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> Cube U65GT Talk 9X - Firmware (OS 4.4.2)
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Cube U65GT Talk 9X - Firmware (OS 4.4.2)
PictureU65GT, Talk 9x
Description | Discussion | Purchase | Accessories | Marriage and Repair | Firmware

How to ask a question in the firmware?
1. Name the full version of the official or modified firmware, which will be discussed in your question.
2. Name the tool with which the firmware was flashed: type of recovery (CWM, TWRP 2.Х.Х.ХH, stock) or SP FlashTool version.
3. Name all patches or modifications that were applied to this firmware.
4. Describe in detail and competently the problem that you want to discuss or get advice, as well as the process that led to the problem being discussed.
5. Patiently wait for someone to answer and do not duplicate posts with a question.
6. Contact the QMS to the curator or advanced users onlyas a last resort, if the problem is not solved together in the forum.

Drivers and Utilities
1. Flash_Tool v5.1352.01. The most not "harmful" Flashtool from all Flashtools for Cuba.
2. Driversfrom another MTC device. CheckedMarkiz59.
3. Driversfor windows
4. Driversfor windows more recent
5. MTK Droid Tools- program for root, backup and creation of recovery
6. PDANet Driver- universal drivers
7. Test setfor Android devices
8. FileMT6592_Android_scatterfor those who do not know where to get it.
9. Modified Scatterfor firmwarenvram.img
10. Most common errorsFlashtool.
11. ModifiedFlashtoolfrom a resourceFreaktabfor firmwareNVRAM. Scatter and trialnvram_backupinside the archive.
12. Driver ANDROID MTK.exe
13. SP Flash Tool- MTK-based flash driver. Very useful post with instructions.


Official firmware
Important!Before any manipulations with firmware, patches or other modifications do not forget to dobackupNVRAMfor example usingMTK Droid Toolsand keep it in a safe place for every fireman.
Firmware via FlashTool without an uninterruptible power supply for the computer is prohibited! The risk of getting a brick when disconnecting electricity is very high.
Tips and tricks before flashing a device

1. Official firmwarev4.4.2 U65GT_V1.3_20140527.
2.Official firmwarev.4.4.2 U65GT_V1.6_20140620for FlashTool and recovery from the sitepan.baidu.comand changelog.
This same firmware reloads onYandex. thankHaubfor the publication.

3. Official firmwarev.4.4.2 U65GT_V1.8_20140704forFT. Mirrorhere.
4. Official firmwarev.4.4.2 U65GT_V1.8_20140704forSD. Mirrorhere. thankMarkiz59for the publication.Do not put through moderation!Either through the drain of the recovery, or through Update in Settings \ About the tablet.
5.Updated version

U65GT_V1.8_20140806 download

from a resourcepan.baidu.com.
Mirrorhere. thankakula29for the publication. Changerhere. In the archive, both options: for Flashtul and for drain-recovery.
6. Updated VersionU65GT_V1.8_20140903from several sources. Changer and official links to both firmware versionshere.
Mirror version for FlashToolhereandhere.
Mirror Recovery Versionhere. Two more links to this versionhereandthere.
7. Official firmwarefrom the Ukrainian officeCUBE.
8. Another official firmwareMYTAB_Ontario_U65GT_V1.1_20140924from the Ukrainian site of representationCUBE. Perezalitaerdhyhoncloud.mail.ru
9. Official firmwareU65GT_V2.0from a resourcepan.baidu.comfor FlashTool. Mirror onYandex disk. Laid out737.
10. U65GT_V2.0_update_aatt_20141215for recovery:heremirroron yandex
Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!

11. Ported firmwareU65GT (TALK9X) MIUI6 ROM - made by Chinese Romodel, but since posted on the official website, I placed it in this section.There is a suspicion that it is also suitable only for tablets with serial number 1426xxxxxxxxx and above perezalitasoftsofton the poison//savagemessiahzine.com/ pages / g ... sk% 2Fd% 2FtcOO5MtGejebZ
12. Updatesofficial firmware version 2.0. Set manually if the update does not work over the air.

Unofficial firmware
Important!Before any manipulations with firmware, patches or other modifications do not forget to dobackupNVRAM for example using MTK Droid Tools and keep it in a safe place for every fireman.
Firmware via FlashTool without an uninterruptible power supply for the computer is prohibited! The risk of getting a brick when disconnecting electricity is very high.
Tips and tricks before flashing a device

Template design post with firmware . Required for those wishing to post their custom firmware. Posts with modified firmware that are not designed in this way will be deleted.

