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Dual SIM Applications

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Often, in the subjectSEARCH software for Android OSI stumble upon program requests, at first glance, fairly standard, such as:
antispam, blacklist, tasks for profiles, etc. planners, the appointment of ringtones ...
but, the main condition of which "so for dvuhsimochnika ".

This topic is going to the user experience of owners of Dual SIM (Duos) devices - a kind of catalog of programs adapted for multisym devices.

SIM Management:
В®Change Data
MQ Sim selector
MQ Auto Swapping Sim
MQ Simchooser - Samsung's Duos Rescue

Contact Management:
MQ DualSim Ringtone - Assigning a ringtone for each of the SIM cards.
MQ Dual sim ringtone - More stable, according to reviews, an analogue of the above program

any GO SMS Pro - there is a black list. Devices on which the program is tested- GO SMS Pro (Post # 29722005)
MQ Call master
MOOD SMS-Messenger

Network Management / Internet Connection Planning:
В®Notification Switch Network
MQMTK Control -Market, forum (*)
MTK Dual Sim control shortcut /// mirror- One-click mobile Internet switching (widgets) and scheduling (+ Tasker, Llama).
MQDual SIM Switch Widget(Dual Sim Control) -on off. SIM cards, SMS sending method, calls, mob. data. Customizable widgets.
MQ Mobile Settings One click open - simple LTE / 3G WCDMA / CDMA / GSM switching >>> apk

Call / Message Filtering:
MQ В® Root Call SMS Manager
MQ Call master

Dialers (Dealers):
MQ Call master - there are two call keys
MQ TouchPal Contacts - there are two call keys
MQ Pixelphone
MQ aContact +++
MQZERO Dialer & Contacts & Block - Easy, two-button dialer / contact manager in Material style (with theme support).

Logs, information, statistics:
any Dr. Tariff - statistics of conversations, messages and Internet traffic. Selection of the optimal tariff.
MQ 2SIMCallLogger - call log logging
MQ Query Notepad - application to monitor and recharge the phone
anyUSSDDualWidget - Balance widget via USSD and SMS requests
MQ Sim Details - Information about SIM cards, not available from the phone settings menu.
any Mobilefox - Call Manager / SMS / MMS / Internet traffic manager (project is closed, but working capacity has been verified. For compatibility, see the last topic spoiler)
M- for MTCQ- for Qualcommanyuniversal
M, Q- do not support
M, Q- there is no reliable information on this chipset

Useful articles on the topic

Download * .apk free software With Google Play you can:
пїЅ So - APK Downloader (Post # 11778787)
пїЅ via online service ( Percent on 97 works adequately, but (! ) there are lining)
пїЅ or similar service ( with similar problems )

Of course, the list is dynamic and the indicated programs are not exhausted - I hope it will be expanded.

New items (conditionally, of course), what visitors of this topic found. We look, we test, we unsubscribe:
DSim Attached fileDSim 1.2.apk(412.72 KB)
- Statistics and cost management (it seems that only for MT ... you need to check).
HiNet Attached filenet.hidroid.hisurfing.apk(1.97 MB)
- No monitor, firewall, firewall, etc.
LINE whoscall - Caller ID & Block- for call filtering and number management.
Dual SIM Selector (Post # 32961756)- Automatic and manual selection of a SIM card at the time of a call from any dealer (who "brought"- Anais10)
DW Contacts(ex Contact Group Manager) - Working with groups of Contacts (who "brought"- Davs)
Wecall- Dialer, contact manager, SMS manager. (who "brought"- ifsold).
Call meter 3G- to account for traffic, talk time, SMS and MMS (who "brought"- alekomlan)
True Phone - Phone, Contacts- dialer, search by T9, viewing, editing and optimizing contacts (who "brought"- Alexander Voytekhovich)
Auto SMS / USSD / Call- Call, sending SMS / USSD on a schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, once, several days, after a call) (who "brought"- Pupkind

For unification their "five kopecks" -
please copy the response template
Program: It is very desirable to give links if you present a software.
If the health report is by itself, the name is sufficient.

Device / Processor: -
Comment: - moderately

[size = 1] Program: [/ size]
[size = 1] Device / Processor: [/ size]
[size = 1] Comment: [/ size]

Changes in the cap
02.02.2016 + Auto SMS / USSD / Call
01/15/2016 + Dual Sim Ringtone
06/17/15 - add ZERO Team)
11/15/2014 - Added the section "New"
11/06/2014 + Dr. Tariff
05/19/2014 - add TouchPal Contacts
04/29/14 - Added
Mobilefox- Call / SMS / MMS / Internet traffic manager

Attention! The topic is often visited by Grammarnatsi! :) Do not forget p.4.7.2. Rules

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There are no special settings there. But I did not find similar programs either. Basically everything is for media libraries.

