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Version: 0.0.31-1

Last update of the program in the header:26.08.2016

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Initially, it was a simple alternative Camera application, but now Camera Plus has absorbed all the chips that appeared from third-party developers on the camera anyway, and can rightly be called a powerful camera application ...

  • - A photo
  • - Video
  • - Convenient function keys


Russian interface: Unknown

DEB: Version 0.0.31-1

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Our sound effects
* Added capture timer
* If the screen is locked immediately after capturing
* Stop the unnecessary CPU consumption.
* Load a higher quality preview image when we pinch zoom

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* Fixed zoom not working with rocker keys
* Revert the fix

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* GPS and face detection are visible indicators
* Move the resolution label.
* Added left handed mode

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new thing again

* Fixed the 2 lines artifact sometimes showing up during start up
* tapping gallery button
* Avoid an unnecessary mode switch animation during startup
Disable reverse geocoding when GPS is disabled

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* horizontally flip up camera to prevent upside down in portrait mode

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already 28 out

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and 29!Attached filecameraplus_0.0.29-1_armel.deb(717.76 KB)

I should note that the application from a simple substitute for a native camera has grown into a powerful tool for filming, it has a lot of chips in it that were previously implemented in separate packages that were instructed on the native camera and so on. etc. ... I have long been using it as the main client of the camera ...

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In this application, you can turn off the sound of the camera? :-)

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* mixasik011,

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* Alexxxl, I, too) by the way, even in a quick launch, I hung a label on this camera instead of the standard one - beauty!

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I tried here the other day to sfotkat picture, which was originally a "supernova", summed up, I think I will turn the phone, and get a normal correct-positioned photo ... nevermind! the camera plus stopped all my attempts and was quick and deftly turned the orientation when I turned the phone)))))))

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