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LG G3 - Marriage and Repair
Do you have problems with anything?
Noise in conversational dynamics. [ 164 ] ** [7,18%]
Screech hull. [ 218 ] ** [9,54%]
Body crack [ 1229 ] ** [53,81%]
Other [ 317 ] ** [13,88%]
No problems [ 355 ] ** [15,54%]
If there is a crack, how long have you been using the device?
less than a month [ 122 ] ** [5,34%]
1 month [ 101 ] ** [4,42%]
2 month [ 125 ] ** [5,47%]
3 month [ 178 ] ** [7,79%]
4 month [ 112 ] ** [4,9%]
5 months [ 122 ] ** [5,34%]
6 and more [ 772 ] ** [33,8%]
No crack [ 533 ] ** [23,34%]
If there is a crack, what was the apparatus worn for?
Quick circle [ 522 ] ** [22,85%]
Another bumper cover [ 476 ] ** [20,84%]
Without cover [ 508 ] ** [22,24%]
No crack [ 558 ] ** [24,43%]
Will you carry the device in the SC to replace the front panel?
Yes [ 428 ] ** [18,74%]
Not [ 961 ] ** [42,08%]
Already replaced [ 67 ] ** [2,93%]
Replaced, but again a crack appeared [ 51 ] ** [2,23%]
No crack [ 555 ] ** [24,3%]
Total votes: 2284

Rep: (1232)
Marriage and RepairLG G3
PictureLG-G3, LG-F400S, LG-F400K, LG-F400L, LG-D850, LG-D851, LG-D852, LG-D855, LG LS990, LG-VS985
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What to check when buying a smartphone?
  1. Check out the most important function: call. Make a call from the purchased phone for 5-10 seconds. Also call him. You and your interlocutor should be well heard. You can use the recorder.
  2. Check out the external speaker by turning on any music / melody. The speaker should not wheeze or distort the sound.
  3. Check the integrity of the case. There should not be chips, gaps and other defects.
  4. Check the battery, as well as the possibility of charging it. Put the phone on charge. The phone must respond to it.
  5. Check out the camera, take a couple of photos and shoot a video.
  6. Check the screen for dead pixels or other faults. As well as setting the brightness.
  7. Check the headset performance. Make a call with a headset and listen to music.
  8. Check in the phone settings memory information. Does her phone see?
  9. Check the phone's vibration by setting the silent mode.
  10. Check the operation of all buttons. They must respond without delay and the first time.
  11. Check the performance of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and GPS.
  12. Check the accelerometer.
  13. Check equipment with user manual.
  14. Check the phone's IMEI, it should match the one on the package.


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Rep: (0)
craig_dt @ 01.12.2015, 08:54*
For the third day went, no reboot, all day yesterday the Internet, movies, ringtones, Accum dropped to 15%, all gorgeous.
Unsubscribe, who else will solve the problem of this manual

Thank you very much, also helped. Now BATTERY was to miss longer. Made easier vypayal sensor now works as a watch.

Rep: (1)
* Dima_Soup,
I already gave in the SC, the phone itself took into megaphone, they wrote saying the phone there is no problem (OK)
Here I think is not dependent on him to surrender.
Well, just really annoying this crack.
Read, write that people have to opt-out saying he was lost. (Did not help)
Write then when it Take it to the SC.

Rep: (0)

Lg g3 bought new in the store, used less than a month and suddenly on the right side of the screen has vertical stripes. Reacted in warranty repairs, repair refused, saying that the screen cracked. I enjoyed neat, but the phone fell 1 time band appeared a week after the fall. Because of what it is? Should I repair for the money? If'll fix not this happen again? Can a marriage?

Help please !!!!!!!

Rep: (97)
Perhaps marriage loop or matrix. You can try again to contact the SC, if got rid, to order an independent examination. If you are guilty - pay it, if not, the seller compensates.
In general, the guarantee to pass only through the seller.

Rep: (1)
* craig_dt,
How about the examination cost?
SC must have this license to be?

Rep: (97)
I is not never done, I know only in theory.
https://yandex.ru/sear...Р°&clid=1955453&win=115- so I think it will be easier.

