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In this topic is formed what washere:
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Or so -link

Why is this necessary?
Personally, in my field about myself there were much more than 500 characters.
Thus you can at least make a link to this topic;).

A big request to stick to the appointment topic.
More simply - discussion in the topic is prohibited.
No more than one post per person. When finding duplicates, only the earliest post is left.
Thank you for understanding! : thank_you:


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Modest contribution to the forum: blush:
Lenovo Vibe Z 2 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Max
Xiaomi Mi 5X
Xiaomi Mi Max 2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Nickname certificate
Fasting during filling

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About Me

A little bit about yourself
My name is Vitaly (friends call Vital).
Surname Basil (some confused:. Vitaly I or Basil responds to the fact, and to the other).
I am 16 years of age (mean of all 14: blush:).
Born September 4, 2001 and live in Atyrau (Kazakhstan).
Well, At this time, I go to school in the 11th grade.

My hobby is assembling computers from b / a parts assembly / disassembly and repair of equipment, burning, modeling.

First I had a clamshell Nokia (the name can not remember) -ukrali.
The second my faithful galaxy star-also stolen.
A third and a current is galaxy star plus (4.1.2) -So far unharmed and alive.

Attached Image

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Ro1bn snake.
Real name -Vladimir.
My hobbies are: Pc games, cycling is all)))
Well nouta characteristics: a major highlight 1TB Memory 12 GB RAM + intel core i7.
Mobilography (as without it):
1-zte model does not remember - prosral)
2 Samsung galaxy star- very first Sams and from the warmest memories gathering dust somewhere))
3 samsung galaxy ace - okirpichil + pitched in the trash,
4 Huawei ideos x5 - Getting just a beast! Now he lies in a box on a custom patched receiver,
5 samsung galaxy grand prame - basic smart). gone to his brother
6Huawei gr5 2015. He returned to huawei ...))

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Let's get to know each other

I live in Belarus in Minsk.
I am 14 years old.
I am fond of programming, digging system resources, construction and campaigns. I collect old equipment. All her closet is already littered with: acute:
Collect computers for sale (so far collected only 1) and sews phones for the money (only 1)

My phones and tablets (a lot of them!)
Ubiquam U300 (2012-2013) - my first phone. In it battery charge held 5 minutes and flowed matrix.

Sony Ericsson W960i (2013-2014) - my first smartphone. Still in working condition.

Explay Atom (2014-2017) - my first Android smartphone. Crashed into powder, was AICP Android 5.1.1 firmware.

Xiaomi Redmi 4X 3/32 (2017-2019), PE 9.0. Obsolete, but alive.

Huawei MediaPad T1 8.0 u-series 8GB (2016-2018.), EMUI 1.6, B010 China. I used to be my tablet, but now I have a nexus.

Lenovo A536 (2017-present.) - gave a friend firmware AICP Android 7.1.2. Flew IMEI, who fumbles help)))

Google Nexus 10 (2018-present.) - bought b / a for $ 70. It should be the last stock 5.1.1.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus 4/64 (2019-present.) - collecting of parts. Cost $ 80. Firmware EvolutionX 9.0

Redmi Note 7 4/64 (2019-present.) - now the main phone.

Collection devices:

Sony Ericsson Satio U1i (2016-present.) - gave relatives

Sony Ericsson K810i (2016-present.) - I found

Pantech clamshell (2013-present.) - gave relatives

Samsung Sliding (2014-present.) - I took the free fair, drip shield

Nokia N8-00 (2018-present.) - poor Chinese clone firmware like iOS. Broken touch.

STAR X10 (2018-present.) - poor Chinese clone of the Sony Ericsson X10. Curve touch.

Nokia 700 (2018-present.) - a super-phone with AMOLED screen. Therefore serves as a clock next to the bed: good:. Crashed screen. I bought a second non-working phone and replaced the screen

Sony Ericsson Ray (2018-present.) - to his relatives in perfect condition, flashed to the latest official firmware 4.0.

Prestigio Muze A5 (2019-present.) - broken connector for charging. Little value.

Samsung Galaxy S2 (2019-present.) - brother found and gave to me. After finding the phone worked a couple of days and broke the screen. I want to fix it, still interesting phone.

