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MameXM - MAME emulator for Symbian S60v5 ^ 3. Due to the limited hardware and operating system, the author ported an older generation emulator, requiring ROM-s version 0.37b7 (2000 to 2009). The emul supports a standard set of processors for arcade games - Z80, 68000, HuC6280, M6502, etc., but it also has support for NeoGeo games (you need a NeoGeo BIOS to run - see the attachment. Copy the ZIP file inside \).

The list of games for this emulator (2337 games are launched) -here.

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ROM-s swing from well-known sources -HERE, HEREorHERE. If any ROM turned out to be a new version, then you can recompile the ego using tools withthis siteor followMameXM instructions.

A complete set of games like 0.37b5 (fully compatible with MameXM) can be found on rutracker.

Download ROMs to foldersE: \ MameXM \ Roms and if we do not have an E: drive, then C: \ Data \ MameXM \ Roms

Run the emulator, click on the menu button in the lower right corner and selectScan for games . At the end of the scan, a list of cash and a total of 2337 appears.

Running games - double tap on the name of the game. If immediately after launching a game, it requires authorization by entering the word "OK" to continue, and you only have tacho input, then on the on-screen joe, press the right and left arrows (or download another ROM, Authorization requirement through "OK" is eliminated).

By default, the emulator runs in the standard compatibility mode of the graphics module. This mode was present on the very first version of the emulator, which worked only on the NOKIA 5800. Other options are already available. To do this, open (inside the emulator) -menu>Settings>Global>Compat.Flag and choose:

aboutStd. (5800XM) - as already said - the standard is compatible with Nokia 5800
aboutCmp.A (old) - for Samsung and Satio
oCmp.B (N8) - for compatibility with ^ 3 (author tested on N8, I work on C7)
oCmp.C (new) - the same as Cmp.B, but it should be quicker (I did not notice the changes, but I tried only a couple of games)

ATTENTION: Sound emulation is only through the software and because of this some games are terribly slow. Muting returns the playability of these games. On my favorite Bank Panic - everything is normal with sound.

UPDATED: The emulator supports cheat tables and records. Tables are added to attachments, they need to be placed inside folders c: \ data \ mamexm \ cheats and c: \ data \ mamexm \ hi accordingly.

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in the management only the joystick, but what about the action like "fire", "jump", etc.?

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