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> Add photos to the Camera Roll without jailbreak | How to add photos to the Camera Roll (Film) without jailbreak.
09.07.17, 17:03

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I tried a lot of options on a Mac and on Windows. So far the most optimal is installation on Mac and on Windows and on Android and on ios programsshareitTransferred a maximum of about 30GB to the media library. Very long, but it works
24.01.18, 17:40
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I noticed that when transferring video through shareit, quality is lost ... I continue to look for how to transfer photos and videos from Android.
01.03.18, 02:23
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Scratches @ 09/19/14, 6:16 PM*
We download from iZip upstor (free), hook the bodies to the aytyuns on the computer, vibrate the bodies, programs, find the installed iZip and throw in it a folder with video and photos, you can not even compress, then go to the program on the body That we threw, select the files that need to be saved and click save in the lower right corner, wait until we save and enjoy the photos and videos in our Recently Added (ios 8)

God bless you kind man :)

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26.06.18, 11:55

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* djwenger
We hook the bodies to the aytyuns on the computer, vibrate the bodies, programs,
How to see the program?

Upgrade? Or repair? All zafigachim

синей download

insulating tape!
15.10.18, 20:42

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And now, 4 years after the creation of the theme, the problem remains relevant. Only one way to transfer photos to a Camera Roll with saving the shooting date and geodata 100% is working - using Dropbox. Only this program transfers photos correctly. But please note that only photos taken from your iPhone can be transferred correctly (or from another iPhone transferred to Dropbox). The same photos that were included in the Camera Roll from other programs (for example, from WhatsApp) do not have geodata and the shooting date, so when importing into the Album they will be loaded sequentially, and in the Collection will be displayed at the end of the list. This can be corrected as follows: go to the Photo Properties, go to the Details tab, find the Source section in the list - Photo date (it is second from the top) and, clicking on this item, enter the desired date. After that, the photo will appear in the collection correctly.

This method has one major drawback: photos are transferred individually. This operation takes an enormous amount of time and effort, but, I repeat, all the programs I used during import lose the shooting date and / or location data. It is also extremely important to import photos in the order in which they are located in Dropbox, from the oldest to the new. For example, if you import a photo from October 1, then from October 10, and then suddenly you see that you missed a photo from October 5 and bring it in last, then it will stand up correctly in the Collection, and in the Album it will be the last.
14.03.19, 12:11

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busterfly @ 10/15/18, 20:42*
And now, 4 years after the creation of the theme, the problem remains relevant.

Passed another year to go)))
I found here what option to throw a large number of photos on the iPhone in the "All Photos" folder. Previously, it was called "film".
We go under your account inhttps://www.icloud.com/#photos
Now they made it possible to bulk upload photos.
Click at the top of the icon "Upload photos". Then you can select many photos at once. I managed to select 17 thousand files.
Next, click to open, the browser tupit a few seconds and the photos begin to load and immediately appear on the iPhone in the folder "All photos". Dates of pictures, geo and other information are saved.
Everything is good, even excellent, Epl Well done, but!!!!!!
I load 315 photos and an error occurs on 316:

Attached Image

You can not skip this photo, after the error the download process stops.
I tried to download this photo separately - the same error.
The photo was taken on an iPhone, not broken, it opens correctly.
I tried to change the file extension to JPG, jpg, JPEG, jpeg - nothing helps.
If you do not download it, then swears at the following 3 photos. Then it loads normally some amount and again stops with the same error, but on a different photo.

Who faced this? How to be, what to do?))

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