My PC (best of three)
My PC:
  • Case: I do not know the body for 15 years
  • power supply: 350W
  • Motherboard: GYGABYTE
  • CPU: Intel 1,6 GHz
  • Cooling CPU: CoolerMaster
  • RAM: 2h1024 MB, different trims
  • HDD: Maxtor 500 GB SATA-II
  • Video: built-in, 256 MB
  • Drive: do not know to SATA
  • Monitor: LG model look lazy
  • Column: 6AC-2 and melody player 103
  • Keyboard: Chiory
  • Mouse: Conyon wireless (costs $ 5 at a discount)
  • OS: Windows 7 Pro x86, Windows 8.1 Pro x86 (English), RemixOS 3 x86
  • Maps: TV tuner card and a modem
PC assembled in 2016.

My Ava
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

My small contribution to the development of technologies
I develop this theme more and EMUI. So I'm working on a modification of the firmware interface for the tablet.

My program OEM Editorto change the information on the manufacturer under Windows

favorite wallpapers
Attached Image

Wallpapers can be taken from the albumAREA39-X on Google Photos

I also haveYouTube channel

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1. I am the person
2.Nemnogo skleroznik
3.Mne 13 years live in Chelyabinsk
4.Proshivki sew all my life
5.Hozhu to school like everyone else, almost an A student
6.Shahmaty and English, but it's not exactly
7.Not hayplyu like everyone else
8. EPL as the EPL, Xiaomei Xiaomei like I do not for one
My devices
1.Sony sola (cm11 from STE)
2.HTC One V (until runoff)
3.Starenkaya Nokia 5230
4.Alcatel Pixi 2 (while also drain)

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About myself
Wap & Web Programmer (write websites, please contact)
I like to play games rpg genre, action, shooters!
I do modifications on android!
Assistant Consultant the j2me Loader & Club J2me Games fans

My Modificationssavagemessiahzine.com

My Development

My translations

Useful Posts

lined games

Users clubs

Posted by

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I registered nick!Nickname registered

Certificate for Nick-Name

Attached Image

soon I'll be at No. 1: blush:

Attached Image


Attached Image

My virtualke on the tablet
1. Limbo rus. Excellent Dev.
Machinery put on it.

The same as the pro bochs

2. Bochs 2.0 my reconstruction. I throw in the assembly software through it.

Machinery Supplied on it -
nifiga Neto
About me
My name is Andrew, I'm 10 years old. (Just)
I live in Kostroma
I love to watch 2x2 channel.
Versed in emulators.
Pet Trojans and joke-programs. (Chilledwindows Type)
Writing fun to HTML - an exampleAttached fileTROLOLOLOLOLO_VIRUSOLOLOLOLO-kodirovka lzmemena-spaces.ru.html(1.68 MB)
Since the original lost, downloaded from the spare tire spaces.ru
A Tut my blocks (C) EEFreeDeek, 2017.
1. Explay N1 (chortofon: angry:)- I lived a long time, but the firmware flew. It was found on the road. (The first smartphone) 2015-2017 (going to restore) is very buggy and hang. In 2016, instead of junk finally bought a new smartphone!

UPD over9000 later years (10/08/2019) - phone stitched. It is running like new: rolleyes:

2. MEGAFON LOGIN 3 (planchette). - Still lives, run the computer on it.Alive, but was discharged before 0protsentov after the scan the doctor flash web browsing tablet fell off and then flash drive can not be read. And hangs buggy errors such as "Stopped systeinete. (First plate). Purchased in 2015.

3. ZTE BLADE A5 PRO- is alive and not dead not once. I sit in the VC, play, vzhuhayu (just kidding). :-D Bought in 2016.

4. Motorola Blur - stitched on laytirovanoy sborochke, lying to vidos and computers. 2015 - Present (Not dug in devdb, so there is no link)

5. Asus zenfone go! Zb500kl2nd - broken. : Skull:

6. BQ Strike Mini (BQS-4072) Gold- my new phone. I began a month later to depart the screen. And it was worth 3990! Now with him everything is fine. I sit in the VC and Youtube, play, emulates Windu, writing JS (small), well, etc. :) (Yes sho is a train, repairs are now: sorry:)Given to his father.
1. LG on Windows 98 if. RAM 512 proca Pentium III. Many games, there is a network.
2. Samsung series 3. windows 7 proca 2gb intel core i5.
Males = ^. ^ = = ^. ^ =
cats -
1. Tishka. 1 year. Constantly hungry, very naughty when you give a brown pompons. There he is -
Attached Image
MURNMYAU! = ^. ^ =
Attached Image
Lost: '(
2. Vaska. 5 years. Good and not naughty. But fights with the neighborhood tomcat.
Multiniki Keshinator and ZtererMi
2 ynye account I created for forgotten passwords. Here kenasa with Witt climbed and blocked 2 Akka.

