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Xiaomi Redmi 1S - MIUI firmware (OS 4.2 - 4.4)

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Xiaomi Redmi 1S - MIUI firmware (OS 4.2 - 4.4)
PictureHongmi 1S, Red Rice 1S, armani, HM2014011, HM2014501
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Important information
  1. Attention! You do all the manipulations with your phone at your own peril and risk. The administration and forum participants are not responsible for your incorrect reading of instructions or their incorrect execution.
  2. Before starting any action, do not forget to backup and read the entire manual.
  3. The topic discusses 3 modifications of the firmware device which are not suitable for another model, an attempt to flash the firmware not from your model can lead to damage to the device.
  4. The question of the most stable firmware is a flood, because each has its own preferences and options for using the device.
  5. For problems with downloading from official xiaomi servers using links of the formhttp://bigota.d.miui.com/****edit link to viewhttp: //obigota.d.miui.com/****by adding the English letter o before the word bigota
  6. It is also strongly recommended that you read the information.about different versions of MIUI firmware.
  7. It is not recommended to upgrade from MIUIv5 to MIUIv6 / MIUIv7 / MIUIv8 through stock recovery, it can lead to a bootloop and, as a result, data loss

Drivers and Utilities
On Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10, do not forget to disable driver digital signature verification. How is Google done to help.
32/64 and MiPhone drivers
XP driversandHow to install them
Another optionDrivers

Modems for WCDMA devices

MiFlash - utility for flashing devices

Mi PC Suite - utility for viewing and flashing devices

Mi Verification - utility for verifying the authenticity of the device

Kernels for WCDMA devices

Custom and Native Recovery

Official firmware
The latest firmware for recovery can be downloaded here

The latest firmware for fastboot can be downloaded here

Archive of links to old firmware (updated)
Firmware for SP FlashTool devices on MTK6582 (LTE, TD-CDMA)

Redmi 1S TD

  • If you have not yet killed the preloader (or there is even the slightest doubt about it), then be sure to uncheck the preloader
  • Also do not forget to check the DA Flash All With Check Sum in the SP Flash Tool

MIUIv6 for SP Flash Tool by Villy1974

Redmi 1S LTE

  • If you have not yet killed the preloader (or there is even the slightest doubt about it), then be sure to uncheck the preloader
  • Also do not forget to check the DA Flash All With Check Sum in the SP Flash Tool

MIUIv5 for SP Flash Tool CN (+ preloader)
MIUIv7 for SP Flash Tool CN (without preloader)

Firmware for Fastboot

Firmware for recovery
Stable 56.0Global
Stable 55.0China | Global
Stable 53.0China | Global
Stable 52.0China
Stable 50.0China | Global
Stable 47.0China + Mirror
Stable 45.0China + Mirror | Global + Mirror
Stable 43.0China | Global + Mirror
Stable 41.1China + Mirror
Stable 41.0China + Mirror
Stable 37.0China | Global - OTA 36 to 37
Stable 36.0China | Global - OTA 34 to 36 (China) - Mirror from ZNAR (China)
Stable 35.0Global - Mirror (Global) + Mirror (Global)
Stable 34.0China - Mirror (China)
Stable 33.0China
Stable 31.0China
Stable 29.0China | Global

Redmi 1S TD
Stable 28.0Td
Stable 27.0Td
Stable 26.0Td
Stable 24.0Td
Stable 22.0Td
Stable 18.0Td
Stable 17.0Td
Stable 6.0Td

Redmi 1S 4G
Stable 16.04G
Stable 15.04G
Stable 14.04G
Stable 12.04G
Stable 9.04G
Stable 3.04G

MIUI v6 / MUIU v7 / MIUIv8

Redmi 1S TD
Stable V7.1.3.0 (MIUIv7)Td
Stable V7.1.2.0 (MIUIv7)Td
Stable V6.5.0.1 (MIUIv6)Td

