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22.04.14, 12:00
Tired Ninja Evil_FAQMaker

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T-Mobile MDA Pro

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About me, Old profile in a new way

About myself | Let's get to know each other | Photos of device owners | Set "must have"

In this topic is formed what washere:
user's menu >Profile(at the top of the page to the right) and selectPersonal information(copy until May 31!)
Or so -link

Why is this necessary?
Personally, in my field about myself there were much more than 500 characters.
Thus you can at least make a link to this topic;).

A big request to stick to the appointment topic.
More simply - discussion in the topic is prohibited.
No more than one post per person. When finding duplicates, only the earliest post is left.
Thank you for understanding! : thank_you:


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Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 4/64

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About me
Age 11 years.
I study in a regular school

My devices
1.HTC HD7 is fully working, the screen is broken.
2. Motorola Droid Maxx-broken display (all sounds, but the screen is black, I plan to repair.)
3.Prestigio Grace Q5
4. Xiaomi MI 8 Lite

I go to the club, but I want to go home.
28.03.19, 00:51

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Xiaomi Mi 8

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My name is Dmitry.
I am 27 years old
I live in the city of Moscow.
Married, growing daughter

The history of devices
The very first phone was the Motorola L7, after which, I bought myself a HTC P3300 PDA, I tortured and tormented it for a long time. After the CPCs, iphone 4 appeared, followed by iphone 4s, iphone 5, iphone 5c, iphone 5s. On this, my love for Apple ended and bought meizu m2 note. He served me for a long time, until he changed him with xiaomi redmi note 3 pro. But I wanted something more. And I bought their own flagship, xiaomi mi 5. When the mi8 came out, I had to buy it for myself) In conjunction with the phone, xiaomi mi band 3 works.
Thanks to Artemka (NTS P3300) I learned about this wonderful forum!

Work and hobby
I work in the Moscow Internet Company. I work in a modernization team. In my free time, I spend time with my family)

Ruslan Abramich
30.03.19, 12:29

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Good ;)
What the same: my name isRuslan. I am from the glorious city on the Volga, Cheboksary. I'm over 30 years old.
Hobbies: rest in friendly company, games, Asia and yes, on the little things.
Music: only hardsyle.
Phones: LG P970->LG E988 (Optimus G Pro)

On the forum: from the 11th year.
During this period there was a lot of interesting things.
Replaced many avatars. But I stopped at the current:
Since autumn 2018
Attached Image

From 03/16/19
Attached Image

Something like that in general.
Thank you: thank_you:

Ps. Forgot: inhabitant"Trepalki"

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In love with (陳 ....)
Konosuba & FranXX
06.04.19, 20:41

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Google Pixel 2 XL

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About myself

I DenisDaily (Frogi) (Pepe), I’m yutuber, I am 10 years old (and what’ssavagemessiahzine.comNizya be with 10 years?), Principle enough about me

My devices

Motorola Droid turbo 2 (currently in use)
Motorola Moto X4 (burned out :()
Sony Xperia V (health display)
Chuwi Vi7 (now as a kitchen telly)

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Where i dwell

p. 2.3.1Resource rulesno more than 3 lines
08.04.19, 15:18
Beep boop meow

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Xiaomi Redmi 4A

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About myself
Name: Bogdan
I am 16 years old
I live in Lutsk, Ukraine

I am interested in programming (C #, Javascript), I also translate into Ukrainian, and have several completed translations (pereshovo mobile games). If you are interested in what I like to play, here is the list:
Skullgirls, Standoff 2 and Undertale.

At the moment I am creating a game in Unity 2D and soon I am thinking of making an OBT and a forum thread.

1) Fly IQ 403 (lived for 2 years, was sold)
2) Impression ImSmart A401 (fell into the toilet: spiteful:, after repairing, put the root, and after updating the system, then got a brick)
3) Xiaomi Redmi 4A (still alive for 2 years already)

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Catch!in closed beta test
17.04.19, 00:34
Avid flasher

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Google Nexus 6

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Attached Image
About myself

(---About me---
Age:15 years
The photo
Attached Image

  • I like to reflash Android devices. Seniority - 4 years.
  • In my free time I play Tanchiki (World of Tanks)

(---What can---
  • To work in

    Photoshop download

  • Mount video inSony vegas
  • Create and structure caps
  • Reinstall Windows
  • Port firmware for MT65 processors **with cores of the same version
  • Time to do backups
  • Create simple scripts for Windows in the format ".bat".
  • Create a simple HTML page

4 )
(---What led to the forum---
Sometime in 2014 I had a phoneLenovo A526and I wanted to try to install the Cyanogen Mod custom firmware for the first time.
At that time I did not have my account yet and therefore I asked my father to download me the firmware.
The idea with the firmware I really liked and I increasingly sat on the forum.
And already in 2018, I was bornmy accountand my first post was a link to a review of the firmwareSamsung Galaxy J1 (2016) S9 Rom Alpha(At the moment, already S9 Rom | Delta | Final |).
Here islink to my first post.
NicknameAndyER03 - registered.

