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Sony Xperia M2 / M2 Dual - Discussion | Smartphone, 4.8 ''

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DiscussionSony Xperia M2 / M2 Dual
PictureSony Xperia M2 (D2303 / PM-0722-BV, D2305 / PM-0720-BV, D2306) / M2 Dual (D2302 / S50h / PM-0721-BV) / Sony Eagle
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Please all questions that are not in the header andFAQstart with your machine model (D2302, D2303, D2305)
there is a topic for questions and discussion M2 AQUASony Xperia M2 Aqua - Discussion

Description and Features
Xperia в„ў M2 (D2303 / 05) / M2 Dual (D2302 / S50h) - Excellent quality, high-speed performance.
Xperia M2 favorably with other large, bright 4.8-inch qHD display, created on the basis of technology that Sony uses for its TVs. The ideal size for the entertainment center, which is always with you. This Android-smartphone thought of everything down to the smallest details and all the nuances to keep the balance. Phone is elegant and innovative design.
Xperia M2 is equipped with 8-megapixel camera that takes amazing quality photos. Due to the matrix Exmor RS в„ў for mobile devices and automatically recognize the shooting conditions on this phone, you can make fast great quality pictures in any conditions. You can make your photo much better with new applications for the Xperia M2 camera. With Social Live app, you can share moments of your life on Facebook Live.
You'll be pleasantly surprised, as take advantage of any web service. Thanks to the super-fast LTE-networks do you anytime and anywhere will be able to plunge into the world of entertainment. Forget about waiting and delays! With the rapid smartphone Xperia M2 (D2303), you can afford the crazy pace of life to the full.
No delay with ultrafast Xperia M2. This highly productive fast smartphone from Sony runs on quad-core processor. During its development, as well as to create a flagship Sony - Xperia в„ў Z2, - great attention to detail. The world of incredible entertainment always with you!
Attached Image
Attached Image

A few more photos and the official video XPERIA M2

Specifications Sony Xperia M2 / Xperia M2 Dual, which are not inDevdb
Platform (at the time of announcement): Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, an upgrade to 4.4 KitKat c August 15 (D2303), 18 August (D2302 and D2305).Upgrading to 5.1 is planned for mid-summer 2015.
Display: 229 ppi,glass10 touches
Camera: Exmor RS IMX134, video recording 1080p @ 30fps, HDR
Processor core 4, 1.2 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8226-0 (D2302), MSM8226 (D2305), MSM8926 (D2303 / 06)
Internal memory 5 GB available to the user.
Memory card: up to 64 GB and 128 GB even
Battery: Li-ion
SIM card (card): Microsim
FM radio with RDS
RGB status indicator
Laytbar RGB illumination effect.
Headphone jack CTIA standard
Battery: non-removable
Talk time: up to 11 hours in 2G networks, up to 12 hours in 3G networks
standby time: up to 580 hours on 2G, up to 597 hours on 3G
Hours audioplayer time: up to 37 h
Hours video player mode, up to 8 hours
Sizes: 139,65 x 71,14 x 8,64 mm
Form factor: monoblock with touchscreen
Buttons: onscreen
Date of announcement: 24.02.2014
Release Date: April 24, 2014 India, May 6, 2014 Russian.

Software features from Sony
xLOUD в„ў - technology to increase the sound volume of the speaker
Clear Phase в„ў - Auto-tuning the sound quality speaker
Image Stabilization SteadyShot в„ў
Feature Smile Shutter в„ў
HDR for photography
quick launch camera function
Three-dimensional surround sound
music recognition feature TrackID в„ў
Smart connect
The noise canceling function
Improving voice quality
HD Voice Technology
STAMINA mode в„ў
Owner reviews fromsavagemessiahzine.com
Additional Information
Useful applications for the XPERIA
Existing soft karaoke problems
Android 5.1.1Lollipop
  • The camera quality deteriorated images, photo look like a watercolor effect.
  • On some devices at boot time (about a minute), the touchscreen does not work.
  • Heating of the active smart induced voltage on proce raised to 0.07V

A full list of fixes and solutions to
Android 4.4.2Kitkat
  • After switching to 4.4 on the M2, SIM some operators do not work (no support for USIM format).It needs to be replaced to the new operator. Or rollback to 4.3, if the operator is unable to provide a sample of the new SIM.
  • In connection with the new security policies from third-party applications do not have access to change data on an SD card (not allowed to write third-party application data, I get an error when the application attempts to save any data. Porting applications to SD is not concerned).ROOT is solved in the presence of human rights and the application of SDFix nextApp inc.
  • From the desktop to katabatic launcher application shortcuts disappear transferred to the SD card.Isprpvleno in Android 4.4.4.
Android 4.3Jelly Bean
  • On Android 4.3 in the majority of ownersSONY XPERIA M2 DUAL (D2302) and SONY XPERIA M2 (D2305) there are problems with voice calls. During a call-up with short clicks, pops, stuttering, voice distortion, and interrupt the interlocutor. Solution to the problem Fixed in Android 4.4 KitKat
  • When the phone away from the head, the sensor does not work and does not include the screen, you can not hang up, just sometimes turns on the screen during an incoming. Fixed in Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Stuttering and the interruption when listening to music through Bluetooth headphones. Partially fixed in Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Sensor does not work in some games. The data for the correction of the defectgoing