1. Modified firmwareU65GT_V1.6_20140620_ROMKIT for FlashTool by Brian (aka 900supersport ) from a resource FREAKTAB .
2. Modified firmwareU65GT_V1.8_20140704_900ss for Flashtool from Brian ( 900supersport ). Mirror on Yandex .
3. Slightly correctedU65GT_CoolUI_V2_20140719 from ccfly_89 for installation through TWRP . Removed from sin away;).
4. Modified firmwareU65GT_V1.8_20140704_mod Lepi From the curator of the topic for moderation.
5. Lightweight (without Chinese) modCUBE_U65GT (light) _CoolUI_V1_20140703 from ccfly_89
6. Modified firmwareU65GT_V1.8.1_20140727_mod Lepi from Lepi for moderation.
7. Modified firmwareU65GT_V1.8.2_20140810_mod Lepi from Lepi . The version was test. Removed.
8. Mod August firmware1.8 from Brian U65GT_V1.8_20140806_900SS for Flashtool .
9. Mod September version U65GT_V1.8_20140903_900SS from Brian for Flashtool .
10. Updated buildU65GT_V1.8.3_20140920_mod Lepi in two versions from the curator of the topic based on the September version 1.8 .
11. Updated assembly in a light themeU65GT_V1.8.4_20140930W_mod Lepi from Lepi based on the September version 1.8 . It also added a black theme in this version.
12. Mod September version1.8 with zakos under MIUI talk_9x_u65gt_miui . Posted here .
13. Updated build in a light theme.U65GT_V1.8.5W_20141110_mod Lepi from Lepi based on the previous version of the mod.
14. Updated build in black themeU65GT_V1.8.5B_20141110_mod Lepi from Lepi based on the previous version of the mod.
15. UpdateU65GT_V1.8.6W_141205_mod Lepi .
16. Modified firmwareU65GT_V2.0_mod_Lepi_20141206 . Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!
17. Update U65GT_V1.8.7W_141216_mod Lepi - Only for fans of the bright theme of Android!
18. Update U65GT_V1.8.8W_141226_mod Lepi - Only for fans of the bright theme of Android!
19. U65GT_V2.0.1_141230_mod Lepi - in the dark theme - Only for tablets with a serial number higher than B1426XXXXXXX
20. Modified firmwareU65GT_V2.0.2W_orange_141231_mod Lepi - Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!
21. Update U65GT_V1.8.9W_150104_mod Lepi
22. Ported firmwareLewaOS 5 provided by Markiz59, to install the patch in mod.rekaveri take here
23. Modified firmwareU65GT_V2.0.3W_ru_Lepi_150111 - Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!
24. Modified firmwareU65GT_V2.0.4B_en_Lepi_150115 - Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!
25. UpdateU65GT_V1.9W_150118_mod Lepi
26. Modified firmwareU65GT_V2.0.5L_ru_Lepi_150203 Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!
27. UpdateU65GT_V1.9.1_Loli_150207_Lepi for all versions of tablets.
28. Modified firmwareU65GT_V2.0.5LB_Lepi_150208 Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!
29. Modified firmwareU65GT_V2.0.6L_150222_mod Lepi Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!
30. UpdateU65GT_V1.9.2_Loli_150223_Lepi - Only for fans of the bright theme of Android!
31. UpdateUPD_U65GT_V2.0.7LB_Lepi_150223 - Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!
32. Modified firmware in a light theme.U65GT_V2.0.8LW_150308_mod Lep i - Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!
33. Modified firmware in dark themeU65GT_V2.0.9LB_Lepi_150308 - Only for tablets with a serial number higher than the B1426XXXXXXX!
34. Modified firmware in a light theme.U65GT_V1.9.3LW_150315_mod_Lepi . For tablets with any serial number
35. Modified and translated ported firmwareCUBE_U65GT_LeWa_V2_RUS_no_China ,links to the original version - Cube U65GT Talk 9X - Firmware (OS 4.4.2) (Post Markiz59 # 39690135)
36. Modified firmwareU65GT v2.0 ATLANTIS (05/23/2015) (only for tablets with serial number higher than B1426) on Yandex Disk from a Spanish colleague on our forum his nickname diruix . If you like the firmware, do not forget to put the "+" in the author's reputation.
37. Modified firmwareU65GT_v2.0_ATLANTIS_20151023 (only for tablets with serial number higher than B1426) - because non-working link in the original message download here
38. Small update U65GT_v2.0_ATLANTIS_20160311
39. Update U65GT_v2.0_ATLANTIS_20160826_OTAwith OTA removal
40. U65GT_v2.0_ATLANTIS_20170106 (only for tablets with serial number higher than B1426)
41. CyanogenMod 13 based on Android 6.0.1 from smallship
42. RESURRECTION REMIX M - Firmware based on CyanogenMod 13 (Marshmallow 6.0.1) from smallship
42. RR-5.7.4-3G-FOR_U65GT

Factory (stock)
ClockWorkMod Recovery
1. CWM v5.5.0.4 . thank Safty_max
2. CWM TouchRecovery in chinese. thank Safty_max
3. CMW from Brian from the forum Freaktab
4. CWM Recovery from Brian for installation from under mod-recovery
1. TWRP in a light theme from Lepi
2. TWRP in the black theme from Lepi
3. TWRP in a light mutable subject from Lepi
4. Dark theme for TWRP
5. Corrected modTWRP in a light theme from Lepi . Now he can take screenshots.
6. Newlight customizable theme for TWRP . Modification Lepi .
7. Patch to install TWRP together with a new light theme. Modification Lepi
8. Patch to install the new version of TWRP touch recovery in modification Lepi
9. TWRP with two multi-color themes from Lepi
10. TWRP from jemmini Patch for installation through recovery.
11. Russified TWRP, with support for NTFS from jemmini
12. TWRP 3.0
13. TWRP 3.1.0 from jemmini
PhilZ touch recovery
Chinese recovery

Getting ROOT

1. The easiest way receiving Root via RootGenius_general_mobile.apk on stock firmware 1.8 . Verified! . Additional manual here .
2. Another patchSuperSU-v2.02 to get ROOT from a resource chainfire
3. Another way receive ROOT via VRoot_1.7.8.7753 fresh version here
4. And one more way getting ROOT through stock recovery from mmrrdd with Freaktab . There's also a new addition from cherva70 .
5. Patch from Riley from the forum Freaktab to receive Root through moderation.
6. Who did not work withSuperSU to you here .
7. ReceivingROOT using moderation TWRP . Lesson paragraph 5 in support of.
8. ® SuperSU , a utility for managing ROOT access applications
9. Getting root withKingo android root

