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Gigabyte GSmart Mika M2 - Discussion | Smartphone, 5 "

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DiscussionGigabyte GSmart Mika M2
PictureGigabyte GSmart Mika M2
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Attached Image
Model: Gigabyte GSmart Mika M2
Amount: DualSIM
Standard: GSM 850/900/1800/1900; HSDPA 900/2100
Dimensions: 145 x 73 x 10 mm
Weight: 150 g
Processor: MediaTek MT6582, 1.3 GHz (quad)
GPU: Mali 400MP2
Display: IPS LCD "5", touch
Resolution: 720x1280 pixels; 16 million flowers
Pixel density: 276 to 300 ppi, (~ 294 ppi on average)
Touch: 5
Memory: 8 GB
Memory card: up to 32 GB
Power supply: Li-Ion 2000 mAh
Camera: 13 Megapixels, 4128 x 3096 Pixels + 5Mp
Video recording: 1080p 30 cad / s
Communications: Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, A-GPS
Sensors: Approximation, light, accelerometer, flash,
Connectors: microUSB, 3.5 mm output
OS: Google Android KitKat 4.4.2
Additional Information:


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but in general, if not difficult to paint detailed than that for you?
I think many will be grateful. and if you know how, you tell me about how you can reshape the memory.
thanks in advance.

Posted on 09/01/2014, 12:18:

What advise to remove a smart
that leave

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exileShe ding dong ding ding not called, just call the downloaded file, here on the machine and wrote. A simple procedure, first install ding dong, run and push the huge button on the top of the screen is obtained Ruth, then set SuperSU (precisely working version), Run, settle for the usual update binaries and a couple of times manually Reboot, that's all, it's the result turned out to be tricky. But because of the built-in can be removed, there is a good question, it is necessary to dig;)

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thanks for info

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The question that can be removed in the system, help solve the great prog - Application Manager (ROOT) on Jumobile, there are those that can be removed are highlighted in green and those that are highly undesirable and impossible - in red. And indeed very convenient application, with route-access can be one stroke to move the entire stack of applications from the local memory to the memory card, and remove unnecessary installation files, etc ....

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Somehow, with great difficulty ... but the root still produced exclusively by the following algorithm:
1. The firmware (do not know can succeed without it if you have not been tinkering with root access using other software).
2. Installation Ding Dong ROOT and launch the scrap process without restarting AFTER PROGRAM OFFERS DO IT - or root flies just after the restart!
3. Installation of a subject Supersu
4. Update the binary the normal way to the request of a program update, write something there netak! I do not remember exactly
5. Reboot and voila, running Superpower!
6. You can then delete Ding Dong ROOT - certainly a good thing, sorry to part with it, but that's only the good of it is now zero%, only takes place.

And yes! burunduktuktuk many thanks for your help!

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During charging, at least from the usual USB, the device heats up decently. When you try to use Google maps as a browser, connecting to a tape recorder on the USB (for guzzles battery mercilessly Google) get the battery to overheat.

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niceoff @ 02.09.2014, 00:08*
You can then delete Ding Dong ROOT - certainly a good thing, sorry to part with it, but that's only the good of it is now zero%, only takes place.

even necessary, I have it the next day some Chinese crafts tried to download on Wi-Faya, immediately put a stop to these efforts and has removed itself ding dong

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Please tell me, who have already bought the phone, it has exactly two radio? At the office. the website says that the SIM cards active, but some sources say a word about it. I want to buy, but I need just two radios. Thank.

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Good evening everyone, purchased this unit and noticed that very quickly gets the battery, although the application is disabled, all processes are killed, let alone gone vkontakt eats and 1 percent for 2-4 minutes, do not tell how to deal with it, or how it should be?

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* niceoff,
How to do this without rebooting Ding Dong? I have after getting root climbs the sea bugs from different applications and the phone automatically goes into the reboot ...

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burunduktuktuk - my friend, you have proved to be an engineering version of the Gigabyte GSmart Mika M2, here is a descriptionhttp://vido.com.ua/art...ka-m2-vriemia-vybirat/
I thought such a use for the test samples, test benches;)
The camera you really 8MP and 1MP, on my "Mika M2" already 13Mp. and 5MP.
- I think that he had no right to sell the store to you is (shame bastards)!

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Guys here is a man asked a few posts above about radio modules and in response to silence. I also interested in this issue well, it is not difficult to fill because a few words on the clave.

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- - A17, int1902020
I found two start "Kyivstar" and Life "and accept calls otttuda and from there, we should not change anything, the truth has never called me, with both at the same time, I wonder how to distribute;) (Actually, both active)
There is also a "management simkarty" which can be distributed which will start uppercase, with which to call with a call to the Internet, send SMS, MMS.

- - CaplanDoupe
all well, something will turn on, the percentage of the battery charge runs in front, but I notice one thing, the more updated the staot easier, but some programs are still sometimes better to stop by hand, the charge will last longer)
I think the whole thing in the Kit-Kat, though it and perfectly optimized for speed, but no one until the battery is thought to explain why I think so ... my wife Maya M1 B2, in fact totzhe phone, almost, but then there's the Android 4.2 .1 and the battery in her weaker in 1700 and says it is more on the phone, but the power keeps her uniquely long for a day or two!

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Guys who have an option - please drain the 4.4 firmware from your phone. I Explay Neo with the same piece of iron, too, want to whale-cat. Maybe someone from "our" porting.

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breakmike @ 09.09.2014, 14:47*
Guys who have an option - please drain the 4.4 firmware from your phone. I Explay Neo with the same piece of iron, too, want to whale-cat. Maybe someone from "our" porting.

The cap has a link to a site with the official firmware. He shook himself, and sews it.

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niceoff --- and what firmware set and the sewn? if you can tell us more.

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* roadkill13, You have not properly understood the question was put on the other. Two active radio module involve two SIM cards at the same time that when talking on the phone when calling the other party, you should see on the screen who is calling you. If the radio module is one that at the moment of speaking a second SIM card will not be available to you and the caller does not get through until you end the call. Therefore, we specify how many of them are two or one, unfortunately in your answer that there is no one who can help in this regard?

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int1902020 --- Now you understand, once tasted. Wife called me at "Life" and while it said the second mobile call to your "Kyivstar" Kyivstar, said that is not available, later came to SMS that call. In general conclusion - radio one check!
- sorry it did not understand the question.

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Help with the Root-access !!!

1. Firmware, (understood as the flash, set the official GSmart_Mika M2_V1.28.10).
2. Installation Ding Dong ROOT v1.3.2 and launch the scrap process, without having to reboot (says Ruth successfully installed, I press the "OK" closes the program immediately)
3. Installation of a subject SuperSU_Pro_2.02 (Explain that in the subject)
4. Update the binary the normal way to a program update request (write error, reboot and try again. Do I have to connect to the Internet while trying to update?)
5. Reboot and voila, Superpower (does not work)
6. I go Ding Dong ROOT writes that there is a route-law, but you can try again to open. (I try, and everything opens again in a circle)
Help what is wrong, why it is impossible ???

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niceoff, Dmeg77 - - can you use other versions of the software?

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