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LG G3 - Marriage and Repair
Do you have problems with anything?
Noise in conversational dynamics. [ 164 ] ** [7,18%]
Screech hull. [ 218 ] ** [9,54%]
Body crack [ 1229 ] ** [53,81%]
Other [ 317 ] ** [13,88%]
No problems [ 355 ] ** [15,54%]
If there is a crack, how long have you been using the device?
less than a month [ 122 ] ** [5,34%]
1 month [ 101 ] ** [4,42%]
2 month [ 125 ] ** [5,47%]
3 month [ 178 ] ** [7,79%]
4 month [ 112 ] ** [4,9%]
5 months [ 122 ] ** [5,34%]
6 and more [ 772 ] ** [33,8%]
No crack [ 533 ] ** [23,34%]
If there is a crack, what was the apparatus worn for?
Quick circle [ 522 ] ** [22,85%]
Another bumper cover [ 476 ] ** [20,84%]
Without cover [ 508 ] ** [22,24%]
No crack [ 558 ] ** [24,43%]
Will you carry the device in the SC to replace the front panel?
Yes [ 428 ] ** [18,74%]
Not [ 961 ] ** [42,08%]
Already replaced [ 67 ] ** [2,93%]
Replaced, but again a crack appeared [ 51 ] ** [2,23%]
No crack [ 555 ] ** [24,3%]
Total votes: 2284

Rep: (1232)
Marriage and RepairLG G3
PictureLG-G3, LG-F400S, LG-F400K, LG-F400L, LG-D850, LG-D851, LG-D852, LG-D855, LG LS990, LG-VS985
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What to check when buying a smartphone?
  1. Check out the most important function: call. Make a call from the purchased phone for 5-10 seconds. Also call him. You and your interlocutor should be well heard. You can use the recorder.
  2. Check out the external speaker by turning on any music / melody. The speaker should not wheeze or distort the sound.
  3. Check the integrity of the case. There should not be chips, gaps and other defects.
  4. Check the battery, as well as the possibility of charging it. Put the phone on charge. The phone must respond to it.
  5. Check out the camera, take a couple of photos and shoot a video.
  6. Check the screen for dead pixels or other faults. As well as setting the brightness.
  7. Check the headset performance. Make a call with a headset and listen to music.
  8. Check in the phone settings memory information. Does her phone see?
  9. Check the phone's vibration by setting the silent mode.
  10. Check the operation of all buttons. They must respond without delay and the first time.
  11. Check the performance of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and GPS.
  12. Check the accelerometer.
  13. Check equipment with user manual.
  14. Check the phone's IMEI, it should match the one on the package.


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Rep: (4)
Greetings. Where the controller power supply is located on the d855? Rebollo want because immediately before it was cut down, and now not even start. A new battery, firmware - runoff. Before warming up - help for a month and a half

Rep: (4)
twin_26rus @ 22.06.17, 20:12*
I was connected to a computer as a modem, a bang and went out. Red LED charging light is off. norms battery. And I put another new. Without battery on the cable to a computer lit empty battery with an exclamation point in a triangle on the screen of the body, and in Windows writes "unidentified yusb device that possibly damaged."


With bateykoy screen simply goes out, and from the Windows Task Manager from disappears altogether. Disassembled, closed testpoint on a separate circuit board without a screen and batteries, defined as a windsurfing board in QHUSB_BULK. In dovnload mode is not included, com port does not set in Windows. LED does not respond to the charge, and in general no matter what. Q: small animal quite scribe?

Telephone lay a couple of hours without battery (with battery -So why terribly basked)

Listen, I have exactly the same thing!
You once restored smart, or hardware zakirpichivanie?

Rep: (16)
Omicron2002 @ 17.09.19, 14:30*
or hardware zakirpichivanie

He died) as the G2 before. Proca blade. Sold as screen donor. It makes no sense to repair, Rebollo proca - expensive and a couple of months only animates (tested)).

Rep: (4)
* twin_26rus Fucking pathetic. My favorite smart
Hopefully, g5 does not face the same fate ...

Rep: (617)
twin_26rus @ 17.09.19, 17:12*
a couple of months only animates

How can Rebollo not work? They (lg) has some podlyanku laid in charge

Posted 09/18/2019, 3:13:

Omicron2002 @ 17.09.19, 19:29*
I hope
do not expect ... The era of lead-free solder, so that the same fate awaits all
Hereman begins to correctly explainhereI ask the question and below is meanswer

Post has been editedvvsik - 18.09.19, 03:22

Rep: (16)
vvsik @ 18.09.19, 3:12*
Quote: twin_26rus @ 17.09.19, 17:12 for a couple of months only animates
How can Rebollo not work? They (lg) has some podlyanku laid in charge

A year ago it was about. Rebollo made. Three months, and again he worked blade. Cooling did not help. Sold as a donor of an ideal screen))) And yes, the phone is very good, very pleasant to me. Even so, that even after sdohshego bought g2 g3)))

Rep: (11)
Good day. There is a problem, began to flicker and grow dim screen on the D851, the solution found inby this video, solder charge in by this post did not, put the copper plate and the screen will no longer be quenched, but there was another problem, vertical stripes, which then appear then disappear at specific locations, for clarity, I enclose video . Put different firmware result is the same, bending and pressing the screen is not what does not change, assorted cleaning the connectors can be triggers for a certain image in the VC and if you download it and in the gallery, trying to capture video from the screen, not what is not on the record. What can you advise? Maybe we should solder? Apologies for the many letters.