4 )
(---On the forum---
At the forum I am always happy to help others.

I do not like to brag, but I made a small contribution to the development of the forum sectionWearable electronics
I like to structure the caps very much.

! )
(---Outside the forum---
Outside the forum I am an ordinary person.

I am a 9th grade high school graduate.
I love to go to all to visit.
I love sweets very much.

  1. Learn to program in Python.
  2. Help people on4.

% )
If someone wants to talk to me:
VIn contact with

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Xiaomi Redmi 6A

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About me
Born 2006.06.09. My name is Ilya.
Registered on 11/27/18.

I love to experiment with Android devices - reflash, root, install mods, tweaks. Started in 2018.
He studied at the music school for four years. Guitar player.
I like to design something from Lego.
In my free time I play old games (NFS MW 2005, FlatOut 2 2006, etc.)

What can
  • Raise bricks on Spreadtrum and MTK.
  • Reinstall Windows.
  • Manually assemble and upgrade the PC.
  • Find new ways to solve known problems.
  • Detect and fix bugs in Android firmware.
  • Pick APK.
  • Modify and build firmware.
  • Read the cap and use the search)

On the forum
Always happy to help others.
Invented several ways to solve problems, for example, an alternative way to remove ads from msa in Miui 10.
While nowhere is the curator.

In life
A common person.
Pupil 6 B class.
I love bitter chocolate.

Learn to program in java.
Become a moderatorsavagemessiahzine.com.

Alcatel Onetouch P310X (Pop 7)- my first Android device. Alas, broke. But perfectly servedTHREEof the year
Microsoft Lumia 550- my first smartphone. Crashed after falling from a great height.
UleFone S7 Pro- my first Android smartphone. Crashed on the asphalt.
Prestigio PMT3618 4GE_C- bought instead of Alcatel. From a brake turned into a candy: dirol:. Alive.
Xiaomi Redmi 6A Global 2/16- a smartphone that I use now. The best device of all that I had!

My pc. He collected himself a year ago. Periodically spend an upgrade
My pc


I :savagemessiahzine.com:

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I❤️ 4
Primary: Xiaomi Redmi 6A 2/16 Global
Owners ClubXiaomi Redmi 6A
09.05.19, 11:03

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Xiaomi Redmi 4X 3/32

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About myself

Who am I?
City: Moscow
Since 16.12.18 on the forum
  • Youtube blogger(if link is needed - in QMS)
  • Grief flasher of his Redmi 4X
  • Also fond of programming
Fly IQ4503 Quad (Era Life 6)- my very first and most terrible smartphone. Still alive. I think to sell.
Lenovo Tab 2 (A7-30 3G)- In absolutely working condition, once repaired. There is a small crack on the screen, but it doesn’t bother me much.
Lenovo A1000- I gave it back about six months, I don’t even remember who.
Redmi 4x- I am writing from it)) My main and best device.
Mi Band 2 (this is a fitness watch)- alive, but discharged.
Additional Information
Nickname YavinetDev (a.k.a. Yavinet) is registered

I run on the firmware and kill their phone)))
MIUI 9 - best of the best

The origin of my nickname
Telegram blog

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Xiaomi Redmi 6A

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Attached Image

About me


Shortly about myself
My name is Cyril.
I'm π-3 years old.
I am from a small town (in Ukraine (Odessa region).
Currently studying at school in grade 10. I study perfectly well.

