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LG G3 - Marriage and Repair
Do you have problems with anything?
Noise in conversational dynamics. [ 164 ] ** [7,18%]
Screech hull. [ 218 ] ** [9,54%]
Body crack [ 1229 ] ** [53,81%]
Other [ 317 ] ** [13,88%]
No problems [ 355 ] ** [15,54%]
If there is a crack, how long have you been using the device?
less than a month [ 122 ] ** [5,34%]
1 month [ 101 ] ** [4,42%]
2 month [ 125 ] ** [5,47%]
3 month [ 178 ] ** [7,79%]
4 month [ 112 ] ** [4,9%]
5 months [ 122 ] ** [5,34%]
6 and more [ 772 ] ** [33,8%]
No crack [ 533 ] ** [23,34%]
If there is a crack, what was the apparatus worn for?
Quick circle [ 522 ] ** [22,85%]
Another bumper cover [ 476 ] ** [20,84%]
Without cover [ 508 ] ** [22,24%]
No crack [ 558 ] ** [24,43%]
Will you carry the device in the SC to replace the front panel?
Yes [ 428 ] ** [18,74%]
Not [ 961 ] ** [42,08%]
Already replaced [ 67 ] ** [2,93%]
Replaced, but again a crack appeared [ 51 ] ** [2,23%]
No crack [ 555 ] ** [24,3%]
Total votes: 2284

Rep: (1232)
Marriage and RepairLG G3
PictureLG-G3, LG-F400S, LG-F400K, LG-F400L, LG-D850, LG-D851, LG-D852, LG-D855, LG LS990, LG-VS985
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What to check when buying a smartphone?
  1. Check out the most important function: call. Make a call from the purchased phone for 5-10 seconds. Also call him. You and your interlocutor should be well heard. You can use the recorder.
  2. Check out the external speaker by turning on any music / melody. The speaker should not wheeze or distort the sound.
  3. Check the integrity of the case. There should not be chips, gaps and other defects.
  4. Check the battery, as well as the possibility of charging it. Put the phone on charge. The phone must respond to it.
  5. Check out the camera, take a couple of photos and shoot a video.
  6. Check the screen for dead pixels or other faults. As well as setting the brightness.
  7. Check the headset performance. Make a call with a headset and listen to music.
  8. Check in the phone settings memory information. Does her phone see?
  9. Check the phone's vibration by setting the silent mode.
  10. Check the operation of all buttons. They must respond without delay and the first time.
  11. Check the performance of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and GPS.
  12. Check the accelerometer.
  13. Check equipment with user manual.
  14. Check the phone's IMEI, it should match the one on the package.


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Rep: (611)
* aleshavolkov Could she. If it is out of order. And in general, could take power and controller

Rep: (0)
* vvsik,
repaired. said processor. Could affect the charge? In general, the processor is said they often fall off. This overheating or what?

Rep: (611)
* aleshavolkov Is the use of lead-free solder. Not only is this device, it is now common.
Overheating also affects parts of

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* vvsik, I just said it to be repaired, that the work they usually do not give guarantees. Said that, as with the water seepage, then the phone can work through PACT month, maybe 5 years - is not predictable. I'm thinking that, after all, it can affect? Maybe not overheat it much or anything to prevent? Just before this phone to use it 3-4 years and everything was fine

Rep: (12)
* aleshavolkov In general G3 does not support fast charging, only the standard, 5B. Quick charge 9V. And if the Chinese do not fast charge produplitsya, and will give 9V on the phone - it's hardly a good ...

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Rep: (611)
* can4o It does not produplitsya because no signal wires in the plug and charging does not receive the command from the phone. Although from the Chinese all you can expect

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Rep: (12)
* vvsik And I about the same, about the Chinese ..

Rep: (0)
Hello! There G3 d851 broken tachem, I want to change the module. Found on Avito donor, though d855.
The question is whether the module is suitable from d855 to d851? I've heard that there are some differences in the design

Rep: (12)
* Serhio7 , D850,851,852,855 - all interchangeable. Different D856 / 858 - 2 sim and Korean f400, there is a TV antenna. And then, if there is a speech about the module frame.
If a module without frame - suitable from any model.

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Rep: (22)
Shalom to all!
Familiar Master by phone said that the marriages of this model - processor blade.
There was a friend of LG G3, actually I it and recommend it. Who knew that it would use a woman, and this: a group in social networks, facebook, news, photos, etc. also constantly on the charge.
As a result, he began to get very slow, memory is not enough, it warmed, there were yellow spots on the screen and lose the network. I am trying to figure out what is most ship percent and found that evil - and facebook messenger from him. by trial completed once the surprises and the phone becomes warm and slow down. But the degradation of the hard and the temperature went sense to repair it disappeared.

Women testers excellent :).
That's such an experience.

Rep: (0)
Jumper and D856 models D858HK

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (12)
* Dicho dewild It makes it even easier this way (red), a drop of solder, not throwing FB.
The most beautiful and simple solution for the G3, it is a pity that so easily and beautifully only dvuhsimochnik ..

Attached images
Attached Image

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