Rep: (12)
* leto2011 , Well, nothing did not solder the board as in the post. In that post, all laid out on shelves, what has caused this flicker, and how it is treated, it has long been tested at what is not wide of the mark, as in the video with a coin (help-not help-help for a while ..), and specific fault stabilizer + 5V on the display, which eventually dies from overload (it's still a developer error), and elegant solution - the + 5V to power the bridge with test 5B. No cutoffs FB no need to do there, just a neat jumper - and all forgotten about the problem. After this renovation, it never comes back ... A coin in the interference distorting fee will only lead to accelerated dump sandwich / flash, and so that in 99% of these phones will sooner or later fall off. Generally, there is little clear how the coin, radiators clean shimmer, is really just reduce the thermal stress, and the stabilizer because this is not disrupted, but if he's already tan - then everything will return to normal, only to add, as I said above blade proca, flash. Coins can stick only if you accept that call Khan, but want it to run on for some time, to get out of it the important info, or if you are a crook and you want as long as the bodies still running, vparit his victim ..
And you appeared artifacts just talk about the bad situation with the contacts in a sandwich .. soon fall off the SIM, the main camera, SD card, wifi can also fall off, half-covered with snow image can ... You can not search for easy ways (all kinds of coins) can not deform the charge in the case of screen flicker is necessary zamorochitsya and solder the jumper, and if you do not know how - give to those who are sealed, not coins bodies to push, so much so that then the back cover placed not want to deformation. .

Rep: (12)
* Omicron2002 , By the way, yes, and G5 suffer dumps, but monitoring - continuous use less often, usually after a long (lying a couple of years on the shelf, not included) when you upgrade to 8 android ...

Rep: (11)
* can4o,
Well, I do not shove the whole coin, but only the copper plate, and not as a video, on the other hand directly to memory through a thin thermal pads, and significantly less heat. This is how a week flawlessly, except these bands. If you want to solder, solder will mean, the phone is still necessary. In general only needed C7508 jumper on the C7501, I understood correctly?

Rep: (12)
* leto2011 That's right, only D850, 851, seems no S7508, or is not present in the D858, then to S7500, the tester only look on which side +, and with what - the land .. Joining the pros!
The D858 is beautiful - there is next to the S7501 S7500, you just gently drop of solder to close ..

Post has been editedcan4o - 23.09.19, 02:32
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Rep: (4)
* can4o , Thank you for the warning - just got g5 se

Rep: (12)
* Omicron2002 , The G5 SE processor is much colder than the G5 Reputation:, I think, with the dumps there will be easier ..

Rep: (4)
* can4o , indeed. Purely for comparison, ran pubg mobile on g3 - burned hands in the CPU
At the same time g5 se a nice warm

Rep: (6)
LG GD D855 - strip slowly goes out, then the screen will not turn on. Then probably something cools or somewhere accumulates charge and on again, then strip again for a few seconds, slowly goes out, then is not included ..

I wore two services with an offer to make a jumper on the board (as described in the forum), synchronously argue that the problem lies elsewhere, and change the display should be. It really can be so or there do not really understand this model guys work?

Post has been editeddeus2k3 - 29.09.19, 14:30

Rep: (12)
* deus2k3 , Most guys do not want to delve .. Determine whether the bridge will, in 10 minutes using a banal tester, voltmeter. Check if everything is fine with the display controller powered, the + 5V ..
Replacing the display will not change anything.
It has long been tested, the disease in all G3 are the same ...

Post has been editedcan4o - 29.09.19, 17:05
Reason for editing: Supplement

Rep: (6)
can4o @ 29.09.19, 19:03*
Determine whether the bridge will, in 10 minutes using a banal tester, voltmeter. Check if everything is fine with the display controller powered, the + 5V ..

Thanks. Tester is, but accurate description - any point on the board to check, did not find. You tell me?

Rep: (11)
* can4o,
In general, I made the jumper, now the screen does not go out without a radiator, but the band left, it turns the screen itself began to be covered? Another remarked that the band still respond to touch, at the time when the defect does not appear necessary touch sensor in any area, the band briefly appear, and Triggers of white, mostly of letters.

Post has been editedleto2011 - 07.10.19, 00:13

Rep: (0)
I recently stopped switched my old LG G3. I bought him a quick charge from the Chinese CHOETECH

like all her praise there. Charges do normally. But when the plug into the power outlet as much as sparks sometimes. In general, a single charge the phone stopped responding and all ... did not include any of the Batteries, or from the network, the computer does not recognize the service menu does not come out. It is very rarely that the LG appears and goes out after a few seconds and all.

The repairs were told that consumption in charge phone is, but that is heated by the battery, the controller say, most likely.
Said 3000 rubles. repairs. Of course, not an option when the phone itself is already much is used

What do you think killed him charging the Chinese?

Rep: (617)
* aleshavolkov Could she. If it is out of order. And in general, could take power and controller

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