I am fond of music (I have been playing the piano for 9 years).
Music lover, in your favorite playlist there is absolutely different music
Fond of programming.
At the moment I know:
  • Pascal
  • HTML (I know this is not programming)
  • Scratch
  • Lazarus (object pascal)

My piece of iron
Nokia (model unknown) - died of old age>Samsung (Model Unknown) - Old>Nokia (Model unknown) -topil->copy of samsung galaxy s3-smashed>copy of Samsung galaxy s4-rozbil->Samsung galaxy star plus duo-outdated, was no longer in the best condition->Prestigio grace q5-rozbil->Xiaomi redmi 6a

Know China's name with 512mb. opera>Irbis tq940->Fly (model unknown) -dried battery->Prestigio multipad ...- the battery died, the touchscreen broke>Irbis tq940 (restored)

Utty-died->Xiaomi mi in ear headphones pro hd-burned armature->Xiaomi mi in ear headphones basic edition

AMD Athlon 225 x2
Gigabyte gt480 (1gb)
4gb ram
1tb hdd

I am curated on I've been supervising quite a few topics. The entire list can be viewed in the profile.


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Main law
Control is just an illusion!
19.05.19, 03:07

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Xiaomi Redmi 6A

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S1S13AF7 {aka | or just} S__

Name: VіtalіK.
Country: Ukraine.

Ineresy: there were many, few were left.

nickS__"Can be considered one of the main ones.
nickS1S13AF7"Most basic": D
From useful:

Kate Mobile Mod'S
MD.emu (Post S__ # 78289858)
Ukrainian file for the latest version of Kate
Ways to bypass blocked access to Internet resources (Post S__ # 72678896)
® AdAway (Post S__ # 84171023)
Speedtest.net (Post S__ # 86114249)
®Wifi Pass (Post S__ # 86051790)
®Wifi Pass (Post S__ # 86261488)

I had emails a little more than a lot. Most of the access is lost. There are a couple of pieces to which there is access, but I go there extremely rarely. I am more often onsavagemessiahzine.com, on this, giving your e-mail about zero point, but even if you know him / them - do not write there, there and so much all that I am too lazy to rake it all.

Used software
  • 4(client on 2 devices)
  • Adguard(on R6A. + their same DNS)
  • AIMP(Android 8.1, Windows)
  • Kate mobile MOD(on 2 phones)
  • Lucky Patcher(on 2 phones)
  • MX Player(reproduces almost everything)
  • Opera v12.18(Windows)
  • SD Maid(on Redmi 6A)
  • Speedtest MOD(on Redmi 6A)
  • TeamViewer (Android & Windows)
    something stopped working, too lazy to figure it out, I'll do it later)
  • Titanium backup(I need to root, I have)
  • Total commander(Android & Windows)
  • Viber MOD v9.9.6.13(on Redmi 6A)
  • Wifi Pass(passwords of known networks)
  • Xperia keyboard(sewn into MIUIPRO)
  • Yandex Browser v18.7 MOD(R6A)
  • no sign of fixµTorrent

  • M8 weather (instead of native weather)

  • this list is NOT complete

    Glocksss @ 01/27/19 13:46*
    [Themes v10] [MIUI Designer Team] V2.0 Stock [Black Mode]

Up to 1.5.18 was base ADSL.
With 1.5.2k18 fiber optic ("Ulan").

The current tariff is "12", that is, it should be 12 / 12Mbit it is 1.5MB / s.

Torrent, on average, as 1.5MB / s.

previously considered a music lover, but not an audiophile. I listened to reels, tapes, radios, computers, phones, with music longer than I remember.

tough melodic very technical liquid step
(it seems this was said by REDCO.
It seems in the radio show TIME2BASS)

Print long, lazy, knows almost everythingLast.FM(link to my profile) /// library / artists

Often I listen to "Є! Radio"
Their website:ERadio.UA
Link to stream

I rarely listen to:

I listen so rarely that I had to look for links:


there were many, few were left. Now it is:
http://Misc.pp.ua(in Ukrainian)
http://Kate.misc.pp.ua(fashion site)
http://admin.misc.pp.ua *suddenly*: D

TV series

if you open the site in English or scoop the site ukrainskoe - the language changes below.
Screenshot Piece
Attached Image

Club clubs4

(temporarily (?!) DELETED , because because of them it is very inconvenient to edit ..!)

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Kate mobile MOD
Xiaomi Redmi 6A 2/16
// small letters
19.05.19, 09:47

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Asus ZenFone 2 Laser ZE500KL

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Well, it's time to tell (or rather write) about me.
Who am I?
  • My name is Fedor, I'm 14 years old.
  • Born and live in Moscow.
  • I study in a regular school in the 7th grade.

This nickname Sparksend is registered. There is also FedoRin, Renge, Advance_d, Nyanpasu !.

