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What bugs / glitches happen or happened to your router or did everything go smoothly and without sadness?
Wan falls off [ 82 ] ** [5,77%]
Wi-Fi falls off on a connected device [ 153 ] ** [10,76%]
Wi-Fi falls off / slows down at the router [ 131 ] ** [9,21%]
All interfaces fall off, the router goes into a soft-reboot [ 27 ] ** [1,9%]
Samba falls off [ 26 ] ** [1,83%]
Limits speed [ 147 ] ** [10,34%]
Hard drive crashed [ 22 ] ** [1,55%]
Hardware failure [ 15 ] ** [1,05%]
There are no problems, the router is a model of stability and performance! [ 461 ] ** [32,42%]
I do not know any problems. I stuck the cable, set up the wafer with the password 11111111 and did not climb anywhere else / hard went into my pocket. [ 370 ] ** [26,02%]
Total votes: 1422

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Productive solution - dual-band smart AC router with internal 1 TB disk.
Official price (in China): 699 е…ѓ (yuan) ~ 115 $ ~ 4000 rub.
Gigabit Wi-Fi came with an AC router! 3 times faster! Supports the latest 802.11ac protocol, using the most powerful Broadcom BCM4709 processor.
Modern equipment fully supports the latest version of Wi-Fi protocol 802.11ac. Has your router entered the era of AC?
miWiFi is a modern dual-band router with the highest data transfer rate - up to 1167 Mbit / s. The Broadcom dual-core CPU and 256MB of Micron / Samsung memory ensure stable high-speed booting, preloading, network acceleration, a wealth of additional applications and superior performance to a 1 TB hard drive.

- 2-core processor Broadcom BCM4709 (Cortex-A9) with a frequency of 1 GHz
- 256 MB RAM DDR3
- 1 TB SATA (Toshiba / Samsung) hard drive (internal SATA)
- Supports 802.11ac WiFi in two bands, at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
- NFC support
- 1 WAN port
- 2 LAN ports
- holes for 40 mm fans
- A cover at the bottom of the case.
Reviews and Tests
Poll results
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Topics CuratorEugener , for questions about filling caps contact in QMS .

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Rep: (13)
TrackScream @ 30.08.2014, 20:49*
That is just so and need to climb into the hands

Hmm, then I understand what you are. By the way, too, I use your last transfer - all right.

Rep: (207)
* VlRUS, A router is rebooted? Just after installation I also had all the rules, and after a reboot was covered with a copper basin :)

Rep: (13)
* Interfere,
Hmm ... Hmm. Indeed, after a reboot - kaput.>_<

Rep: (178)
Just for the sake of the experiment: try to replace files

to the files from the original, and then restart the machine. Currently there are no log errors, it is necessary to operate the method "by contradiction".
I'm in my Russification left these files with the extension .orig, you can simply rename.

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Keep, TrackScream, about voting for the best logo for the web interface of the router

Rep: (311)
Logo options for web interface:

1. Attached Imagefromdggrinch

2. Attached ImagefromEugener

3. Attached ImagefromEugener

4. Attached ImagefromEugener

5. Attached Imagefromlightvik

6. Attached Imagefromstaspartigul

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Rep: (1822)
You created a "voting is" gather all the logos in one post and vote if you want to edit the email in QMS, or click the "Complaint";)

Rep: (207)
For me as if to change, then something completely different, so that was how the translation feature, a distinctive feature :)

Rep: (311)
Give pliz, more logos and more from lightvik what is and begin to vote

Rep: (157)
EuGenEr @ 31.08.2014, 22:35*
and yet what is and begin to vote
A Che all black? Let blyamba Orange will!
Attached Image

Rep: (311)
* staspartigul
With these applications need to redraw the entire interface, completely change the style)

By the way, cool)

Rep: (157)
EuGenEr @ 31.08.2014, 23:17*
completely change the style)
And so? : D
Attached Image

Rep: (311)
* staspartigul
Almost, only the background is lighter than the cap frontend)

The survey of logos designed, the results of the vote dropped, vote for the logo!

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Rep: (13)
Comrades, maybe somebody can tell PuTTY decent alternative for Mac OS? Cyberduck tried - not connected, probably due to lack of connectivity on the SCP protocol.

Rep: (178)
* VlRUS, PuTTY - ssh-client, he is not able to scp, for this there is in Windows WinSCP. In Mac OS X to connect to ssh, you can use either the native MacOS Terminal or iTerm2, to work with scp can try RBrowser.

Rep: (311)
* VlRUS,
And you can put putty on makos, mana in the net there.

Rep: (13)
* TrackScream, thanks for the explanation, let-s. Yes, I tried to replace the files as you wrote above - did not work.

* EuGenEr, I read comrade. Alas, it is worth Yosemite beta 2, there is no way to install the necessary equipment. Or I do not know where he was to take the version of Mac OS.
Upd. For virtualke on the existing MacBook Air 11 "64GB - corny no place: D.

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Rep: (311)
* VlRUS,
Even worse version: Dev with Windows)

Rep: (57)
Hello, dear! Finally, and I joined the owners of this miracle of Chinese thought, what unspeakably happy.
In order of their experiences.
1. No problem has been updated (using chromium translated from Chinese) to the last ofitsialki (5.80).
2. Perhaps the first step was odd, but as an acquaintance with a piece of iron, why they do not. Next, download the version 6.80 developerki (in the footsteps of the distinguished lightvik), freewheeling with her hands, and then back to the OTA 0.7.58.
3. The official way to get SSH, follow the instructions distinguished System99, turned a piece of cake.
4. Put the Russification of respected TrackScream - similarly easy (using putty).
5. Next Russian windows-client.

Now the questions: the client offers to add the torrent download. But I have not found a torrent client on Xiaomi.
At the root folder 5 in Chinese (Download, Pictures, Documents, Videos, Music). If you rename them in Russian or English, dlna stop their broadcast? How and what to improve? In Linuhe I am a complete noob. Can to simplify editing config download mc? How? :)

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Rep: (207)
* Smash_Eburg, And now if you have not rebooted the router after the Russification, then do not do it !!! Otherwise, you get an error and will not be able to use web interface and need to reflash the new.

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