Patches and modifications
System optimization

1. New markup file (6 GB for the system and applications instead of 2) from Brian. here. Or Here
2. Patch from Lepi reducing the minimum brightness level to 4% for firmware version 1.8
3. Fileplatform.xml that changes the write permissions for an external memory card. Another option .
4. Patch to replace file platform.xml through moderation.
5. PATCHES for firmware U65GT_V1.8.1_140727_mod Lepi to allow multiplayer for 2, 3, 4 users and to delete the multiplayer mode.
6. Patch which should prevent the idle problem Chrome .
7. Modifiedboot.img from Brian's firmware in which niorix introduced permanent mode Permissive
8. A couple of patches from WWLadimir on three users for firmware U65GT_V1.8_20140806 .
9. Double headed patch from Lepi for stock recovery, which fixes the problem of idle Chrome and lowers the minimum display brightness.
10. Patch from Lepi setting modified boot.img for all firmware 1.8.x having on board ROOT .
11. Patch reducing energy consumption. Not verified!
12. Patch updating time zones.
13. Modifiedboot.img with new kernel and support init.d for firmware MYTAB_Ontario_U65GT_V1.1_20140924 from erdhyh .
14. Patch with russified call from Lepi . Works T9.
15. Patch for FM radio, works without headphones.
16. Firmware communication module3 patches from erdhyh .
17. Patches from erdhyh Powerprofile and extended reboot menu for Ontario .
18. Patch from Lepi for correct display of battery statistics on firmware U65GT_V1.8.2_20140810_mod Lepi .
19. Patch from Lepi on the correct auto brightness for U65GT_V1.8.5_20141110_mod Lepi both versions.
20. Patch changing sound settings in the engineering menu, thank asdfga
21. Lepi Patch , allowing to reduce the minimum level of brightness and auto-brightness of the display for firmware, as well as changing the Power Profile U65GT_V1.8_20140903
22. Patch adding multiplayer mode (4 users) for firmware V2.0_20141110from SLK88
23. Patch for CWM / TWRP for memory re-mark under 4GB.from SLK88
24. Patch add photo to unlock ringfrom cherva70
25. Patches for firmware Mytab Ontario v1.2. (Mytab-u65gt_v1.2_20141222). Do not forget to thank erdhyh
26. Patch to install white custom gestures for v 2.0 firmware. Translated into Russian.
27. Patch from niorix adding system-level ntfs support
28. Patch replacing the "black gestures" on the Russian version
29. Patch on firmware v2.0.x for those using external keyboards to the detriment of Black gestures.
30. Patch for firmware U65GT_V2.0.1_141230_mod Lepi, which disables the default power saving mode. A similar patch for firmware U65GT_V2.0.2W_orange_141231_mod Lepi right there.
31. Patch on the correct auto brightness and lower manual brightness for firmware U65GT_V2.0_15.12.2014
32. NTFS patch , update from niorix.
33. Patch for firmwareU65GT_V2.0.3W_ru_Lepi_150111, eliminating the problem of white text on a white background when installing applications .. - In the description of the firmware.
34. Patch Russifying LewaSettings in firmware LewaOS 5 and original file LewaSettings.apk from the author of the translation Markiz59
35. Patch removing "stuttering" when playing online
36. Patch Russifying LewaLauncherX.apk in firmware LewaOS 5 there is also the original LewaLauncherX.apk from the author of the translation Markiz59
37. Patches with translated engineering menu
38. Patches to manage init.d scripts in Settings \ For Developers \ Run scripts from the Init.d folder. for firmware U65GT_V2.0.3W_ru_Lepi_150111 and U65GT_V2.0.4B_en_Lepi_150115 for firmware U65GT_V1.9W_150118_mod Lepi The patch can be taken in the description of the firmware.
39. Patch for official firmware 2.0 with advanced reboot menu.
40. Patch for stock firmware 2.0 Adding in the reboot menu item "recording from the screen" with the settings.
41. Patch set for different firmware versions with the "clear all" button and the display of the loaded and available RAM.
42. Patch set for firmware 2.0.4B with various options for setting auto brightness.
43. Patch on altered auto brightness response for all firmware versions .
44. Patch to unlock in the menu Settings String Sound for firmware U65GT_V2.0.5L_ru_Lepi_150203 .
45. Patch to expand the data section to 3 gigs by truncating the system section to 1 gig from niorix
46. Patches with dual traffic display for firmware U65GT_V2.0.6L_150222_mod Lepi and for firmware U65GT_V2.0.7LB_150222_mod Lepi
47. Patch For firmware 2.0.x in which the internal memory was replaced with an external SD card. For firmware 1.8.x patch is here
48. Patchfor firmwareU65GT_V2.0.8LW_150308_mod Lepi with App Permissions translation, for firmware U65GT_V2.0.9LB_150308_mod Lepi here
49. Patch for firmware U65GT_V2.0.9LB_Lepi_150308 which adds a quick launch bar to the notification bar with its settings
50. Patch to remove the batterystats.bin and clean the dalvik cache. It helps when the display shows the percentage of battery charge. For all versions of firmware.
51. Patch for firmware U65Gt_209LB Adds media scan settings on startup for firmware 1.9.3LW here
52. Patch with modified Rara avis boot.img for firmware 2.0 eliminates incorrect display of battery power. For firmware 1.8-1.9 here

1. Patch from AndreyKrot for firmware 1.8 to replace the new launcher with the standard one from the firmware 1.6 .
2. Patch from Lepi for replacement Launcher3 on Launcher2 in the firmware version 1.8 .
3. Patch for firmware U65GT_V1.8_20140704_900ss to remove annoying BEEP when you change the volume of the rocker.
4. Patch to replace the boot logo (static picture) from Lepi .
5. Patches from Varashilov to replace the boot logo: time , two , three .
6. Delete patch Google search strings from the Launcher3 desktop.
7. Patch for U65GT_V1.8.5_141110_mod_Lepi white and black. The shadows from the buttons of the lower bar are made so that the navigation buttons are readable on white and on a black background. Modification Lepi .
8. Patch from Lepi with orange dialer for firmware U65GT_V2.0.4B_en_Lepi_150115 . In the description with the firmware
9. Patch For the treatment of the status of the bar, icons with the outline and the navigation bar in the firmware
10. Patch to replace the gray bar to black in the firmware
11. Patch replacing the stock application FMradio to a more elegant option.
12. Patch for light firmware U65GT_V2.0.5L_ru_Lepi_150203 dimmed white navbar buttons
13. Patch Returning stock colors to the battery icon in the status bar on the firmware U65GT_V2.0.5L_ru_Lepi_150203
14. Patch for firmware U65GT_V2.0.5LB_Lepi_150208 improves the display of black icons on a black background in the Settings application.
15. Patch for moderation on firmware U65GT_V2.0.5LB_Lepi_150208 with a darkened main window "dialer"
16. Patch to replace the radio from Lenovo on stock radio in the light theme that works without headphones
17. Patch for firmware U65GT_V2.0.6L_150222_mod Lepi with double traffic display and bold stroke of the navigation panel buttons.
18. Patch To set the clock in a light theme for any version of the tablet.
19. Patch for firmware UPD_U65GT_V2.0.9LB_Lepi_150308 With setting the display of hours and dates in the status bar.
20. Patch to install SchedulePowerOnOff in a light theme

Bootanimation and Bootlogo
1. Butanmashka collection onXDA
The file must have a namebootanimation.zip , if another, then rename, put Rutexplorer or another (Root) -file manager in the folder \ system \ media with replacement, assign permissions 644 (letter D) and reboot the device.
2. Butanimation from Varashilov
3. Optionsbutanimationsfromsrg
4. New-oldbutanimation from srg
5. Two versions new butanimation from YN22 repacked Lepi .
6. Two versions boot LOGO from Lepi together with butanmashka from YN22 in the white theme.
7. Boot LOGO from Lepi together with butanmashka from YN22 in black subject.
8. Bootlogo from //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=1668770
Bug fixes for modified firmware
1. PATCH for firmware U65GT_V2.0.5L_ru_Lepi_150203, eliminating the error of displaying white text on a white background in some third-party applications.
2. Patch for firmware U65GT_V1.9.1_Loli_150207_Lepi fixing some interface errors
Instructions and MiniFAQ
Instructions are written. If you want to help, welcome!

And one more announcement.
It turned out that users of stock firmware forget to enableUSB debugging at Settings \ For Developers before manipulating with backup or other operations using a computer.
Please do not forget to do it first!