Weekly 6.3.10Td
Weekly 6.3.3Td
Weekly 6.2.25Td
Weekly 6.2.18Td
Weekly 6.1.28Td
Weekly 6.1.21Td
Weekly 6.1.14Td
Weekly 6.1.7Td
Weekly 5.12.31Td
Weekly 5.12.24Td
Weekly 5.12.17Td
Weekly 5.12.10Td
Weekly 5.12.4Td
Weekly 5.11.26Td
Weekly 11/5/19Td
Weekly 5.11.12Td
Weekly 5.11.5Td
Weekly 5.11.1Td
Weekly 5.10.29Td
Weekly 5.10.22Td
Weekly 5.10.15Td
Weekly 5.10.8Td
Weekly 5.9.24Td
Weekly 5.9.17Td
Weekly 5.9.10Td
Weekly 5.9.1Td
Weekly 5.8.27Td
Weekly 5.8.20Td
Weekly 5.8.13Td
Weekly 5.8.6Td
Weekly 5.7.31Td
Weekly 5.7.26Td
Weekly 5.7.16Td
Weekly 5.7.9Td
Weekly 5.7.2Td
Weekly 5.6.25Td
Weekly 5.6.19Td

Redmi 1S 4G
Stable V7.1.3.0 (MIUIv7)4G
Stable V7.1.2.0 (MIUIv7)4G
Stable V7.0.6.0 (MIUIv7)4G
Stable V6.6.2.0 (MIUIv6)4G
Stable V6.5.0.1 (MIUIv6)4G

Weekly 6.3.104G
Weekly 6.3.34G
Weekly 6.2.254G
Weekly 6.2.184G
Weekly 6.1.284G
Weekly 6.1.214G
Weekly 6.1.144G
Weekly 6.1.74G
Weekly 5.12.314G
Weekly 5.12.244G
Weekly 5.12.174G
Weekly 5.12.104G
Weekly 5.12.44G
Weekly 5.11.264G
Weekly 11/5/194G
Weekly 5.11.124G
Weekly 5.11.54G
Weekly 5.11.14G
Weekly 5.10.294G
Weekly 5.10.224G
Weekly 5.10.154G
Weekly 5.10.84G
Weekly 5.9.244G
Weekly 5.9.174G
Weekly 5.9.104G
Weekly 5.9.14G
Weekly 5.8.274G
Weekly 5.8.204G
Weekly 5.8.134G
Weekly 5.8.64G
Weekly 5.7.314G
Weekly 5.7.264G
Weekly 5.7.164G
Weekly 5.7.94G
Weekly 5.7.24G
Weekly 5.6.254G
Weekly 5.6.184G

Localized firmware
The latest firmware version can always be downloaded from the links (some resources may require registration to download):
  • Firmware from miui.suWCDMA | Td | 4G
  • Firmware from xiaomi.euWCDMA(after the release of stable MIUI 8.0.x.x they stopped releasing weekly on Android 4.x)
  • Firmware from multirom.meWCDMA | Td | 4G
  • Firmware from miuipr0.byWCDMA | Td | 4G(the team since the end of the year has not been engaged in any firmware on Android 4.x - after a six-month “vacation” and constant bootlops and problems, the candy was small who needed it, but they could not interest)

Stable Multirom Firmware

Archive of links to previous firmware (non-upgradeable)
Based on 50.0

Based on 47.0

Based on 46.0 Beta

Based on 45.0 Global

Based on 45.0

Based on 43.0

Based on 43.0 Global

Based on 41.1

Based on version 41

Based on version 40 beta (unofficially merged into the network)

Based on version 37

Based on version 36

Based on version 35 of the global

Based on version 34

Based on version 33

Based on version 31

Based on version 29

Based on version 24

Redmi 1S TD

Redmi 1S 4G

MIUI v6 / MIUI v7 / MIUIv8

V7.0.5.0.KHCCNCIfrom MultiRom

V6.6.2.0.KHCMICFfrom MultiRom

V6.6.1.0.KHCMICFfrom MIUI.SU

V6.5.0.1.KHCCNCDfrom uatel


Redmi 1S TD

Redmi 1S 4G



Are common




Modifications, patches, utility.