What led me tosavagemessiahzine.com?
In 201 *, I had a smartphone HTC Desire 600. In general, he was fine with me, but there were times when he podlagivat, and Android wanted more fresh. Well, I foundsavagemessiahzine.comand the theme of your HTC but true
I did not flash anything, another smart appeared.

My hobbies / knowledge
Flash Androids, modify the interface, install windows / line, write music in FL Studio, watch anime. I know HTML, CSS and slightly Python 2.7

HTC Desire SV (Cracked screen, gave to grandpa)
HTC Desire 600 DS (Sold Out)
HTC One M7 (Pink camera, sold out)
Microsoft Lumia 535 DS (Glitchy screen, I think the marriage sold out)
Asus Zenfone 2 laser Ze500kl (Main)
Alcatel Idol 3 4.7 (Proshil, turned into a cup)
iPhone 5S 32GB (Installed a jailbreak, problems started with reboots, put on the shelf)

A laptop:
GTX 1050

Favorite titles
Akame assassin, Cafe Rabbit House, Countryside, Satan on the side job

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19.05.19, 10:19

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A 3/32

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Thought to write ...
my nickname: NorMik, they gave me a ban, but they unbanned me for the wrong nickname!
1 point⬇️
Who am I?
My name? -Michael
Where I live?-Ukraine, Dnipro.
How old am i - I am 13 years old.

2 point⬇️
Hobbies / hobbies.
  1. I like to walk in the fresh air with friends (everyone writes that)))
  2. I like to flash devices (for the present there is little experience)
  3. I love modeling - edit files inside the apk (for example: replace textures, images, and text in the game Brawl Stars)
  4. I like to play video games. (ha).
  5. It seems everything, I can add something else (I will edit).

6. I like to shoot video clips on my YouTube channel, who are interested in QMS.love watching youtube

A branch of my devices!
Nokia c1 o2 My first phone)) - lost!
Gigabute Gsmart Classic- now there is, he sooo lags ...Xiaomi Redmi 5A Prime- now I am writing from it, served for almost 2 years ... I installed RR firmware on it instead of Miui ...

Useful forum posts ...

My goals !!!
Become a moderator (dream: become an admin

I likesavagemessiahzine.com :savagemessiahzine.com:
The topic will be edited!

03.06.19, 23:33

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Xiaomi Mi 8

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About me
Name is Maxim
From the city - Kiev, Ukraine
Age - 20 years
Basically this is "the_virus_ua", in a telegram the nickname on the main account is "You are dead meat" (referring to the Hotline Miami), and on Steam in general "ค เ l ร ค t ค ภ ⛧"} -)
My devices
There were a lot of them, I think that the very ancient apparatuses no longer interest anyone. I'll start with less modern.
  1. Nokia 5228 - my first truly smart device, lived long enough. He died a heavy death at my hands)
  2. Nokia Lumia 820 - since I didn’t want to immediately take an android, I took a pre-flagship from Nokia. In terms of firmware, I picked it, etc. He was moderator of the site wp-seven. He died a heavy death at my hands)
  3. Redmi note 2 prime - my first smart on the Android platform. With his help, he learned all the basics of Android and learned how to hate MTK. He died a heavy death at my hands (already the third phone was killed on purpose) -))
  4. Redmi note 3 pro - the second pancake is not lumpy, unlike the first, in principle, an excellent phone and still alive, though a bit in a state beaten with life. But thanks to him, I realized that Snapdragon in terms of firmware top.
  5. Leeco le 3 pro x727 - third damn a little lumpy. In general, excellent hardware for a low price, all the same, 821 snap for 2018 was still relevant, but it died by itself, passed under warranty and returned the money)
  6. Xiaomi Mi8 is my main phone, it works great and it looks like I’ll sit on it until I’m trying to bite it out.

My pc
My pc has lived a huge evolution) We will begin, of course, with the year 2009-2010.
The first "my" comp
Then I really got my first PC (they used to be, but not quite mine), it was with the budget hardware at that time.
Pentium E6300 + GT220 + 6gb ddr3 + 500GB hard, the case of course was terrible. Yes, and finished off by the end of his life) I sat on it until 2016 and I was in principle norms.
Attached Image

Attached Image

Big upgrade
At the beginning of 2016, I finally saved up a new build for myself, assembled a computer based on i5 4690 + GTX 960 + 8gb oz + Ssd for 240 GB and hard for 1TB.
In principle, it was a good decision at that time. Drawn games without problems at high settings.
Attached Image

