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: hysterics:Save, help! : hysterics:

A lot of topics appear in Treacher containing requests for help:
Someone needs to decide on a sample on the control, someone needs to help with the presentation, etc.

Those who want to help are, but not always, they notice the theme of the afflicted and she, sometimes, creeps down the unanswered.

So, here's a topic in which calling for help can issue your request.

If you are thinking of someone to help, be sure to drop in here - suddenly someone needs your knowledge!

Very simple rules
When answering, it is MANDATORY to indicate to whom it is specifically addressed!

Dear questioners! Do not forget to thank those who help you. Our gratitude is expressed by raising our reputation.

Flood, even though this Trepalka, will be deleted. Please respect each other, let's not get lost in the flood of messages with a request for help!
Of course, the leading questions and discussion that leads to the provision of assistance are not considered a flood, but can then be removed if assistance is provided.

Micro FAQ ;)
If you need to perezalit any file, download something from a site where you do not have access, etc. -Perezalete ...
Programsfor PC looking for a topic Search programs and drivers for PC
SearchAndroid programs here - Help in finding programs for Android OS
ForiOS right here - Search for iOS software
Well, if nothing really helps, go here -Telepathic communication ;)

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dExTeRzX ,
Wait, you still need to restore the contacts :)

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synchronize, restore ...

Added @ 03.06.2008, 20:38

Pasiba BAAAlshoe, very good. nice for the tip ...
I will not forget

Rep: (832)
Who knows where WMZ get started?

Added @ 03.06.2008, 20:39

joke :)

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web mani company - WebMoney
look, interesting ...

Added @ 03.06.2008, 20:40

: lol:

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dExTeRzX ,
What's so funny? :)
dExTeRzX @ 06/03/08 21:30:23
what is obliged to?

dExTeRzX @ 06/03/08 20:18:09
I will throw WMZ for competent advice

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Demyurg ,
fuck off :)

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Hi all
I have an HP 6915; bought me a 4 gb card, he doesn’t see it. What program do I need so that the phone "makes friends" with a card ??

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~ bang a shovel in the ear ~ ,
Look here:HP iPAQ hw6910 / hw6915 - Discussion

Added @ 03.06.2008, 22:27

And if necessary, ask.

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D1G1taL ,
you’ll bleed, I see how you laugh!

Rep: (224)
Danusha ,
hahaha)) he is a vampire! he spoils, drinks and more buzz

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Nobody was dying from a cut of a finger, enough to panic.

Rep: (1980)
Man Without A Face ,
you think that part of the finger that
cut off, grow back? I really care about this question

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Danusha ,
Danusha @ 06/04/08 21:49:43
you think that part of the finger that
cut off, grow back? I really care about this question

You grind this topic for two days. Isn’t it easier to visit a doctor?

Rep: (224)
Danusha , so when I had a piece of finger cut off, I became unbalanced and nutty. So: DAMAGED!
Z.Y. go to the doctor again, do rabies injections O.o
Z.Z.Y. But everything is true ... A piece of the little finger of the left was cut off ... It constantly scratches a tsuk, but there is nothing to scratch, and you know how annoying ...

Rep: (1980)
Chieftech ,
don't like to be quiet! no one asks you to answer!

Rep: (224)
Danusha , carefully read the topic title ...

ZYDanusha , mouse chtoli wavered? I’m running over ... but don’t touch the chieftain ... he’s generally modern

Rep: (209)
Danusha, more polite, huh?

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Danusha ,
I fell on a motorcycle at a speed of 40 km (Well, who is to blame that the hand brake is jammed), while burning my foot against a muffler that was not closed then ...
Nothing alive and well ..
Believe me, this is one of the smallest injuries that can happen to you in this life.
And the concept of blood from a wound and bleeding is very different.

Added @ 04.06.2008, 18:03

Yes, and I'm sure everyone here unsubscribing fell into a more serious situation than cutting a finger.

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D1G1taL ,
Wow! And I flew great at a speed of 40 km / h ... Who was to blame that there was a hole, but I didn’t reach the wheel? In general, it's okay, only his steering wheel is now scratched :(

Man Without A Face, also read about the cat, huh?

Rep: (324)
Catg ,
Heh, well, we just did it then, the engine was rearranged, well, I think you read. Well, I went to do a test circle)): lol:

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