Are common




Survey Screenshots
MIUIv6 vs. MIUIv5? What's better? + MIUIv6 whose is more convenient?
Attached Image

Best firmware
Attached Image

Which translation repository is more appropriate? + Do I need firmware with application selection options (based on Aroma)
Attached Image

What firmware do you think is the most stable? + From which author is the firmware more adequate?
Attached Image

What is the most energy-efficient firmware in your opinion?
Attached Image

What is the most productive firmware in your opinion?
Attached Image

What is the most stable official firmware in your opinion?
Attached Image

What is the most stable unofficial firmware in your opinion?
Attached Image

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Installation of custom recovery.
Method # 1. Using the fastboot utility
Pre-download the fastboot utility (for windows is in the archiveMiFlash; for ubuntu instructionhere), unzip to any folder, drop the downloaded recovery into the same folder. For example, to the root of drive C.
1. Restart the phone to bootloader mode by holding down the VolDown + power buttons or through the extended reboot menu (available when installing Mi-Tools and WSM). Connect the phone to the computer. If necessary, install drivers (present in the archive).
2. Run the command line: in windows, press the key combination Win + R; a command launch window will appear, enter cmd into it and press Enter. Go to the fastboot directory:
cd c: \ fastboot \

* the path is given for the case when the fastboot folder lies in the root of drive C.
3. Check if the device is connected using the command:
fastboot devices

* The answer should be something like "93d1b82d fastboot"
4. To install the recovery, enter the command:
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

* recovery.img is the name of the installed image.
3. Reboot the device:
fastboot reboot

Added by sanya112001
When everything is complete, you do not need to restart the phone right away, you need to disconnect it from the computer (fastboot on the phone should lag behind) and hold down 2 POWER and VOL buttons + 10 seconds. After that it will reboot into recovery mode, then we will restart normally
The last steps are needed to bypass auto recovery flash (automatic recovery firmware).

Method # 2. Without a computer using a terminal emulator
1. Install the terminal emulator:Play market
2. Drop the twrp_hm1s.img file (or cwm_hm1s.img) into the root of the SD card.
3. Go to the terminal emulator. To obtain administrator privileges, write the command:

4. Make a backup of your native recovery with the command:
dd if = / dev / block / platform / msm_sdcc.1 / by-name / recovery of = / storage / sdcard1 / stock_recovery.img

the stock_recovery.img file will appear on the SD card.
5. Flash custom recovery with the command:
dd if = / storage / sdcard1 / twrp_hm1s.img of = / dev / block / platform / msm_sdcc.1 / by-name / recovery
(for CWM: replace twrp_hm1s.img with cwm_hm1s.img)

Method # 3. For installation through recovery
1. For firmware through native recovery, rename the archive to update.zip.
2. Download the update.zip file to the phone’s internal memory. (For installation from another custom recovery - to an SD card).
3. Enter the recovery (to do this, turn off the phone, hold down VolUp + power).
4. Flash update.zip
5. Reboot the phone.

How to find out which manufacturer’s screen you have installed.
Commands for terminal emulator:
cat / proc / last_kmsg | grep -i panel

dmesg | grep -i panel

Commands for adb:
adb bugreport | find "panel"

The manufacturer will be indicated in the line: mdss_dsi_auo _720p_video / mdss_dsi_ sharp _720p_video

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FAQ Must read!
Question: Why was my post removed?
Answer: A message is written that does not make sense (such as "Thank you!"), A question is written for which there is an answer in the header or FAQ

Question: What is root?
Answer: Questions beginner root user

Question: How to install root?
Answer: Set to choose Universal or Root for Miui v5 or Root for Miui v6 through recovery (clickable links). If the archive is for Miui, then we also read Managing Root Manager Miui

Question: Got a phone with such firmware, is this normal firmware or do I need to upgrade to a newer one?
Answer: This is your decision, everyone likes their own firmware, but if you have 92 firmware, it is recommended to upgrade.

