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> Decorations for Fly IQ431
12.04.14, 20:03

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Modifications of software and decorations for Fly IQ431

Description | Discussion | Firmware | Owners Club | Forum Rules

Attention !!! necessarily read
The theme for the phone is fly iq431 and is suitable for iq432. Dear users who have fly iq449 (pronto) most modifications may damage your phone, be extremely careful! Dear users of fly iq436, modificationscan not be installed on standard firmware, only on the port (fly iq431) details in the subject of your device

Rules of conduct in the topic, recommendations on the design of posts.

������ �����������. download

  1. Before making a message with decorations, it is recommended to check whether widgets, icons, live wallpapers, wallpapers, etc. have already been placed on our forum.
    If this is already on the forum, give a link to the profile topic.
    In the case of a replay, the files will be deleted.
  2. Offtopic and flood prohibited and punishable!
  3. Widget search is conducted inFinding Themes, Widgets, Wallpapers, etc.
  4. Search programs are conducted inSearch for programs for Android OS
  5. Wallpaper looking inScreen wallpaper
  6. It is forbidden to abuse quoting
  7. It is forbidden to write messages (posts) without text, consisting of some smiles
  8. It is not recommended to write words with "stupid" errors that irritate users, for example: "Pamagite, Panemayu, Tilifon, Pajalaysta."

Jewelry catalog

Modified firmware


Replacing google play

Everything you do - you do at your own peril and risk!
The authors of the modifications and the Administration of the forum is not responsible for the performance of your devices!

Be mutually polite! On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant. If you want to thank the user for the published decoration, clickPicturenext to his reputation. If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the buttonPicture

The curator of the topic is kirr37, with all the offers in qms

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28.04.15, 22:08

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I work out the screenshots of the curtains and settings work from Evgeny_561

Attached Image
Attached Image
26.05.15, 07:28

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Mute camera snapshot and screenshot
We put through CWM
Attached fileOff_camera_click.zip(196.28 KB)

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26.06.15, 13:41

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Weaned fm radio from headphones

If you listen to the radio in the headphones and then pull out the headphones, then the radio is cut down !!!

We copy in system / app with replacement Attached fileFMPlayer.apk(1.18 MB)

GitHub instructions4
Lenovo P70-A +madOS-7.1.2
28.07.15, 15:03
Beginnings Android developer

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A more advanced camera (from 4.2, it seems) and a gallery with a video editor to replace the standard ones. A camera with panoramic and spherical shooting modes Archive for CWM, replaces the native camera with a gallery (you can manually scatter folders and rights to set). For deodex, in order for the coke to work, you need to erase the Gallery2.odex file before installation and that's it!
Here is the link where to get:Fly IQ436 Era Nano3 (Post Maximoff7 # 41683274)
He personally checked.
I have all the rules with a microphone

We do not breed a cropper in decorators and do not forget that iq436 & iq431Variousdevices

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24.01.16, 01:10

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* Ilia.Kamashev,What are you torturing so? but ? we take the archiver, unpack the framework-res.apk, go along the path | res-drawable-nodpi- | and there 2 background is white and black, and paint in what you want and you can even change the picture!


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