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: hysterics:Save, help! : hysterics:

A lot of topics appear in Treacher containing requests for help:
Someone needs to decide on a sample on the control, someone needs to help with the presentation, etc.

Those who want to help are, but not always, they notice the theme of the afflicted and she, sometimes, creeps down the unanswered.

So, here's a topic in which calling for help can issue your request.

If you are thinking of someone to help, be sure to drop in here - suddenly someone needs your knowledge!

Very simple rules
When answering, it is MANDATORY to indicate to whom it is specifically addressed!

Уважаемые вопрошающие! Не забывайте благодарить тех, кто вам помогает. Благодарность у нас выражается поднятием репутации. download

Flood, even though this Trepalka, will be deleted. Please respect each other, let's not get lost in the flood of messages with a request for help!
Of course, the leading questions and discussion that leads to the provision of assistance are not considered a flood, but can then be removed if assistance is provided.

Micro FAQ ;)
If you need to perezalit any file, download something from a site where you do not have access, etc. -Perezalete ...
Programsfor PC looking for a topic Search programs and drivers for PC
SearchAndroid programs here - Help in finding programs for Android OS
ForiOS right here - Search for iOS software
Well, if nothing really helps, go here -Telepathic communication ;)

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* 112yriy64,
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