Question: Everyone is talking about some numbers like 24, 31, 36, 92, are they talking about what?
Answer: They are about the firmware version, at its end there are usually the numbers in question (Example: JHCCNBF36.0, almost the last number 36 means 36 firmware)

Question: I conjured here that the phone now does not load beyond the logo, what should I do?
Answer: Flashing through fastboot

Question: How to flash through fastboot?
Answer: Take advantage of the first or second instruction.

Question: What is init.d and how to install it?
Answer: To find out what init.d is, read the site Wikipedia . To install read the first or the second instruction

Question: How to install any recovery?
Answer: We read instruction .

Question: How to flash from under stock recovery?
Answer: We read instruction

Question: What is a wipe?
Answer: We read this

Question: How to transfer all applications to a micro-SD card (flash memory)?
Answer: Only for Miui v5. Read this .

Question: There are two versions of the WCDMA version (global and china). What is the difference and which one should I download?
Answer: The difference between them is that the china version has only 2 languages ​​(Chinese and English) and its applications are installed, while the global version has several languages ​​(there is no Russian) and some of its applications, clumsy Russian appeared only in the global starting from version 50.0.

Question: How to restore backup?
Answer: First, decide which backup you want to restore, if you did it through the built-in application, then you need to go into the backup program, select the backup you need and click Restore. If through recovery, then go to the restore item and select our backup.

Question: He started to sew a phone, but he picked it up and hung on the installation process, what should I do?
Answer: The phone may not work if the charge is less than 17%

Question: How to enter recovery?
Answer: When the phone is off, press Vol + and POWER

Question: How to enter Fastboot mode?
Answer: When the phone is off, press Vol- and POWER or press Vol- and connect via USB

Question: How to enter the engineering menu?
Answer: In the dialer, enter * # * # 6484 # * # * or * # * # 4636 # * # *

Question: Applications crashed, what should I do?
Answer: Install SWAP

Question: How to install SWAP?
Answer: Read the simplest instruction or install patch by adolph in which there is SWAP (suitable for stock recovery) or patch modification , in which you can select only swap (but you need custom recovery).

Question: I got a phone with 92 firmware, what kind of firmware it is.
Answer: This firmware is installed on many "custom from the Chinese", if you are satisfied with the curve and the untranslated Russian language, you can leave it, and so reflash

Added init.d then in the init.d folder added the swap script and rebooted the device. In the terminal, I execute the free command and I get that the command was not found. What could be the problem?

Answer: From adolph
Adolph @ 09/05/2014, 08:13 *
No half (at least) symlinks. In all my root patches and firmware, these symlinks are added.

Question: Where is my backup stored?
Answer: Backup from recovery - ( TWRP Recovery ) / TWRP / BACKUPS / * ID of your device * / * Device name * ( CWM Recovery ) / clockworkmod / backups.
Adolph @ 09/11/2014, 10:17*
full-time backups are in ... / miui / backup / allbackup / date-time of the backup itself. But "..." is the card internal or external

Question: Why are my (firmware) updates not being put on my firmware?
Answer: Official updates are placed only on the original firmware that does not contain the Russian language. If you want updates - put the original one. If you wish with the Russian language - update with full firmware that the forum participants post.

Question: How to reduce interface braking?
Answer: We go to Settings-For Developers and change three parameters (Window animation speed, Transition speed, Animation speed) by 0.5x (in some translations Fast). This helps on many firmwares.

