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Any developer has come across a situation where his new application in the Marketplace needs to receive positive ratings and reviews. In this thread, you can post a request to vote for your application in the Marketplace.
Now we vote for ...

Attention! We put only reviews in 5 stars!
After you have voted - write to the topic. Dear developers, do not forget to thank those who voted in favor of reputation.

To make your request go to the topic header, use the "Complaint" button

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* sensboston,
you can’t see flaws in your program, I don’t see it in mine either, everything is convenient for me, but people constantly complain about something and this is not because they are “fools and are not treated”, but because they are used to doing something different, but nobody wants to be retrained. In Windows, the same action can be done in at least 3 ways, for example, copy-paste, you can do it with a mouse, you can click, you can use the menu. Everyone chooses what is more convenient for him.

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* sensboston,
For the use of svayp in games, I would just kill. My character constantly jumps instead of walking in your game.

Button concept:
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Another one can be placed in the center of "action"

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-WOLF- @ 10.10.2015, 07:34*
My character constantly jumps instead of walking in your game.

What, programmers help read zapadlo? ;) There svayp need a maximum of once at the level; and so, basically, tap & hold - for walking, or just a short tap - use & fire.

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Rate, who is not difficult, the next news reader :)
I wrote in order to see the UWP and just for self-development, but decided to put it in the store suddenly someone like it. Works on Windows10 / WindowsMobile10
https: // ...tore/apps/9nblggh5x1mm

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* Anarh2404 Put "5 stars" from one desktop, there are no more devices under W10 yet. I count on the response courtesy - see on the topic above the link to the game.

P.S. A good application, and with the possibility of choosing a bright theme will be generally excellent :)

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* sensboston,
Thank you :) Light theme is planned in the near future. Your game is rated :)

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Hello to all. I wrote an RSS reader for WP8.1. This is my first app. It was conceived as the most simple and convenient program with the possibility of background updates.
I use it myself every day. This is not the final version, I also plan to add a few features ...
https: // .../akarirss/9nblggh6cfkp

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I put the reviews while The Walking Cat and TechNewsClient.

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People, penetrate and bristle: D toy, please:https: //

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Greetings to all. Immediately a reservation I am not a professional and a programmer I just study :)
Please fine test pliz application on different devices. Who is not difficult. The essence of the test for me is the correct drawing of the application. The application uses a background image and on top of this background image I have superimposed buttons, the buttons are a background element. Someone doesn’t like the design, but to check if its permissions support it :) The essence of the check is that on all devices the buttons should fit into the design normally and be part of it. And do not lie crookedly askew.
Advertising in the application will not bring me money :) You can not worry :) there is an adduplex only in the cross promotion. Advertising is also stuck for verification.
Calorie Calculation
And there are still some bugs in the application that I won’t figure out yet. If someone tell me I will be grateful.
The first and main bug: In the pop-up flyout menu, you can somehow choose not a specific value but an intermediate between the two, as a result, the result of the selection becomes null. Well, respectively, the program falls.

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Good afternoon! Rate my game Save the Rabbits!https: // ...bits-free/9nblggh58ntb

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Published the first normal player for MIDI files:Midi player

If not difficult, then download and evaluate.

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Please rate the application:Count calories
I will be grateful for your feedback

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+5 to the stone of fate. Second wind.

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The walking cat +5

Posted 02/09/2016, 15:19:

Wizard's tale would set +10, but you can only +5: '(

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Hello friends!
Forgive me, but I laid out in a stornext currency converter. As a compensation for a banal idea, in general, I tried to make this application beautiful and convenient. Whether I succeeded or not, you decide. I will be glad to hear any suggestions and comments. Well, if you do not be lazy and put the top five, my gratitude simply will not be the limit :)

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Good day, colleagues.
If it's not difficult for anyone, please rate the application.CatAudiobook

Application for reading audiobooks, convenient, with a flexible interface.

PS Appreciated Currency Control, Midi Player, SlverDic, Count Calories

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* Andrew, appreciated from two phones (I was more lazy), but I have to notice that you need to work and work on the UI ... For help wizard, you need to let the person know that this is exactly the help wizard (arrows down there, then yes here) The screen on which nothing can be done (your main form) also does not add pluses to the program.
Well, English is also needed not in the "Vologda edition"; find friends with fluent English and ask for help (on xda-dev you can ask for help).

P.S. I will not help, sorry, too busy.

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Comrades! Please put Pyaterochka to my Car Scanner application:http: //
This is a car scanner that works with ELM327-based Bluetooth receivers. The most famous analogue on the adroyde is Torque.
If anyone is interested, you can wander in the program without connecting to the car. Double tap on the inscription "Car Scanner" on and you can go into simulation mode (although then all the data are taken from Random). A great easter egg :)
Well, I’m happy to hear criticism here, because I always have trouble with the interface :)

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x* 0vZ,
In paragraph 4 of the user agreement, the letter is missing in the word "dolny".
On the page with the description of the necessary receiver for the word “non-paid”, the letter is also omitted.
On the page of frequently asked questions, similarly in the word "lock", and it would be better to "click on the lock icon".

On the page "welcome to the instrument panel" again, "lock". Estimated set;)

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