Agree on terms
In addition to the Glossary:
Padonkaffsky , or “Olban” Yezig or Yazyk Padonkaff
- the style of using the Russian language that spread in RuNet at the beginning of the XXI century with phonetically almost correct, but deliberately incorrect spelling of words (so-called errative), frequent use of profanity and certain cliches characteristic of slang (although habits are so strong that ", Without noticing it, correctly bowed the words - Zacheg, Zacheg ... - and as a result, phonetic fidelity is lost in many cases). Most often used when writing comments to texts in blogs, chat rooms and web forums. Slang spawned many stereotypical expressions and Internet memes, in particular, they associate the melody "preved" with it. Wikipedia
Remindin our forum"Olbansky" tongue is prohibited . The official language of the forum is Russian .
The kernel is part of the operating system, and it is not only Android, but also other operating systems: Windows, iOS, MacOS, and others. But we will be interested in the Android kernel, and what I will try to explain at the level of novice users.
The Android kernel is the most important part of the operating system, which is responsible for the interaction between the hardware and software part of the device. The kernel consists of a set of drivers for all the hardware present in the device, and a subsystem for managing memory, network, security, and other basic functions of the operating system.
The kernel manages absolutely all the equipment: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, memory and other devices. There is no exception and processor. The kernel can control its frequency and power supply.
The stock core is optimized by the manufacturer for a particular device, but it usually blocks such important core functions as, for example, CPU frequency control. And if you need to overclock the processor of your device, you will need to change the kernel to a custom one, in which the frequency control function of the processor is unlocked.

Here is a sample list of features that custom kernels give us:

Changing the frequency of the processor over a wide range;
Overclocking graphics subsystem (GPU);
Reducing the frequency and voltage of the processor, which allows for a longer battery life;
More recent and high-quality drivers, such as accelerating the work of the GPS or adding new features;
Ample opportunities for setting and configuration of sound and color screen;
Support for alternative file systems (XFS, ReiserFS, and others).Info taken from 4Tablet-PC.
Firmware (eng. Firmware, fw )
“Firmware is the contents of the non-volatile memory of a computer or any digital computing device — a calculator, a cell phone, a GPS navigator, etc., which contains its firmware.
The word "firmware" is sometimes called the imageROM designed to write to the memory of the corresponding device in order to update its firmware, as well as the actual process of recording this image in the non-volatile memory of the device.
The memory is flashed when the device is manufactured in various ways - for example, by installing a memory chip with recorded contents (“stitched”).
Most devices allow the replacement of the contents of memory ("flashing"). Methods of "flashing" can be very different - from the physical replacement of the memory chip to transfer data over wireless channels.Wikipedia
Smartphones These are essentially high-tech computers that have their own operating system and allow them to expand their functionality by installing additional and third-party software. So, the more difficult the smartphones become, the more potential places of occurrence of operating system errors that serve the smartphone and its hardware stuffing - especially in the new model of this or that device. A new firmware version for a smartphone, as a rule, corrects errors found at the time of its release, and also optimizes the work of already existing software and hardware parts of the smartphone (for example, the camera starts to shoot better, memory leaks disappear, sometimes additional functionality appears, etc. P.). Therefore, when a developer releases a new firmware, it is almost always worth updating it in your device.
What does ROM consist of?
preloader (~ 0.25 MB.) - preloader. It connects the phone with FlashTool in "USB mode" for firmware, and also ensures the launch of the device. Presumably loads uboot into RAM and transfers control to it.
dsp_bl (~ 0.75 Mb.) - A little-known thing. Judging by the name of the processor firmware. Damage it turns the phone into a tablet without communication. What then firmware do not flash the phone wireless networks will not work. Solution: flash working dsp_bl. (Only MT65x3, MT65x5, MT65x7!)
nvram (~ 3.0 MB.) - stores iron calibrations, IMEI, BT and WIFI MAC addresses and more. Mount point / data / nvram.
seccnfg (~ 0,125Mb.) - an unknown thing, usually contains only the emptiness "FF FF ...".
uboot (~ 0.375 MB.) - operating system loader + drivers for initialization of the main equipment (display, processor, GPIO).
boot (~ 6.0 MB.) - kernel and operating system drivers (cameras, sensors, sensors). Mount Point.
recovery (~ 6.0 MB.) - mini-system (system in the kernel) whose function is only to backup / restore system applications, reset to factory settings. In advanced recovery, the functionality is of course much richer.
secstatic (~ 1.156 MB.) - sec_ro, what is needed is not clear, nothing happens when erasing on Android 2.2.1 and 2.3.5. On Android 2.2.2 (mostly at Fly-ying), this section takes up a good piece of ROM and it has Google services. Mount point / system / secro. File system yaffs2.
misc (~ 0.375 MB.) - Unknown thing, usually contains only the emptiness "FF FF ...".
logo (~ 3.0 MB.) - The first picture when turned on, the picture is charging. At 95% contains only the emptiness of "FF FF ...".
expdb (~ 0.65 MB.) - Unknown thing, usually contains only the emptiness "FF FF ...".
system (~ 160-210 MB.) - Android system section. Here everything that relates to the functioning of the device, from the "muzzle" to the supported functions of the operating system. Everything that changes here is not subject to restoration by factory reset. Mount point / system. File system yaffs2.
cache (~ 62.0 MB.) - section for the location of temporary files. Typically used by applications (Market, ROM Manager ...). With the loss of the contents of the section, the functioning of the system will not suffer. Incorrect content may cause a hang when loading the device. Fully erased at factory reset. Mount point / cache. File system yaffs2.
userdata (~ 220-290 MB.) - data, this is the section for installing calendar programs, telephone sets, profiles, settings for various programs and systems. When the contents of a section are lost, the system usually does not suffer. Incorrect content may cause a hang when loading the device. Fully erased at factory reset. Mount point / data. File system yaffs2.