A photo:
You see my picture later.Now moderators cropped my picture. Thank. There she is on the avatar. Thank you all for reading. : Thank_you:
A little bit of life. :savagemessiahzine.com:
I am 10 years old, I dig in android mastered windows 95, windows98, windows2000, etc. As - the installation ran 98 minutes at 486 to 512 Megumi processor RAM. He ran at 22-00, finished in 5-00 ........ !! The morning! : Shok: Worked SUPERCHERPAHOY. In 2015 began to develop Android, Nitsche not understand in it. And then I learned. You can communicate with me in Fludilke. In 6-7 years, we bought the first phone Fly DS106D. I use as a media player.
My works
1. Windows 95 OSR2. I created in February and filled software. link -Post with the assembly
2. Windows 95 with Office 95. Sobral - I do not remember. For nostalgia (it can remove a nostalgic review of the old office), and for workers affairs. There Excel, Powerpoint, Word, panel settings. Enjoy. link -Post with the assembly
3. Windows 95 OSR2 (v2). Sobral - today (04.20.18). The same first assembly, but SoundForge. And sorted in a folder (software) on the desktop. download -Post with the assembly
4. Windows 98 by DipperPayns. I gathered - in the summer, around June and July. English Windows with TotalCMD and Light Alloy (video player), and for other things. Image Weight - 256MB. download -Post with the assembly

My channel

My site is made on Google sites
tyk- site with repack different software.tyts
- windose and stuff to them.

PS Campaign, started my html download, so much.

Code for an example of yourself for ALL!

[Size = 7] [color = Coral] A [color = Blue] n [color = Green] d [color = Coral] p [color = Chocolate] e [color = Tomato] th [color = Orange] AND [color = SkyBlue] in [color = White] and [color = Crimson] n [color = SeaGreen] on [color = Silver] in! [/ color] [/ color] [/ color] [/ color] [/ color] [/ color] [/ color] [/ color] [/ color] [/ color] [/ color] [/ color] [/ size]
I registered nickname! [Url = "https://nick-name.ru/nickname/id1221791/"] https://nick-name.ru/nickname/id1221791/ [/ url]

Certificate for Nick-Name

[Attachment = "12465508: img.jpg"]


[Attachment = "12465518: img.gif"]
[Spoiler = My virtualke on the plate]
1. Limbo rus. Excellent Dev.
Machinery put on it.
RAM - 64MB stump 1st
Image Weight - 192mb
Disc Label - Bears
Available - 40MB
Software - Everest, Winrar, Puzzle Collection, Microsoft Bob, Microsoft Plus, acdsee, winamp!.
Tick ​​in limbo set - a high priority.


[Attachment = "12469137: Screenshot_2018-03-22-22-27-09.png"]

Others demolished.

2. Bochs 2.0 my reconstruction. I throw in the assembly software through it.

Machinery Supplied on it -
Only the very vindus. [/ Spoiler] [spoiler = About Me] My name is Andrew, I'm 10 years old. (Just)
I live in Kostroma
I love to watch 2x2 channel.
Versed in emulators.
Pet Trojans and joke-programs. (Chilledwindows Type)
Fun to write HTML - example [attachment = "12404962: TROLOLOLOLOLO_VIRUSOLOLOLOLO-kodirovka lzmemena-spaces.ru.html"] Since the original lost downloaded zapasku with spaces.ru [/ spoiler] [spoiler = Tut A mine blocks (C) EEFreeDeek , 2017.]
1. [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/ Devdb / explay_n1 "] Explay N1 (chortofon: angry:) [/ url] - lived a long time, but flew firmware was found on the road (first smartphone) 2015-2017 (going to restore) is very buggy and hanged in 2016... instead of junk finally bought a new smartphone!

2. [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/ Devdb / megafon_login_3 "] MEGAFON LOGIN 3 (Ouija Board) [/ url] -. [S] still lives, run the computer on it [/ s] is alive, but is exhausted to 0protsentov after the scan the doctor web browsing stick tablet fell off and. thereafter flash card is unreadable. hangs buggy and errors such as "Stopped system". Barely alive. yutube sit in, walk in an internet. (first plate). Purchased 2015.