Rep: (123)
No one will tell you if there is a program, or rather a simple widget with one elementary function - clicked and turned off both sims at once ... clicked again - turned on ... everything ...
Airplane does not offer, not satisfied ...

Rep: (496)
* keicy, https: //play.google.co…rg.nopo.dualsimcontrol

Rep: (123)
* lev64,
incompatible with my mob ...

Rep: (1557)
* keicy, In the market writes about non-compatibility? Try to install it insolently Dual SIM Switch Widget I even worked on the "monosim" :)

Rep: (123)
* anirov, In the market wrote. I tried to put it, got an inscription about incompatibility, nothing worked.

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Before my current phone, I had a device for Android 4.1, when dialing the number below there were two “buttons” with tubes, one with a cypress keyboard, the other with 2 ... I dialed the number and immediately indicated which SIM card to call - it was very conveniently.
Now Android 4.2, there is one call button. I dialed a number, pressed a call, chose a sim card. There was one extra action that strains ... Tell me please, what are the ways to solve this problem?

Rep: (1557)
* TEST91,

Dialers (Dealers):
MQ Call Master - there are two call keys
MQ TouchPal Contacts - there are two call keys

Rep: (465)
* TEST91,
Pixelphone(or a separate pluginDual SIM Selector
True Phone - Phone, Contacts
In both programs, you can customize masks and bindings to the sim or operators.

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* anirov,
Yesterday I put MQ TouchPal Contacts in the afternoon, I did not see the two call keys, you can give a sim card the name of no more than 4 characters - so you immediately deleted it and wrote here.

wmk - thanks, I'll try!

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A program is needed so that you can put your own melody on each SIM card. Earlier, there was a fly 454 phone there, this function was in the factory firmware. Now the alcatel one touch 7041d phone does not have this feature in it. DualSim Rigtone is not offered as it does not fit. Android version 4.2.2 thank you very much for your help.

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The very first dialer that went to Sonya Z 3 on LP.Attached fileTP.dialer-1.3.7.zip(2.26 MB)

Rep: (2911)
* hadkov,
Thank you of course.
But better this way:
True Phone - Phone, Contacts

Rep: (1557)
hadkov, gavrila do not fight)) -
Attached Image

* hadkov,
Hadkov @ 05/12/2015, 13:22 *
The very first dialer that went to Sonya Z 3 on LP.
Excuse me, where is this "pinned"? Can I somehow turn the thought?
P.S. ran into a couple of shareware: popcorm: gizmos ...
Since, recently, I am a “mono-symoticon”, I am not able to check the functionality.
Who is curious:
DualSIM control PRO -
IMPORTANT: Designed for mobile phones (single SIM) with dual SIM adapter (such as Magic SIM) using different network providers on each SIM.
This kind of DualSIM is unknown to me ... sort of, it displays in the status bar which of the SIMs in the "dual SIM adapter" is activated ...
G-netduel - simple, not dull wallpaper))

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do not fight))

I searched diagonally, I did not find dialers in the group .. sorry ..

Rep: (465)
I do not know this kind of DualSIM

:) At the dawn of the spread of mobile communication in the CIS, there was such a variety; two numbers of different operators are stitched onto one card. Perhaps this was meant.
Or, it means phones with one radio module and two SIM cards, but only one can alternately be made active.

Rep: (1557)
* wmk
mb, mb ... :) On screenshots, in the Market, it seems as if not the most ancient Samsung ... if not 4.2.x even ...
Attached Image

))) It seems I finally have to go to the dump - and did not know about such miracles ...

Rep: (373)
* anirov,
:) MULTI SIM cards and adapters for 2x SIM cards

Rep: (256)
A couple more apps with dual-sim support (tested on MTK)

ZERO dealer - dialer with 2 buttons and contacts. 1.5 mb (!).

Attached Image


ZERO message (SMS) - SMS manager from them. (6 mb.)
Attached Image


Of the benefits - VERY light and there is support for skins.
Of the minuses - to put the themes you need their launcher. And the translation is sometimes lame.

Rep: (470)
Chuma @ 05/20/2015, 01:53*
Of the minuses - to put the themes you need their launcher.
The launcher is perfectly frozen (Titan for example) after installation and the banner no longer bothers.
SMS is just a class, with no comparison.

Ps, yes, to change the order you have to defrost the launcher. But it is rarely necessary.

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