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What bugs / glitches happen or happened to your router or did everything go smoothly and without sadness?
Wan falls off [ 82 ] ** [5,77%]
Wi-Fi falls off on a connected device [ 153 ] ** [10,76%]
Wi-Fi falls off / slows down at the router [ 131 ] ** [9,21%]
All interfaces fall off, the router goes into a soft-reboot [ 27 ] ** [1,9%]
Samba falls off [ 26 ] ** [1,83%]
Limits speed [ 147 ] ** [10,34%]
Hard drive crashed [ 22 ] ** [1,55%]
Hardware failure [ 15 ] ** [1,05%]
There are no problems, the router is a model of stability and performance! [ 461 ] ** [32,42%]
I do not know any problems. I stuck the cable, set up the wafer with the password 11111111 and did not climb anywhere else / hard went into my pocket. [ 370 ] ** [26,02%]
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Productive solution - dual-band smart AC router with internal 1 TB disk.
Official price (in China): 699 е…ѓ (yuan) ~ 115 $ ~ 4000 rub.
Gigabit Wi-Fi came with an AC router! 3 times faster! Supports the latest 802.11ac protocol, using the most powerful Broadcom BCM4709 processor.
Modern equipment fully supports the latest version of Wi-Fi protocol 802.11ac. Has your router entered the era of AC?
miWiFi is a modern dual-band router with the highest data transfer rate - up to 1167 Mbit / s. The Broadcom dual-core CPU and 256MB of Micron / Samsung memory ensure stable high-speed booting, preloading, network acceleration, a wealth of additional applications and superior performance to a 1 TB hard drive.

- 2-core processor Broadcom BCM4709 (Cortex-A9) with a frequency of 1 GHz
- 256 MB RAM DDR3
- 1 TB SATA (Toshiba / Samsung) hard drive (internal SATA)
- Supports 802.11ac WiFi in two bands, at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
- NFC support
- 1 WAN port
- 2 LAN ports
- holes for 40 mm fans
- A cover at the bottom of the case.
Reviews and Tests
Poll results
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Topics CuratorEugener , for questions about filling caps contact in QMS .

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anthracs @ 07.08.2014, 12:04*
I'm sorry, but I do not see, tykneti nose pliz

Here is

Rep: (441)
anthracs @ 07.08.2014, 12:04*
under Windows

k4889 @ 07.08.2014, 12:34*
Here is

something here does not add up

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lightvik @ 07.08.2014, 12:47*
anthracs @ 07.08.2014, 12:04
under Windows

k4889 @ 07.08.2014, 12:34
Here is

something here does not add up

And I just noticed a dirty trick)))))

Rep: (36)
translated to the client under Windows is certainly not prevented
and even to make it to remember your password, I sat quietly in the system tray and pops up every time you boot Windows * dream * :)

Rep: (178)
Slightly corrected translation using achievementslightvik with the introduction of its additions and corrections of typos. It is also translated some additional lines in external scripts, such as error handler. I post the file and instructions for updating in pictures using the flash.
For Russification require SSH access. All transactions you make on your own risk, the authors of the translation shall not be liable for any failure of your equipment.
1. Format the flash drive any volume in FAT / FAT32.
2. Copy the attached file to a USB flash drive.
3. Insert the USB flash drive into the router.
4. Go to ssh into the router console.
5. Mount the root in the read-write command "mount -o remount, rw /"
6. We are looking for where to mount the flash drive "mount" command
Attached Image

7. Check (just in case) the presence of Russification file on a flash drive command "ls -la / put_k_primontirovannoy / flash drive", compare the file size in bytes. Extract the file command "tar -zxvf /put_k_primontirovannoy/fleshke/rus_0.6.94.tar.gz -C /"
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8. Enjoy the joint work of your humble servant and friendlightvik .
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P.S. Spread the tar.gz package not to break the file permissions, zip can not retain the attributes and rights owners.
P.P.S. Logo in the header to redraw itself, the archive is not included.
Attached filerus_0.6.94.tar.gz(304.33 KB)

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Why flash drive? Put on dropboks and through wget. versatile same. although the option is also normal

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lightvik @ 07.08.2014, 18:46*
Why flash drive?

Allows you to roll to the Russification of the initial configuration of the router, when the Internet is not yet available. I, for example, the connection to the ISP through the PPTP, and settings from the router, do not allow for the connection. We have to climb in and edit config files by hand, so I first got the ssh access, and then was able to hook the router out: rolleyes:

Rep: (178)
I then kissed his head again and started russify client. While not everything is translated, some elements emerge abroad, while in the process of active napilinga.Within a couple of days I think to finish.Excuse me, I lied. Managed to more or less completely translated, perhaps something is incorrect, but it is completely still can not verify. Cast the attached file in the folder containing the client, replacing the original exe. Some firewalls can swear - in edits lost digital signature file.
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Attached Image
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Attached Image

Attached fileMiRouter.exe(7.61 MB)

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Excellent work. I know what to translate?