Discussions hardware problem occurs only in the topicMarriage and repair Sony Xperia M2 / M2 DUAL
Model features
  • Work lighting sensor occurs with a delay of about 4 seconds. That is, if the light sensor close (to the left of LED indicator), then it will start to adjust the brightness of the display delay. Maybe we have protected from the constant and sharp adjustment by changing the lighting? A bug or a feature, solve each
  • When starting the camera with a button or lock screen camera is always included in iAuto mode, in this mode, the picture size is always 5MP (16: 9). The quality of many pictures are not satisfied, there are black dots and very zamyleny details. Problem Softovaya 100%. On the face of fairly aggressive method of compression and / or noise reduction. Try manual settings for themselves.
    Sample photos fromaeea from tehniks09 from davis1 from leha7qwe from Stason4ig from Ruzoff from vikssg
  • The front camera has a low sensitivity to light, indoor photo turn out very dark. Together with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels, the camera can be considered nominal. Selfie lovers and smartphone video calls will not work.

Completed polls
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Log changes in the header
26/10/2015 Added 7 smartphone audit.
13/10/2015 Added a list of bugs in the 5.1.1 (redirect on firmware) in the existing soft karaoke problem. Completed survey result in the spoiler "Finished surveys"
10/03/2015 Pressure instruction to improve the sensitivity of the microphone igromkosti dynamics

07/01/2015 Archived log in hat, moved months on the principle, the latter is always at the top
23/06/2015 Added a link to instructions to increase the sensitivity of the microphone and increase the volume
13/05/2015 Added the instruction to eliminate errors when not enough space on the Play Market
04.08.2015: Added links to the FAQ and Club Categories M2 owners | Added useful application aCalendar
There was nothing to add)))
02/01/2015 Added another owner review
03/02/2015 Added solution to the problem of idle IlluminationBar
20/01/2015 Completed survey results can be observed in the archive polls
Facilitated the cap reducing description
12/05/2014 Added a link to the video with the disassembly and assembly of the device a professional service technician + instructions for those who do not work the voice command "Ok, Google!"
11.11.2014 Pressure in the features of the model on the front of the camera.
15/10/2014 Added instructions excluding the extra posts because of software glitches.
24.10.2014 The statement added Useful for those who quickly takes charge of the battery
23.09.2014 Added information about the 6 revision.
2014-08-01 Changed the date of revision 3, adding more poll
08/02/2014 Added a new review
08.04.2014: Added links to FAQ on the Android and the topic for beginners
08.05.2014 Added information about upgrading to Kitkata
2014-08-08 Added spoiler "Model features", it included information on the light sensor
13.08.2014 Add to Especially about the camera moved and added to the examples in the photo features.
15.08.2014 Updated information about upgrading to Kitkata for D2303
18.08.2014 Updated information about upgrading to Kitkata for D2302 and V2305
20/08/2014 Added a link on the changes and bugfixes in 4.4.2
22/08/2014 Specifications reduced because I corrected them on DevDB
25/08/2014 Updated information on a soft-Bahamas on the previous and current versions of Android, a new poll added, old moved to spolyer Past polls
27/08/2014 Added a link to the spoiler Useful Threads of firmware with current versions of firmware for each model, as well as information on certification
29/08/2014 Added a link to parts of our phone
2014-07 added reviews
Added challenges 2014-07
17/07/2014 Added the old polls
18/07/2014 Added useful applications for the XPERIA, added the spoiler, made records cod / interruption, added video scratch test
21/07/2014 Added a common problem with the proximity sensor, added video decompression
25/07/2014 Corrected information about existing communication problem, because in the GSM network there is also present but less pronounced.
27/07/2014 Added a link to decorations
28/07/2014 Added the title picture, supplemental information
31/07/2014 Added a problem with the idle sensor gaming

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Information on upgrading to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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Xperia M2 will launch globally from April 2014.
It should be presented in April 2014.

I like the model ... To know more price ..

Rep: (1)
A preliminary review of Z2 and M2 from Ferra.ru
SX M2: first look

Price in Europe was promised $ 399

Post has been editedZorar - 18.04.14, 11:35

Rep: (9)
I wonder why the leaves on Android 4.3, not 4.4, as well as why only support memory cards up to 32 GB, perhaps a bug?