In October 2016, I had a birthday where, of course, I was given some money and I decided to upgrade the video card to gtx 1070.
Attached Image
Attached Image

That gave me the opportunity to play on ultra, and even for the future, performance is enough.
Small upgrade
After some time, I decided that I don’t have enough of my processor and oz, because in the spring of 2017 I bought a new 4790K and after a while I scalped it, which gave me the opportunity to stabilize its overclocking)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Ozu bought some time later, bought 16 gb ddr3 hyperx fury 1866.
Big cosmetic upgrade
In the summer of 2017, I realized that my Zalman z3 plus and Zalman cnps10x are not the best choice, because it was decided to change both the case and the cooling.
And I also changed the BP to a more reliable one.
What made the computer more beautiful and greatly increased reliability)
Attached Image
Attached Image

At the end of the summer I threw hard at 2TB. And the old hard from the old PC 500 GB died.
Upgrade upgrade
In the summer of 2018, I decided to pump the computer a bit, since there was free money and it worked at that time, but a little earlier in the spring I bought myself another 250 GB hard drive and changed the main router from Miwifi mini to keenetic kn-1010.
And later I decided to sell my old kit, drop it a little and buy a new one.
Therefore, I sold 4790K + 16 GB of RAM and bought 8700K + 16 GB of RAM and a mother on the z370.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Well, percent without scalp lived a couple of months)
Attached Image

At the moment this is the final version of my pc:
Attached Image

While in the additional upgrade I do not see the point.

Full specs of my main PC at the moment:
  • Monitor - LG 27MP68HM-P 27 "IPS FullHD 60-75Hz
  • Enclosure - CORSAIR Clear 400C White
  • Prots - Intel Core i7 8700k (scalped)
  • Coolant - Noctua NH-D15
  • Mother - MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
  • Vidyah - MSI GTX 1070 GAMING
  • Ozu - 16 GB G.SKILL TridentZ 3466Mhz
  • Storage - Samsung 860 Evo 250 GB + 240 GB SSD Kingston HyperX Fury + 1 TB WD BLUE + 2 TB Seagate barrakuda
  • BP - Corsair RM750I
  • Mouse - a4tech xl-750bk
  • Headphones - Kingston HyperX Cloud
  • Keyboard - HyperX Alloy FPS Cherry MX Brown

What led me to 4pd?
Love for custom firmware, because now I actively communicate with different developers. Which is very good.
  • Engaged in electronics, pc, etc.
  • Play any heavy metal or rock
  • Play good games
Where can I find?
VC -https://vk.com/the_virus_ua(I sit rarely)
Steam -https://steamcommunity.com/id/Satan_is_God/(better to pass by)
Tg -https://t.me/the_virus_ua(just do not answer)
Istagram -https://www.instagram.com/19the_virus_ua98/(I will try any game)

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Phone:Xiaomi mi8 6/128 Blue, Havoc OS
PC:INTEL CORE i7 8700k 5GHz, MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, Noctua NH-D15, GSKILL TridentZ 16GB, MSI GTX 1070 gaming X
Curator 4
07.06.19, 14:09
Xiaomist-Zhukovod without overclocking.

Group: Friendssavagemessiahzine.com
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Check in: 14.08.17

Reputation:-  35  +

Greetings to all!