If you have problems with your phone, do not rush to flash it. First, perform a full reset fromrecovery . How to do this depends on the version of your recovery.
If you were tinkering with RootExplorer or deleting system programs, then we only need to fixsystem and do a reset via recovery. There is no need to sew anything else. From this "more factory device will not." From inept actions he can become more brick.
* 99% of problems come down to the fact that users install third-partylauncher and then delete the system launcher (as not needed). As a result, after a reset:
"Aw, after the reset, black screen and everything! Nothing works."
"Guard, after reset, I click on the icon of the robot (Wisard or Installation Wizard), but nothing happens!"
In this case, the options are:
Send yourself an SMS with a link to download / install a launcher (if you have internet access).
To installupdate.zip via recovery containing launcher.
Flashsystem.img into the device.
Info taken from a friendly forum.china-iphone.ru author linerty from the "Creating a ROM dump and working with it (MT65xx, Android)". Perhaps she is a little worn out, correct, if something is wrong.
The file in which the device memory markup map is stored
Patch , or patch (eng. patch )
- information intended for the automated introduction of certain changes in computer files. Applying a patch is sometimes called “patching.”
Patch or update eng.update is called, in particular, containing such information automated separately supplied software used to fix problems in the software or change its functionality.
The fix can be applied to an already installed program, or to its source codes. This includes fixing errors, changing the appearance, improving the ergonomics or performance of programs, as well as any other changes that the developer wished to make.
The size of patches can vary from a few kilobytes to hundreds of megabytes. In particular, very large patches can occur when changing or replacing non-program data, such as files with graphics and sound (often found in computer games). However, the large size may be caused by the large number of changes made. Moreover, the words “patch”, “patch” are usually used to denote small fixes, while large patches that seriously change or update a program are often called"Service pack" or "Software updates" . Wikipedia
System .apk files along with themselves have a “load” file with the same name and the .odex extension. With their help, presumably you can save some space. Deodexing means that you convert this .odex to .dex (the same file stored inside .apk) and put it back into .apk. This allows us to freely replace system applications without worrying about cokexes, but the main cause of deodexing was to do such an operation with the services.jar file, thanks to which you can change the colors of all texts (for example, the color of the clock from white to black, etc.) , and to deodex services.jar, you need to deodex all system .apk-shki. The craftsmen removed the .ODEX files from the firmware, writing the information contained in them into the APK files, thereby reducing the size of the firmware and most importantly - now the APK files themselves can be changed as you like, this does not affect the system’s work in a fatal way. This is called deodexing. This is good - in the deodexed firmware, you can easily open the APK file with the archiver, change the resources in it (pictures, etc.) and return the changed file to a place in the firmware. Than this is not very good - the process of working with such files slows down a bit, but it is not critical.
- The bootloader works like a Linux kernel: it can use an mboot-compatible bootloader (usually using patched syslinux), which supplies the boot-dfe .img file (for Linux users, it is known as a RAM disk or initrd), and the boot-dfe uses it to get kext / mkext files. (OSx86)
On our tablet in the folder system there is a file build.prop . This file contains information about the settings and firmware of the device, which are applied immediately after it is turned on.
If desired, you can edit this system file.
ro.build.display.id = XXXX. This line shows the name of the firmware build. You can see it in Settings-About phone-Build number . Value Xxxx You can change to your taste.
debug.sf.hw = x. This line is responsible for Hardware acceleration . It is needed to speed up the graphical interface. Value 1 it activates. Value 0 - deactivates.
wifi.supplicant_scan_interval = XXX . This line is responsible for the search interval. Wi-Fi networks. The default is 20 . The value is measured in seconds. Advised to save battery put value 200 .
dalvik.vm.heapsize = Xm . This line sets the value heapsize . VM Heap Tool - increase in the size of memory for applications. Experienced users say the value X better change to 32 .
dalvik.vm.execution-mode = int: XXX . This line is responsible for JIT . Value jit includes it, and the value fast turns off.
mot.proximity.delay = 150 . Increases the ability of the proximity sensor to respond. This line is not originally there, you need to write it yourself.
windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec = 60 . This parameter makes the interface more flexible and smooth. This line is not originally there, you need to write it yourself.
ro.product.model = XXXX Here instead XXX prescribed device model. It is useful for those who have some games refuse to start, due to the fact that the device does not fit. prescribe instead of your other model, for example, desire HD and the game starts ...
So, with the lines, it seems, sorted out. Now we need to learn how to edit them. If installedRoot explorer then open and go to the folder / system / . See below the file list below the folder list build.prop . Switch the top of the button R / W to R / O. Long tap on the file, opens the list of editing options. Choose Open in text editor (Open in Text Editor) . Well and then we edit.
But having an applicationbuild.prop Editor You can greatly simplify this process.
Use the programbuild.prop Editor very simple. After its launch, we see a list of parameters contained in the file. build.prop and can choose any of them to change its value. In addition, you can add new parameters to the file. In order for the changes to take effect, a system reboot is required.
Attention!Editing a filebuild.prop , you must clearly understand what this or that parameter means, otherwise you can seriously damage the performance of your phone!
- Linux users know that root access rights are usually known, and for Windows users, it is possible to log in to the system as an administrator. In short, root rights give us the opportunity to do with the system everything that pleases: delete, edit, add files, including system files.
The list of opportunities that open to the user of the Android system, which has root rights:
Unlimited control over the system.
The ability to replace system files with which you can:
Change themes
Replace standard applications such as calendar, clock, mail program, etc.
Replace the system loader and the Recovery image for the ability to save and restore the system and replace the firmware.
You can add and change system applications, for example, with the busybox program, which allows you to execute almost all linux commands, you can replace the existing toolbox, which has a very limited set of commands.
Change images and animations that are displayed at system startup.
Run applications that give you more control over the system, such as SuperUser, which allows you to grant root rights to various programs, the Root Explorer, the file manager, which allows you to see and work with all the files on your device, unlike the standard file manager, Programs that allow delete and change any applications, including system and many more programs that make life easier for the Android user.
Make a backup of your system, including the programs you added and data that you can restore at any time after resetting to factory settings or updating the firmware
Move installed applications from phone or tablet memory to a memory card.
Transfer temporary files of the Internet browser and cache of various applications to the memory card.
Manage your device using a computer via USB or WiFi connection.
Busybox essentially a set of console utilities Linux systems. Required, for example, to work app2sd or programs for overclocking or something like that that requires connecting third-party kernel modules. In most custom firmware it is already built. Read more here.
USB OTG (On-the-go)
- further specification expansion USB 2.0 designed for easy connection of peripheral Usb devices each other without the need to connect to PC . For example, a digital camera can be connected directly to a photo printer if they both support the standard USB OTG . To models of PDAs and communicators that support USB OTG You can connect some USB devices. Usually these are flash drives, digital cameras, keyboards, mice and other devices that do not require additional drivers. This standard arose due to the sharply increased recently need for reliable connection of various devices without using a PC.
When connected viaUSB OTG device rank (master or slave) is determined by the presence of a jumper to Plug ID in the wire. Wikipedia
BB - big Brother
- This is a computer or laptop with any internet connection.
Why do you need it? For example, the situation: you have access to the network via DSL, wi-fi is not, GPRS is too expensive. What to do? That's right, to connect a smaller brother to an older brother, in order to calmly update applications and follow Twitter through an android device.
You and meBB needed to transfer files from computer to smartphone and vice versa, as well as to assign rights to files copied to the system folders of the smartphone. This is done most conveniently through Totalcommander with installed plugin adbplugin . Well and the most important thing, perhaps, is the ability to flash the smartphone system completely or in parts using a tool Flashtoo l.
- is a system recovery utility (menu) that allows you to make full backup copies of the entire system of the device, install firmware, mods and much more on it.
Details aboutClockworkMod Recovery
- advanced sensory recovery. Opportunities:
Graphic interface with full touch control.
Batch installation of patches (up to 10pcs in the queue).
Customizable backup / restore. You can choose which sections to backup / restore, whether you need to use compression and generate md5 sums, set your own backup names and delete unnecessary ones directly from recovery
Display time (time zone is configured separately), the battery charge.
Save recovery settings on the SD card.
Built-in Terminal Emulator.
The ability to connect both memory cards to the computer as USB-drives.
Built-in file manager with the ability to copy, move, delete, rename, change access rights.
Detailed log file.
Theme support.
The interface is streamlined.
Added the ability to create a backup IMEI partition.TWRP interface.
What is a Test Point?
Test Point (eng.test points - key points) - points on electronic equipment giving access to the software in case of a software or hardware error. In particular, the test points located on the mobile phone board allow you to record any information in the boot area.
These points can be of different modifications, for example, a track on the board, a specific contact, or a set of contacts. Usually, in order to change the boot part of the phone, as well as to modify the capabilities of the phone, it is necessary to “cut” the test point (that is, to close or cut it).
Test points are used to disable the internal loader.(bootcore) mobile phones, which by default do not allow someone else's bootloader into their firmware. After completing the procedure for disabling the bootloader through test points, it becomes possible to unlock a mobile phone (removing SP lock ), flashing the phone with damaged software or flashing the phone with new software.
For accurate and quick access to the test points on the board, special connectors can be used, which are superimposed on the disassembled mobile phone and connect the phone to a computer or an independent unlocking device. In addition to connectors, special test point cables can also be used, which are wires with needles of a certain thickness at the ends.Wikipedia