And yet - there is no mention about the missed calls indicator light on modelka M if I am not mistaken, it was one of the chips.

Rep: (1)
I noticed. Too, strangely enough, not 4.4
The indicator most likely is not.

But here in the specification as mentioned
Zorar @ 18.04.2014, 10:21*
The effect of illumination

Post has been editedZorar - 18.04.14, 19:46

Rep: (1)
Yes 64GB still will. About upgrading to 4.4 is already guessing, will likely than not

I now model Dual interesting. How she will work network and SIM cards, and even the phone itself.
By the way, I am interested in 4G LTE. How the discussions looked, no one writes their feelings. Looks standards work ..

Post has been editedZorar - 22.04.14, 19:25

Rep: (21)
did not understand how there body material: ordinary plastic soft-touch?

Rep: (0)
Already on sale for 13 490 rubles. onhttp://store.sony.ru/
They promised within 12k. price.

Rep: (23)
Have high hopes for this phone, I can not wait to buy. Sales have already started in poidee connected.

Rep: (1)
Yes, too, I saw on the Sony site, but for some reason dvuhsimochny is, and usually with LTE or not ... I can already see the bad.

Posted on 24/04/2014, 19:24:

Yurochka @ 22.04.2014, 23:16*
did not understand how there body material: ordinary plastic soft-touch?

waiting for review ..

Rep: (9)
I read the description did not understand, there are two active cards or one?

Rep: (0)
Hello to all.
Viewed today M2 dual. In a connected. As far as I know, the documentation and the presentation argued that dan 4G Lte apparatus no!
Looked settings svaypnul down came 4G point. Climbed into additional mobile network settings. Looked, you can force
The LTE, which by default, and should, well, other networks to choose from! Please note this version dvuhsimochny!
I have a question if anyone can some of pros confirm this information ?! Or is it a bug shell and firmware! (Ofitsilnoy in a connected!)
P.S. Managers in the cabin, could not say anything to me, and be surprised!
I rang the Sony, with 3 experts talked! I, too, one could not say anything concrete! And when he called ImeI phone number, all said that this product is not certified for Russia. And check this network? So tnank you.

Rep: (1)
And so and so right.
Producing a model of the two embodiments, as with the first Sony Xperia M and Xperia M Dual.

they are probably right. I assume that, as with some older models of the SX, here too, there are versions for both M2 Russia with 4G LTE and M2 Dual 2G / 3G, and M2 Dual version with 4G LTE.

Posted 04/26/2014, 7:19:

Zorar @ 18.04.2014, 10:21*
(D2303) GSM GPRS / EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz, LTE bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20

It turns out to us to come here odnosimochnaya version of SX M2 (D2303)
Now another interesting version with two SIM cards .. We have to see.

Rep: (0)
Zorar @ 26.04.2014, 08:19*

No specifics! Who is right? How to check?

Rep: (0)
Is there any information about when version odnosimochnaya M2 appear?

Rep: (9)
Zorar @ 26.04.2014, 08:19*
And so and so right.

we still only sell Dual, and the question was about this version.

Rep: (0)
Week 2 odnosimochny. Or the end of May!

Rep: (1)
In my stores so far no available. I want to have at least used in the Dual View, touch ..

Rep: (2027)
Alas, two points result in shock from SONY.
  1. The site and vaytpeypa says that a TFT screen with no detail in the reviews, including from Sony vying to hear that it is juicy the IPS TFT
  2. And yet, their website colorfully tells about the presence of MHL function, but there is no confirmation of this. Not in instructions are not in those. docks.

MHL is not 100%, made to remove from the site
Screen exactly kind TFT IPS, evident in viewing angles and color reproduction.

Post has been editedinside! out - 11.06.14, 12:18

Rep: (64)
Acquired a piece of iron, dvuhsimochny. LTE has a point, but it's just Softovaya plug.

Below the "touch buttons" (which are drawn on the screen), there is some kind of LED that lights up, for example, when listening to music, or at the time of an incoming call. But it does not burn when you have missed calls ... As with the received SMS, email and so on. Maybe, of course, have some kind of adjustment to move (for example, see "Display" is "notification indicator").

And then there are the red LED to the left of the earpiece - glows when the device is charging.

Posted on 05/02/2014, 17:12:

Framaroot 1.9.1 incidentally breaks off.

Post has been editedinside! out - 02.09.14, 10:21

Rep: (5)
ZlydenGL And at what point should default in the networks? You can screen the screen to remove the networks? Nothing is clear with this Xperia M2, such as LTE there, and like it does not exist: scratch_one-s_head:

Post has been editedsad1452 - 02.05.14, 20:34

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