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Club players in the WORLD of TANKS BLITZ | iOS & Android & Win10 & Steam

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The current version of the game client - 6.9
About the game
World of Tanks Blitz - this is a free-to-play MMO-action for mobile platforms, developed by the company. Wargaming widely known for tank action World of Tanks , has gained fame for more than 80,000 players worldwide.
Inspired by the "big tanks" from the desktop,World of Tanks Blitz specially created for comfortable gameplay on mobile platforms. More than 100 cool models of technology, excellent graphics and intuitive touch controls: World of Tanks Blitz - an easy step to exciting battles in the team of "seven for seven."
All here
Positions on different maps | "COMMANDMENTS" TANKIST | TeamSpeak 3 and its settings | The table of profitability ratio of all tanks | | CREATIVITY FORUMCHAN | Topic polls archive | "Maximum Damage" | Board "Maximum Damage" | We are looking for surveyors of tanks and gaydodelov among you! | We are looking for sovzvodnogo | Request statistics of online participants on the game servers | Cost of pumping clan supply
Important information
Additional Information
WoT Blitz Official Resources
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Club players in the World of Tanks Blitz
[b] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php? show
Video, reviews of equipment, guides, software

A series of training videos for beginners "WoT Blitz: Introduction to" HIT

Interesting videos


Channels: :

Guides, flysley:

Technical component:

Tactics of the game:

Guides on technology:
Club Rules
  • Any discussionways to cheat gold, purchases / salesaccount and other ways to "punish for the greed of WG"prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to discuss and distribute cheat modifications.List of prohibited mods can befind here
  • Forum newbies and all those who ask questions about the forum’s work contactthis topic
  • Any game moments, technique, maps, tactics and the like are discussed here. To discuss technical issues, there are specialized topics on the game client (iOS | Android | Win10).
  • For anyone who wants to make a holivar on the topic of superiority (or uselessness) of a particular mobile OS, there isthis topic(and its analogues) in the section"Meat grinder".
  • In the club areForum Rulessavagemessiahzine.comandrules section "Trepalka".
  • Fashion publish in the relevant branches of the discussion of the game. The club allows: discussion of mods in the framework of gaming and advice on how to improve them (praise the authors, also not forbidden).
  • Proposals to join the platoon should be informative (immediately indicate the desired level of technology, the percentage of victories, the availability of voice communications, etc.)
  • Screenshots and other images should be placed under the spoiler.. As an exception - VOD can placesmalltitle images for video without a spoiler.
  • Use the button to add information to the header."a complaint" only after contacting the curator of the topic (if he did not answer you within 24 hours). Do not forget to specify where exactly in the header you need to add a link: thank_you:

"Educational remarks from the peace officers" or "how not to run into trouble" (required for reading!)

Player in the top team in the pope
© * subaru4x4

Why do you think someone owes you something?

Open set to the club clan 4-PDA (without statistics requirements)

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shhh! not the burning nicknames
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* hromoyzorin, More here can wblitz.net

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* Re1kJav1k,
Brilliant! } -): spiteful:

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I realized how, if everything in the tank to explore and discover the next tank, it becomes elite. What it gives the + and are there any?

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I Bought AT8, in the first battle in the runoff gun took master)) But with the same gun at AT2, never took the master for more than 50 fights. And who wrote that fr is not very ... I imagine that this ptshka will work on the gun, where the average damage of 170 and 15 height. / Min on the Gold with 100% crew.
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* Re1kJav1k,
* alarim : spiteful:

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Vaska, oh ... Joes Palites not blush ...: rofl:

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Toy356844 @ 09.11.2015, 21:29*
What it gives the + and are there any?

The experience gathered by the elite tank, can be converted into a free for Gold. (1 Gold 25 experience)

In general, it makes sense for some games - to pump out all the tanks in the elite.

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* Toy356844, experience elite tank, can be converted into a free (for Golda).

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Candy ...
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Topic: "Tolley epic wizard felts random cancer ("
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Topic: "I tried ... ("
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People with heat from the heat - EXCLUSIVE !!! You have not seen this yet)))
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* z00m_n73
And who was killed about you ???

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* Trybnik,
Most land mine, or killed shotnogo. Or a combination of both: D

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* Trybnik, Did not guess!
* alarim partially guessed)
I'm on my sink cuttlefish until dolez ... well ... Fyodor gave the plop of a comet, and he was left alone xn) I got the usual bb, what would not be complete cancer)))

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The promoters are sick of it.
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This is something at the level of sectarians who walk around the porches and offer a bible.

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* GalaxylOL,
: rofl:

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* GalaxylOL, where I have seen such an invitation: laugh:

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* GalaxylOL, as for me, "that's it that's it that's" a clear indicator of the player!) without the inflated stats, flatulence, pathos and whatnot) Stupidly Respect)))

Posted on 09/11/2015, 23:37:

* Phatom, mine, Alice threw something like that ...

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The people think I brought you a bike from the Blitz)
It will be interesting!!!
Appears the fight was in the port and ... the leader of the platoon shouted all "Pooort !!!! All Pooort !!!", apparently on the Rights of the stamp and all that) wanted to write about the article, and all that, because it was necessary to act in such a setape on the other, but not the essence, "time - money", as they say)
And, in fact, result) As I thought, my fears were confirmed, but the hand was played, two more or less sane ally and not very smart red (not rakovali just took all stupid position)!
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After the fight, I still decided to ... well, at least a little to teach the mind to reason)
And that's what came out of it)
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P.s. it does not give any explanation .... just resigned :-D

P.s.s. By the way, he called me zadrotom and said that I had treated myself ... nice hell :-) :-) :-)

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