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LG G3 s - Discussion | Smartphone, 5 "

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DiscussionLG G3 S D722 D724
PictureLG G3 Beat, LG G3 Mini, LG G3 S LTE, LG G3 D724, LG G3 D722
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somik7 @ 03.07.2015, 22:21*
phone just stopped to see her.
Most likely - a break in the chain sets. Just "broke" the wire near the plug, there is no contact.

Rep: (276)
The computer is running.

Rep: (118)
somik7 @ 03.07.2015, 18:21*
Prompt, 3-button headset HTC. It worked fine, but then the phone just stopped to see her. What can this be?

1. The problem directly to the headset itself. Check the connections of the headset to another phone. If the headset with another device works, looking for the cause further.
2. The problem directly in the smartphone. Verified by connecting another headset / headphone to your smartphone. If another headset / headphones smart phone can not see, then there is several options:
a) The problem in the socket for headphones (stepped contact, ingress of water, dirt, oxidation of the contacts). You can try to blow the nest, insert the headset plug and rotate it in different directions, observing whether the connection icon appears. More can be carefully and only on your smartphone is turned off, a thin needle to clean the nest (but without fanaticism).
b) the software problem. Remember, what software is put \ removed before the smartphone stopped seeing headset. The ability to change some system settings? Software failure is usually possible to correct a return to factory settings. Or in very advanced cases - reinsertion.

Rep: (18)
* remixz, and if you try to set the standard player with 4.4?

Rep: (276)
* Hardin751,
Other headphones work. HTC headset in computer work, in another phone, too.
Set Headset Button Controller, then deleted it. But the body is stitched like after that, I do not remember to be honest.

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Boys good night everyone. Tell me why do I eject and stop game killer. LG G3s LTE Lolipop 5.0.2 body Ruth has

Rep: (0)
* Stereh,
and how do I scratch?

Rep: (278)
* remixz, asked that someone threw who found 4.4.2, and then throw the replacement to the system / app folder, holding the rights -644.
ADF: ripped from its backup, try:https://yadi.sk/d/u3Pf7Uyvhext4. There AIC The Code and the files in the archive.

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Rep: (0)
* barabolik,
I finally did Ruth, still did not understand even what Th
may well come out on top this version? or replacement is required?

Rep: (278)
* remixz, No need to be replaced. Need Root. If this solves your problem, of course ...

Post has been editedbarabolik - 03.07.15, 23:58

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a lot of lag in communication phone is good, but sometimes ... especially when silno.besit while talking on Skype trying to chat and Skype, photo Share Share flies to hell! lg ispravte bugs on the normal , I have because of crap otnoscheniya goodbye forever to customers with htc, I hope you it will not happen again ...

Rep: (413)
It is possible to include it in the phone network forced mode? Well, supposedly only 3g band 2,3,4? I have to lyumii so it was very convenient, it does not jump Network

Rep: (114)
* LyuXoR,
networks->common modem and networks->mobile networks->network mode

Rep: (413)
* tornado, yes you captain obvious. Carefully read the question! Something that is in the settings, I already know, not the first day I live. I need to force the phone to hang on a single frequency broadcasting.

Rep: (0)
* barabolik,
Thank you very much for your response!
Root pity only need just does not want to install the APK

Post has been editedremixz - 04.07.15, 00:38

Rep: (1199)
* somik7, Ability to change the electrical parameters of the headset, the other phone does not notice, and the notice and simply can not recognize what is connected to it.
Try to install the Headset Button Controller again, twist it, or return the settings to the credit default and then delete.

Rep: (276)
* Denisoft,
I do not understand, put the Headset Button Controller, such as earned, but as something crooked. It responds to the pressing is not. Carried Headset Button Controller, recognized as headphones. And then after pressing a button on the headset. I'll try to flash.

Posted on 04/07/2015, 11:42:

Thank you all for your help.

Rep: (2)
LyuXoR @ 04.07.2015, 07:03*
It is possible to include it in the phone network forced mode?

Put GravityBox, Xposed Framework Xposed well, and you can find a lot of modules to switch network modes.

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If this is true:LG G2 soon be updated to Android 5.1.1 LollipopThen we have every chance to get an upgrade to 5.1.1 in the near future.

Rep: (129)
b t @ 04.07.2015, 21:18*
If this is true: LG G2 soon be updated to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, then we have every chance to get an upgrade to 5.1.1 in the near future.

Is not a fact! Too different fillings here.

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