Section in development. It will be filled as information is received and processed.
Video lessons for the "smallest"
Installation instructions for the official FlashTool firmware
- Unpack Flashtools to the root of the disk WITH and run Flash_tool.exe
- Select a scatter fileMT6592_Android_scatter_emmc.txt in firmware
- Wait for files to be added to the FlashTool interface
- Select optionDownLoad Only or Firmware upgrade , if you update the same firmware to the latest version.
- Turn off the tablet.
- PressF9 (button Download ) in the case of a new firmware or Firmware->Upgrade for update.
- Then connect the tablet to the computer viaUSB ( in some cases by user experiencejazznbluesyou must hold down the + volume rocker and, without releasing, connect the cord )
- The process will start and the red progress bar will turn to purple, then yellow.
- The green circle is the final. Close the final window, close FlashTool.
- You can disconnect the tablet from the computer and after 0.5-1 minutes include it in the download.
Attached Image
Secret Codes
1. Digital code to enterEngineering Mode (Engineering menu) * # * # 3646633 # * # *
In addition, this mode can be entered using Mobile Uncle (MobileUncle Tools). In fresh builds fromLepi You can enter Engineering mode through Settings \ For Developers.
2. Digital code in order to learnIMEI : *#06#
3. Digital code to enterTest menu *#*#4636#*#*
In fresh builds fromLepi The Test menu can be accessed via Settings \ For Developers.
Instructions for installing the official firmware for SD card
- Download, unpack ARCHIVE firmware , connect the tablet to your computer and copy the file update.zip to the root of the card SD or in internal memory
- Go toSettings \ About the tablet \ System update
- PressOK and wait for the update result
- The tablet will flash and reboot automatically.
How to get ROOT with TWRP
1. FlashTWRP via SPFlashTool by instructions .
2. Turn off the tablet (wait for the vibration).
3. Go to the recovery (instructions under the following spoiler).
4. Get acquainted with the recovery interface and configure, if necessary.
5. When you first exit the recoveryTWRP offer to receive ROOT . We confirm the agreement with the swipe.
6. After reboot, you will be prompted to add the missing file.Super su . You can choose to download a file from the market, but I usually choose from TWRP . After rebooting, the system will update the necessary files only when the Internet is connected.
7. Now the user has received administrator rights on this device, that isRoot . Congratulations!
How to take a screenshot
Push button Nutrition and (-) volume rocker at the same time , to hold before the sound of clicking the camera. Screenshot ready. We are looking for it in the folder Pictures \ Screenshots on the internal memory.
How to enter the recovery
1. With the tablet off, hold down the Power button and after a second hold down (+) the volume rocker.
2. Wait for a small (by font size) menu with a choice:
Recovery Mode - in recovery
Fastboot mode - in fastboot mode for firmware via BB
Normal mode - to the system (if installed)
Uart Mode - to control mode via OTG(I could be wrong, correct)
3. Top button rocker(+) Select the mode, the bottom button of the rocker (-) - enter the selected mode.
For those who did not flash the custom recovery, below is a continuation of the instructions for entering the stock.
4. Bottom rocker button(-) - the entrance to the selected mode (in Recovery Mode) appears android with an exclamation mark.
5. Push the buttonNutrition and get into the stock recovery in English.
6. Bottom rocker button(-) - mode selection. Top button rocker (+) - enter the selected mode
Instructions supplementedMarkiz59 .
Useful experience
For novice experimenters
For those who like to experiment, especially not very experienced, I would advise when replacing, for example, any.apk In the system folder, do not delete the old one, but simply rename it temporarily, so that in case of a rollback, do not look for the deleted one apk -shku and restore its rights. For example, I want to replace Settings.apk in folder system \ app on the modified. Getting in Rutexplorer om in the right folder, tap in the top right corner to switch Rw on RO , that is, set the folder permissions to change files, then I make a long tap on my native Settings.apk I choose Rename and add to the extension, for example, apk minus (-) or plus (+), it turns out Settings.apk- , the application icon immediately changes to indefinite. Then paste the copied previously modified apk and assign her rights, for example, 644 letter R in this case.
The option of assigning rights to the file:
Attached Image

