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Any developer has come across a situation where his new application in the Marketplace needs to receive positive ratings and reviews. In this thread, you can post a request to vote for your application in the Marketplace.
Now we vote for ...

Attention! We put only reviews in 5 stars!
After you have voted - write to the topic. Dear developers, do not forget to thank those who voted in favor of reputation.

To make your request go to the topic header, use the "Complaint" button

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Estimate who is not difficult =)
I would be grateful for the screenshots or pictures, how it looks. Because my emulsion does not work, and for tests there are two phones (with one screen resolution) and a laptop.
ps offtop. I'm sitting thinking what bad it wants and does not show in the vinfon store that the application is universal. It was previously paid and showed ... in general, figs.

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Please rate (on 5 "stars", of course: D) my new app:unofficial client site and radio station "Echo of Moscow".

Thank you very much! In response, I will definitely appreciate (if I haven’t yet appreciated) your application (s) in the US Store.

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Dreamed quickly and correctly count? Then this app is for you! Test your skills in 20 fascinating levels with varying degrees of difficulty, but if that’s too easy for you, then welcome to the EPIC difficulty level in Random Levels! The principle of the game is quite simple: with the help of arithmetic actions, bring the number to the specified number for a limited number of moves and time. Good luck!
Promo code savagemessiahzine.comFreeAM2015Aug - enter the game in the store. Valid untilthe end of August!

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Please rate the app!
Reference:https: //www.windowspho…4c7f-858d-2da33a7ce146

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Please rate! The app is free, but forsavagemessiahzine.comvalidpromo codefor FREE buns in the game!
Promo code in the game on the "shop" page for a gift): savagemessiahzine.comFreeAM2015
Thanks for the support!

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Good day! Made my first simple game. I would be grateful if you would give a rating, and write a comment, what and how, if it is bad, then something bad can be done differently.
I myself understand that the application is not great, but I am taking the first steps.
A game

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Good evening, colleagues! I wrote my second application under our platform -"Matrix Calculator" . Please rate and, if not difficult, write comments. Thank you very much!

Matrix calculator ++

http: //…4c6a-a34b-d9ce8a84c9e9

P.S. All applications in this topic are rated :)

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* tr-stalker appreciated the "5 stars" from two accounts, but, frankly, you chose the color just "vyrviglazny", I recommend to change, and give the user a choice.

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* sensboston, Thank! ;) I tried to stylize it for the design of the interface of old on-board computers BMW (It seems they used this combination of colors), on the L925 it was quite readable. If in the future I think up something more interesting, then I will change;)

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Good day!
Today my first application in Winstor "BP Simulator" is published - an application for simulation of business processes.
Serves to find performance bottlenecks, design new processes, and calculate the cost of executing a process instance.
Despite the complexity of the description, the application is quite simple - we simulate actions and click "Run."
Please evaluate the free version:
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put 5 "Matrix calculator" and "BP Simulator"

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People, support the application, please!

Topic"Tower Toppler"

or direct links in stores:

URL for Windows Phone 8.1:http: //…4970-94b8-faecae01db12
URL for Windows 8.1:http: // ... 4189-899b-2b357aaf0449
URL for Windows 10:https: // ...tore/apps/9nblggh6c414

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* sensboston,
put, still not bad, but difficult to download, gives errors
We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.

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I have not all links opened in the morning, now everything is fine. Apparently, MS is now slowing down the spread ...

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I boast achievements:
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1 million downloads, it took 1 year and 2 months.

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* 0vZ, Congratulations!

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Malazza, good job, keep it up!

P.S. And in about a month I will have twice as much: P

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Published bygame review; then I’ll sign off in the forum if the game is worth the candle or not, and how useful this review is for jumpstart.

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* sensboston,
Do already control the onscreen buttons, but it's impossible to play!

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* -Wolf-, Well, what does "impossible" mean? Let me do to you without any dispute and post a video, how to get through all the towers of the first mission? (although it takes a fair amount of time). The buttons there simply have nowhere to stick in; I now work with doom-tsom - what a REED these screen buttons! In general, I think, UI games for the phone, where you can not do only with tap + swipe, will never "steer" :(

[UPDATE] I just went to smoke, took the phone of my wife L-925 and specially, for the sake of laughter, I installed and checked the gameplay. During the smoke break, with ease (without a single loss) I passed several towers of the first mission, ending with "Slippery Slims" (this is the 5th, perhaps, the tower) - then I just smoked a cigarette. * -Wolf-, IMHO, you still "do not know how to cook cats" :) Those who "climbed the tower for more than a year" easily go through the game, even with a touch interface. But I imagined that I had to get into the on-screen buttons or twist the on-screen joystick - brr!

P.S. There, missions can be scrolled with a swipe; Choose "ABC Towers" - for training the most it.

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