3. [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/ Devdb / zte_blade_a5_pro "] ZTE BLADE A5 PRO [/ url] - alive or dead do not ever sit in the VC, play, vzhuhayu (joke) :-D Bought in 2016...

4. Motorola Blur - stitched on laytirovanoy sborochke, lying to vidos and computers. 2015 - Present (Not dug in devdb, so there is no link)

5. [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com! / Devdb / asus_zenfone_go_zb500kl "] Asus zenfone go Zb500kl [/ url] 2nd - broken: skull: [/ spoiler] [spoiler = PC] 1 LG on Windows 98 if RAM 512 proca Pentium III Games much.... there is a network.
2. Samsung series 3. windows 7 proca 2gb intel core i5. [/ Spoiler] [spoiler = Males = ^ = ^ = ^ = ^..] Cats -
1. Tishka. 1 year. Constantly hungry, very naughty when you give a brown pompons. Here it is - [attachment = "12420658: IMG_20180316_164425.jpg"] MURNMYAU! . = ^ ^ = [Attachment = "12467752: IMG_20180322_224507.jpg"]
2. Vaska. 5 years. Good and not naughty. But fights with the neighborhood tomcat. [/ Spoiler] [spoiler = Multiniki Keshinator and ZtererMi] 2 ynye account I created for forgotten passwords. Here kenasa with Witt climbed and blocked 2 Akka. [/ Spoiler]

[B] Photo: [/ b]
[S] my picture will see later. [/ S] Now moderators cropped my picture. Thank. There she is on the avatar. Thank you all for reading. : Thank_you:

[Spoiler = A little bit of life. :savagemessiahzine.com:] I am 10 years old, I dig in android mastered windows 95, windows98, windows2000, etc. As - the installation ran 98 minutes at 486 to 512 Megumi processor RAM. He ran at 22-00, finished in 5-00 ........ !! The morning! : Shok: Worked SUPERCHERPAHOY. In 2015 began to develop Android, Nitsche not understand in it. And then I learned. You can communicate with me in Fludilke. In 6-7 years, we bought the first phone Fly DS106D. Use as a media player. [/ Spoiler]

PS Campaign, started my html download, so loved

And this is my TV set with the included Sonic

Attached Image

On the effort it took ooooochen long, 2 - 3 months.

Attached images
Attached Image

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My name is Sasha
I Smart Beeline, Ipad, Pc

Rep: (476)
All my data is already in the FSB, who should refer to them!

Rep: (0)
You are working with the FSB?)

Rep: (55)
About myself!aboutMidoRN4X(SD) EAC certification
Giknuty Boom: DParanoid
EAC Certification

New technologies miniLED corporations from Xiaomi, Huawei

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Disable = Delete - System Applications
https://yadi.sk/d/fIj_cVXx3S3iBw: close_tema:
Maybe someone will be useful, how to disable the notification standard browser:
Settings—>System Application->Browser->Notice. And disable ih.Teper again Settings->Notifications and line sostoyaniya->Notifications prilozheniy->Browser. And turn off "Show notifications"

Redmi 4xGlobal stable* Redmi Note 4X (SD)Global Versia
Mi-Redmi 4XGlobal stable
Visit my Yandex-Disk
OfficialOS for Mi-Redmi 4X Global

Redmi 4X Global stable = MidoRN4X (SD) Global Versia, semantic topics<settings menu>are almost identical, except for the presence / absence of appropriate menyushek interface:<settings>

Mi-Redmi Note 4X (SD) Snapdragon 625Global Versia
MidoRN4X(SD)Optimization shell MIUI handles 100%
: wallbash:https://droidnews.ru/1...dlit-ego-vremya-raboty
Mock SD card optiization =off
Enable optimization MIUI =off
MI-account has on the body is not attached to anything, nor any window is not visible, from the words:<altogether>
google-sync manually.
Optimization of the box body, and after a factory reset, at100%manual.

