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> Explay CinemaTV 3G - Official firmware (OS 4.2)
22.05.14, 12:16

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Explay CinemaTV 3G - Official firmware (OS 4.2)
PictureExplay CinemaTV 3G

Description | Discussion » | Firmware »

Drivers and Utilities
Drivers -Attached fileDriver_Auto_Installer_v1.1236.00.rar(9.3 MB)

The program for flashing -Attached fileSP_Flash_Tool_v3.1316.0.148.rar(4.63 MB)

Official firmware (OS CinemaTV_3G_21012014_V1.00)

Instructions for flashing Cinema TV:
Installing Drivers for MTK6577 Chipset
Run the program
Choose a file
agent (File agent, must be * .bin), if not automatically selected.
Choosing Scatter
loading file

This is a text file. It will be in the folder with the firmware and
contain ....
..... txt
Next, click download.
We connect the device, then everything is automatic, you can monitor the connection in the line
states which port n
Connections, progress indication.
At the end, it will write Download ok and a small additional window will appear.
You may need to reset the device.

Instructions in pdf -Attached fileupdate_CinemaTV.pdf(95.59 KB)

CWM + firmware

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Reason for editing: CWM + firmware
01.02.19, 12:11

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* guru739,
I restored on it the connector under the sim, replacing the connector.
Old took a hair dryer, a new planted)))
Interesting guys tell me, put this firmware.
No Google services I screwed through the micro g but not fully.
MB is the firmware with Google services?
Or some interesting firmware ....
And another question connected to the plasma image PPC some terrible mb is there any setting to change the resolution?

who seeks will always findarms from shoulders guarantee of success
02.02.19, 14:09
Old resident

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Guru739 @ 02.02.19, 00:30*
Sims fell off

About the device, what does the communication module write?

02.02.19, 15:56

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* Georgii09092003, The menu associated with the connection (pun) is not tactile. We do not have any notifications. All.
02.02.19, 19:04
I'm somewhere near ...

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MB is the firmware with Google services?

Everything is much simpler - fromthis topicYou can take the installer GP and services ...;)

The optimist believes that we live in the best of worlds. A pessimist is afraid that it is so ... (c)
21.02.19, 12:33
a guest

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I asked. It seems everything works fine! Thank.
10.04.19, 18:44

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Hello to all GURU !!! This is the problem I have on this tablet: As soon as I try to switch the camera to the front camera. for some reason, the camera just turns. And the front camera does not turn on ((((((((Do not know what is the reason ?????
10.04.19, 19:58
<? php phpinfo (); ?>

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Natali120488 @ 04/10/19, 19:44*
for some reason, the camera just turns. And the front camera does not turn on

after what did this happen? did not fall, did not sink? Does the front work normally?


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