If after rebooting and testing I didn’t like something, I delete the modified application and return the original name to my native one, removing the minus (-) from the extension. Rights toapk-shki after renaming, thank God, they have not changed, so without further gestures I reboot the system and live calmly until the next experiment. This is, of course, a "cook" method, but if you do not know how to use it. Adb then a good option to dig in the tummy of Android.
Replacement Instructions framework-res.apk
Copy to SD modified framework-res.apk . Backup old framework-res just in case in the backup folder. Then copy the new one. framework-res.apk to folder / system / and assign rights 644 letter R - rw-r - r-- . We can not copy the file directly to the folder framework since this is a critical file that is responsible for the interface, so we use an intermediary - a folder system . "Full" now file from folder / system / we copy in / system / framework with replacement. The device itself should reboot.
Instructions for setting the volume levels through the engineering menu MTK
Attention! The values ​​of the levels in the engineering menu are just an example for experiments. You need a method of selecting values ​​to achieve a comfortable sound for your taste!
The instruction is taken from my former branchJiaYu G2S .
Mobile Uncle Tools =>engeneer mode =>engeneer mode (MTK) =>audio
Ring volume - LoudSpeaker =>Ring
Multimedia Volume - LoudSpeaker Mode =>Media
Volume (speakerphone) - LoudSpeaker Mode =>Sph
Speaker volume - Normal Mode =>Sph
Microphone Volume - Normal Mode =>Mic
Headphone Mode = Headphone Talk Volume>Sph
Headphone Mode = Headphone Volume =>Media
In the required section, select the line (Level) and below in the line (Value is 0 ~ XXX ........) set the required value, taking into account the maximum possible-XXX. And so alternately with each level.
Max Vol. It is advisable not to touch (without the need). he is responsible for the overall volume of the selected section.

Many settings (on my phone) did not suit me initially. In particular - During the conversation, the speaker tore its ear with its power. It was not very familiar to set the rocker the lowest volume level. As a result:
Revised conversational speaker volume - Normal Mode =>Sph
and set:
Level 0-40
Level 1-55
Level 2-70
Level 3-85
Level 4-100
Level 5-115 (We lowered 138 to 135, if the rumor is good it can be even lower)
Level 6-130 (we already had 148, but since the echo appears we drop to 140 or lower)

Revised the volume of music in headphones - Headset Mode =>Media. She was very much understated: something about 190 out of 255 is the maximum possible.
and set:
Level 0-90
Level 1-125
Level 2-150
Level 3-170
Level 4-190
Level 5-210
Level 6-230 (out of 255 maximum possible)

Now let's talk about the microphone:
Microphone Volume - Normal Mode =>Mic
default levels:
For me personally, this is not understandable. Especially the transition from 3 to 4 level. As far as I understand, the adjustment of the level of sensitivity of the microphone is made synchronously with the loudspeaker of the loudspeaker (in the usual mode of the call). That is, if I am at the mark - 4, then I have the sound of 100 and the microphone is 255 (maximum) and stands at a point below fall-3, then the microphone immediately drops to 156. Some kind of failure, a dead zone. And even if we consider that initially the volume of the conversational speaker was too high and I kept it constantly at level 3, then it is not surprising that some people complained about poor audibility.
I built them in the likeness of Jiayu G2 (in the cap)
Level 0 - 255 (255)
Level 1 - 250
Level 2 - 245
Level 3 - 240
Level 4 - 235
Level 5 - 230 (170-200)
Level 6 - 225 (for our device it is better to leave at 160 or lower because there will be an echo from the speaker to go, for at the very beginning it is written that there is 160, but it feels like only 60)
----. Audibility is GREAT! "!!

p.s. And also, according to the principle described above, you can configure
Ring volume - LoudSpeaker =>Ring
Do not forget to backup before modifying!
Similar instruction ishere .
How to disable the radio in Android
1. Instructionhere .
2. To disable the phone function in build.prop set the line:
hw.nophone = true
How to disable unused radio to save battery
1. Log in to the engineering menu of the MTC from a dialer or via Mobile Uncle.
2. Select on the first tabBandMode \ Sim1 \ and remove all the jackdaws, except those on the screenshot below:
Attached Image

PressSET \ OK
3. Select on the first tabRAT Mode \ SIM1 and click the top row Set preffered network type
Attached Image

and choose what matters more to you first. If a3G don't need choose GSM only etc. I think it is not difficult to figure out.
Restart confirm our preferences.
Attention!In multiplayer tabsBandmode and RAT mode not available.
GPS Setup Assistance
1. Tips for setting up GPS on MTK :
but)One option .
b)Another variant .
at)Third option ( FasterGPS )
2. ProgramAGPSUtility from hartec able to improve customization GPS
3. Method from the forumFreaktab .
How to make a reset on our device
Since the physical button Reset is absent on this model, then in case of device hang it is recommended to press and hold the button Nutrition . Verified by repeatedly.
Create NVRAM backup and restore IMEI
1. What is NVRAM , its backup and recovery.
2. Addition to backup instructions NVRAM .
3. Instruction to create backup NVRAM .
4. Imei repair A similar device to mtk8392. thank cherva70 .
5. Manual by replacement IMEI in case of loss and to solve the problem nvram warning err 0x10
6. Moreone optionsalvationIMEI . We are waiting for confirmation.
7. Practical recovery IMEI on our device
8. Instruction from erdhyh by shift IMEI through the engineering menu on our device.
9. Andone more hopefully rewarding rehab experience nvram .