Clothes are looking for:RN4 Snapdragon

The whole bunch / rn4x (sd) ...
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Mi Unlock the bootloader of any Xiaomi
As with most of the major manufacturers of the company Xaiomi on their device startsblockloader.
This is not very good news came from users that after installationnext updatenoticed that the loaderblocked by.
Fortunately, it's easy to unlock quite formal way.
Important:leave application and anlochit need with the same account, he should be on your smartphone.
Do not try to unlock it via the foreign account, or an account different from the one on your phone.
Even if you decide to untie your account to link your account and unlock neighbor on it, and then he put his akkakunt - you really run the risk of, at best, just an unsuccessful attempt to obtain, and at worst will fall intoblack sheet and life will lose the right to unlock .
To unlock the device the company has made a special serviceUnlock Your Mi Device where you can unlock your device if you need it.
A source: https://youtu.be/sHI8IWx38ug
Official. MIUI site: http://en.miui.com/
Reason for release: To install a localized version of the firmware
Text version: http://custter.com/d/32-xiaomi-redmi-...
A copy of the video review

Installationofficialcustom recoveryTWRPRecovery + Magisk anyXiaomi
Installationofficialcustom recoveryTWRPRecovery + Magisk anyXiaomi
A source: https://youtu.be/iTS8pVNwNiU
Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe
Detailed instructions for installing an official of a custom rekaveri TWRP Recovery and obtaining permanentROOTrights throughMagiskon any deviceXiaomic officialglobalfirmwareMIUI 9Mi5 for example.
Attention! The loader must be RAZ_blokirovan!
Where there is a side of the box in the lower right corner"RED RIBBON"with an inscription:Global version
How? Watch a video -https://youtu.be/sHI8IWx38ug
Official. MIUI site:http://en.miui.com/
Website TWRP rekaveri:https://twrp.me/
Website Magisk:https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps...
The command to download rekaveri: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
All source code is already in one place. : Rtfm:

Gapps a smartphone + + TWRP custom direct hand

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

OGYouTube v3.5 / v4.2 FixDownLoad+ Mobile networkH +

Ksyaomi, taxis ... You did not work Maud ?! We're coming to you ...
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

<OGYouTube v3.5 / v4.2 FixDownLoad>on Yandex-Drive

Feyervol forpersonalmobile traffic
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

WhatMI-akkaunt? : Rtfm:

Personal Prompter!
Attached Image
Attached Image

Set of battery capacity from 31% to 91% complete in 40 minutes at a peak temperature of battery = 38 degrees (ambient t = 24) (the end of said set of capacitance prompter)
Attached Image

Xiaomi ROOT - SuperSU Sustemless for"Global version"MIUI
{Where there is a side of the box in the lower right corner"RED RIBBON"with an inscription:Global version
Attention! The loader must be RAZ_blokirovan! }
A source:https://youtu.be/ZS-xSoVG1KM
Official. MIUI site:http://en.miui.com/
Website SuperSU:https://download.chainfire.eu/supersu
Website TWRP rekaveri:https://twrp.me/
All source code is already in one place. : Rtfm:

Night Con.
Attached Image

for RN4X version (SD). The path to the folder:<Special access>
The idea is not new, and have takenRasist_UA
Xiaomi Redmi 4X - Discussion (Rasist_UA # 69045471 Post)
Replica:4. Mota to the bottom and find the "Android Services Library"
I removed Video Screen<ScreenRecorder>three versions of the way to the "Android Services Library", and then to the folder<Special access>but devaysa:RN4X (SD) and placed them on Yandex-Drive

Admission gang {B1-B3-B4-B7-B20}
Applies only to: Astrakhan: Astrakhan region, and MidoRN4X body (SD) with the certification of the EAC, sim-4G (3 years), the rate beeline = retro - 2014
1. Astrakhan = FDD-LTE = B7 (long rangeIN 20not seen in the region have not yet traveled)
2. Astrakhan = 2G-3G-3.5G Gangs B1-B3-B4
3. Astrakhan = Modem MidoRN4X (SD) inforced2G mode (EDGE) rather bright ship textual content, with slight delay in picture / SIFCO.
4. Astrakhan = Astrakhan region, switching between neighboring cells<perfect>, Adjacent cells may have different bands, for example: B4 = B1, and vice versa.

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Advanced modem settings based on the Snapdragon chip
Advanced modem settings based on the Snapdragon 625 chip.
The methodology is the same for the entire line withMIUI, On chips Snapdragon.
How to implement the basic approach to the advanced modem settings for your body,should seek their own!

My example for:RN4X (SD)c OSGlobal versionand is certified by EAC.
Attention! Devaysa until next reboot!

