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Version: 1.0.3

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Debinstaller is a program that replaces the standard application installation window, which allows you to install packages that require hacking or openmode without entering the terminal. Displays information about the application before installation. You can also see the privileges used by the application.
After removing the debinstaller, a standard installation window is returned.


Download the attached file and install viaHack for aegis-install | Inception replacement : aegis-dpkg -i debinstall_1.0.3_armel.deb


After installing debinstaller, select the .deb file that you want to install in your file manager or transfer window. The debinstaller will be launched instead of the standard installation dialog.


Show manifest - shows the privileges requested by the selected application
Regular installation - starts the standard application installation dialog
SwitchTrusted - affects installation via Dpkg or GDebi (if installed), is active only when there is aegis-installer hack or when using openmode firmware. If enabled, the selected package will receive all required privileges upon installation.
Dpkg - Start package installation via dpkg.
Gdebi - Start package installation via gdebi (if installed).
A console window opens in which you can monitor the process. After the installation is completed, the installation messages log can be copied to the clipboard using the Log button


Russian interface: Yes

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Requires the right super polzaka..pichalka (

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mk it is necessary to put through aegis-hak, this is installed?

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* Alexxxl,
please tell us why GDebi is needed

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* BoZaRhmm
Gdebi - dpkg GUI, that's all

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