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Good day to all!
I would like to ask a couple of questions on the PS3
I thought up something to buy a TV set 42 "and PS3
So that's what I chose:
LG 42LB620V - 26 000 (or take LG 42LA615V for 19 000)
PS3 Super Slim 12Gb - 10 000 (there are different versions of CECH-4208A and CECH-4008A and prices too, which one is better to buy?)
HDD 1 Tb (can take 500GB from the laptop and plug in a new one) - 2,000
HDMI 1.4 - 2m. - 400
CECH-4001 for disk adapter - 300
Is this a normal purchase option?
Should I buy another dzhostik? - 2,200
I do not really want to play (for the time being), I would like to use it as a media combine (I thought to buy a media player, but I am inclined towards the PS3)
Can this option exist and work normally?
How much does a PS3 firmware cost? I understand that after 3.55 they no longer flash?
In general, it is worth taking a PS3 or PS4 (expensive infection)
Thanks to everyone who helps and "+" with me!

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Thinking out loud...
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* Anteus,
PS4 is now for games only.
19.06.14, 05:14
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* Anteus,
and the multimedia processor from the PS3 is hrenenky ... playing few formats without an additional file ... or watching a Blu-ray disc, then it will go ...

Super-slim is not stitching ... there is only an optical drive emulator ... worth 100 bucks in China plus installation (in our city, for example, 4500-5500rub emulator + installation) ... but there are fewer advantages than custom firmware ...

IMHO, for the sake of "I do not want to play a lot" - buy for this amount a normal multimedia combine ....

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