Strictly for nerds>one arrogant mobile provider>or weak network>or a stable reception signal>or the modem does not properly switched slowly and the neighboring cell / frequency>or opinionated nerds who think they have everything! and immediately to the heap!
Attention!Automatic power control (preference) will be blocked, the modem will always eatBattery according to the selected mode.

Shutter>gear wheel>About phone>4 times(Total = 10 times for every MIUI on nougat)press for the permanent memory (internal NAND memory)>goes global modem menu.
Further, for example click on CHAR1 number and go to advanced settings.

Usually juzverej looking for is: 3G-WCDMA only or 4G-LTE only.
Immediately all the lurking favoriteVoLTE On which mobile service provider must have a separate license, and fully support this Splash on your side.
According to my information if the license is not present, theVoLTE It will automatically be turned off.
I have it enabled.
<overconfidence>Botanists, it is better not to touch ...
If you are in the advanced settings nachudili (type became worse / or what has changed / think that is already broken, etc.), simply restart your phone.
Timing advanced settings will automatically be reset.
I have a basic modem behavior (from the box) ideal for local network provider is not chudyat!
I have not changed anything in the advanced settings.
I was in a long-term mode (without personal router) in order to saveBattery satisfied the base:<only <2G>

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Rep: (9)
My nickname is registered:

My devices:
1. Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (the main)
2. Asus P01Y - tablet. Rather slow.
3. HP Pavilion dv6 1410 - laptop, the only one that helps.broken(((
4. Is there a good computer)))
16 8 GB RAM (24GB)
RTX 2070

My last device:
1. Nokia XL - a great smartphone with android in which I learned a lot oochen.
2. Doogee X5 Max Pro - my first smartphone with 2GB of RAM.

What I can do.
Almost all of the manipulation APK,OKlittle know java, good writing viruses in Python. Know very well Kali Linux. [/ I])

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Rep: (13)
Dosmolchevskiy Barmaley
Name: Stepan
Surname: Molchanov
Permanent residence: Moscow.
Founderowners clubSamsung Galaxy J2 Primeon 4
Master Lomaster

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532FG532FXXU1AQG2 root byVitalysan

My works
Often press F5, sooner or later there will be ;-)

Rep: (2954)
The first nickname in the forum -vladomen13


Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

About myself
All information at the time of the 11th July 2019

Name: Vladislav
Birthday: 16.02.2000 (19)
live: Ukraine, Kyiv region , Then it does not matter
Learning: yet nowhere: D graduated from college (Software Engineering)


Interested in technology part of the program, now - by modifying the conventional system and Android applications

Books: Unfortunately only for study
Films: Miscellaneous, most detectives, fantasy, science fiction
Music: Different now most of all: KDK, lyrics

Perhaps something new you can learn in thisinterview

to those whohelp
If you want to ask me for help, think about it several times, is it really necessary for you because if aI will agree - We will be required to do, as long untilTO MEnot bother .

Sameparanoid In particular those that refuse to give me remote access via the TeamViewer, fearing for their "super secret" information offering: Skype, Viber, continue in the QMS, any other ways I want to say:
  1. I ask this only if it will speed up / implement finding solutions, not because I want to "climb" in your PC ...
  2. I'm not a psychic to guess that it's going on your description of the surface
  3. I'm not going to explain how to do the basic steps require 10 seconds - 10 minutes
  4. If you do not trust me, you can just look for another mate, do not see sense to continue.

Why all the writings?

- I'm already tired of spending their free time:
  • Search information
  • inventing ideas
  • Preparation of the necessary files

for that help solve the user's problem, but in the end user "knocks" at the earliest opportunity / problems with his hand, often putting a + in reputation.
As I see it? - "Hold Plus, just fuck off." So, to me are "thank you" to the one place Inot "People" that would only help that somewhere on the server has increased the number and could immediately forget about the problem of + user.

Total: I'm good but resentful If the above will happen once or twice (with the proviso that the first time easier and / or sleep on circumstances) you can forgetforever and ever that would count on my help.
useful to people
Utility for decompiling and recompiling (to a prime - disassembly and assembly) apk

The archive will be very utility and other utility with the scope of this forum that can complement its work with apk

To work you need to installJdk

Archive will be updated regularly.

download from05.03.2019: Attached fileapktool_2.4.0.zip (18.79 MB)

Past versions
2.3.3 - Attached fileapktool_2.3.3.zip (11.78 MB)

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Rep: (26)
About myself
What a strange, but kind of cool, but they say I have beautiful eyes ... (despite the fact that the profile photo is not)
This section is under development