About myself
  • My nickname is JerJay (short for Jerry_Jayson, or Jeronimo_Jayson). In narrower circles, also known as Jerry_Jayson, Jeronimo_Jayson, and Egor.
    Nickname spelling is correct both with and without underscore, in abbreviated(JerJay, Jer_Jay, jerjay, jer_jay, JJ, etc.)and full forms, also in some cases it is allowed to write with a small letter. Due to some circumstances(so my nickname appeared), the second part of my nickname is written exactly as "Jayson", and not "Jaison", even though the second option is initially correct from the point of view of the language.
    About nickname:The origin of your nickname (Post JerJay # 85983104)
  • Age - 15 years (as it happened).
  • I live in the city of Chelyabinsk.
  • Immediately P.S. to the point above - I do not like jokes about the harsh Chelyabinsk men. But I love ironic jokes about Chelyabinsk ecology!
    I don’t like it when people misuse post and reputation systems on the forum; I call for their correct use.
    We drown for ZUK!
  • There is no hobby as such. I sit on the Internet, I study, I read, I watch movies. Recently I started watching anime (I love everyday life mixed with mysticism, fantasy and other strange nonsense, and if it’s also a comedy, it’s with great probability that series / film that I’ll see; I also don’t hate romance, etti, but I hate dramas, but I look - they can be knocked out of the rut and driven into deep reasoning for the whole evening (applies only to movies) (this is a funny quote related to this:“Remember! Dramas cannot be watched in the morning (because you will walk“ killed ”all day), in the afternoon (because you will come to your senses only towards evening), in the evening (because your appetite will disappear, you will not be able to sleep at night due to reflection) at night (you do not understand the meaning), especially on weekdays "), I gradually join manga. Previously, I liked to play (online, plots, I love the open world and freedom of action; I do not like counter, like other popular garbage (thanks, audience from Russia and the CIS!)), But now somehow the desire has died away. Well, I also like to listen to music from the player (there is no particular preference for genres; I don’t mind listening to covers of foreign songs in Russian).
  • Unfortunately, I can not overclock anything. Therefore, I am aground - I sort out laptops and PCs when I need / want, I try to collective-farm something, reflash the phone in search of an “ideal” firmware, put different crutches (I discuss (if I do it at all)) outside the forum.
  • ZUK is a very good brand.ZUK is forever!

ZUK is forever! He will always be in our hearts!
On hands
Eternal ZUK Z2 (4/64) (temporarily primary)
Major: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (white, 6/64 forcedly taken; at the moment being repaired, the display module is defective (the touchscreen and the display itself are phantom clicks without any hand impact, and also a broken pixel)), Nintaus X10S + Xiaomi Mi In -Ear Headphones Pro HD , iPhone 5 (LTE, 16GB) (for mom), Nokia 2 (Dual) (for grandmother), iPad Mini (LTE, 32GB) (for mom).
Lie idle:Nokia 1110i (2 pieces - black and blue; one battery remained alive), Sony Ericsson K320i, Sony Ericsson S700 (the charging connector is dead - buggy, the battery is almost dead (but not swollen), the case is barely alive (all in kotskah and scratches, the camera curtain sticks, the “new” battery compartment cover has lost its mountings, there are two “antennae” left from the rubber plug of the memory card slot - waiting for recovery), iPhone 4 (Rev. A - 2012), Samsung Galaxy Y (Duos, GT- S6102), Samsung Wave Y (gray), Samsung GT-E1080, Alcatel 2051D.

Sony PlayStation Portable 3008 with multiple games (+ hacked).

Not on hand
At the filling stage
Nokia 5500 (“donated” for repair, which I still regret), Motorola of an unknown model (clamshell, looks like the E815, E816, but my cover (with the add. Display) was patterned like linoleum on the ceiling VAZ -2106), Motorola of an unknown model (monoblock, blue, the main camera is missing, color display, no assumptions), Sony Ericsson K800i (lost) ...

Computer technology:
For this there is a post in the relevant topic:What is the configuration of your computer? (Post JerJay # 75942221)
Little by little I try to do tests of this iron in some tasks (so far - games), it is laid out on YouTube.
Iron that was once in possession
PC that sold (I wanted to build on FX based configuration): AMD Athlon 2 x2 250, Gigabyte GeForce GT 620 (1GB GDDR3), Gigabyte GA-780T-D3L, DDR3 memory stick from AMD (4GB, 11-11-11 -28) (moved to main PC), HDD WD Green (500GB, 5400 rpm, SATA-2) (moved to main PC), good old Codegen case with built-in power supply (somewhere 2005-2006) + fans 80mm with backlight (blue, first - DeepCool XFan 80, second - Xilence) (both of which are given for nothing - a measly 700 rubles)

What do I do on the forum
First of all, I try to keep the topic for those who want to change their ZUK Z2, as well as other smartphones to something relevant:Choosing a replacement ZUK Z2I collect information, fill in the header.

Naturally, I participate in various discussions, I try to help people on various issues. True, often the most more questions than answers ... That's what I am: lol:

Where I live or sometimes appear
Here, only those places where I use my nicknames.
I constantly live in Steam, here, in the online mode of some games (this is not about Free-to-Play).
Sometimes I appear on overclockers, some other sites (news publications), in EGS (forgive me, all normal people), in online games (Free-to-Play, as well as multiplayer modifications for various games (so far only GTA: MTA and SAMP)), possibly in some soc. networks.

Avatars: respected Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin and Ferenc Ritter von Liszt, other famous personalities, as well as strange pictures (completely different).


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