Rep: (441)
TrackScream @ 08.08.2014, 03:18*
Managed to more or less completely translated, perhaps something is incorrect, but it is completely still can not verify

it is generally gorgeous. we would have to develop openwrt person to find and trunk compiled and is generally excellent.

Rep: (178)
anthracs @ 08.08.2014, 08:33*
Excellent work. I know what to translate?

There had to tinker. Used Restorator, Notepad ++, MS Visual Studio (express is not suitable) and Google Translate. The binary resource file within EXE - this is the usual zip file with an additional 72-byte header that identifies the file as a Visual studio resource. The recipe is quite simple, but after the fifth point: restaurateur pull resource unpack any archiver (winrar, and to the Linux unzip ignore invalid header), transfer the files from the archive (there's usually the xml + pictures + Chinese there is a bunch of garbage and old versions of forgotten files), pack all in a separate file (I made a copy for the reliability of the original and packed into it). Then open the original resource file in Visual studio, import the modified file, delete the old file in the resource, and the change to the name of the original, save the result. Then, restaurateurs open executable and modified resource file, and drag the resource into executable. Sorry so messy described, not enough sleep, and your phone is not very convenient to answer. I can do the day instructions in the pictures).

Version of 14/11/14
Attached fileMiRouter.exe(6.09 MB)

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Colleagues, I ask you, all the instructions and software lay out in one post, respectively, draw up and edit there. Links to throw me in koumiss to add to the cap. Software updates in one permanent post or each in a new one - at your discretion, but if in a new one and see that I’m braking with adding to the header - beacon. These measures are for our convenience, because if regular visitors rummage and find what they are looking for, almost all newcomers will break their brains.
Examples of properly designed instructions:
MiWiFi | Xiaomi Mi-router (Post # 33392546)
MiWiFi | Xiaomi Mi-router (Post # 32763047)

* TrackScream,
Spread often only asked to adhere to these rules :)

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EuGenEr @ 08.08.2014, 11:07*
please follow these rules

I would happily corrected a previous post, but somehow gets out a warning "You can not edit this post." : Unsure: The last time had to ask the moderators to make changes.

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TrackScream @ 08.08.2014, 19:07*
"You can not edit this post."

reputation and the number of messages is not enough. Well, first we have to fix that, and the second only depends on you.

Rep: (178)
Spread Russification for firmware developer.Not rolls crack on the firmware version that is different from the version of VMware Workstation!
And another user Russification. Again, you want to SSH, but do not need a router on the Internet or flash drive.
Instructions (without the use of the Internet and flash drives)
1. Save the file Russification in any convenient location on your PC or smartphone.
2. A guide to the Windows Explorer or ES on the Android open the router's hard drive and fill file directly to the root.
3. cling via SSH to the router, install fs read-write: "mount -o remount, rw /"
4. Raspakovavaem archive: "tar -zxvf / userdisk / data / archive_name -C /"
5. Done!

Please unsubscribe inaccuracies and errors of translation, preferably with screenshots that context was clear.
Stable Russification. The assembly included mc.
Attached fileru_0.9.170.tar.gz(461.09 KB)

Attached fileru_0.9.183.tar.gz(460.76 KB)

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Put 0,7,6 but it seems it is impossible to get ssh access (do not know how to check). Each time has been rejected writes. Kind of instructions do .. disassemble painfully not want to. Where to dig?

Rep: (178)
anthracs @ 09.08.2014, 02:12*
Where to dig?

Try again flash the bin with Ruth. Perhaps not ask. During the firmware of the router a couple of seconds, the indicator will flash yellow if no blinking lights and - firmware is not.

Rep: (441)
anthracs @ 09.08.2014, 04:12*
Put 0,7,6 but it seems it is impossible to get ssh access

and you put the old version for example 0.6.94. and update OTA. Like SSH is enabled (I have exactly is, but I by editing / etc / shadow extracted)

Rep: (0)
Put 0.6.94, light flashes, I let go, but to go and does not (writes rejected).

Rep: (441)
anthracs @ 09.08.2014, 11:05*
Put 0.6.94, light flashes, I let go, but to go and does not (writes rejected).

you clamp reset before switching on the router or during - when the yellow light is already lit?

Posted 09/08/2014, 8:55:

Russification updated router:
added support for firmware 0.7.6, fixed a few bugs, improved localization.
Instruction is available atlink

soon much I will update the post with aria2, made in the style of Russification router instructions

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