Interest clubs
Interests me a lot, hence the different clubs ... am ... periodically ...
ClubMacroDroid Number 33, "Jesus" registration date 01.07.2018
TO.P. Kate mobile For this piece I have created a lot of fun icons by modifying itself and the signature, but the signature But apart than not sharing;)
ClublaneFeckquoNISComrade , Where I am the owner of a symmetrical number II, for that, I also created signature
Club lovers foreign shopping
Club Immortals
Cyclists clubsavagemessiahzine.com
Fans Club to talk about the photo :)
Gitarastov club
Club lovers comic bookand manga
Club anonymousparanoids
And others too ... but they then ... somehow ...

Plansto capture the worldentry into:

My devices
This section is under development
Siemens A70- at that time existed only in the nature of black and white and that such a device was my first communication device
LG LGIP-531A- sort ofdamn, Satan,enchanted offspring with 950mAh battery of 3,7 V, which is without the power saving mode and that you have a couple of times a day you say working month. Still I wear it in a bag and take hikes in the event of failure of the rest.
MTS 970HPresented in ... about 2012 came trueidiot's dreamI finally put the Funeral March of the third part of the Sonata in B Flat Minor by Frederic Chopin.He sold his soul for the musicYes, it is charging it once every two, three days ... but serves faithfully for many years ...
MegaFon Login 2Presented in ... about 2013. In 2016 broke the microphone. After the repair, after 6 months again. and I decided to update the device ...
Samsung Galaxy Star Advance Duos SM-G350EI bought in 2017 and sold in a month.
Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime (2016) SM-J106FI bought in 2017 after the sale of the previous one.

The Creation and natvorennoe
This section is under development
My translations
Createdclub anonymousparanoids

great quotes
- One small plus for a person - a day of good mood for me)
- Usually, when I want to ask a question, because the answer is not found in the search, and a cap, I begin to formulate it, and in order to clarify the terminology looking terminology in the subject ... Oddly enough, but while looking terminology - find the answer.

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Rep: (10)

1. About me
I in general, then 14 years old. I myself am learning programming (in C #). I know English. Versed in the IT part. I know how to: fix PC (I gather), and optimize the Windows reinstall, sew smartphones and tablets, etc.

2. Free Devices
Mobile Technology
Fly IQ236 Jazz(Charging Connector died later and the screen is broken)

Fly IQ4514 Evo Tech 4(Dil matrix)

Fly IQ431 (alive, but there is a black spot on the matrix)

Chuwi hi8(Something with battery, broken touch)

Senseit a109(Dead, broke the bottom of the loop, and buttons)

DEXP Ixion X255(Torn Display trail, and their stupid nowhere)

Senkatel LifePad T1009 (alive)

Xiaomi Redmi 4A(sold out)

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

1.Moy basic PC:
CPU: AMD RYZEN 3 2200G 4x3.7Ghz
GPU: AMD Vega 8
RAM: 8 GB DDR4 3200Mhz
SSD: GB 120
HDD: WDC 500 GB + Seagate 1 TB
OS: Windows 10 Home 1809 x64
2. Also, the role played by my PC tablet Chuwi Hi8, so as it stands complete Windows 10 Home. With keyboard and mouse all the rules.

Then also supplemented.

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Rep: (540)
Kirill, just1.kirill .

Nominee / winner in the awards:

A laptop
➯Tesla Tablet PC
Smart Watches: Huami Amazfit Bip
Smart bracelets: Mi Band 1S
Headphones: Sennheiser HD 518 , Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones (Piston 4), Wavefun X-BUDS, Sennheiser HD 4.50
Portable devices:


My bookmarks

Profiles in the social. networking
Game Profiles
Steam: serb113
GOG: https://www.gog.com/u/1.kirill
Origin: Dem0n1123
Uplay: MonsterCAT777
Evolve: https://www.evolvehq.com/players/1kirill
PlayGround: http://users.playground.ru/1545386/

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Rep: (13)
DeLy Dreamer (Dreamer Programmer)

Attached Image

About myself
OLD NICK - Dreamer Programmer
Mount video, program and translate the application.

My translations

My devices
Sony Xperia Z2 (Android 6.0.1, Stoke)
Oukitel C8 (Android 7.0, Stoke)

I got frustrated. I took as a temporary option for free.
Origin bodies with an aspect ratio of 1: 2. The ratio of liked it, but the expansion, as in all outkiteliv so small that the pixels can be cut. The fingerprint reader works with the second - the third time. screen with battery lives for a long time, but it's hardly a plus. It's better to have a normal display.