Question: Starting with firmware 41.1, zRAM appeared. What it is?
Answer: For those who do not have google, you can read this .
Briefly and clearly fromadolph
Adolph @ 10.30.2014, 20:43*
if "on your fingers", then zram - data compression directly in RAM. Consumption is the productivity of the processor. No disk space is used.

Question: On MIUIv6 does not give the right to write to third-party programs (photo editors, cameras, conductors, etc.). What to do?
Answer: Use the program (need root) В® NextApp SDFix

Question: On MIUIv6 I can’t turn on 3G mode, how to fix it?
Answer: We go to the service menu (in the dialer dial * # * # 4636 # * # *) and there we select "Device Information 1" scroll down and select WCDMA. Also make sure that the GSM only parameter is set to "Device Information 2".

Question: On MIUIv6 does not see the network on the CDMA device, how to fix it?
Answer: We go to the service menu (dial * # * # 4636 # * # * in the dialer) and select "Device Information 1" there, scroll down and select CDMA only. Also make sure that the GSM only parameter is set to "Device Information 2".

Question: I decided to switch from MIUI 5 to MIUI 6 and while flashing through my native recovery, I got an error. Now, when turned on, the phone immediately enters Recovery and only into it. What to do?
Answer: Through stock recovery, switching from MIUI 5 to MIUI 6 is prohibited! Use the Fastboot or MiFlash instructions for recovery. For a normal transition from MIUI 5 to MIUI 6 use instruction

Question: What is the difference between MIUI 6 and MIUI 7
Answer: While there are no formal changes in MIUI 7, the maximum that is noticeable is new topics. Basically, MIUI 7 is the same as MIUI 6.

Question: Updated on MIUI 6, now when you click on the menu, the application history opens, although before it was a long press on the house. How to fix?
Answer: We go into the settings-other ...- buttons and set everything as you need.

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I threw update.zip into the donwload folder on the phone,
and the name is dumb, and it’s necessary to the root of the internal "flash drive" ...;)

Posted on 07/19/2014, 15:19:

* the1024,
no, insurance and bakapitsa, of course, it is necessary, but bebor, IMHO. ;)

Rep: (7)
and the name is dumb, and you need to be at the root of the internal "flash drive" ...

He threw it into the root, still does not see, writes Can't find update.zip in sdcard.

Rep: (234)
* JIoBeJIaC,
if through stock recovery, then wipes must be done after installation

* adolph,
not too much. Well, maybe there are already easier ways, but I don’t know

Rep: (7)
if through stock recovery, then wipes must be done after installation

That’s what it means)) And here I am tormented, then I need to fix it in a hat, otherwise I’ll do everything according to that instruction.
Thank you all, all the rules)

Rep: (5)
* JIoBeJIaC,
your wipe erases what you threw into the memory of the body, I put it like this - a full wipe - threw the firmware - requested - a full wipe.

Rep: (7)
your wipe erases what you threw into the memory of the body, I put it like this - a full wipe - threw the firmware - requested - a full wipe.

And how do you drop the firmware after the first wipes?

Rep: (0)
These are my questions:
1. How to remove zakos under ayos in the settings.
2. How to make the camera save files to microSD?
3. How to change the default video player?
4. Where to get the stock recovery from the CSN store.

Rep: (234)
someone on my last build had a long phone wake up, try the new versionthe script.
set a more adequate energy saving parameter.

* vasyafanta,
1. is there a bite it's miui, as it were. put another launcher and / or another theme.
2. if firmware 29, that is, a patch,here, orhere
3. take and install any other player, open the video file through the explorer, he himself should offer to select the player by default
4. why is it? Is it different from Chinese?

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Rep: (146)
These are my questions:
1. How to remove zakos under ayos in the settings.
2. How to make the camera save files to microSD?
3. How to change the default video player?
4. Where to get the stock recovery from the CSN store.

