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Operating system: Android Wear (Compatible with Android 4.3+)
Strap: Silicone 22mm (0.86 inch) with the possibility of replacement. The diameter of the stud 1.78 mm.
Display: 1.65 "280 x 280 IPS LCD
Display Controller: Synaptics S3402B ClearPad 3400
Body: fast
Glass: CorningВ® GorillaВ® Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance в„ў .
Dimensions: 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95 mm
Weight: 63 g
Battery: LGE BL-S1 . 3.8V lithium polymer battery (Min. 388mAh; Max. 400mAh). Li-Ion Polymer Battery 3.8V (Min 388mAh; Max 400mAh).
Power Controller: Qualcomm PM8226
SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 APQ8026 28nm LP. 4 cores at a frequency of 1.2 GHz, built on Cortex-A7 cores using ARMv7 + Adreno 305 instructions.
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy ( Broadcom BCM20715 )
Memory: 4 GB of internal memory and 512 MB of RAM (SK Hynix H9TU32A4GDMC)
Ports: USB (pogo pin) on the watch, Micro USB on the charger
Microphone: InvenSense INMP441
Sensors: 6-axis motion sensor InvenSense MPU-6515 (Accelerometer / Gyroscope) and three-directional magnetometer 2407 DSH 12EDF (Compass).
Equipment: Power adapter LG MCS-02ED, USB cable, LG SDT-310 charging dock, Warranty card, User Guide. A photo
A photo:
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FAQ and useful tips
Q: How to find out if my phone is compatible with LG G Watch?
A:Checking the phone for compatibility with Android Wear and watches

Q: I bought a watch abroad, do they support Russian?
A: Yes. Language support in the system does not depend on the country of purchase of the device, Android Wear natively supports the Russian language.

Q: Can I somehow install the keyboard on my watch?
A:Instructions for installing any keyboard on the clock.

Q: I do not receive notifications for watches from some applications, for example from Vider.
A: ApplicationWearShakerpartially solves this problem, the vibration will always be upon receipt of a notification from the application.

Q: After switching to winter time in Russia, the clock incorrectly displays the time, is 1 hour behind.
A: To solve this problem, you need to disable the "Network time zone" function in the phone settings and select any time zone from your list of time zones. For example, Moscow time is GMT + 03: 00, then a similar one can be chosen Minsk, which is also GMT + 03: 00.

Degree of dust and water resistance of the device
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Watches are protected by standard.IP67 This standard assumes full protection from dust and other small particles, as well as the possibility of short-term immersion in water to a depth of no more than 1 meter. Permanent work in the submerged state is not expected.
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Drivers and Utilities
ADB driver for LG G Watch:download
Current official firmware version 6.0.1 Build M1D63H (05.07.2016)
- Safety update from 07/05/2016

Download:XDA | Instructions for installing official updates

Firmware history
6.0.1 Build MEC23G (22.02.2016)
-New gestures

5.1.1 Build LDZ22D (20.05.2015)
-Menu application and contacts
-Updated design
-Overview of innovationsfromHAZE666

5.0.2 Build LWX49K (02/18/2015)

5.0.1 Build LWX48P (12/11/2014)

4.4W.2 Build KNX01Q (10/21/2014)
-Support offline music
-New BT pairing settings
-Universal player control

v.4.4W.1 KGW42Q (09/09/2014)
-New initial setup wizard
-Three new clock face
-Improve voice commands
-Expansion of navigation options
- Fixed a bug in which it was not visible if the pedometer is active or not

v.4.4W build kmv78y (08/02/2014)
- Corrections in the pedometer

v.4.4W build kmv78v
-fixed the error leading to the inversion of the dial on the Gear Live when the display was automatically dimmed
- other bug fixes or performance improvements

Full image of the latest firmware M1D65H

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Reason for editing: Lenok2dory Android Aear 2.0 port with LG G Watch R

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shyster @ 05.03.20, 09:37*
and that the making? Wipe do?

I did more than once. Further colored circles is not loaded. Shew official firmware 6.0.1 Build M1D63H. I tried pregoing 5.1.1 Build LDZ22D. The result is the same.

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HELP, comrades

Vibration does not work Although it works on your phone, The vibration can be broken?
Option to turn off / not turn off the phone when the clock does not work on the arm (

Who has ever died of vibration? Watch centenarians :)

Post has been editedSaintLight - 13.03.20, 09:52

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* SaintLight Pah-pah, alive and well)

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SaintLight @ 13.03.20, 09:51*
Vibration does not work, but it works on your phone

Hmm, with Whatsapp works ... hurry wrote.
and Todoist - no, although there is vibration included in notifications

Android 9, EMUI 9.1.0, Huawei P20 Pro
Or Huawei Khimich not something or Android ..

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Goole Keep working again on the clock! :)

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sergiko75 @ 04.03.20, 23:13*
I when flashing through adb up to 60% and flies. Maybe it's in the off debugging usb

Someone tell me how to enable debugging on the dead hours?

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