocutor, do not receive calls, drops the network. And on the past smartphone everything was fine
ABOUT: These problems may arise due to inaccurate network coverage (especially noticeable in large cities), incomplete compatibility of Russian telecom operators and BB smartphones (MTS in particular) or operation in a "floating" mode 2G-3G-4G .
First, set the mode "2G / 3G only "(better just 2G ) and try to make calls from different places of the locality. Sometimes the disappearance of the signal is treated by a simple replacement of the SIM card with a newer one. As the most recent option is to flash with an autoloader, since normal system updates over the air may fail

AT: I have a device without engraved Russian letters. How can I type the text, not the location of the Russian language?
ABOUT: Starting from OS version 10.3.x , the device supports the input of Russian translit. Details on the location of characters here . To select translit, go to the Language and input>Input language>Add / Remove>choose Russian (Translit)

AT: How can I reduce the sound (or turn it off completely) when I enter numbers on the dialer in the phone application?
ABOUT: There is no complete shutdown, but there are a couple of tricks: each time before dialing, activate the "Silent" mode by briefly pressing the key Q . Also, by going to Sounds and Notifications, you can open the "Silent" mode and customize all notifications in your own way, as in the normal mode.

AT: The subscriber's call sound is very quiet, although the overall volume is almost turned up to the maximum.
ABOUT: Enter Notifications and Calls ->Profile ->Configure app notifications>Phone>Put a comfortable volume level

AT: After updating the system / firmware, I notice the fast discharge of the battery and the smartphone is often heated in idle mode
ABOUT : The system needs stabilization / lapping. This period can last between 2-5 days, the main thing is to reboot the device 1-2 times a day.

AT: I notice a quick discharge of the battery, and I use it only for short calls and using a little browser
ABOUT: You need to open the Application Manager and see in the Battery tab that most consumes battery charge

AT: A high expense is displayed in the application manager.PIM serviceswhat is it and how to deal with it?
ABOUT: PIM services characterize a set of personal information - calendar, contacts, notes, mail, etc. Perhaps there are applications on the smartphone that access it and it is necessary to limit its synchronization or increase the update time interval

AT: In the list of consumed applications,Amazon AppStoreeats up a lot of charge, and I almost never used it
ABOUT: If after 3-6 days (with reboots) power consumption does not change, go to the System Settings ->Security and Privacy ->Parental control ->Enter password (if needed) ->Using Amazon Applications ->the slider is in the Off position (this method has one drawback - you cannot install / update apk applications after it)

AT: I can't see flash in the browser
ABOUT: If the device is on OS 10.3.1 and above, Flash will not work because its official support has been discontinued. How to solve: install the embedded browser clone ( link ) or purchase other browsers

AT: I am restoring to the factory settings and this process has been going on for more than a day / hangs at 99%
ABOUT: It is better to turn off the smartphone, download a stable version of the autoloader firmware ( link ), run the installation file and connect the smartphone. In this case, all data will be deleted and everything will return to the factory settings.

AT: My smartphone suddenly turned off and blinks red. What does it mean?
ABOUT: For the primary identification of the error there is a set of codes ( link ), which can determine the nature of the fault

AT: When I try to connect via Wi-Fi with a home router, the connection is established for a minute and then crashes.
ABOUT: Set the statistical IP on the router / modem and in the wireless settings of the router uncheck the WMM button

AT: Is it possible to fully make friends with Pebble and Blackberry 10
ABOUT: Yes you can. Advanced Manual

AT: If Android applications do not start
ABOUT: Manual
[/ spoiler] [/ spoiler]

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Rep: (156)
The resolution is weird. The keyboard is not natural for us
But, given the launch of Android applications, it’s not bad at all.
The main thing is that the price tag would not bend

Rep: (67)
android4 @ 08/23/2014, 12:55*
The resolution is weird.

but pretty solid for this diagonal.

android4 @ 08/23/2014, 12:55*
The keyboard is not natural for us

Engraving can certainly resolve this issue.

android4 @ 08/23/2014, 12:55*
The main thing is that the price tag would not bend

but with this worse ... I think the device will not be cheap.

But in general, from the first rumors I painstakingly collect all the information about this gadget. really like and interesting to me;)

Rep: (156)
* Suslikus,
Here beech on the English alphabet. So that will not work

Rep: (67)
Russian craftsmen will always find a way out;)

Rep: (511)
It’s dumb that there is GLONASS, and there is no Russian layout.

Rep: (67)
Glonass support does not mean that the device should be sold in the Russian Federation and have Russian.

Rep: (62)
It would not be bad if the sensor on the display is switchable.

Rep: (62)
The business segment is more important to have a long operating time than imaginary productivity, which is artificially forced to increase in order to at least somehow justify the release of new models of Galaxy and iPhones every year.

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Rep: (30)
What is there about the presentation heard? It seems like today

Rep: (6)
In Moscow, the presentation will begin at 17:00

Rep: (6)
Wow what a handsome machine.http://crackberry.com/blackberry-passport-reviewHere's a review if anyone is interested. Externally, the "wow effect" is just awesome. I think live will be even better. Touch hard keys are just something. Perhaps I will wait for another presentation of the Blackberry Classic and decide what suits me more.
PS: it's fun to watch as a tearing causal place among geo-keepers and fierce buzzers)))): rofl:

Rep: (20)
The aspect ratio of the display and the keyboard is sharpened for Internet communication, a very convenient thing turned out. IMHO

Rep: (6)
If it is planned to be sold in Russia, then there should be a Russian keyboard layout? or not a fact.?

Rep: (30)
If it is planned to be sold in Russia, then there should be a Russian keyboard layout? or not a fact.?

The fact should be, but where will they put the “extra” Russian letters on the virtual one, or 2 pcs per key?
In general, the device recalled the E61, which was used for a long time - it also seemed to be wider than it was long - a sort of calculator)

Rep: (67)
the device is handsome! even something really fresh in the world of gadgets! and talk about sales in the Russian Federation and generally very pleased! : happy:
I will wait for reviews, especially the quality of the camera, autonomy and keyboard chips.

Rep: (27)
From the characteristics: this monster has 4 speakers and 4 microphones.

Rep: (15)
The fact should be, but where will they put the “extra” Russian letters on the virtual one, or 2 pcs per key?

Thereit is written)))

With only three rows of keys, the BlackBerry Passport uses the display to offer additional virtual keys that change due to what you are doing on the device.

Rep: (6)
In the picture, the call completion key on the left))) is just five !!! When he was presented, he thought which side would put this button?))

Rep: (67)
Well it's written right there )))

I liked the photo from the camera. sorry it is only one thing there ...

Rep: (30)
With only three rows of keys, the BlackBerry Passport uses the display to offer additional virtual keys that change due to what you are doing on the device.

In a sense, the Cyrillic alphabet will be only on the virtual layout? Or will not fit the letters will be only on the virtual? (it's terrifying at all!)

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