Rep: (1)
I model LG G3 D855 phone I fell and cracked glass. The device is fully working. It is necessary to replace the entire screen fully or only there for glass changing? Could you poke me in the specific parts that Ali would be required for repair. Thanks.
ZY If it is not difficult to stick with me even on Ali in the body for the phone if any. And I have not found. Really I wanted to update the phone number and time to change the window and put a new body.

Rep: (5)
* grumb1er
Glass menyaetsya separately,hereIt is shown as.
Not even knowing how much will cost, though if there is enough pryamyz hand dryer and the building can be and to try.
housing hashere .
Although in your case it is better to consider the option of a full replacement of the display module.

Rep: (97)
Here already wrote above, but I add to this post -LG G3 - Marriage (Post craig_dt # 44912937)
Workaround for a battery problem without a soldering iron.
Everything is done at your own peril and risk.
In the photo I have, which is a temperature sensor. From juggling BATTERY core may be damaged (I its carelessness broke), eventually took an ordinary stationery knife, whittle down to the metal sensor and is right up there at the moment paved the clip, you can foil from chocolate (soldering iron handy not conductive at work, in the evening solder ). As a temporary solution - quite descend. But, of course, solder is highly desirable to clip or foil is not moved out, and nothing korotnula, as well as to the contact does not "walk" or singeing pads.
Soldered still more convenient as in the previous post, otherwise the soldering iron is difficult to crawl. Conductor can also be derived through the hole in the controller, as did the comrade, unsubscribe to the previous page. And yet it is desirable to take mine thicker so that it could not itself break, but not so thick as to interfere BATTERY climb into place.

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Rep: (2)
Such a problem. I listen to music, and suddenly turned on "Ok Google it" and waiting when I uttered the words to search for. I turn off the music are reproduced on, and then again.
Strange thing, but sometimes it happens often, and sometimes does not happen at such a jamb.
firmware 5.0, recently renovated (200 IB updated arrived), root and there was not all of.

Rep: (4)
LG G3 D855, 32Gb of memory, 3Gb of RAM. Defective. Not included (previously turned on and went into the restart after a blue screen), it is generally treated or not?

Rep: (1)
Good day, well, first of all thank you for welds batteries, has helped his article :) guys, help me, ceased to drive stick, or rather inserts written is inserted or removed, and the manager is not in one can not see it, did not try one USB flash drive, and formatted by computer, can someone solved this problem

Rep: (0)
Also have a crack in the dynamics of the conversation, tried through the headset, crack is present, tried to sew different modems - to no avail, the phone was taken in September, apparently incurred SC.

Rep: (1)
* tianddu
tianddu @ 25.12.2014, 02:49*
LG G3 have no problems with the speaker, he has a problem with IGBT transistors toddler already wrote about it .. and as a result decreases with time, all sound-tying.

Hi, this is a warranty case?

Rep: (0)
Error: boot certification verify
[670]: secure booting error!
[670]: cause: boot certification verify
When dialing the code * # 3845 # 855 there was the aforementioned error selected device test or something like that. Now, when you turn on the top left corner of the logo lg there is an inscription to the end does not turn on flashing blue and red light.
How to be?
Attached Image

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Rep: (0)
craig_dt @ 07.12.2015, 12:28*
Here already wrote above, but I add to this post - LG G3 - Marriage (Post craig_dt # 44912937)

I did as advised, only just Stoch sensor and lo ... phone stopped reboot. rained curses against the service center which offered mat.platu notice. All is good, but in normal use gets very hot in the area of ​​the processor, including the camera and the display at the top of ... that I think may be right ... SO scared him for a long time usescorchinga heated

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Rep: (68)
* Ramirez6,
We have repeatedly written that under android 5.0 can not select this item on the menu. Now only the flashing.

Rep: (0)
Now only the flashing.

How ? I have repeatedly sewn through twrp did not help, it may need to sew on another?

Rep: (68)
Ramirez6 @ 09.12.2015, 10:17*
I have repeatedly sewn through twrp did not help, it may need to sew on another?

It should help KDZ firmware through the LG Flash Tool. TWRP fly off.

Rep: (15)
friends tell me plz
a crack on a white LG G3 ROSTEST

warranty ended in July, but then I read somewhere that the repair without warranty

where to go in MSK exactly where they will make ??

or is it too late?

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