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime(ROOT, CyanogenMod 13) -Something went wrong
I got in a good condition, but the sink iOS. Smer is not this fact dashed TWRP rekaveri and CyanogenMod 13. After a preliminary body seemed chtoo on the screen up very little space. But in general it was the norm.
However, custom firmware did not work in the best way, and at one point he just stopped included. I did not understand, as has already had on the way the new bodies.

DEXP Ixion X140(Android 4.4.2, ROOT, BasyBox) -He died of old age
HTC Desire 300(Android 4.2.2, Stoke) -broke
Digma HIT 3G (Android 4.4.2, 15.12.2014 MemoAlex) - I do not use

Separately say only that was
Simens S65 - gone into oblivion

My pc
  • intel Corei7 3770 @ 3.40GHz
  • 16,0Gb DDR3 Samsung
  • IntelDZ77GA-70K
  • NVIDIA GeForceGTX 680 & Quadro K600
  • 500GB SSD (Samsung 860 EVO) + 1000GB and 700GB Seagate

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 19H1)


Klava - Metoo Zero (The cheapest mechanic Ali)

Mouse - A4 Tech Bloody v7 (Formerly Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical)

Monitors - DELL E2316H & ASUS ProArt PA238

Microphone - BM 800

Statement (Mirror)

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Rep: (1500)
About myself
Born in '73.
In November 2013 he suffered a stroke, the strongest, still the invalid of 1 group. I do not go.
Stroke due to diabetes, which I had not supervised.
Since badly damaged brain, pondering much slower than before. That is, thinking that I was still only the time it takes much longer. So often I brake for no reason.
Also, there are in inadequate - alas, with this I can not do anything about it. :( Lets go quietly ...

Programmer 90s. Since the end of 2014 - an android developer.

My programs
Jbak2 keyboard - professional keyboard-designer with enormous potential (swipe and predictive input (T9) No I will not!).
Completely free. Even there is no advertising.
MWshare2save - a small program that adds the selected text file is transmitted via Share button.
MWcosts. Costs + notes - Easy account and automatically (or by pressing a button) calculation lists of expenditures and revenues, taking into account different currency notes + + text editor for large files.
MWbrowser (fork jbak browser) - Fully customizable, free, small and nimble browser. Just onsavagemessiahzine.com!

All programs except the browser is in the google play.

Program modifications

No need to ask me to write you that qms or on order. At best, I will answer in monosyllables, and at worst - you are listed in the blacklist.
To do this, there is a themeCustom programs

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Rep: (300)

Graduate School of Curators 4
Nickname artem2135468792580 is registered
About myself
Known insavagemessiahzine.comlike artem2135468792580 and Artyom Zhukovsky. I am 15 years old, doing IT stuff, a little hacking, programming, doing IPTV platform ministra. I live in the city of Magadan (or rather the village of Ola, it is about 40 km from Magadan). I am a good student, I’ll go after IT school. I also like to solder, play with the android core, build android and so on

The history of my cell phones
1. Motorolla V171 (2008)
2. Nokia 5230 (2008)
3. Nokia N96 (2008)
4. Sony Ericcson J105i (2008)
5. Samsung D900 (2009)
6. Samsung S8000 Jet (2009)
7. Nokia 5800 (2009)
8. Nokia X6 (2009)
9. Nokia N8 (2010)
10. MTS 352 (2010)
11. Sony Ericson Xperia Neo V (2010)
12. HTC HD2 (2011)
13. HTC Desire (2011)
14. Samsung REX 90 (2012)
15. Samsung Wave 525 La Fleur (2012)
16. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (2013)
17. Samsung Galaxy S3 (2013)
18. Nokia N90 (2014)
19. Lenovo A369i (2014)
20. Huawei Askend Y520 (2015)
21. BQ Valencia 4007 (2015)
22. BQ Luxembourg (2015)
23. Nokia N80 (2016)
24. Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual (2016)
25. Lenovo A319 (2016)
26. ZTE Blade L110 (2017)
27. Alcatel Pixi 3.5 (2017)
28. LG K7 X210DS (2017)
29. Nokia 2 (2018)
30. Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 (2018)
31. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (2018) - at the moment

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