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What bugs / glitches happen or happened to your router or did everything go smoothly and without sadness?
Wan falls off [ 82 ] ** [5,79%]
Wi-Fi falls off on a connected device [ 153 ] ** [10,81%]
Wi-Fi falls off / slows down at the router [ 130 ] ** [9,18%]
All interfaces fall off, the router goes into a soft-reboot [ 26 ] ** [1,84%]
Samba falls off [ 26 ] ** [1,84%]
Limits speed [ 146 ] ** [10,31%]
Hard drive crashed [ 22 ] ** [1,55%]
Hardware failure [ 15 ] ** [1,06%]
There are no problems, the router is a model of stability and performance! [ 459 ] ** [32,42%]
I do not know any problems. I stuck the cable, set up the wafer with the password 11111111 and did not climb anywhere else / hard went into my pocket. [ 368 ] ** [25,99%]
Total votes: 1416

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Productive solution - dual-band smart AC router with internal 1 TB disk.
Official price (in China): 699 е…ѓ (yuan) ~ 115 $ ~ 4000 rub.
Gigabit Wi-Fi came with an AC router! 3 times faster! Supports the latest 802.11ac protocol, using the most powerful Broadcom BCM4709 processor.
Modern equipment fully supports the latest version of Wi-Fi protocol 802.11ac. Has your router entered the era of AC?
miWiFi is a modern dual-band router with the highest data transfer rate - up to 1167 Mbit / s. The Broadcom dual-core CPU and 256MB of Micron / Samsung memory ensure stable high-speed booting, preloading, network acceleration, a wealth of additional applications and superior performance to a 1 TB hard drive.

- 2-core processor Broadcom BCM4709 (Cortex-A9) with a frequency of 1 GHz
- 256 MB RAM DDR3
- 1 TB SATA (Toshiba / Samsung) hard drive (internal SATA)
- Supports 802.11ac WiFi in two bands, at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
- NFC support
- 1 WAN port
- 2 LAN ports
- holes for 40 mm fans
- A cover at the bottom of the case.
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Found a homemade manual in English on webmord
https: //www.dropbox.co...mi%20manual%20v1.0.pdf

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Theme about English firmware
Added a link to the header.
So the translation is just fromKiswum , the author of the topic. Uploaded the translation here.
Attached fileXiaomi manual v1.0.pdf(1.58 MB)

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so that? is it already for sale or is it all fakes?
why are some on qualcomm and others on broadcom?
Qualcomm 4x is more attractive, according to the idea.

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Psy_Nejumi`303 @ 05/22/2014, 10:43 PM*
so that? is it already for sale or is it all fakes?
why are some on qualcomm and others on broadcom?
Qualcomm 4x is more attractive, according to the idea.

already groupby is on it

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evoleno, and give a link please

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Greetings to all! Take to the club ... yesterday I found this device on a group purchase and just fell in love ... and indeed I consider all the products from all XiaoMi to be simply masterpieces. If anyone is interested, I took it for only $ 148.99. Do not count for advertising: blush:
Now I’m afraid that my e-mail will deliver a wonderful mail ... o.O

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Applied for client localization

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Well, here I ordered this router +1 to waiters)))
It cost $ 142.49, if in rubles then 4,897.38 wooden, which I think is not bad, considering that I was counting on 6000 - 6500.
I boughthere(not advertising).This seller probably had only 1 router available.

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apparently it was their only copy ... now it is written that the product is no longer available: D

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: D About 30 minutes ago, when I took the link, the router could still be bought.
They are strange. I ordered a router yesterday. Maybe they really only had 1 in stock.

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k4889, good price. Cost price + delivery 4px (for individuals, a friend counted exactly the same amount)

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Psy_Nejumi`[email protected], 00:04*
evoleno, and give a link, please


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I’ve definitely taken it ... these guys still have mine ... although they apparently are still forming a pre-order. Ali says that the processing time for the order is 10 days. apparently now they’ll finish the action, they will collect orders and make an exact order for the factory: happy:

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Psy_Nejumi`303 @ 05/22/2014, 10:43 PM*
why are some on qualcomm and others on broadcom?
Qualcomm 4x is more attractive, according to the idea.

For a telephone, yes, for network equipment - not a fact

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When the translation from English into Russian begins, I join. It remains only to wait for English)

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There stand openwrt
ID = "OpenWrt"
RELEASE = "Attitude Adjustment"
REVISION = "r40423"
CODENAME = "attitude_adjustment"
TARGET = "brcm4709 / generic"
DESCRIPTION = "OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09.1"
And LuCi is like a webguy, so reworking doesn't have to be complicated, because LuCi itself is multi-tactical. They just put their template and I still really did not understand the languages.
Since I do not have a device, I don’t want to dig deeper. The firmware can be disassembled with the firmware mod kit.

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Lyusya, along with the temlate, can be transferred to the extreme copy-paste and there are practically no pictures like there.

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A gorgeous thing on openwrt from the manufacturer. I ordered myself $ 150, I predict that it will be a bestseller, and accordingly the community will not be ignored. I look at the localization of the client already engaged. Uh, the main thing is that I can configure it under the iptv provider.

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Ordered from Paul (taofang).
Connected, configured (google translate taxis)))
I tested it. The apartment of 80 squares covers completely. Everywhere a complete welcome.
I copied a movie from a computer, 23-24 MB / sec (the computer is connected via LAN).
The torrent download works fine, the movie uploaded at my maximum speed (8Mbps)
5G Wi-Fi works fine, max speed that I saw 15mb / s (I watched the movie)
To download torrents, you need to put the program on the comp. After that, a Xiaomi device will appear on My computer and access to its screw will appear. On the screw folder torrent, drop the torrent file there and click on it. Download begins.
There are also programs for android and ios. Under the android program in English, gives access to the screw and part of the settings.
I installed the latest beta firmware, version 0.5.41 (English has not been added). You can make access via SSH (if anyone needs it). I didn’t (I need to install development firmware there).
There is integration with the Kuaipan Chinese cloud. If you integrate with the existing one (with your own cloud), then after that everything will merge from the cloud onto the screw (such as a backup or something).
NFC, as I understand it, is needed only so that the password is not entered from WiFi. He attached the bodies and he connected himself.
I’ll remember something else, add)

Overview in Englishhere

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Black_Panther and on what process?

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