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The club is created for easier communication owners HTC Desire 600
Here we discuss issues not covered by the:
Discussion, firmware, Jewelery, Shopping ...
Please help on non-standard issues and naturally help

Club Entry Rules
1. Reference to the club in the signature
2. HTC Desire profile 600
3. Your personal review on the smartphone, all you can say about him
4. write in QMS author of the theme "Take the club"
Signature: (as far as possible, permitting the signature length)
[Url = http: //][B][COLOR=green]Klub HTC Desire 600 [/ COLOR] [/ B] [/ URL]

In the club are Forum Rules and Trepalki
the same person is not a member of the club has the right to:
- does not participate in the discussions
- be ignored by the staff
- join a club fulfilling all the requirements of paragraph ".Club Entry Rules "

Members CLUB

brag screenshots workers table

Useful tips

because in the subject yetCuratorand there is no one to clean up ... please do not bring the discussion to "Flight schedule," and so forth.

All job offers are accepted with a cap on the LAN.
Upon reaching corresponds to the number of posts - interested can apply forCuratorin the relevant subject.

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The topic has been moved to the "Device Owners Clubs ».

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Start with your desktop Scrin
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solis257 ​​@ 21.04.2014, 00:28*
What to wish more?

OTA :)
Desk simple))
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jheka7 @ 20.04.2014, 21:47*
Desk simple))

I do not like Pestrast.
Now I alter your Chrome antenki a signal level :)
Well OTA is very desirable.

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Hello! The points while hard to paint for a phone but:
review is in the main theme,
in the signature subject is also available,
desktop standard for as long as all is locked.
Dial insolence and will request in advance to accept the club :-)

Posted on 04/20/2014, 22:56:

By the way ladies right advice for beginners who doubt - take still sell, now the price / quality is more relevant than ever !!!
After the Purchase of all doubts will remember with a smile ... B-)

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4. write in QMS author of the theme "Take the club"

more on request in the subject line will not respond ... I told you - no one ... clean!

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Here are my screenshots
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And I want the club .....

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guys ... admission rules are very simple, just 4 points: D

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So, you like or do not like? :) motley you get well, I have all the dark, you have a multi-colored, especially in the bar ..

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jheka7 @ 21.04.2014, 15:10*
you have a multi-colored, especially in the bar ..

I do not like the monotony :) Simply and with taste: D

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Yes, I admit, I have all the colorful fashion))) here thinking that change anything. Just broke)))

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jheka7 @ 21.04.2014, 18:02*
Just broke)))

And I just have nothing to do there)))

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I propose to discuss the high capacity batteries for our flagmena.
who, what, where I saw? ... maybe even he uses!

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911-masters @ 21.04.2014, 22:04*
maybe even he uses!

: D took from a friend is a miracle. He, too, 600th, but not enabled. He is in this zero.
So I say, buy a larger battery with more volume (Galim) cover complete will not. Very much it is not convenient, and the battery is just an hour longer holds in contrast to my standard.
Acquired from servisnikov for 250 USD (1000 p) original battery with devaysa our best wish for nothing more. Now just two batteries, a second with a drag in his jacket pocket for a cigarette. All exactly smoking quit)))

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solis257 ​​@ 21.04.2014, 22:11*
with a second drag

Well ... if that reason, it is better for me, "charging pocket" buy. another old body was interested in this issue, it is very convenient for business trips, you can charge the body 3 times. worth such a miracle a year ago within 570 UAH (1770rub).

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911-masters @ 21.04.2014, 22:17*
You can charge the body 3 times

solis257 ​​@ 21.04.2014, 22:11*
with a second drag

Just the experience of the previous two smarts suggest that we need a second battery. Conveniently however as. Well, not to make the same smart in an ugly brick with a battery which is an hour longer holds. And on one day, and I changed the day in the second - is charged if there is no place.

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rummaged in an old topic and found ... it is necessary, has not erased: D
http: //electromarket.c...umulyator-chernyi.html

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911 masters
So this charge in your work? What has life? 600 minutes to charge it?

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solis257 ​​@ 21.04.2014, 23:16*
So this charge in your work?

I just
911-masters @ 21.04.2014, 22:17*
I interested in this issue

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911 masters,
I saw hands and schyupal, a good thing! This I came to look at it relative to the apartment with two walks devaysa hitch cable et al., Other))) And it turned out the charger and look like it on the iPhone with the same round button, but without the screen .. And there is this thing 1000rub. in DNC

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