1. This is the main meow chip
2. Read the header + search on the topic
3. As with any android
4. They did not invent anything of their own and there are 3 recovery in total. Links can be found in the header

Rep: (0)
Okay, I'll figure it out, but:
| CJ | @ 07.20.2014, 0:05*
3. As with any android

Something I don’t see where you can change the player for video, in programs by default there is no such item, firmware 24 with the keyboard from the experiment.

Rep: (301)
no, insurance and bakapitsa, of course, it is necessary, but bebor, IMHO.

Not too much, God saves those who are safe. It happened once, I made backup,
removed the checksum, saved it, and when needed to recover
backup checked the checksum again (always checking, habit)
but it doesn’t coincide, what went wrong I don’t know, but nonetheless a fact.

Rep: (1336)
Ma-min @ 07.19.2014, 17:28*
Not too much, God saves the safe.
Everything is right up to a certain point. What is the most valuable in smart? Correctly - contacts. Their bakap is paramount. Call Logs, SMS? It depends on the situation, but in the general case it is "waste rubbish". Application data ... Well, what kind of databases are there for work or personal - this is a purely individual matter and in the general case ... well, there is none. Everything else is elementarily restored by reinstalling from the market / miscellaneous. Yes, the photo - well, keep them on the "internal" flash drive and then wipe "by mistake" in general bad manners. You need to keep the photo only on the external flash drive and, accordingly, the buck here does not depend on the "firmware - non-firmware".
And one more thing: when you change the axis in general, all your bucks can turn into garbage, well, except for contacts.
So it turns out that bakapit in several ways and keep copies in different places makes sense only CONTACTS.
Everything is natural IMHO. :)

Rep: (0)
The phone came with 24 firmware, almost everything was Russian, installed update.zip for root rights, the firmware changed to 24.0.1, the root rights checkmark became active, everything turned on but there was no root right. What have I done wrong?

Rep: (99)
I noticed not pleasant BUT ... the themes fall off - I use dark themes installed from SD cards like GrayG.V5. so after
Enough time is always different from 15 minutes to an hour, the theme jumps to standard (default) white, while GrayG.V5 = remains selected (= ... I tried all 24.0 firmware, I have everything except translated to miui.su climbs out this glitch, tried to transfer via jabar using the repo from miui.su did not help.tried almost all 29.0 and translated and not translated, coke and deodex. and things are still there ...
GrayG.V5 flies and other dark themes that I posed ... of all, to date, only translated from miui.su JHCCNBD24.0http://miui.su/firmware_manager/model_view/263/saves, works fine. guys look at yourself, it’s interesting not only I have this glitch?

Rep: (1336)
* zimenkoigor this is a whale "protection" of the rights of the builders. The theme downloaded from the theme market will stand for a long time.
There is a solution - wsm + mi-tools and themes from any sources are as they should.

Rep: (99)
There is a solution - wsm + mi-tools

not a solution, it is with the help of these that a glitch and torment. week as I switched from MTK red rice, a patch for build.prop helped on it
(C 4.1.26 Needed for Free Tem-ro.freeze = true) on red rice S1 this pack did not help.
I wrote that the topic flies = (.... apply the topic is not a problem ...
I’m aware of the defense, I’ve built glancing topics ...
PEOPLE, if not laziness, check on your devices
4.7.2. Messages that contain grammatical and / or syntactic errors can cause a negative reaction from forum members. Try to write correctly.
4.15. The names of topics and posts overloaded with punctuation marks (more than three in a row) are prohibited, for example: "How to set up Wi-Fi ????????". An exception is the section "Breaker".

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Rep: (12)
PEOPLE, if not laziness, check on your devices

I put third-party themes, set the lock screen separately, plus set other icons. Everything was fine until it flies, firmware 29 from Adolf, set it to 24 from Maslakov, is also normal. I took all topics onsavagemessiahzine.com.

Rep: (135)
wsm + mi-tools

Just not Mi-Tools, but MiThemes, which I notice once, I can’t taste everything, and here are the themes and Mi-Tools.
Attached Image

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