0. The most common mistakesFlashTool.
1. Driver installation video on the phone with the processor MTK 6577. Next, turn on your own brains.
2. Instruction from cherva70 for installing drivers under Windows
3. Instructions on working with modified recovery CWM and TWRP .
4. How to connect adb-plugin to Totalcommander and work with him.
5. How to take a screenshot from recovery through Adb
6. Instruction on firmware recovery through Flashtool .
7. Instruction on firmware recovery from the application MobileUncle Tools (Mobile uncle) Don't forget to rename the recovery file to recovery.img one more here
8. Translated instructions from Brian (author of custom firmware with FREAKTAB).
9. Instruction on connecting the tablet to the computer for firmware in special cases.
10. Battery calibration .
11. How to format 64GB Micro SDXC card for Android
12. How to enable multiplayer mode on the tablet at one time before rebooting.
13. Anotherbrief firmware manual for the desperate to flash anything.
14. Instruction by application Mobileuncle MTK Tools
15. Instruction on setting Titanium backup for backing up data to external SD .
16. Useful material aboutCPU governor .
17. Tips to improve the energy-saving devices on Android OS.
18. InstructionHow to change the mac address to Android .
19. Additional instructions on the use of moderation.
20. Some information about ChineseFactory Mode .
21. Customization and tweaks init.d
22. How to assignpermissions Files through the Route Explorer are read under the spoiler Useful experience \ For beginners experimenters .
23. How to change the markup of memory through the recovery using patch partition_6gGIG.zip from Brian.
24. How to prepare files via MTK Droid Tools for firmware through SP Flashtool .
25. Updated description TWRP from Lepi which is modified by the white theme.
26. When setting time synchronization over the network and time zone (and both the time zone over the network and manually), the time is shown 1 hour ahead. How to cure it? Use the applicationTimezone fixer
27. How to find out the serial number of the tablet
28. The solution for those who after the firmware update through MobileUncle Tools still loads the stock recovery
29. What to do if drivers are not installed for flash
30. Instructions for restoring the touchscreen, after an unsuccessful update, flashing.- do not forget to thankerdhyh
31. If you can’t install mod.rekovery through the "Mobile Uncle" readhere
32. 8 ways to backup and restore
33. How to make your own boot logo. ProgramLogoBuilder .
34. When flashing a patch with a memory expansion, the display of the internal memory card disappears. Decisionhere
35. How to get a scatter for flashing firmware- recipe frommowglim23
36. If you don’t install the MTK Preloader driver (for flash), we’ll readhereIf it helped, do not forget to express your compliments in accordance with the Forum Rules.Hitamori
37. If, after re-allocating the memory, the file manager does not see the internal memory, it will helpdecisionproposedniorix
38. Memory remapping instructionfromjemmini

1. Official websiteCUBE . English.
2. Official websiteCUBE . Chinese.
3. Official websiteCUBE . Ukrainian.
4. Suspicion aboutcoiled ratingAnTuTu .
5. For those who wiped nvram
A large collection of screenshots from Lepi .
Screenshots from the forumXDA
Pictures with tests
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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* RusinovichDzmitryde nothing has changed. Chip Aida is still defined as MT8392. A new flashlight unpacked from the archive. Maybe I replaced the preloader section with the firmware for more than the old ones. After all, with firmware, the device is loaded from it and the com port for the firmware and the chip is determined.

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* Jipaq,
Finally downloaded :) Thanks a lot !!
PrePack put first, and then the firmware itself, or vice versa?

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* Cosmobal,
In prepack different options for breakdown ...
Actually, it is better to repart first, then install TWRP-recovery, and then from recovery you can already put what you like / want (Atlantis or Remux ..)

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Jipaq @ 11.02.19, 17:36*
Actually, it is better to repart first, then install TWRP-recovery, and then from recovery you can already put what you like / want (Atlantis or Remux ..)

TWRP-recovery is already worth it ... Now go through it and through the Install tab run PrePack?
11.02.19, 18:00

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* Cosmobal,
The prepack has a working Flash Tool, twrp-recovery, drivers and scatters for different breakdowns. So repartition Flashlight.

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Jipaq @ 11.02.19, 18:00*
The prepack has a working Flash Tool, twrp-recovery, drivers and scatters for different breakdowns. So repartition Flashlight.

I have problems with the Flash Tool, I cannot correctly put firewood on my computer, he doesn’t see the tablet ....
11.02.19, 18:09

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Kosmobolets @ 11.02.19, 18:07*
I have problems with the Flash Tool, I cannot correctly put firewood on my computer, he doesn’t see the tablet ....
if Windows>= 8, disable driver signature verification, connect tablet, install driver ...
During the firmware, connect a write-down switch to the tablet after the command.
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Jipaq @ 11.02.19, 18:09*
if Windows>= 8, disable driver signature verification, connect tablet, install driver ...
During the firmware, connect a write-down switch to the tablet after the command.

"Ten", I put it with the check turned off, it is not set correctly :( The tablet is determined and falls off after 5 seconds. I was already tortured to clean / rearrange, and so on in a circle
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* Cosmobal,
so it was. Reinstalled several times. Then I just deleted and updated the configuration ... somehow it picked up ...
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* Cosmobal,
Downloadfrom here"Package containing both VCOM / PRELOADER firmware driver and ADB driver in exe-autoinstaller".
I have Win 10x64, it installs without problems, without any disconnection of driver testing.
And you were rightly told that the flasher is on and does not have to see your tablet, it only picks it up when it isswitched off!
11.02.19, 18:51

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Smallship @ 11.02.19, 18:38*
he picks it up only when he is off!
Yes off ... Off :)
Now I will try on your link
17.02.19, 13:41

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Can you please tell me how to make a hard reset through TWRP recovery?
17.02.19, 13:51

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* StomatologJeykob,
In TWRP, you can reset to factory settings with a swipe
dalvik / ART + Cache + DATA + Android Secure
P.S. But TWRP recovery will still remain ... Or is TWRP installed as an application?

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I share the experience of raising bricks.

It does not enter into any in the recovery, it is stupidly permanent departure. The most interesting thing is that the recovery was not running from the USB flash drive, an error occurred at 1% of the load, the people died 4008.

So, we take the extreme 1.8 most planetary firmware, for a USB flash drive, and sew first a preloader with a boot, then a system, or you can watch which particular partition is not sewn, I was lucky and everything was sewn up except for recovery. I already flashed it from the tablet with my mobile uncle. All OK. So look, maybe wa. Lucky to sew at least a custom recovery and there already either backup to reinstall or sew up the remnants will remain. Something like this.

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22.03.19, 14:37
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Greetings to all. U65GT_V2.0.9LB_Lepi_150308 is now installed (point 33 of the header). Children podzagadili tablet. Advise, can there be some lightweight decent firmware fresher? I have not been in the subject here for a long time. Preferably from the root and on the basis of the official, not cyan.
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22.03.19, 15:03

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* dimpa, hello put the last Atlantis, for me it is the most stable
22.03.19, 15:19
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4/64

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Hello to all! Has anyone tried to get Root on this device using Magisk? Or is it just SuperSU working?

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24.03.19, 13:48

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I worked faithfully for 4.5 years today microUSB broke off. Need to bear in the repair. I bought a magnetic wire in January but it was too late.
I'm used to the tablet. Already bought a good ultrabook but I can not get used to, not convenient.
In the replacement of good tablets there. Well, except that only Hiaomi pad 4 10 du

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25.03.19, 20:37

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Huawei MediaPad X1 7.0

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RusinovichDzmitry @ 03/22/19, 15:03*
, hello put the last Atlantis, for me it is the most stable

Give a link to the last Atlantis, the cap does not work
26.03.19, 20:21

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You can download the previous version for 2016, almost nothing has changed there except for a couple of programs that I don’t use.

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